My Traps, My Lats and My Achy Shoulders


We’ve done a lot of work at the Boom Box lately that is really hitting my upper body pretty hard. Toes To Bar, Pull Ups, Push Ups, Snatch, more Push Ups, more Toes To Bar, Shoulder to Overhead. I need new EVERYTHING but my Shoulders are first in line!

CrossFit Cindy or Mary
If you can’t do Mary RX then you were doing Cindy. A 20 minute AMRAP of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups and 15 Air Squats. I wasn’t really FEELING this workout but I could not have stayed at home doing nothing. In October I got around 13 rounds. I came close this time around but didn’t meet it or beat it.

2/11/14 WOD

2/11/14 WOD

I know I was pretty slow in the Push Ups. My wrist is still wonky. I could do some normal push up but had to keep reverting back to the fists. I’m much slower on my fists. I felt like I kept a good pace with my Banded Pull Ups and for most of my rounds of Air Squats, I didn’t really stop. Not until the end at least. Final: 12 rounds + 5 Pull Ups. I’m ok with this. Not sure I’ll ever be “better” until I actually have Pull Ups. But I’ll keep trying.

Strength: 3 sets max ring dips (w/ 5 sec hold at extension)
I worked on max sets of Bench Press. I don’t remember how many reps I got, but not a lot.

Skill: Snatch
Worked on this for a little bit but I was unable to work a full Snatch. The OHS part is still killer on my wrist. So I worked on Power Snatch.

2/12/14 WOD

2/12/14 WOD

MetCon: EMOM go as long as possible of 2 Snatches 115/75, 2 MU/3 C2B, 4 T2R/4 T2B
When I read this, I laughed. Every MINUTE on the MINUTE! The time doesn’t stop for me to crawl in and out of bands. Then continuous T2B. Hahahhhahaha. I managed to get in 2 full rounds! So I just chugged along while Coach T stayed strong for 14 minutes. I’m sure he could have gone longer. I was on the verge of tears as my hands started getting “crunchy”. That means a rip is nearby. I stopped before any of that nonsense kicked in. So I still did work for 14 minutes. Just not as much as everyone else will do :/ Part of it. Still did work!

That’s a Wrap!
I’m addicted to Shrimp! I’ve been buying cooked shrimp (cause it’s fast and easy) at the Whole Foods. I sautee some shrimpies in ghee, toss in some spices and bam I have easy protein. Pair it with a salad or quick stir fry type veggies and I’m done. All simple and easy but right now I’d be content with eating that for every meal. Probably not the best idea but it’s so simple!

What’s your GO TO meal?

Happy Happy Wednesday!


Cindy Cindy Bo Bindy


Banana Fana Fo Findy, Fe Fi Mo Mindy, Ciiiindy! It’s official, I have certified myself into dorkiness forever. But that was seriously in my head this morning. And guess why? CINDY! I love to hate this workout and hate to enjoy it. Let’s be clear there is no REAL LOVE for this dirty girl.

Test day: Cindy 20 min AMRAP of 5 Pull-ups mod:ring rows, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats; Rest 7 minutes then 3 min max MU or plank hold as long as possible for non muscle uppers!

So in the past I have done OK and I have done CRAPPY. Today was the best though really modified. I had a green band and a small blue band. NOT GOOD! But I was able to stay consistent, still get work done and not hang on the bar for FOREVER. Push Ups were strong for a bit. My palm/wrist started plaguing me so I went to KNEE PUSH UPS! I haven’t resorted to those in a very very long time. But I wasn’t going to risk hurting my wrist more. And then Air Squats. This is a movement where some rounds I just breezed right through and some rounds felt like I would never finish. They are easy but I sure do like to stand around a lot when we do them 😀 And for the first time, when it comes to Pull Ups at least, instead of letting the clock run down when there’s like 15 seconds to go, I actually got back up there and put 3 additional Pull Ups on the board. Who is this girl? Final: 13 rounds + 3 Pull Ups.

10/11/13 WOD

10/11/13 WOD

After we tried killing ourselves in 20 minutes we got a 7 minute break. Then it was a 3 minute Muscle Up show. So you all should know by now I’m not cool enough to have a MU so a nice plank hold was waiting for me. My shoulders are kaput so it was hard to even hold a minute but I did, then I dropped, then I got back up. I had a total of 2 minutes combined. But my longest hold was the first minute. I. NEED. NEW. SHOULDERS.

Barbells For Boobs
Yippeee! I’ve exceeded my goal and I thank you all who have donated! THANK YOU! I’m at $250, so I’m asking to help me to get to $320. For every $80, one mammogram is proved to someone in need. I have 3 mammograms covered so let’s try and get 4 provided. BOOMS FOR BOOBS is tomorrow at 9 a.m. We’ll be doing GRACE, 30 Clean and Jerks for time. I will be working out in support, in honor and in memory of people that are battling or have battled breast cancer. Thanks in advance for your support and thank you again to those of you that have donated. Donate here to HELP SAVE BOOBIES!


What is Barbells for Boobs?

A wonderful organization that helps to SAVE lives through the early detection of breast cancer, regardless of one’s age, gender or ability to pay. Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Their aim is to help anyone that needs it, anywhere, whether they are male or female, no matter what their age or situation in life.


It’s the WEEKEND!
Can I get an ANTI-RAIN dance? WE have more baseball and we’d really like to just play some ball. The rain ruins such things. I know we need it but can it come on Monday, please! And as I just mentioned B4B happens tomorrow! I’m excited and you should be too! Other than that, I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and just be AWESOME!


Mental, Mental, Mental


Yup it’s true, and most of you know by now, I’m mental. Sometimes I exude overconfidence but mostly I’m just a basketcase! I have officially made it to day 20 of Whole30! Only 10 days to go. This weekend I struggled the most with wanting NOT GOOD FOR ME CRAP! Not sure why. A little more stressed than normal. Hormones playing with my emotions. I stayed on course and ate my meals and followed through, but mentally I struggled a little more than I had thought I would at this point. Only because it’s been pretty smooth sailing until Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not throwing in the towel. But boy a taste of ice cream would have been delightful! In the END I stayed STRONG! It’s not that hard folks.


You gotta stop the excuses. Seriously. In It Starts With Food they have a lot of tough love moments and to me it’s really not even tough love, it’s REALITY. The reality is we are all grown ups. We all know what’s good and bad for us but we just make excuses. Being overweight, having PRE-DIABETES, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, migraines, high cholesterol, etc are not good for you and YOU know that. Those are side effects of eating processed foods, sugary foods and those said foods cooked in VEGETABLE OIL (yes highly processed oils made from vegetables). Those are side effects of eating CHEMICAL SUGAR with no Calories as well! Yet here is the majority of society not giving a damn. Or those trying to give a damn by counting calories or points. If you just lay off the JUNK (btw it’s not food, just JUNK), eat real food, drink plenty of water and drop those “DIET DRINKS”, I can PROMISE you that you will not only feel change, you will see change. Ya I’m not a Dr., but I know change will come. I don’t think a Dr. is going to tell you it’s BAD for you to try to eat real foods. I’m sure there will be some that advocate grain and milk but I bet they can’t tell you something bad will happen if you don’t eat them. Once again, I ask you to give it a try. Suck it up and just SEE. 30 days!

My heart wants everyone to be healthy. And sure there are “many” ways to get healthy but fretting over calories and snacks will drive you to insanity and FAILURE. Want a prize? I’m up for giving something away. It won’t be large because I don’t have the income that provides large. Let’s go with a $30 incentive. Since I’m asking you to go for 30 days. Again it’s not a lot but I’m thinking some sort of gift card that you can use towards something for your kitchen, to help you out for prepping your whole, clean and healthy foods! Have you eaten your weight in girl scout cookies? Can you not let go of that ice cream after dinner habit? Then why not try something NEW? If you’re up for the challenge, then comment below. We’ll go over details. YES it’s going to be based on WHOLE30. Yes that’s called clean eating. Paleo. Whatever. Just do it though! I know you could all be a bunch of liars, but I’m hoping whoever is up for it will be truthful, take before and after pics and also keep in touch with me every couple of days to let me know their status. So it’s out there. A small prize for you making a little bit of effort. Anyone in?

1/19/13 WOD

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Ours was pretty good. I finally got to cleaning my house which was way overdue. Now if someone would just mop my kitchen floor for me. That would be fantastic! But before clean fest happened I did stop in at the good ol BOOM Box!

MetCon: TABATA of Hollow Rocks and Superman Rocks 2 minute rest then Death By Thrusters (65lbs)

Hollow Rock, you rock in this position. Killer on the ABS!

Hollow Rock, you rock in this position. Killer on the ABS! Flip over on your stomack for Superman Rocks.

I know TABATA anything will hurt. Little did I know Hollow Rocks are horrid in TABATA fashion. Superman Rocks are another one of my strengths, DUs being my other. So those weren’t so bad.

1/19/13 WOD

1/19/13 WOD

It was Death by Thrusters that scared me. I went and looked through my blogs and didn’t find that we had done this workout previously. I was sure we had but at this time I came up with nothing. So coach thought 65lbs was a doable weight for all the females and it was just fine. It’s been a while since I have done Thrusters with a bar because of dumb shoulder pain. The pain was still there but I was determined to overlook it. After a few rounds I didn’t feel it much. It was my wrists that caved in early! I was in pain. Only made it through 8 rounds. I think I could have at least made it through 9 had my wrists not been dying. I couldn’t fight through that pain at all. 8 rounds, not so bad I suppose.

1/21/13 WOD
Strength/Skill: 3 x 3 Back Squat at 90% of 1RM
Whew that gets heavy fast! My warm up weights were good, I was getting good depth and popping right back up. Put on 130lbs and that slowed me down a bit. I surprisingly made it through the 3 sets. It’s only 3 right? But it was a struggle.

1/21/13 WOD

1/21/13 WOD

Ah Cindy, I do not like you. I’ve told you this before. My feelings have not changed. Something as simple as Pull Ups, Push Ups and Air Squats can be soooo evil! Especially when it’s a 20 minute AMRAP. Cindy I know I’ve done. I have one blogged record and although it was a lower score at 6 rounds 4 rep, I was only using one green band. Today I was using one green and one blue band. :/ I suck so bad at Pull Ups. I managed to get through 10 rounds 3 reps. I’m a baby. Cindy is Mean. The End.

Whole30 Days 17-20
I wasn’t very good at taking pictures this weekend of all my foods, but to be honest it was a lot of the same. Protein (ground beef), sauteed up with spinach and sweet potatoes. I would change it up with some cauliflower or broccoli but nothing EXCITING. I was in Clean house mode so I just needed fuel. And fuel is what I made.

1/18/13 Lunch - Ground beef, Sauteed Broccoli, Roasted Cauliflower, 1/2 Avocado and a Kiwi

1/18/13 Lunch – Ground beef, Sauteed Broccoli, Roasted Cauliflower, 1/2 Avocado and a Kiwi

We are on our last package of Pork Belly and our handy dandy butcher hasn’t had any since we last stocked up 😦 So I ordered some Sugar-Free Bacon from US Wellness Meats. It should arrive today. I’m rather excited.

Mood: Again, besides mother nature barging in and making me feel bleh. I still feel pretty good, full of energy and no lulls in the day. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post though, I was mental. I wanted bad stuff. Mostly for the sake of convenience I think but also because it sounded a little bit good. Not good enough to throw Whole30 down the drain but it did surprise me to have that desire. I’ve been so good and so on point with no cravings and now more than halfway through my brain says GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME! Seriously? UGH. I’ve read in ISWF about that happening, but not to me! Right? Oh but it did!

Ten days to go! Have a week’s worth of veggies and grass fed meats to get me through. I also remember to snap a picture of the Pasta Sauce I use, Organic and NO SUGAR added = PERFECT. So many pasta sauces have some sort of sugar or odd chemical. This brand happily does not.


Hopefully I get over this mental battle and just power through. And hopefully I don’t waste food. It seems that towards the end of the week, I was becoming a little forgetful and left food out instead of putting it away. That’s a fast way to throw money in the trash!

Hope everyone has a great day. It’s Monday Funday? NO it’s just MONDAY! Take care of your mind and body! and BE AWESOME!



CrossFit for HOPE BOOM BOX Crew! Hot, sweaty and GOOFY!

Wowowow. This weekend went by way too quickly. Saturday at the BOOM Box was CrossFit for Hope. As I had mentioned on Friday this was a fundraiser workout to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And here is the workout:

3 Rounds – 1 minute at each station plus a 1 minute rest station.

75 pound Power snatch
Box jump, 24″ box
75 pound Thruster
Chest to bar Pull-ups

We had a good turnout and put in a lot of work. I had no idea how bad thrusters would be after doing the box jumps. I did everything at 45lbs and used bands for chest to bar. I had a final of 176 reps. It was super hot and I was super spent but I pushed through. So proud of my kiddo though, he managed to get 194 for his total! Also you can still donate if you wish and support the BOOM BOX’s efforts:

If you only thought that was crazy we had an Oly class afterwards. Fortunately it was a lot of going over technique and not a lot of picking up weight but dang we were struggling even with PVC! It was a good class though and I look forward to learning more. It’s definitely worth doing. I will learn to be efficient in my lifts and I will be AWESOME!

WOD 6/11/12

Then comes Monday. The day we all despise and wish it didn’t exist and well it’s just Monday. Today’s whiteboard had Cindy on the agenda. I got my new kicks, Nano 2.0s, and I was actually looking forward to this. Sadly I was overestimating myself.

Skill/Strength – We worked back squat and press. We worked our way up to 3 sets of 5 at 65% of our 1RM and that wasn’t too shabby. After that we did 1 set of 5 on press at 75% of our 1RM.

20 min amrap

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air-squats

I used the green band and only the green band. My max on the green band is 6 reps (barely). I had enough in me to complete 3 rounds fairly quickly then I lost it all in the pull ups. I struggled, BAD! I only got 6 rounds and 4 pullups in and it took me a long time to get those 4 pullups completed. I had a shit ton of NO REPS because I’d be so close but no chin over the bar. I was pissed, hot, sweaty and more pissed. Ah well. I busted out the pushups and air squats the best I could. I definitely brought the WEAK SAUCE this morning. Hopefully tomorrow is a better showing 😦

Random things
So I mentioned I got a pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0s. They are cute and comfortable and although they didn’t give me magical pull up powers they felt good. If you’re looking into buying a new shoe then I highly recommend them. Granted I’ve only worn them for 1 workout but they really felt good. I still love my inov-8s but I do love these shoes as well.

Also, we ordered some Cinnamon Paleo Krunch (

This was a perfect fix for any random cereal cravings. I did take in some milk (grassfed, non homogenized, low pasteurized) and it was good, no ill tummy effects. Very yummy! Go buy some now and send it my way… THANKS!

One more thing, Ernie ordered me some Rogue Gymnastics Grips and I got to test those out this morning. Hand savers and everyone should go get some if you are a wuss bag such as myself. Better than tape, and less painful on the hands when sucking at pull ups.

I hope everyone has a better Monday than me! Make it great. Talk at y’all tomorrow 🙂