Mobility Hurts SO Bad errr GOOD!

Wooo, this was supposed to get published yesterday. So I’m playing catch up now, my apologies for the delay!

Yesterday morning at the BOOM Box instead of skill or strength we worked on Shoulder mobility. And it hurt so good! I just wish it didn’t HURT that good! Holy geesh! If you’re familiar with Kelly Starrett over at Mobility WOD then you know he has a knack for wanting to hurt help you! And today we worked on some things I know came from his part of the world.


MetCon: Team WOD Team WOD (2 person) 200 DU, 120 STOH 75/45, 60 over the box jumps 20 inch
Alright, I can be competitive in this. Right? 3-2-1 Go… Double Unders coming up. My teammate hasn’t quite got DUs down so he had to do 3:1 singles. So I did 50 DUs and he did 150 singles. Got to Push Press/Jerk and started off quick doing 15 each. That got tough really fast so we took a step down to alternating every 10 reps. I was still feeling pretty good by the time we go to the Over the Box jumps and I NO REPPED right off the bat. DOH! I had this itty bitty fear of clearing the box and I messed up. And I took more of a step than a JUMP. I ended up jumping on the box then jumping off for each rep. Something about not making it over really makes my heart race. But we didn’t really slow down. Kept our pace up and finished strong! Time: 10:36

2/6/13 WOD

2/6/13 WOD

Other than really trying to push at the Box, I’m still eating relatively strong. Ernie is coming along with eating clean as well. It’s not his first go at it, but it’s been slow getting him back on track. But last night we did decided to go eat sushi because I didn’t feel like cooking. I had a little bit of everything including some rice rolls but also sashimi. I tried to avoid the soy sauce but I didn’t avoid it entirely. In the end, I didn’t feel stuffed or bloated, it is sushi after all! But I did come away with a slight headache. This however is something I can tolerate for a sushi treat 🙂 Slept like a champ still and even woke up before the alarm clock. It’s nice to just wake up and not have the alarm ruin everything.


I’ve been trying to think of something new and fresh to add to my blogging besides daily recaps. Is there anything you readers would like to see/know/etc.? All of your input is welcome. Again, I’m here for support if you need an online cheerleader or just a friend in your adventure called life. This journey of fitness had made me stronger, happier and healthier. I may not have the certified background/education in fitness or nutrition but I have the day to day life experience. I have real life that goes on everyday. I have obstacles, emotions, KIDS and time management issues. I feel I am like a good majority of the people out there and just want to encourage you that it’s possible to live an active and healthy lifestyle!


Well today is my rest day and hopefully I’ll spend some quality time doing mobility work at home. Enjoy your day. Make it great and make it AWESOME!


Trying NOT to SUCK

Woooo Monday again. Yippee Skippy! I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. It was hot in our part of the world. And we spent it all outside on Saturday for some foosball.

Before the kid’s football games, I made sure to hit up the BOOM Box, I’m sad I’ve been missing the OLY class but my baby boys come first. At least I can squeeze in the Community WOD and boy oh boy was it fun! I can rest assured that if my vehicle breaks down on me that I am capable of pushing it out of the way!

We started off with a typical warm up, then tested our Kettle Bell Skills. We did max KB swings for 90 seconds. We did American style swings and for me at 1 POOD I managed to get 42 swings in.

Annie Sakamoto doing what looks like 2 POOD. I am not that beastly. I only did half that!

We then moved outside and Coach got in his truck and told us we would get in teams of 2 and have 30 seconds to push his truck as far as possible. I was up first with Omar and we were killing it till we ran out of room. So Coach decided to set his truck up going uphill towards the exit of the warehouse complex we are in. It was kind of amazing most everyone got the same distance. No team was drastically over the top. After we went in teams of two we split up into teams of 5. We got a little further but we also hit a steeper part of the hill and that took a lot out of me for sure. I think both teams hit about the same spot. After that Coach rolled his truck back and said it was time to go all on your lonesome if you wanted.

Coach showin us how it’s done … with Briggs and Leigh on the back!

My partner, Omar, decided to give it a go and made it pretty far, so I decided HECK I should just give it a try and well la de da de I could move that truck! I don’t remember how far I made it because I was sucking wind but it felt good to know I could do it! All the peeps who showed up and gave it a try did really well – BOOM!

After all the Super Hero truck pushing we still had a MetCon to do! We had a 5 minute AMRAP of 5 Push Ups and 10 Air Squats. I managed through 12 rounds + 5 Push Ups + 1 Air Squat. Wasn’t the greatest as I slowed down a lot on Push Ups. I was beat and ready to go home!

This morning I was not ready for the BOOM though. I was tired. I ate poorly and I was super sore, not sure if it was the truck pushin or the 121 air squats from Saturday but I definitely was walking funny!

Skill/Strength: 4 x 8 of Back Squat @ 70% of 1RM then 4 x 6 of press moving up in weight each set. I ended up warming up to 105lbs for my Squat and completing my 4 sets of 8 at that weight. It wasn’t super hard but it was definitely taxing on the ol’ lower body. I felt good throughout though which is a NICE feeling overall. Typically something starts giving me grief but today I felt I focused.

Moving onto Press was pretty nice as well. We were pressed for time and I felt the little bit of rush helped me at first. There was no time for thinking and I just did. The downside for limited time is that I don’t feel I rested enough for my last set. I failed at 65lbs which isn’t shocking because my max Press is 70lbs. So I dropped down to 60lbs and finished out.

9/24/12 WOD

MetCon: 12 minute AMRAP of 10 Box Jumps (20″) and 10 Regular Push Ups. This is where the SUCK came in and I tried not to SUCK but I couldn’t help it. Box Jumps! Argh. It’s been a while since we had the BOX Jump in our MetCon and it took a hold of me and beat me up. And then my Push Ups fell apart. It was so bad I had to drop to my knees to keep up any kind of form. Blah. I completed 9 rounds + 10 box jumps. Womp Womp! I still did work. I was spent. So it was a good work just a sad showing in my opinion.

There’s always tomorrow to redeem myself! Let’s just hope I do so!!! Until then! Be AWESOME!

WODDING at the Park, Fun Fun

Yesterday I said I may take a run or something on my rest day. Well that didn’t happen this morning because I SLEPT. I was tired. But what did happen is that two of my kids had football conditioning last night and me and my oldest kiddo decided to do some work. Go US!

Our First WOD was 3 rounds of 20 Box Jumps, Run 30yds, 10 Hand Release Push Ups, Run 30 yds back. We found a picnic table that we used for Box Jumps. The bench only came up to about my knee so our box jumps were probably around 18″. There was a tree that we are approximating was 30 yards from the table so we ran to that and did 10 HR Pushups, then run back to table. I was totally smoking Jonas for the first two rounds then hit a wall with my last round of box jumps. He freakin blazed through his last set and took off beating me by 13 seconds! Time 6:28

Our 2nd WOD was Invisible Fran. 21-15-9 Air Squats and Push Ups. We weren’t sure if they should be regular or hand release push ups but we went with hand release. My little terd WONDERFUL son definitely was in it to beat me again and that he did! I was blazing through squats but sucking at the pushups. And he was sucking through the squats but blazing through pushups. He fought hard and took me out by 8 seconds! ARGH! Gotta LOVE him for his fight though ツ Time: 2:37 (now if I could get my FRAN time to be that!!)

We were pretty much spent and big hot sweaty messes but we decided to tackle the Monkey Bars before we called it a day. If you’ve been reading you know me and bars in general don’t get along. I suck at pull ups, I suck at toes to bar and I was never the monkey bar queen growing up. Yesterday however I managed to get through them quite nicely. This was a plus in my book.

The bars we used for our race that I won!

Jonas was surprised at how much easier it was for me than him so he challenged me to a race! It was just who could go down and back in the best time. Let me be clear I didn’t not fly across with grace and ease I just did better than I thought I would. I managed to go down and back in 27 seconds. Poor Jonas struggled and it took him close to 40 seconds. FINALLY a WIN for MOM! He wanted to go more rounds but I didn’t want my hands to rip so we called it a day.

I think I definitely should add these body weight workouts to my evenings especially since we will be full on football starting in August. I am tired and I can feel the extra ache but nothing unbearable and maybe it’ll give me a boost. I don’t plan on doing them everynight but maybe 2-3 times a week. Only time will tell I suppose. I don’t think it will hurt.

Today is definitely a day of REST. I hope y’all have a WACKY WEDNESDAY. Let your inner child come out and play! Be AWESOME!

Workin the Weakness

By now all of you faithful readers should know that Running+Stephanie = crying, whining, resistance and suck. If you’re new then just know that it’s true. Since my journey of getting into better health started in February 2011 I went from running an 11:47 mile to 8:36 mile and I even thought I had as fast as 8:08 but I can’t find it recorded anywhere so I may have had a dream about it! So I’ll stick with my 8:36 mile that I recorded December 13, 2011. Now at the BOOM BOX our “mile” is full of one slow incline and one more immediate incline and I struggle even on the easier home stretch. In March I recorded an 8:49 mile and today I recorded an 8:42 mile. So I know I’m at least in the 8 minute timeframe still. It’s still better than I was almost 17 months ago. I really felt like I RAN better than normal on this mile but my time was only 7 seconds better. Thank goodness I ran with Melinda. I’m sure I would have slowed my roll if I was on my own! Ah well. I’m not REALLY TRYING to be a better runner per se because I’m not practicing running outside of being told to run so it’s no surprise I’m not jumping leaps and bounds in getting faster. I wish I could be one of those people who enjoyed running, I just haven’t found love for it as of yet. Still searching for it.

7/6/12 WOD

Our MetCon was another weakness of mine. BOX JUMPS. This is more of a mental weakness than a physical weakness. The prescribed box height was 30″ and for some reason that scares the shit out of me. I see the box, I know I can clear the height but it’s just not happening. So we put a 45lb bumper plate on a 24″ box making it a 28″ jump. I was hesitant at first but finally got up there. Now I was going to have to do 5 on the minute for 10 minutes. After running I wasn’t sure my legs would last but they did. I finished each set within 17-30 seconds a little scared the whole time. But at least I did it. And I know the repetition helps in the long run. I definitely feel more confident jumping on the bumper plates. Now if I could just be fearless when it comes to jumping on or even off of stuff in general!

My legs are fried after yesterday’s 280 lunges and I’m walking around all gimpish. It sucks. I’ve iced. I’ve rolled out. I’m just in pain 😦 I’ll get over it!

Tomorrow is a Community WOD at the BOOM BOX. Get a jump start on the weekend and come hang with us. It’s FREE! I also have an OLY class tomorrow which I really need so it should be a great morning. I foresee lots of ice and rest this evening! Not sure what weekend adventures we’ll have but you never know with us!

Have a good weekend. Don’t melt in the heat. Do something fun! And as always BE AWESOME!!!

Box Jumps and Burpees, YIPPEE!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. This morning at the BOOM BOX it was like the title says, Box Jumps and Burpees!

Skill Strength involved MAX HEIGHT BOX JUMPS. If you’ve been following along you all know I FEAR the BOX JUMP and truly I have no idea why. But it’s a sad fact that my brain limits me in this part of the CrossFit World. I could only manage to over come 28 inches for my jump :/ I know I can clear higher than that because I can jump right next to the 30 inch box and my feet have the clearance. it’s just the actual JUMPING on to the box that scares the living crapola out of me. It’s sad.

5/24/12 WOD

For the MetCon it was BURPEES, BURPEES and more BURPEES. We had 10 minutes to complete 50 burpees and when the 10 minutes was up we had another 10 minutes to do another 50 burpees. (Are you sick of seeing the word burpees yet?) I really wasn’t sure what my pace would be because well I sucked at the Games Open WOD 12.1. Only managing 74 in 7 minutes. Wasn’t feeling awesome about that then so I was only hoping for better than 5 minutes to do 50. I manged to knock out 50 in 3:40. I did stop and pause and take some rest between. Coach wasn’t too happy about that so for the second round I didn’t stop and I finished 2 seconds faster for a time of 3:38. So Coach wins “barely”. I preferred my slacker route. But it wasn’t the best time so whatever!!! 😛

Sugar Detox – Still Kickin’
Well yesterday was my last official day but we’ll see how the weekend fares. I think I can steer clear of most bad but oh so yummy things. I’ve been disciplined now for 24 1/2 days. Might as well keep going. 6lbs gone is mighty fine as well, so I don’t mind forgoing the sugars especially when I know I’m a recovering sugar junkie.

It’s a LONG weekend for me finally! I don’t get very many of those. If you’re local and want to check out the BOOM BOX on Monday we are having a 9am WOD. All of y’all are welcome!

If you see a man or woman who serves our country then please make sure and THANK THEM! I mean you should thank them daily but especially since it’s Memorial Day Weekend! I know it’s to honor the fallen, but honor those who still stand and proudly serve our country!

Happy Weekend. Happy Memorial Day!


Sugar Detoxing and I FEAR the Box Jump

So I don’t have good title today, I’m sorry. It happens.

Let me begin with I FEAR THE BOX JUMP! This morning was MAX Make up Day. And if you didn’t have to make up your MAX lift on anything then you worked on Max BOX JUMPS. Argh! I can jump the 20″ and the 24″ no problem. Hell I’ll do however many you tell me at the at those heights. And I know I have the JUMP to get higher but fight or flight kicks in and I choose FLIGHT! I can stand right up next to the box, jump up and my feet clear the height but I physically can’t bring myself to get on that damn BOX! I don’t even know what I’m scared of really. Can I get hypnotized or something? Hehe. I wish!

5/1/12 WOD

The MetCon was 5 rounds of 5 Power Cleans (155/95lbs) and 10 burpees. I didn’t RX at the 95lb weight but I did do 85lbs. I felt really good too. I struggled but I powered through. I feel like I have Power Cleans down really well technique wise so that helps. I’m not clouding my brain with other thoughts. It helps a ton! I managed to do 4 of the 5 rounds unbroken. And burpees after each set well they sucked!!!! I finished in 7:33. Overall I was pleased only cause the weight was HEAVY!!

Today is also DAY 1 of the 21-Day Sugar Detox that I am diving into…cause I am a sugar junkie! So far so good. But HEY it’s only day one right? LOL! I had a small fail this morning in not getting enough breakfast in me but it was some tasty chicken without veggies. My mid-morning snack was more of the chicken I cooked this morning, hardboiled egg, cucumber slices, and bacon 🙂 YUMMO! Lunch will be steak, spaghetti squash and asparagus. Day 1. I can do this. NO FRUITS 😦 NO COFFEE with my organic valley creamer, etc. I’m not even supposed to have gum. I really need a fix for that. I need to search the interwebs for a solution.

I plan to keep reporting for the next 21 days. But my BOOM Box WODs will come first. I think! HEHE.

Happy Tuesday y’all.

I don’t REALLY need my legs do I?

Welcome Welcome. It’s Monday. My least favorite day. And today at the BOOM Box… lots o’ fun! Coach was probably thinking we don’t need our legs.


The Metcon was 75 BOX JUMPS and 150 yds of LUNGES. And don’t you think you can short yourself on those lunges. Full range is a must or why bother even doing it. Although you do fatigue and you just wish the lunges were over. The box jumps were 20″ and I think I took more time trying to figure out how to be springy vs. knocking them out for time. The idea is to stay on the ground as little as possilbe. Rest on top of the box. It’s not natural for my brain to think this way but I really worked at it or at least I felt like I did. I about face planted into some rowers as I finished my last rep and jumped forward off the box. My legs were a little wonky for sure. Lunges were just miserable. My IT band doesn’t help and my right hip got to burning. I didn’t stop though, just kept on trucking. Finished at 10:56 :/

For the Skill/Strength we worked on strict pullups. I still suck at pullups but it is what it is… one day I will be AWESOME at them but for not I just have to dream of AWESOME!

Overall it was a good weekend. Got some Regional Swag that Ernie brought home for me and the kiddos. It’s always fun to get presents 🙂

Had some great baseball and some fantastic crawfish. All in all it was a GREAT weekend, not just good. I did eat fairly poorly in regards to sugar, bread and whatever else. But I start the 21-Day Sugar Detox tomorrow so I splurged a little knowing the next 21 days will be miserable!!!

I hope the week can be as wonderful as my weekend but there’s this thing called work… ruins everything!

Happy Monday if that’s possible!