BEAR of a Morning!

I felt really good this morning. Maybe because I slept flat on my back ALL night, or maybe because the Cowboys won and I didn’t go to sleep pissed off, or maybe just maybe it’s just a good day. Good energy, not as achy as normal. Who knows! I feel good and I like it!

I even woke up with ease this morning and was ready for the BOOM Box! Skill/Strength: 5 rounds 50yd sprints. I can do short distance sprints much better than 100 or 200 yd ones. Plus on flat ground vs. that damn hill makes the running all the better. Today we mostly focused on form. It appears I was sprinting like a loonball and Coach had me work on technique. Let me tell you it’s hard to actually THINK about how you run. All of sudden I feel like I’m in quicksand. My BRAIN is draining what little speed I thought I had. But by the end my technique was better, now I just need the speed!

MetCon: 2RM of the BEAR Complex
Our task this morning was to warm up and work up to a 2 rep max of the Bear Complex with a 30 minute time frame. 30 minutes sounds like forever, but we were teamed up on a bar to take turns and I’m sure to make sure we get SOME rest so that was nice! I know some of you are wondering what exactly is the BEAR Complex. You start off cleaning the bar, doing a front squat, push pressing over head, bringing bar down to back of shoulders, back squat, and push pressing back up overhead. That’s 1 REP. You’ll see the movements in the video below. You also hear her explain it’s 5 rounds of 7 sets. Our goal however was work up in weight and do at least 2 REPS.

We started off at 55lbs, EASY BREEZY. I squat cleaned to a thruster to a backsquat to a thruster really well at such a light weight and was able to do that up to 80lbs. It was at 85lbs that I had to slow it down. And it was at 90lbs where I grew a chicken wing and FAILED 3 times, womp womp! I got through 1 Rep fine, it was the 2nd rep and the last push press where I couldn’t get it up. My left arm/elbow would just fly out. It couldn’t hang with the bar. My left arm is FIRED! And on my last attempt I was so damn focused on getting that 2nd Push Press I totally FORGOT to Back Squat! Seriously? WOW Stephanie! Ah well, that Push Press didn’t happen anyways so what if I missed the Squat, whatever! Heheheh. I know that 90lbs is MINE. It just sucks I couldn’t string it together! I got you Bear Complex, I got you!

Also, I just want to let you know if you’re on the fence about OLY Shoes… GET THEM! I felt great in my squats. Good depth, stable and confident. You realize right off the bat how beneficial they are BUT it was TODAY that I really could tell a big difference. Maybe all this Feeling GOOD is me finally breaking into a new level mentally and physically…. cross your fingers this is TRUE and that it sticks ツ

In other news
So Paleo is the thing we do, we’ve been lacksidasical in the past two months, I know, but still we eat pretty clean and stick to Paleo pretty closely. Now Ernie is flipping the script and reading up on Carb Backloading! I don’t know if flipping the script is the right terminology, it’s just different!

Sounds too good to be true, eat clean, eat clean, eat clean, WORK OUT, then stuff your face with all sorts of good and bad carbs, then go back to eating clean until after your next workout. That’s the gist of it or that’s how my brain is taking it in. Thoughts? Anyone else doing this? PLEASE NOTE – I have yet to read/research/educate myself about it. Forgive me if I have it all wrong. I don’t even know if I do ENOUGH physical work to justify this type of program. Just throwin it out there to see if anyone has any comments, ideas, suggestions, testimonials, etc.

Tha, Tha, That’s ALL Folks for this Thursday edition of Drinking the CF KOOL-AID. Let me tell you… it’s still good! Be the most Awesome of AwEsOmE today!