Miss me?


Eh, probably breathing a sigh of relief I’m not complaining every dog gone day. It’s true, I’ve been a slacker when it comes to getting out of bed or finding the motivation to show up at the Boom Box. That’s bad on me, cause I was doing so well.

Just so y’all know, as much as I like to whine and cry about each and every WOD, I am no cherry picker. I finally show up at the box knowing full well what’s in store and even though, 99.5% of me says stay home. That sick twisted .5% says stop mopin’ around and go. And what awaited me last night?

3/11/14 WOD
Gymnastics WOD: for quality 3 rounds 10 strict Toes to Bar or Jack Knife Sit Ups and 10 strict Ring Dips or Push Ups
I laugh at strict T2B. I barely have kipping ones! But I can do me some Jack Knife Sit Ups. Something about hanging from a bar that messes up my world. As far as Push Ups, I get so used to doing hand release that I forget what STANDARD Push Ups are. I can do a handful at a time, but it puts a strain on the shoulders.

3/11/14 WOD

3/11/14 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds Run 800 meters 15 Clean and Jerks 135/95
Oh ya. You know I’m crying on the inside. But first off, I had to test that Clean and Jerk. So the bar was good. I could feel the tightness in the wrist but I could do the movement. I didn’t want to get too excited or push too fast, so I loaded 10’s on the bar and BAM I could do that weight too. But I could feel the tightness. So I stayed there. No need to aggravate the healing process. Plus I need to regain that flexibility. My elbows were a little low but I could do the work comfortably. Yay for Clean and Jerks! Booo for running! My first run was slow but steady. I didn’t walk or anything! Woo, me. But the rest were slow and half walk, half trot, a little jog, etc. For me the Clean and Jerks were light but again, no need to push the wrist too much. And by the 4th and 5th round after all the running, I was losing steam fast. This workout was a doozy. Time: 40:21, womp, womp.


30 Heavy Russian swings
Only did 1.5 pood. Cause I’m lazy and didn’t want to pick up the 2 POOD.

Midline: Max plank hold
I’ve never been great at this, mostly cause I think too much on how I don’t like holding planks. Time: 1:33

Strength: Max weight Yoke carry 50 ft
It was cold and windy this morning. I was not wanting to do this carry. We loaded up 2 – 25lb plates, not too bad. But I can not hold the Yoke like I’m supposed to. It hurted the shoulders way too bad. So I carry it awkwardly. Add 2 – 15lb plates. Same awkward carry. Then we add another set of 15lb plates. I can carry it but they way my arms are, SUCKS, so the Yoke slides off my back a little over halfway. I was over it.

3/12/14 WOD

3/12/14 WOD

TABATA: Row (cal) and Burpees, post lowest reps
Well I started with the row and managed 4 calories for 6 of the 8 rounds, then on my 7th round let it drop to 3. Booo. Score: 3

My hips were smoked for Burpees and I had sweatpants on that were irritating me so I wasted my time taking off my sweatpants. Boo. Score: 2

That’s a Wrap!
So I’m glad I had back to back workouts. I needed to feel good about working out again. It’s funny how my most dreaded workouts (running involved) still make me feel awesome. I just get mental and lazy, I’m human. You are too. So don’t get all debbie downer when things don’t go right. Just get your focus back and get back to work. A friend of mine tagged me in the pic below and it’s so on point!


In Need of a lil R&R


Hello ladies and gentlemen. I want to start off by THANKING everyone who supported me and my team “BOOM FOR BOOBS”! CrossFit Boom’s goal of $2500 was met and we had a great ol’ time. That’s at least 30 mammograms that will provided to someone in need! So Thank You for supporting us and Barbells for Boobs ツ


Of course the BOOM Box was decked out in all pink. Several of us were decked out in pink clothes and we were all anxiously awaiting to give Grace a go.


For those of you that had been following along, I have this wrist, palm, forearm tweak and it’s been a little painful but hasn’t been out of commission painful. But I wasn’t really sure if I could go RX for the B4B event. I had taken it fairly easy during the week, HOPING it would just fade away. When it was my time to warm up and get ready, I decided I could handled the 95lbs. 3-2-1 GO and I did 4 reps, then I had to drop the bar. Slight pain set in but it was uncomfortable enough for me and I couldn’t hang on to the bar for multiple reps. From there it was a mindgame. I just wanted to quit. But I couldn’t. I raised money in honor and memory of ladies who fought a real fight. Who had to muster the courage and faith to fight breast cancer. And here I am wanting to quit a lil’ ol’ workout. So I fought through the best I could with a bum wrist. I wanted to beat my time from last year of 6:06 but that clearly wasn’t going to happen. A few weeks ago I had a time of 7:03 RX but B4B was not the place I was going to beat that. I was just happy to survive the WOD. Time: 7:40 RX



I took Monday off to let my wrist rest and was going to take Tuesday off as well. Needing a stress relief, I decided to show up Tuesday evening to get some work in. In warm ups, I couldn’t even manage to support my weight doing inch worms. It sucked. So coach had to modify the MetCon for me, which is great, but sucky because this wrist issue is a pain in my ass.

Midline: 75 hollow rocks
Have I ever told you how much these suck? No? Well they do.

Skill: Double Under practice
Coach wanted us to work on slowing down our pace so that hopefully we could knock out more in a row. I am capable of slowing it down but I was having trouble stringing together more than 10. I’m a speed DUer. But I will learn to keep a slower pace if it helps me in the long run.

10/15/13 WOD

10/15/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 Rounds of 12 Deadlift (155,105), 9 Hang Clean and 75 DU
So I can do the Deadlifts but the Hang Cleans are not going to happen. I love Cleans too! For modification I did Kettle Bell Swings (1 1/2 POOD). This was heavier than I was expecting but doable of course. I powered through the Deadlifts and KB Swings for the first round. After 75 DUs I was smoked. So I did two sets of 6 for the Deadlifts and did the KB Swings unbroken. I had better luck at the DUs in round 2 for some reason and got back to the Deadlifts as fast as I could. This time doing a set of 8 then a set of 4. I didn’t want to have to pick the Kettle Bell back up so I did those unbroken. The last set of DUs were slow with lots of rest. I felt like the fat kid that I am. Having a hard time breathing and fatigued. UGH. My outside world stress and my physical pain is wearing on me. Time: 8:34

Hump Day!

I may only make it to the BOOM BOX 3 days this week instead of my typical 4-5. This wrist needs some rest and my brain needs a vacation. Between my kids, my vehicle and other crap…I am tired. Hopefully things get back on an upswing soon! Plus this work weight loss challenge is more than halfway over and I’m not anywhere near the number I was hoping for. I’ve had some loss but not what I was looking for. STRESS. It KILLS.

I hope everyone else is faring better than I at the moment. I hope y’all are staying strong in clean eating. If you’re not, it’s ok. Just get back on it! And don’t forget to stay hydrated. It’s cooler temps here in TX and I know when it cools down people are less likely to drink their water. Don’t be that person. And as always, go out and BE AWESOME in all you do!


Calgon Take Me Away

Some of you kids out there might not even know what that means. But I remember these commercials. Oh so silly looking back at them, like the one below! But seriously. Can one bath product erase all the troubles in the world? How about all my muscle aches? Hehe, I don’t even like baths but it sounds so nice.

My idea of destressing is just vegging out on the couch catching up on all my DVR’d shows. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t get rid of all my aches and pains. I seriously need to take the couch time and turn it into foam roller, lax ball and stretching time. But I’m a big ol baby and don’t wanna! Besides being in a world of hurt, what motivates y’all to focus on the extra mobility time? I don’t have an ounce in me that picks the foam roller over being horizontal on the couch :/

At work I have every intention to get up ever 20-30 minutes to walk around but sometimes that time dissappears into thin air. A co-worker of mine that is doing the weight loss challenge here at work has been making an effort to walk 1-3 times a day when she has a chance. Currently this is her main mode of movement, so if and when I can, I tag along. It gets my blood flowing and hopefully encourages her to keep up a good pace. In the two weeks that we’ve been walking we’ve increased our speed by 40 seconds! So that’s a bonus. I’m hoping in the not too distant future we can make 2 laps around our building in the time frame it takes us to walk 1 lap currently. Shhh, don’t tell her that! Although she may be reading this, I just don’t know. LOL.

This isn’t the first time I’ve declared I need to do more mobility but gosh darn it, can I get a cookie for everyday I do put effort towards it? How about $1? I need some motivation! HELP!


I did motivate my ass to get up this morning. When the alarm went off I mentally went through what has been hurting and my shoulders were feeling much better. What I didn’t realize was that when I got out of bed that my legs may not hold me up. Holy crapola, my quads are dead! When I think about it, I did do 80 front squats at 65lbs as fast as possible with only 12 pushups in between sets. So that’s a lot of leg work. Boy does it hurt so BAD now. I knew if I didn’t put in work this morning the pain would be even worse. Warming up was miserable.


Strength: 3 reps On the Minute Clean and jerk for 10 min @155/105
Then we moved to Clean and Jerks. I don’t know if I’ve complained enough about my palm, wrist, forearm but last week with OHS, I tweaked it. And it’s been a lil bugger ever since. On Monday, it was wearing on my just holding the front rack position. Then moving to Push Ups was just that extra OUCHY. I didn’t think I was going to feel it today when we started warming up with just the bar but I did. I was still able to move the bar so I kept adding weight. Then it was too much, so I dropped to the low low weight of 65lbs. I only made it to minute 6 before I had to shut it down. Did a lot of mobility and hoping I can get myself healed up before Saturday, aka as BOOM for BOOBS!

10/9/13 WOD

10/9/13 WOD

MetCon: Bring sally up T2B MOD: Plank Push Up on the up part and elbow plank on the down.
Hahahah are you serious Coach? So today I was totally wishing I had Toes to Bar! If you are CrossFit savvy then you know all about Sally and bringing her up and bringing her down. It’s a song. And it’s a long song. And it’s annoying as all get out. Coach thought he was cute or something when he posted this on the website. He was wrong. I don’t mind planks in general, but when I have worn out shoulders, I don’t LIKE planks AT ALL. Holding the plank on my elbows just became unbearable. My shoulders were shaky and I could feel the fatigue. My arms were begging to be sawed off. Begging! No scores today. Just tired.

Barbells For Boobs
Wooooo I’ve met my goal but it doesn’t hurt to keep on asking. With the support and promise from my co-workers (Thank you – Heather, Kim, John and Ellis) I am up to $189 in donations. Your donation supports an awesome organization. For every $80, one mammogram is provided to someone in need!

If you aren’t able to help out right now, please share me with your friends, co-workers, etc.



Barbells For Boobs helps to SAVE lives through the early detection of breast cancer, regardless of one’s age, gender or ability to pay. Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Their aim is to help anyone that needs it, anywhere, whether they are male or female, no matter what their age or situation in life.


That’s a WRAP!
This week has been busy busy. Gotta tighten up all my eating in general. Although I feel I’m doing OK, I could be doing KICK ASS. And kick ass I am not, YET. I hope you are all keeping good and bad food habits in check. Make the effort to keep on keepin on and I’ll make the effort to get some mobility in. Other than that, continue with your awesomeness!





In case you haven’t noticed, I was MIA for the past week. For those of you who did notice, my apologies! For you new followers, HI. I’m a hot mess and you probably want to unfollow, turn around and run! Hehe. Jokes. Well it’s true I’m a hot mess but I’m just your average 30 something trying to figure out how to live healthy, stay healthy and enjoy life. I’m up, I’m down. I’m BEAST and then I suck. It’s a roller coaster around here but I keep on keepin on. Hopefully those who have stuck with me “get” me and hopefully you new folks will as well!

So back to my M.I.A. I’m pretty sure my brain/body was telling me to shut it down last week and that my friends is what I did. I seriously could not wake up on time and I was extra sleepy all week. It doesn’t help that I was eating like crap either. So I’m pretty sure I just got a 1 -2 punch to my GUT (literally), my Head and my Soul.


In my funk, I did get much needed rest and hopefully sorted through some my insane mental maze. And it’s insane indeed. I was doubting CrossFit, Paleo and pretty much everything else. As I don’t get super personal outside of workouts and eating, I’ll keep it at that but overall I was just feeling blah. Everyday that I skipped out on my Boom Box check-ins, I thought I should try to make it to an evening class. Or maybe I should just run around the neighborhood. None of those “plans” ever panned out though. And as for food, my only CLEAN meals were lunch. I guess it’s better than ZERO clean meals but bad eating is something that I can feel mentally and physically and it sucks you in like quicksand! You know it’s bad, you know you aren’t feeling at your best but there you are eating the crap like it’s the best thing ever!


Although I was still feeling bleh and wasn’t too keen on going to the Skills Class at the Boom Box on Thursday evening, I still showed up. The much anticipated CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.4 was announced on Wednesday and it had Toes to Bar. UGH. My enemy. I figured I need to absorb all I could so that I could become a TTB master. Once upon a time back in my “lighter” days and not so beat down days, I could string a few together. Lately I’ve barely been able to do 1 rep much less MULTIPLES. And I missed a whole week of WODs where TTB were integrated, Coach must see into the future. I didn’t leave the skills session with TTB as my superpower but I was feeling ok that I would survive 13.4 in the morning.

3/29/13 WOD

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
95 pound Clean and jerk, 3 reps
3 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 6 reps
6 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 9 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 12 reps
12 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 15 reps
15 Toes-to-bar
95 pound Clean and jerk, 18 reps
18 Toes-to-bar…

A week off, little practice on TTB and there I stood at 5 a.m. ready NOT ready to go. HOLY COW was I going to survive the 7 minutes? HELL NO is all I could think!

We warmed up and got to setting up our bars. 95lbs wasn’t feeling heavy for my Clean & Jerks and I got a couple of Toes to Bar even though my hands were HURTING so bad. I was starting to feel a little bit better and it was just about GO time.

3/29/13 WOD

3/29/13 WOD

3-2-1 GO. My brain stopped working. I had the 3 worst Clean and Jerks EVER. Even failed on my 2nd clean. I was pissed. I had just done several and felt good and now I am doing everything WRONG. I still made it through the first 3 and was ready to tackle TTB no matter how slow I went. And only ONE TTB ever showed up. Oh I’d get one foot to touch, but not my stupid left foot. I’d be an inch away from touching the bar but not ever get to the bar. Oh I was mad. I kept on trying till that dumb clock buzzed. I felt so defeated. So sad. That’s what you get, I scolded myself. That’s what you get for being lazy and eating junk. Way to GO with your 4 reps. Are you serious??!!?? UGH I was not happy. But there wasn’t much more I could do.

I stuck around and watched everyone kill it for the 6 a.m. class and boy was that fun. After all my self hate, it was nice to turn it around and cheer on everyone else. Still not happy with myself but I had to get over that. Later in the day, we went to watch the evening classes and witnessed more awesomeness come out of folks. And then the bug of wanting a do-over started creeping in my head. It was just a thought as it was for 13.3 and I left it at that.

3/30/13 WOD
I have missed a couple of Saturday WODs already and was determined to not miss another one. Plus I couldn’t just show up on Friday for one workout for the week. I was glad when I showed up and then I was convinced that Coach was trying to kill us when it came down to the MetCon.

Skill/Strength: Front Squats: 1X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90% – rest 1:00-2:00 between setsIt’s been a while since I have worked on Front Squats so I wasn’t feeling confident with my weights going in. Even though my front squat isn’t super heavy, I was feeling pretty weak (1RM 135lbs). My workload ended up being 110lbs, 115lbs and 120lbs. Turns out I felt pretty good after I knocked each set down.

3/30/13 WOD

3/30/13 WOD

MetCon: 100′ Over Head lunges 45/35#, 10 Strict Press @ 60%BW, 30 Burpees, 100′ Over Head lunges 45/35#, 8 Strict Press @ 60%BW, 20 Burpees, 100′ Over Head lunges 45/35#, 6 Strict Press @ 60%BW, 10 Burpees

I pretty much laughed when I read strict press at 60% of my bodyweight! I definitely need to lose weight because my 1RM is way less than that! And I need to get stronger! But weight loss would be a better goal for now, haha. So Coach determined that I would use my 1RM – 75lbs for my strict press and somehow that sounded alright.


Little did I know that the Overhead Lunges were going to kill me and strict press was going to be damn near impossible. Keeping a 35lb plate locked out over head for 100 ft is nuts, 100 ft isn’t even that far but it was HARD. The pizza I had for dinner the night before was bogging me down. I was struggling. I got to the bar for my strict press and it was a FAIL x 5. So I took off 10lbs and finally got the bar overhead. My shoulders were SMOKED! It took me a while but I knocked out those 10 reps. And what was waiting in the wings… BURPEES. My wrists are dead, my shoulders are fried and now burpees. 30 of them! And back to lunges I went. The distance was a measured 50 ft turn around and come back for the 100 ft. I made it about 25 ft and threw the plate down. I wanted to cry it sucked so bad. Got back to the bar eventually and picked up the bar. FAIL! Holy shit are you kidding me? Picked it back up and managed to get 4. Took a break. Then got 4 more! Wooooo. But I did the 20 burpees probably the slowest ever in the world. My muscles were quitting and I still had one more round to go! I was slow on the first 50 ft of the lunges but really powered through (which was probably still slow) the last 50 ft. Back on the BAR and FAIL again. This FAIL nonsense has got to stop! Finally got 2 reps, then 2 more, then 1 more. THEN FAIL! It took me 3 attempts to get the last rep in. By then everyone else had finished so I’m the one they are staring at/cheering on. Those last 10 burpees were probably my best set just cause everyone was in my face. It sucked. Time: 20:20.

3/30/13 Part 2 – the Afternoon
Ernie was half ass debating redoing 13.4 and I had the idea that maybe I would. 3pm rolls around and Ernie is OUT, he has decided he won’t do it but he wanted to go up to the Box to watch anyone who needs to get it in at 5pm. So we go up there. I half ass hang on the bar and work on TTB but I don’t have much. I kinda sorta want to redo it but not really. But while I’m there, I might as well work on the TTB. Eventually I get a whopping 2 in a row and Coach told me to get a bar and start warming up. Nah! I’m good. Get a bar! OK I guess. So I start warming up Clean and Jerks and feel good at least with that. I probably won’t do worse than 4. So I should be fine.


It’s only 7 minutes and who cares that my body is dying from the morning! It appears that little food and extra work are the key to me being more successful (jokes) because I ended up getting through a total of 9 TTB, hahaha. That’s not amazing by any means to an AWESOME athlete but it was amazing for my chunky butt self to get those toes up there. I struggled. They didn’t come easy and I did one at a time. I had a few NO REPS in there but I got the first 3 down and thought I’m good with that. At least I got one round in. Once I finished my 6 C&J, I thought “even better”. My score is a little higher. But those 6 TTB were a big struggle for me. But I had enough time for C&J. I got through the 9 Clean and Jerks and time was up. WHEW, that was NOT easy! I can no longer say I “CAN’T” do TTB. This was a REDO that I’m proud of. Score: 27 reps.


I’m still a little LOT sore from the weekend. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to roll out of bed. Slowly but surely I did even though I was feeling the pain in all of my body.

Coach tried to be a little April Fool’s sneaky on us and put SURPRISE WOD on the board and then try to tell us it was 60 minutes of Burpees. I half heartedly believed it. I was still sleeping! Thank goodness it was a joke.

Skill/Strength: Squat 5,5,5+ @65,75,85%. The + is for max reps over 5.
I don’t think I’ve worked on Back Squat since I PR’d so my percentages are a little different than I’m used to seeing. And it felt heavy! Even 65% felt heavy. I was reminded how missing a week can do that to you, sigh! I’m back. I’m back! No more missing days at a time! Worked up to the 85% and got 6 reps in. Went for the 7th but bottomed out. My legs are dead from Saturday. I felt ok with my 6 reps.

4/1/13 WOD

4/1/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds – 20 kbs 1.5/1 (American), 15 C2B, 10 Thrusters 115/85
Doesn’t sound like much, but I know better. That’s a lot! Especially those Chest to Bar Pull Ups.

I started off with KB Swings and those weren’t to bad to get through 20. Since I don’t have a pull up yet, I clearly don’t have a Chest to Bar, I double banded up and got to work. Being able to kip and use bands was good for my first round. I still struggled but got through the 15 faster than I thought. It was the Thrusters that would get in my head. I didn’t do the RX weight of 85lbs because warming up I felt a twinge in my lats on my right side. I didn’t want to hurt myself doing a heavier weight. So I stuck with 65lbs. Weak I know but this was supposed to be a quick workout. I broke my first round up too much: 3, 3, 2, 2. Got back to the KB and did 12 unbroken. I had to put it down before finishing. My forearms were fading fast. Got back on the bar for C2B and I could only do 2 at a time, then 1 at a time. This took forever. I knew I had to step it up for Thrusters. I managed 5 and 5. And only managed 10 and 10 for the KB swings. By the 3rd round of C2B I could only do 1 at a time. My forearms were on FIRE! When I got through that 15, I wasn’t sure how I would survive the last set of Thrusters and something in me clicked. I did those UNBROKEN!  Time: 16:42. I was spent. That workout was brutal….for me!

Well if you made it this far I applaud you. That’s a lot of recap and probably not all that exciting. But I had a lot to report on from the weekend! Hopefully I’m back and back with a vengeance, in the box and in my kitchen. Today I started off with showing up to the Boom Box, clean cooking and eating.


Got one foot in, now lets see if the other will follow and stay! It’s a mental battle I know. I just gotta suck it up and go forward. I hope all of y’all are making the steps to a healthier life. If you fallen off the radar, now’s a good time to find your way back! Have a Happy Monday! And you know the drill…BE AWESOME!!



That’s right. I would have been better off at home, taking a nap, cleaning house, catching up on dvr or reading a book. But I did not. I’m a little late in the day for posting but I kept on trucking and hopefully it’s just a glitch on the radar and the rest of the week will be fine! Pray! Keep your fingers crossed! And Pray some more!

01/24/12 WOD

The day started off alright. I got up like always and headed to the BOOM! Box. It sure is great to get the blood pumping and the muscles working hard. Today was no exception. I did feel weak on my Clean and Jerks but I managed to push through. I think my whole self was still spent from yesterday’s WOD.

Next up: Double Unders! Ya. I actually like double unders but I was not looking forward to the Hand Release Push Ups that were penalty when you mess up! I can string around 30 DUs sometimes and mostly just 10-15 regularly. So I knew I was in for a beating. And of course the more beat I became the more frustrating DUs became and I turned into a HOT MESS! I even got to 199 and messed up. Really? I was officially just exhausted! And I had to pump out 5 more HR Push Ups! Argh! Finally I get a finish of 12:02! Yeehaw. I didn’t keep count of pushups because I couldn’t get keep count of both DUs and push ups but I feel I did anywhere between 70 and 100, LOL!

Nothing new on the food front. Or nothing exciting I should say. I messed around with some bacon and spinach, seeing how that would turn out and it came out fine. I failed to take pics of course due to the fact I was in a hurry but I do have some sweets on the horizon that are Paleo-ish. The plan is to make some goodies for the boys’ classmates for Valentine’s Day and I figure along the lines of Paleo is better than flat out badness. I also have a few recipes that have kept my attention. Now it’s all a matter of taking the time to make them 🙂 Baby steps. I will get there!

That’s it for Tuesday! Still anxiously awaiting for Ford Escape Routes to call Ernie and I up and tell us we are on the show! Boy that would be great. I know we would kill it if we don’t kill each other first! Hahaha! Hoping again the week gets better for sure. Have a good one y’all!





I’m NO TRACK star but I’m feelin good!

It’s Friday Folks! Can I get a big WOOOOO?!? It’s been a super long week for some reason. But we made it, right?

Like I said yesterday, no meats to cook – Cause I’m a loser slacker forgetful person :/ So I decided on my way home I’d stop by Whole Foods and pick up some fresh items and cook for my Dad since he’s still on the mend. I had gathered up the few things I needed and got in line and low and behold… NO WALLET! I left it in my gym bag! Oh you can only imagine how irritated I became with myself. So I asked if I could write a check because I had my checkbook in my purse. SURE! So I write out the check and she waits for me to hand her my driver’s license. I looked at her and said I wrote down my DL number BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE MY WALLET that has my driver’s license in it along with my money! OH. Sorry I can’t take it then. WELL FREAKIN’ AWESOME, thanks lady! and I just walked away. Petty I know. Nothing to be frazzled over but for a good 15 minutes I let it get to me.

Moving on…. I ended up cooking my dad and kids some steaks he had out (not grassfed 😦 … heheh, I’ve spoiled myself), CANNED spinach (LOL cause he lives off canned veggies, I’m working on getting him transitioned to fresh) and some corn tortillas (he doesn’t quite get PALEO just yet). None the less he enjoyed his steak tacos as did the kids. And of course NO PICS! One day it will be second nature to photograph my stuff, I PROMISE!

1/20/12 WOD

Onto my WOD this morning… a RUNNING day 😦 Talk about fake it till you make it from yesterday! Skill strength was good. I got to really work on breaking down my Clean and Jerk and getting technique developed. So many darn things to remember. I really wish I had lifted previous to knowing what CrossFit was but I guess I wish I had been a gymnast too! Haha good thing about coming in with zero knowledge is that I can really gauge how far I’ve come. It’s great to watch my progress from pretty much nothing.

Our times. We took 3 minute rests in between and that is why the overall time is over 19 minutes.

And then the RUNNING. I did not want to run at all. 600 meters is far! Hahah, well not really but times 4 it is and I don’t like the running. I have not other choice but to suck it up and run. I did get 3 minute rests between which were wonderful and needed and I just re-iterate how much of a whiny baby I really am. I surprised myself with my times. My first run was 2:38. And what do ya know I got better with each run! 2:28, 2:34 and 2:25. Like the post title says I’m NO TRACK STAR at all but I know I used to not be able to run 400m in these times much less 600m. So YES I was feeling good! I’m getting faster and I’m not even trying 🙂 I know I’m trying in overall fitness but I am sure not trying in the running dept. Not intentionally. It’s amazing. Before you know it I’ll have a sub 8 min mile and I may learn to enjoy running….hahah well maybe I’ll get the sub 8 but I don’t think I’ll ever ENJOY running just to run.

It’s Friday y’all! And we have a busy weekend ahead. Ernie and I are volunteering at The Fittest Games down in Austin, TX. It’s the last in a trio of events that some local firebreathers have been competing at. An overall champion will be crowned so it should be a great event to attend. It’s also one of the final BIG events before the CrossFit Games Open. We were thinking it would be fun to watch in general and we figured if we volunteered it would be even better. Hopefully if I’m not too busy I’ll get some cool shots with my handy dandy iPhone and maybe a few stories to share as well. We will also hit up a comedy show tomorrow night because one of our favorite comedians Bill Burr is in town. What perfect timing! We get a nice little road trip, a CrossFit adventure and some good laughs all in the same day. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. It should be nice here in the state of Texas. I hope it’s nice everywhere else 🙂

Seriously?!?!?! The year HATES me already!

And I am not joking one bit. I felt so defeated yesterday. After all my proclamations of how great 2012 will be and even if it’s not I’m gonna MAKE it great. Well it freaking stomped my face in yesterday as my car DIED, just flat out DIED in the middle of the road. I was “THAT” person… broke down at a stop light with nowhere to go. All systems down folks. Fortunately for me Grapevine police showed up QUICKLIKE to help me out to which I am grateful.

Now I did know my car was coming to failure as all sorts of warnings and noises were putting me in a panic but I was still going. I wasn’t far from dealership and I just knew I would make it. As I was on the phone with the service department to alert them I was coming – complete POWER FAILURE left me hangin’ out to dry. They called a tow truck to get me, which helped a lot as well. As the tow truck shows up, the guy asks if I needed a ride to the dealer as well and as I told him yes he told me to take a seat in the truck while he hooked up my car. So I’m sitting there and I see out of the corner of my eye a giant TIRE come out of nowhere. I look up and there I see what appears to be Grapevine CrossFit. The pic I have here is a total blurrilicious terd but you can kind of tell. I should have hopped out, joined in and gave em hell but instead I sat there and watched in my sadness.

Grapevine Crossfit ... I think! Appeared out of nowhere while I was waiting in tow truck.

I eventually got rescued by my brother. And car is being fixed. Dead battery and alternator 😦 And I move on. I won’t let it bring me down. 2012 will not defeat me. But I did stumble a bit and the first week isn’t even to a close yet!!!

Onto my WOD which gives me peace and strength (sometimes!?! and sometimes it just pisses me off too, haha).

1/06/12 WOD

As you see we worked Snatch and Clean&Jerk. I am no bueno at the SNATCH but I am determined to get that lift down. It’s so intimidating. So much to think about form wise and that’s just with a bar. Adding weight gives it a whole new form of intimidation. I got a little better, we’ll see what tomorrow brings as I will attempt my 1 rep MAX :O Doh, I SCARED!
I feel a lot more comfortable with the Clean&Jerk and my workout buddy today told me I had a “pretty” jerk! LOL. That made me laugh and I told her I would document it because it was cool to get that as a compliment and never in my life would I have ever imagined that would give me a warm fuzzy inside. Never in my life would I have imagined anyone ever saying that to me so WOW .. who am I? 😀

I felt pretty good about the WOD going in but I knew it would get to me! TABATAs always do. And it was OLD SCHOOL! LOL… air squats, pushups, situps… easy breezy right? WRONG… Not even halfway through squats my legs turned to JELLO. Pushups were murderous and surprisingly I felt pretty good at situps. A total overall rep count of 241. I was feelin pretty good. Worn out but good.

As for dinner last night, it was simple. Some grass-fed steak chopped up and sauteed with mushrooms and asparagus. I failed to take a picture as I was tired, defeated and HUNGRY. Ernie and I ate like it was the last meal on Earth… maybe it was just me though. I finished well before Ernie. The kids feasted on left over chili which by the way turned out pretty good considering I was lacking a lot ingredient wise. They informed me it was tasty and they liked it a lot. I too enjoyed it for my lunch. And I also forgot to take pics. But chili is chili right?

After dinner, I was proactive again and helped the kids out with their lunches and I remembered to take PICS! Yay me. So the whole point of the pictures is that this is EASY stuff to do. We haven’t bought “bread” in a month now. I ran out of Ezekiel Bread a few weeks ago. And all of us are A-OK withOUT it! No one has revolted or threatened my life. We just move along as if this is how it’s been all along. The boys enjoy it and know they are eating healthy. They loved the spinach and had no idea it was spinach. They saw I added zucchini this time around and were excited.. Yes we are a bunch of nerdos!

Preparing the Ham Rolls

Kid Approved Ham Rolls

And that’s how the cookie crumbles! COOKIE..??? Who said COOKIE?

Hahahah I am probably the only one laughing but that is how my brain works folks. I’m weird. Happy Friday to you all! Enjoy the weekend 🙂