13.2 Sneaky Sneaky


Another CrossFit Games Open WOD in the books. And whaddya know? I can do this. RX and everything right? EASY. 5, 10, 15 rep scheme for 10 minutes! Let’s Do THIS!

CrossFit HQ makes a big dramatic announcement LIVE and everything. They pair up some of the super ELITE and super AWESOME athletes and let them go head to head. It’s fun for us that drink the koolaid. And this time around it was Iceland Annie Thorisdottir vs. Lindsey Valenzuela. Annie’s the best of the best for 2 years now but Lindsey is a beast so it could be anybody’s game. As I sat there and watched. I just though there’s no way I can move like them. They killed it – 365 reps Annie and 331 reps for Lindsey!


Post workout all of the PROs come out and give the people tips and tricks. They try to help us NORMAL folks on how to best strategize the movements, the transitions, etc. And there I sit watching, listening and hopefully learning. I love it all. It’s like crack. I want every morsel of knowledge that can be dropped on me. Does it make me AWESOME-ER? eh maybe an ounce, but it feels good thinking I MIGHT be getting better by absorbing their words of wisdom!

This one is lengthy but good stuff here:

Love these guys. Great podcasts too!


So now my time is coming. At the BOOM Box, Coach has slated Fridays to be our judgement day. With Saturdays for make up. Yesterday was my rest day, thank GOODNESS cause I was falling apart on Wednesday. But last night was a skills session, which I almost didn’t go to. I’m glad I did because it helped me learn some things about how I was going to attack 13.2. We did some warm ups to get our quads, hips, ankles, and calves primed and then we went to work on figuring out how we would be most efficient at box jumps. This year they weren’t holding the same standards and were allowing step downs and step ups. There is a lot of hate out there for high rep box jumps because so many people do get injured. Whether it’s a banged up shin or a blown achilles. So I was extra excited that they were leaving the option. I don’t have problems getting up on the 20″ box but I’m not bouncy so it’s hard for me to string them together really well. So we started off jumping on the box and stepping down. We tried different variations all which worked fine but I still wasn’t GREAT. So we started timing ourselves. Just doing a few at a time and then I realized I should at least try 10 and compare how much time elapsed. Turns out I was quicker at step ups than jumping up and stepping down. Quicker by a whole 3 seconds! That adds up! So my plan was to start with step ups from the get go.

3/15/13 – Crossfit Games Open 13.2
5 Shoulder to Overhead (75lbs)
10 Deadlift (75lbs)
15 Box Jumps (20″)

3 – 2 – 1 – GO! I had a hard time getting a rhythm for the STOH. I did a combination of Push Press and Push Jerk. My goal was to do all Push Jerk, but it didn’t time out right at the beginning. A couple of rounds in and I finally got a feel for the movement. I feel like I hesitated to much in the early rounds. I had a mantra in my head, DON’T DROP THE BAR, set on repeat. As soon as I was done with the STOH I went straight into deadlifts. BOY were these light! New mantra, HIPS TO BAR. And I flew through those. Then for the STEP UPS, new mantra, PLEASE LEGS DON’T STOP!


By the 3rd round I wanted to QUIT! I seriously wanted to just stop and walk away. I knew 10 minutes wasn’t long but it was already feeling like forever. The Step Ups felt like forever! I wasn’t facing the clock, which was probably a good thing and I wasn’t counting at all, leaving that up to Coach to keep my rep/round count. I felt like I was behind the whole time. I didn’t think I was keeping a good pace even though I wasn’t stopping. The BOX is what started slowing me down in the end. No matter how hard I tried to go faster I just couldn’t! I was surprised the Deadlifts didn’t get me down because even though it’s light weight, it’s a lot of reps. TIME! I didn’t even wait around for Coach to tell me what I got. I walked around, got my water, and found my spot to die on the concrete outside. It wasn’t until a few minutes later I found out I got a score of 232! Hell ya. Way better than my brain was allowing me to believe. It would have nice to finish that last round but it was all I could do for those 10 minutes and I’m happy with that JACK! Forgot to take a pic of the board. But Ernie took a good pic of me in my post WOD death state.


Everyone this morning did great. It’s a sneaky workout. It’s easy to underestimate it for sure. I hope everyone who still has to stare 13.2 in the face does a great job! Just don’t STOP! Let me know how you did 🙂

Have a PEACHY FRIDAY! Enjoy your weekend. Go outside and play if you can and SMILE! While you are at it… don’t forget to be AWESOME!


CrossFit Games Open 13.1 – and Breathe!


By now most of you know or have heard of the CrossFit Games. The sport of CrossFit has grown tremendously over the years, from being an “underground” type workout and small competitions to ESPN televised, Reebok sponsored, worldwide registration and all around insanity. The OPEN is seriously just that. Open to anyone and everyone who wants to throw their hat in the ring. Even with NO HOPE to make it to regionals, tens of thousands sign up. Don’t get me wrong there are some ELITE BADASS MOFO’s out there. Much respect and awe to them, but the rest of us are just having fun. Right? Fun is correct but let me tell you it’s still stressful. Knowing that you are registered, you will be documented and you will be put to the test is downright nerve-racking! It’s a test of where you stand among 100,000 folks. I know I don’t stand very high on the totem pole but it’s a blast trying. Boxes unite. People come out of their shells and COMMUNITY is in the air. It’s a lovely sight and a great feeling. I don’t have the words to really paint the picture I want to share with you all. Just trust me, it’s beautiful!


So 13.1 was announced Wednesday evening and there was much speculation going on as to what they would throw at us. Last year it was 7 minutes of burpees which was almost laughable. Well it was laughable. People everywhere were scratching their heads. Who knew it would be the talk for weeks, hell the whole year. And as we all wait to see, we had a sigh of relief that it wasn’t a repeat WOD per se, instead it was a combination of previous WODS!

17 minute AMRAP of:

40 burpees (with target)

30 Snatch (75lbs, 45lbs)

30 Burpees

30 Snatch (135lbs, 75lbs)

20 Burpees

30 Snatch (165lbs, 100lbs)

10 Burpees

Snatch (210lbs, 120lbs), as many reps as possible

Julie Foucher is one of my inspirations. Oh to be her, or just a fraction of her. Below is what 13.1 should look like. I can guarantee I was not that graceful.

There are many videos out there for help on technique and strategy. I love them all, but I really love:



Last night at our OPEN Skills slot at the BOOM Box we went over Burpee strategy and basic Snatch Technique. It was good to kind of mix and mingle with everyone and work on basics so we were better prepared today. But are we REALLY prepared?!? I know I was a Nervous Nelly this morning! I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one feeling it either.

My worst bar movement is SNATCH. I have FEAR, big time, scaredy cat type fear. I don’t like that I do, and I try to psych myself out of it but it’s there lingering. With this said fear I have had many troubles getting more than 65lbs up and over. I know the facts, I can Overhead Squat 90lbs, if not more. I can Deadlift at least 200lbs. This combination should make for an easy 75lb Snatch but not for me. I SCARED! And I hate it.


Coming into the BOOM Box at 5 am, I was already mentally prepared to have a score of 100 reps. And I would just work on trying to get 75lbs up when the time came. 3-2-1 GOOOOO! Burpees with target overhead. I got this right? The idea is to not bust through them but to not drag ass either. You don’t want to kill yourself because SNATCH is something you don’t want to joke around with. I was really mentally fatigued and I let that mess with my burpees. 20 reps in and I was ready to quit. Dumbest workout EVER. I was not happy. Kept dwelling on my less than stellar eating, house maintenance issues, etc…


My mind was processing everything BUT the workout. Finally, much longer than I had wanted, I finished 40 burpees. Onto Snatch. 45lbs is lightweight. I was seriously smoked from Burpees though. So I just went in sets of 5. I knew there wasn’t a rush. 75lbs was not reachable for me. And I have 17 minutes. Well by now I probably had 14 minutes but you know, I had a LOOONNNGG time! I stopped looking at the clock and went straight to burpees after the first set of Snatch. I felt I was out of my head now mostly because I was tired so I chipped away at the 30 Burpees. Then I took my time adding the weight for 75lbs. Drank some water. Took some deep breaths, and just relaxed. I had quite a bit of time on the clock and figured 75lbs wasn’t going overhead. My first attempt NO REP, and then I don’t really remember after that but I finally got 1 overhead! HOLLYYYY COW! I did it! PR! Get back on the bar and NO REP! Hahahhaha, shitfire. What’s a girl to do but keep trying. I did complete 5 reps at 75lbs. Probably could have had at least 10 if I would just DROP under the bar (cue Beastie’s Boys music here).  MMMM DROP! Ah well. I have to be HAPPY with a PR and multiple reps at that! Do I regret dragging ass at Burpees now? A little! But that’s how CrossFit go. Will I do a REDO on Saturday? Probably not. I’m good knowing I did better than I had mentally forecasted! 13.1 done! Total reps: 105. Bring on 13.2!


3/8/13 – 13.1 CrossFit Games Open

I did stay and watch some inspiring folks at the 6am time slot. Three ladies who I adore were up and they did awesome.  Andrea, Annette and Sherry …. Y’all were amazing. And that’s all I have to say about that! I’m looking forward to cheering on the 6pm class tonight!


And that’s it for today you beautiful readers. I won’t be hitting up the WOD in the morning because we are in BASEBALL season and my Saturdays for the next few months will probably be hit or miss. Also PRAY it doesn’t RAIN RAIN RAIN on us and that the fields are playable. I hope you all have a freakin’ badass weekend and don’t forget to be AWESOME! Bye!


Sigh of Relief – CrossFit Games Open is OVER!

I know I’ve said it plenty but I get anxiety ridden over these Open WODs! Seriously! I know I shouldn’t, I’m not anywhere near the ELITE status of the really competitive athletes. I’m just doing it to do it. Ya know? But week after week I let it get to me. The anticipation weasels it’s way into me and I turn into a loonball! Even when I know I can’t do the movements I’m a crazy person! But NOW it’s over for 2012 for me at least. Still praying and crossing fingers and toes for Sherry to make it in the top 20 of the Master’s Group!

12.5 came as a repeat form 2011. I really don’t care but it seemed to cause a stir amongst the mob. Why complain? Just beat what you did last year! Easy right? Heheh, I don’t know. I just know I can’t do a pull up so HOW IN THE WORLD am I going to get my chest to the bar? I’m not.

3/22/12 CrossFit Games Open 12.5

The WOD is a 7 minute AMRAP/Ladder of Thrusters and Chest to Bar. So first round is 3 thrusters, 3 chest to bars. 2nd round is 6 thrusters, 6 chest to bars…keep adding by 3s and do as many rounds as possible. Like good little soldier I knocked out my 3 reps of 65lb thrusters to get counted for the official score and went to band assisted chest to bar. I made it through to the 12 thrusters and only completed 5 of the chest to bar in that round. Final total of 53! Heheheh. Ah well. 7 minutes and WAM BAM thank you MA’AM! I was beat. Thrusters take a toll on you fast 🙂 It was fun. And I’ll be there on Saturday to cheer on the remaining BOOM Beasts. Good riddance 2012 Open!!

On to getting that pull up mastered!

Have a great Thursday y’all. I may see y’all tomorrow and I may not. Going to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games and well I’m not a spring chicken anymore and not sure if I can hang and be productive tomorrow with little sleep 🙂 Which reminds me I got these cute Hunger Games knee socks to workout in and they are too small 😦 It made me sad. Ah well.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!