Feelin’ Icky

This morning was a NO-GO to the BOOM Box. I haven’t felt sickly in quite a while. Well since when I had strep throat back in February. I’m not that ill but bad enough that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang for a workout this morning. I started feeling “off” on Saturday but really couldn’t pin point anything being wrong. By last night my bones were aching along with my joints. I tossed and turned all night and woke up with a nasty little cough and just feeling bleh. My oldest kiddo had a similar cough all week, I just wrote it off to allergies but now I know that whatever he had was contagious. Not only did I wake upwith this cough but my middle son had it too :/ So we’re not down and out and but we are a little down. NOT THE MONDAY I WAS EXPECTING!

Saturday Community WOD
Even though I took a day o’ rest today, I definitely had a workout on Saturday. A pretty good size crowd showed up and Coach had a pretty good size chipper awaiting us! But before he revealed the WOD he had us do 90 secs of Toes To Bar! Really? It would have been nice to sit this one out but I knew that wouldn’t fly over real well so I got up on the bar. I managed 7, hahah, in 90 seconds. So horrible. Ah well. Right after that we split up into teams of 4 and waited for the writing on the whiteboard. 300 KB swings, run 400m, 200 push ups, run 400m and 100 burpees, run 400m. Only one person doing work at a time and we all run as a team. WOOOO not fun! Fortunately I was on a team with 2 ladies new to CrossFit so we got a lighter weight for the KB swings! I was able to knock out more in a row because of that. Also on our team was Travis and he probably did most of the work! Ok I did contribute some but I’m a little slower.

Oly Class
After our warm up we moved straight into Snatch work. My least favorite thing in the world. But that’s why I’m in the Oly Class. To work on my weakness. I seem to do just fine at the low low weight of 55lbs. And once I move up in weight I just lose everything. I can get it at 65lbs and maybe even more, I just lose technique. I go slow, I don’t drop under the bar, etc. After a while I got super fatigued and was just a big ol’ bag of FAIL. It’s disappointing but I know I can’t dwell on it. We have Europa coming up this Saturday and I can’t let the negativity swoop in.

That’s pretty much it. I’m hoping I am back on track tomorrow! I do not like being out of sorts and not feeling well. I hope y’all are having a better Monday than I. Be awesome!

It’s a CHIPPER Tuesday!

NO REALLY… We had a funtastic chipper for our WOD today.

6/12/12 WOD

Yes you read that correctly: 200 Double Unders, 50 Dead Lifts and 30 Push Press. RX weight was 85lbs, but I’m thinking my max is 90lbs so 85 is pushing it. I loaded up 65lbs but Coach was like why don’t you make that 75lbs, so dragging my feet I loaded up 10 more pounds. I was ready to go I suppose.

Anytime there’s a CLOCK and DU’s involved I suddenly suck at DUs. I can string at least 30-40 on any given day, moment or whatever but put a clock on me and I’m toast! I was thinking I’d have 200 done in 3 minutes or so, I’m not really sure about the time that I did finish the DUs, I just know it was more than 3 minutes. Moving on to Dead Lifts was what I was looking forward to and you just don’t imagine DUs smokin your ass so quick. I was doing the DL’s so slow at first and caught myself wondering why I was moving so slow, this is relatively light weight. I did the first 25 pretty slow and then picked up the pace for the last 25. Push Press is what really got me. I would do 2, then 3, then rest, the 5, then 2 more. I was a mess. I didn’t want to drop it because I didn’t want to clean it every time but I just couldn’t hold on to it. I struggled a lot but I pushed past limits which is always the goal right? Time: 14:55

I felt much better after this workout than I did with CINDY from yesterday. Big ol REST day tomorrow which I am thankful. I need rest although tomorrow I will be ants in my pants wanting to workout. Yes I’m sick in the head like that. I love getting a good workout in! But I also know without proper recovery I’ll be screwed.

I know this is short post without much depth but I don’t have anything going on in my noggin right now. Eat clean, work hard, pick up heavy stuff and put it over your head, and do it all the time. It’s a good thing Charlie Brown. I promise. You’ll feel like a badass, you’ll look like a badass and best of all you’ll KNOW you’re a badass!


New Workout Schedule means – NO REST THURSDAY!

I had become a little bit of a slacker on Thursdays and I had no REAL reason to be one I just got lazy over the month of December. But with my new CrossFit Schedule I’m OFFICIALLY on a new course.

1/12/12 WOD

This morning’s WOD was a nice little chipper. I felt pretty good the whole way through until I got to the burpees. They got to me for some reason today! I got super hot super quick and couldn’t shed the layers fast enough. Once I regrouped I knocked them right out. And reluctantly went to the sled pull… 30yds, not that far but I’m just not good at this yet. It’s awkward and it’s cold outside… I’m whiny too! Get over it people! Hahaha, yes I do realize I get a little cry babyish…sometimes ALOT cry babyish but I wouldn’t be me any other way. I finished in 8:36… Things to work on: PISTOLS (I suck at those) and PULLING SLEDs!

Like I stated yesterday, dinner would be OUT not IN so no new recipes. I won’t always try out a new recipe either I suppose but I want to at least once a week. Sometimes I may choose to be a little more ambitious 🙂 It’s been brought to my attention by Ernie and others that maybe I should consider creating some sort of Paleo catering/mealplan and in theory it sounds like a good idea but I don’t consider myself a CHEF by any means. I like to cook. I like making something yummy but I’m just a regular ol’ person. I’m pretty clueless most of the time.

So is it an idea I should really try to process or is it a wishful thinking dream maybe turn reality in the future? I don’t know. Do y’all think there’s a market out there for such? I know people do it already. It’s not new or unique but how successful/fruitful can it be? I can’t afford timewise to do it for fun and I can’t afford to do it full time if it doesn’t pay the bills… so much to think about. Chime in if you feel the need. Sponsor me maybe! Hahah, I wish. Any comments for or against the idea are welcome.

Moving on… I did have a little extra chicken on Tuesday so I cooked it up, minced it up, added chopped mushrooms, finely chopped walnuts, jalepenos (roasted and fresh), onion to make a little filling for some lettuce wraps. I like to buy the butter lettuce where it’s still attached to the root. They are giant pieces, sometimes a little flimsy but mostly durable enough. I sent some with Ernie to lunch and he kindly snapped a shot for me. I brought the same thing but I left my tomato and avocado at home so it wasn’t as pretty. Just another quick idea if you’re in a rush. It doesn’t take long to cook a small amount of chicken and sautee up whatever else and slap it in a piece of lettuce to have a quick snack or meal.  NOTE: it’s best to mince, shred chicken while fresh cooked and warm. You may know that but I thought I’d share anyways.

Easy Breezy Chicken Wrap in Butter Lettuce

So that’s it for Thursday. Back to being active. It feels good. Feels like I was productive. I KNOW I KNOW before y’all tell me, I need rest too. I do get rest. I know when to hold back. My body tells me, I promise 🙂

Enjoy your day. Try to find a ray of sunshine if your day is bad and if your day is going good then just soak it all in! WOW I’m a cheeseball! Aren’t I?

Happy 1 Month Bloggiversary to ME! Sing with me!

Ok, So I’ve kept up with this thing for a month already! I feel pretty good about that and I’ve had ALMOST 500 views, I feel pretty good about that as well. One day maybe it will be 500 views a day and not  500 a month but it’s small steps right?!? And I’ll take all the views I can get… SHARE ME with your FRIEND!!! Please 🙂

So this past weekend was a hectic whirlwind of STUFF. Got my two workouts in Saturday Morning. First stop iChooseFit at 7 am. We had a nice beatdown. Great start to get my blood going. I go home, put on dry clothes, eat something and head out with Ernie to the Saturday Funday WOD at the BOOM Box. And boy was it was it a doozy!. TEAM WODs!!! – which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Lucky for me I had Tristan, 15 yr old beast of kid who loves to CrossFit! Sadly for Tristan he had me! Hahahha, I’m not so bad but pullups were part of the workout and I SUCK at those. Fortunately we were a good team. The WOD was a chipper …. woohooo fun. For those of you who don’t know it’s where you take movements and do a shit ton of them till you want to puke… ok well there is more to it but that’s how I personally feel about chippers. It’s where you start with high reps and work your way down in reps. So ours was 150 Box Jumps, 125 KB Swings, 100 HR pushups, 75 pullups, and 50 Weighted Overhead Lunges. We knocked it out in a mere 19 minutes and 2 seconds. 1st place baby!!!! It was a killer of a workout. And again, not dead, still living.

After we showered and got some fuel in our bellies, it was time to load up and head out to a casting call for a reality adventure show… ESCAPE ROUTES!

Will Ernie & I get a shot?

We had a quick interview, got the kids some free tees! Thanks @CastingMalley and @CastingRane! And…… we got a callback! Woohoo, Go US! Except we were kind of lackluster at our callback and it felt like a bad date. I don’t think we were really “us” and we seemed kind of boring (from the outside looking in). And if you know us… YOU KNOW WE ARE SOOOOO NOT BORING! So hopefully fingers, toes and everything else crossed, we weren’t too boring and maybe our applications were entertaining enough to get us on through to whatever the NEXT round may be. We’ll see.

After running around all afternoon like crazy people we finally wrangle ourselves back home and the cake baking begins for my annual CAKE BALL FRENZY! It’s not PALEO but I just didn’t have time to figure that one out! It started a few years back as “class” gifts for each kids class and teachers and well now it’s become their tradition. In addition to cakeballs we’d get the teachers gifts and wrap them all up… As the kiddos get older they get more teachers so I began to give them ornaments…The most UNIQUE ones we could find that the kids thought appropriate. And this year I decided to MAKE them.

So below you’ll see some pics of cake balls and ornaments. If you would like more info on either please leave a comment, I’ll get back to you 🙂 And I apologize for the poorly shot ornaments. You just don’t “GET” all there is to them in these photos. They are filled with cuteness and that didn’t translate well with the lighting or my iphone.

Happy Monday and once again Happy 1 Month Bloggiversary to ME!

Let the Cake Ball Making Begin

Ready for DIPPING

Butter Cake with White Coating

Trying to get a "GOOD" picture... not working

My Go at Teacher Gifts, Poor Lighting 😦

Tried different Filter for this one... Still dark 😦