Separating the BEASTS from the GIRLBABIES aka ME!

And Welcome back to the CrossFit Open Games WOD review as done by yours truly. Don’t hold your breath here cause I’m just a WODSCALA at best but I’m still giving it a go. We are on week 4 of these miserable workouts and let me just say my jaw seriously dropped when 12.4 was released. DROPPED! 12 minute AMRAP of 150 Wall Balls, 90 Double Unders and 30 Muscle Ups! Really CrossFit HQ? REALLY?!? I thought for a split second it was a joke. But I do know better. I was just hoping not to die in 12 minutes. That was really my ultimate goal for the day. Don’t DIE in those 12 minutes!

Let me get things straight before I begin. To some of you, it’s old news but to anyone new I just want to be clear where I stand.

I HATE WALLBALLS! And I REALLY HATE the idea of 150 of those damn things in a row. I’ve never performed Karen (dirty ugly mean filthy girl) so I have no standard to compare myself. Just know I am not friends with Karen or any WOD that involves medicine balls being thrown to a target way above my head!

Also know I’ve only ever used a 10lb medicine ball.

And please note I am a GIRLBABY! Really.

As of last night I wasn’t entirely too sure if I would get to Double Unders but one has to have hope, right? I’m prepared for those at least and well if there was some slight chance I got through all of that we all know I was screwed when it came to Muscle Ups! So why in the sam hill am I killing myself. I have no idea. Just part of it. I’m hopelessly competitive and after today I really just need to focus on the day to day. It is ABOUT GETTING BETTER but it freakin sucks and I’m an impatient chicken!

This morning I’m rushing to the box because I overslept a few or 15 minutes and already dreading the doom that lies ahead at the BOOM BOX. I get a nice warm up, Get my hips stretched out as well. And it’s between Mel and I. She opts to go first which is really great because I just don’t want to go. I didn’t cheer/support her like I normally would have because there is a pit in my stomach. I mostly just pace, stay warm and pace. As I watch her I just know I’m not going to make it. I know mind set is a big part of it but it looked so miserable. She beared through it and did great and NOW it’s my turn. My stomach is literally in knots. My CrossFit Dreams are fading away. Timelines in my head are gone. It’s just me, the ball and the wall and I am not ready.

I eventually get some sort of plan in my head: go for 15, then 10’s then 5’s. But in reality it went 12, no rep, 5, 5, 1, no rep, 4, etc…Maybe not EXACTLY like that but pretty close, LOL. There was never more than 5 linked together after the first 12. I didn’t NO REP as much which was GREAT but I did go much slower – not by want but just by the fact that 14lbs gets heavy fast like. It was a pretty sad showing and I’m very glad there was no video proof. I literally was punching the stupid stupid ball out of anger. I do have witnesses but no actual proof thank goodness!


With all that said I completed 120 Wall Balls in 12 minutes. Boy I am horrible. I know I know… I did it. Whatever. I’m not feeling the warm fuzzies over this. I flat out was bad. Nothing is going to change my mind about that.

Moving on to My HERO, Sherry! She killed those Wall Balls and got 171 for her overall reps. She did amazing. We’ll just have to see how the rest of the Masters crowd does but she’s on the bubble for going to the GAMES. Fingers crossed, prayers being sent, etc. Hopefully 12.5 is something right up her alley and will boost her into the top 20!

There ya have it readers. 12.4 sucked. I suck. CrossFit may be the death of me. Have a pleasant Thursday.