A week off = Bittersweet


So I rested as in I took a week off from my workouts and did nothing but sleep in and eat. Of course my life went on as anything else but I laid off the physical activity. And it was a much needed break. My body needed the break.


The only downside to taking a whole week off, for me at least, is that it’s hard to motivate myself into getting back to it. Fortunately, just showing up again is worth it and even though the break felt good, it is time to get back to work.

And work it was. Back squats that I wasn’t feeling strong at and the CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.1. For the past two years I’ve paid my fee and joined the tens of thousands to compete. This year, with a weak wrist and a weak self, I opted out. It didn’t make sense for me to pay the $20 and not be sure if I’d be able to handle movements like Power Cleans or Clean & Jerk. So I did not and guess what? 14.1 has my strengths! Doubles Unders and low weight Snatch. Now I know deep down I wouldn’t be able to hang with the Elite ladies out there but this is a workout I CAN do. Lucky for me, even if I’m not in the OPEN, I still have to do the workout!


So I stroll in NOT wanting to do any work at all, but I’m here now so I must. We do 8 sets of 3 Back Squats at 85% of our 1RM. I did more like 80% because I was feeling OH SO WEAK. But with a weeks worth of rest, my HIPS were feeling great.

The we move on to warming up our Double Unders and Snatches. 55lbs feels good, light even so I’m actually ready to go. All until the clock starts and I mess up on DUs immediately! WTH?!? After I finally made it through 30, which sadly took almost a full minute I moved onto the 15 Snatches at 55lbs. The “lightweight” that it was 5 minutes before is now ridiculously heavy. After 5 reps I was mentally ready to quit. Somehow, somehwhere I convinced myself to keep going. But it was at a snail’s pace considering my goal should be to BEAT EVERYONE. As the rounds went on my DUs got better and when I focused on good form, of course the Snatches were much more awesome. I finally got some UMPH in me with like 2 1/2 minutes to go. Hahah, who does that? UH ME :/ Final: 211 reps and I can honestly say it was a poor showing. Ah well. I’m sure there will be a variation of this workout come 2015. Maybe I’ll have my crap together by then …. maybe.

3/3/14 WOD

3/3/14 WOD

And that is all I got for this fine Tuesday. Besides the bipolar weather here in Texas, all is good. I hope you all are doing great and go ahead and make those changes you’ve been holding off on. Get back to working out. Clean eating. Or whatever it is you do, unless it’s meth, then stop. Stop now. But other than that, find your healthy happy place.


The Games aka the OLYMPICS for CrossFit


If watching the CrossFit Games over the weekend just doesn’t want to make you start training and becoming a MONSTER right now I don’t know what will. (I promise I won’t bore you with my recap of the games.) And if you haven’t watched them you can log onto ESPN3 and watch recaps. Do it! NOW! But to me the CrossFit Games are a lot like when the Olympics come around and everyone is rallying for USA, wishing they had grown up their whole lives being a gymnast or track star. It’s that motivating. It’s that inspirational. Yet super defeating all at the same time! It’s all dreams for me at least. The I wish, I want, and the I could have been had I started 10 years ago!

Lindsey Valenzuela - photo: CrossFit

Lindsey Valenzuela (photo: CrossFit)

I’ll be honest, I don’t know everyone’s story. I’m sure there might be someone like me out there that made it to the games, but on average, these ELITE athletes are young, fit phenoms or they were college athletes or heck even former professional athletes. I however am none of the above. Just a dreamer. But it still puts that little bit of excitement for me to want to push a little harder than just trying to be fit. To get that next PR or better finish.

CrossFit Hach Pack (photo: CrossFit)

Team Hack’s Pack UTE (photo: CrossFit)

Then I wake up and realize everything hurts. The muscles, tendons and ligaments aren’t youthful and immortal. I realize that I can’t even do any of the movements that these top CrossFit athletes are executing. So I drudge on, just hoping to be able to do a fraction of what they do, sometime, in the future, a long long time from now. It’s fun and I feel great but I’m not a spring chicken. I’m not a professional athlete! I joke that in 4 years I’ll be eligible for the Masters age group and maybe just maybe by then I’ll have it all down.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (photo: CrossFit)

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (photo: CrossFit)

For now I’ll just stick with trying to be a stronger me, no matter how long it takes!

Strength: Front squats 3rm
PR in the house for 3RM! Woooo! So we warmed up for a few rounds then got to business. I was feeling pretty good the whole way and finally got to 135lbs. This is my 1RM. 3 reps and I would be happy, happy, happy! And BOOM I hit it. So why not jump to 145lbs? It would be icing on the cake. But then I got nervous! This shit is gonna be heavy. I got under the bar and went to work. One didn’t seem so bad. I got this! 2nd one felt a little heavy but manageable. Number 3 was a NO GO. I got stuck and had to bail on it. DANG IT! I was so close to 3RM at 145lbs! I am, however, happy that I hit a new PR of 145lbs. That’s at 2 reps too folks! I’m excited for a new 1RM!

7/26/13 WOD

7/26/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds of 400m Run, 100ft Yoke push, 3 Power Cleans 225/135, Rest 90 seconds between rounds
The only thing I like about this MetCon is the Power Cleans and the RX weight is above and beyond my max so I’m not even happy about those now. RUNNING and YOKE PUSH… double ick! My runs were mostly a trot/walk. And I hadn’t even ever pushed the Yoke on my own for that kind of distance. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to do the workout. But I had a strategy. There’s a slight incline in the parking lot so I figured I’d make sure I’d come around so I would have to push the YOKE downhill. Hoping it would be easier. And my first time around it worked out. And although it sucked donkey balls, I survived. Got through my cleans (105lbs) and went back out for my run. Turns out my plan was ruined. With everyone else out running me the YOKE wasn’t in position for me to push it downhill so I had to push it up the incline! That’s what I get for trying to manipulate the situation. Total FAIL! I still got the YOKE going but my calves were on FIRE. I had to stop several times and thought I might die. It was a fight to the end on the 2nd and 3rd Yoke pushes. But the 105lbs weren’t so bad. Maybe this extra layer of fluff I’m carrying is helping. Time: 23:06

7/27/13 Community WOD
I don’t know why I keep showing up for these things! I get all excited because I do have fun in the end but I feel bad for my teammates, seriously! This WOD was no exception. We got into groups of 3 before we knew what was in store. As soon as it was broken down I wanted to sneak out and go back home. I apologized immediately for my suckiness and I’m pretty sure no one would want to pair up with me anymore!

3 rounds of Running around the complex (distance unknown, maybe 1000m), 75 Wall Balls, 75 strict Pull Ups

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 10.43.10 AM

We all had to do the run, then we could split up the Wall Balls and Pull Ups. If only we could have split up the run. My team probably had to wait a good 3-4 minutes on me to just finish the Run. We tried splitting everything else up evenly. The problem with our team is that no one has a strict Pull Up. And we couldn’t use bands. So guess what? We pretty much had to lift each other up to get the movement completed. That’s a lot of lifting for all of us! We were smoked and I was feeling like a complete loser due to my running. Time: 43:00 something.

Maybe this Saturday I won’t be dragging the team down :/

Strength: Squats 8@65% 6@75% 4@85% 4@90%
Mondays I typically feel a little weak and the weight always feels a LOT heavy. But today I felt good under the bar. Maybe all of this consistency is finally paying off. Don’t get me wrong I KNOW it is paying off but I can see it and feel it now. So hitting those percentages and weights weren’t so bad and dreadful. Definitely a confidence booster, especially after that brutal Saturday showing.

7/29/13 WOD

7/29/13 WOD

MetCon: 75 HSPU Every time you drop you must run 400 m 20 minute cap. (the mod is 125 push-ups)
Well, well, well… Coach must be crazy or something. Or he just saw too many HSPU in the games. Handstand Push Ups are a reachable goal but I seriously need to drop some LBS off this body o’ mine. Once upon a time I could do a couple of Kipping HSPUs but now it’s just a laughable goal. I went with Push Ups. But guess what? I’m only good at Hand Release Push Ups. Where my whole body touches the ground. And this WOD had us doing regular Push Ups. Where my legs can’t touch the ground at all. That’s a whole new story and although once upon a time I could do a handful of regular Push Ups, it appears that I’ve lost it. I didn’t even manage to get 6 push ups before I failed and had to run 400m. UGH! All my squat confidence is now wittled down to nothing. The only upside is that I finally ran a 400 without stopping. But only that first one. All the rest were trot/walks. I struggled so bad with getting those push ups in. We had a 20 minute time cap to complete 150 and well I only completed 33. FAIL. I gotta work on those short range push ups now!


That’s all my recap for now. Can you believe it’s almost August? Holy crap! Where did this year go? It’s definitely been an off year for me. I’m trying to tighten everything up so I can finish 2013 strong but it’s flying by and my tightening is moving slower than I had hoped! I just gotta keep pushing and not look back! I encourage you to do the same. Today is as good as any day to start something new. Challenge yourself! Make a plan to come out to the BOOM Box this Saturday. I promise my feelings won’t get hurt if you don’t want to be part of my team. Just show up and have some fun! Eat Clean, Do Work and Be Awesome!


Let the Games Begin (and other stuff)

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 11.17.20 AM

Can’t believe the CrossFit Games are here for 2013. Where did the year go? The best of the best are at it again and they get to start off with Swimming and Muscle Ups. I’m not a good swimmer and I sure as hell can’t do a MU. I can only look forward to maybe being able to compete in the MASTERS a few years from now. EVEN THEN, I would have to start seriously training now and eating like a champ. So far away from that idea though!

The athletes competing this week are AMAZEBALLS. I’m looking forward to the rest of the events to see how everyone pairs up. I’m especially interested in what women will rise to the top. It’s some tough competition out there. I’m rooting for Lindsey Valenzuela! She is insanely AWESOME!

As far as I go, I’m still struggling with Don’t STUFF your face with junk issue. When I eat a good meal, it’s good and full of all good things. And when I eat a bad meal, it’s not just bad, it’s the worst. I’m still showing up to BOOM and putting in work. Definitely not outtraining a bad diet. But still pushing myself. I just wish I was pushing myself in the right direction with food :/

Strength: Sled pull around the building
There was quite a few of us so instead of Sled Pulls, I got to push the YOKE for an unknown LONG distance with a partner. Nicole and I pushed our happy little hearts out. It sucked. My hamstrings and calves were dying!

7/18/13 WOD

7/18/13 WOD

MetCon: AMRAP 10 min 30 DU 15 Power Snatches 75/45
This totally whipped my butt. I had a hard time getting my Double Unders in a good rhythm so I had a lot of unnecessary rests. The Power Snatches weren’t difficult but after 15 then going into DU’s my shoulders were just fatigued. I had high hope for a better score but I didn’t pull through. Final: 4 Rounds + 30 DUs RX

7/20/13 Community WOD
Oh wonderful Community WOD day. I keep showing up for these beatdowns. I should just sleep in! JOKES! By the way, if you are nearby you should totally come and have some fun with us! It’s FREE!

So we worked on Max Box Jumps and well I have troubles with 30″ and higher. And for the day that wasn’t even going to happen. It’s not fun trying to get an extra 30lbs up on that box.

As for the WOD, we partnered up in teams of 2. Coach told us one person would hang from the bar while the other person did Thrusters FOR FIVE MINUTES. When the one person dropped from the bar you would switch out. Leah (my teammate) and I decided to save our hands and just do sets of 10 for Thrusters and switch out. This was probably a good idea cause I’m not sure I would have held on to the bar much longer than that. We probably lost reps but again, it sounded better for the good ol hands. WE didn’t know what the next challenge would be until about 30 seconds before the 5 minutes was up. YIKES. So it turns out to be Handstand Holds and Burpees! Oh Lordy! Breathing hard and being upside down sucks! And that’s what happens when you pair Burpees with Handstands. This was by far the weakest moment. Again we went 10 reps before switching out. Our transistion was much slower during those 5 minutes. For the final 5 minutes, we did Overhead Barbell Holds and Air Squats. This was probably the better of the 3 movements. Only cause I can bust Air Squats out. We started off strong then started breaking it up into smaller sets. The time seemed to fly on the last 5 minutes. Overall we had 277 reps. I think the burpees really slowed us down the most. Still a lot of work in 15 minutes!

Strength: Squats 8@65% 8@70% 6@80% 6@85%
Again with the high rep Squatting. It’s good for me I know. But for some reason it always feels heavier on Mondays!!!

7/22/13 WOD

7/22/13 WOD

MetCon: 20 min AMRAP 100 Push Up buy in; 10 Thruster 10 C2B
Say what???!!?? 20 min AMRAP and 100 Push Ups to kick it off! Yowsers! So I started off with 20, then 10s, then 5s, then 2’s and 3’s. I didn’t even look at the clock to see how long it took me. I just know it took forever. I really wasn’t sure how Thrusters would be now that my shoulders were wasted. I honestly was too tired to even care! I did 5 and 5 then moved on the banded pull ups. I moved through the first round fairly quickly then ran out of gas. I stayed with the 5 and 5 for the next two rounds. Then switched to 5, 3, 2 and added a band to my pull ups. It was a struggle at the end. Final 4 rounds + 7 Thrusters

ME yoke Zercher
I had no idea what this was and once I saw the demonstration, I was like NO WAY!

I probably had the same scary face!

I probably had the same pain face!

So one of our smaller girls managed to pick the Yoke Up and carry it so I knew for sure I could as least get the job done. I had no idea how taxing it would on my forearms and well EVERYTHING! Now it was time to add weight and I thought for sure I couldn’t barely hold 175lbs of the YOKE on it’s own. Now add 50lbs? Geesh! I tried and I got it up. Walked about 2 feet then I was done. I couldn’t get it back up and moving. At least I tried and had some success.

MetCon: 4 rounds of 25 DU, 30 KB clean&jerk 53/35lb, 200m run
Double Unders easy. 30 Kettle Bell Clean & Jerks with 35lbs = NOT EASY! 200m RUN = WALK.

There are two 24lb KB and the rest are 35lb, 53lb or heavier. I got stuck with 35lbs. And boy did it suck/hurt. As soon as one of the other ladies was done with their 24lb KB I ran over and scaled down. So much better! Only problem is I already killed my arms from the heavier KB and I have bruises to prove it!

Just the beginning. OUCHY!

Just the beginning. OUCHY!

So painful. I stayed doing sets of 5 or 10. Only sets of 5 when I was using the heavier weight but sometimes sets of 10 with the lighter weight. I don’t think Coach was too happy about my back and forth but I feel like it all equalled out in the end. The runs were walks at best. My last run was a trot the whole way in. Thanks Andy for keeping me motivated! Time 24:21.

7/23/13 WOD

7/23/13 WOD

Whew, that’s a lot of work put in over the past few days. Looking forward to more. Remember to keep moving. Send me happy and positive thoughts in regards to eating CLEAN cause right now I suck at it! And dont’ forget to be AWESOME today!


CrossFit Games Open 12.2 – Snatches Galore!

I’ll be honest, I’m really not feeling the blogging today but I figure I’ll share my disappointing attempt at 12.2.

SNATCHES! They are pretty much the most awkward lift out there, for me at least. It’s odd and uncomfortable… oh wait that’s me. For real though, this is not an easy lift. There’s so much to think about and it all happens so fast.

I walked into the BOOM BOX with very little excitement. 😦 I am not prepared to KILL this WOD at all.

CrossFit Games Open 12.2 - 3/01/12

Let’s break it down. It’s 10 min of Snatches. For the ladies its 30 reps @45lbs, 30 reps @75lbs, 30 reps @100lbs and then max reps @120lbs. I don’t think I’ve snatched over 55lbs so pretty much I’m out. I took my time and knocked out the 30 reps with just the bar. I loaded up the bar with 2 – 15lb plates and HOLY SHITAKES it was heavy. I can clean and jerk the weight but going straight to overhead is no joke. I couldn’t do it. I spent the remaining 7 minutes weakly attempting it but it was a no go. I sucked. I’m hard on myself and that’s just the way it is I suppose. I wish I had at least got freaking got 1 rep. Ah well. I jokingly said at the box that I’m dedicating my life to snatches. We giggled and then I realize I really do need to get this lift mastered. It’s always going to be there. So I better get on it.

From Burpees, which anyone can do, to SNATCHES which clearly I can not do… the CrossFit Games Open will keep us on our toes. Now we just gotta wait for next weeks announcement of 12.3 – MUs, HSPUs and running? It might as well be that after 12.2. Ha.

ON a different note, I did roll out on the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller and it is NICE. It’s hard for me to explain how great it felt. It has “zones” which have different patterns, textures, etc. so that you can really pinpoint your trouble areas. I have only used it twice now. But I did feel better recovered after my second use. I spent more time working out all my leg issues and it seemed to benefit better than a regular foam roller.

That’s all I got. I’m just not chatty today. Hopefully Friday starts looking up. I could use a little cheer right about now.



For those of new to this blog… When I say BOX I am referring to my CrossFit Box – CrossFit BOOM! We have built such a great little family and it continues to grow. This past week and weekend we all came together to smack CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD in the face! Mine was more of a tickle instead of a slap but we definitely had some beast mode moments from our Boom Team!

The camaraderie amongst us is amazing! The support, the jokes, and the laughs we have are fantastic. You’re at the point of passing out sometimes (what am I saying… ALWAYS) and there is always someone there to cheer you on to help get you through.

This past Saturday was an open box and then 12.1 WOD time for those who needed judging. We had some newcomers and they took on the funday WOD like champs. My partner and I took first place as we did a team event. 3 teams of 2 doing 3 rounds of 1 minute each of diamond situps, KB Swings, and Wall Balls. My teammate Donna KILLED it. I’m pretty sure she didn’t feel that she did, but she did fantastic. I love to see new people. 9 minutes of misery but we all live and get to high five and chat afterwards. It’s a good feeling.

Coach Grant measuring the "ROOF". We got hell from CrossFitters after a pic of our roof made it to the CrossFit Games facebook page. But we also got a lot of kudos. I assure you it was safe and there weren't any concerns on whether it was or not!

Coach Grant gettin after it! The "roof" was a mat so it was light weight and didn't budge as it was weighted down.

So enough of my ooshy gooshiness. On to today’s WOD.

Front squats for skill/strength. 5, 3, 1+. I did a warm up with just the bar then jumped up to 75 lbs and started my 5 reps. It seemed light today. Maybe because I had a fantastic massage yesterday or maybe just because I’m getting stronger. Maybe my crazy strange love for CrossFit intensified after the first Open WOD, who knows. But it felt light. I Hope my coach isn’t reading! LOL, he’ll make me pay tomorrow! Then moved onto 80lbs for 3 reps and onto 85lbs for 19 REPS – YAH BUDDY! It’s taken a while for me to get “strong” but I’m getting there. And today I feel I really pushed those last 4-5 reps out. It took a lot out of me. Probably time to test a new PR… maybe? maybe not, hehe.

2/27/12 WOD

The MetCon had pullups, yay fun! 😦 Not really but I had a little more endurance today than I normally have. I managed to do 8 in a row (with bands) for the round 1 and 2 but typically I could do 5 or 6 then break. So again, getting there which makes me happy! Then after 8 pullups it was 60ft of lunges. AMRAP for 12 minutes. I got 8 rounds and 8 pullups! I got halfway to one length of the lunges but it didn’t count because I didn’t complete it. Ah well, I tried! And fell over as the timer went off, hehehe. I’ve never left the box without just lying on the ground post WOD. I’m beat. And I keep bringing myself back for more! I have issues! But they lead to good results.

Happy Monday ya’ll! I’m starting the 24 day challenge this week as well to help clean my system out. Let me know if you’re interested!

See y’all tomorrow unless life gets to much in the way 🙂

CrossFit Games Open – BURPEES!

Hello Hello and welcome to my discussion of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open WOD 1. The WOD was released yesterday at 7pm CST and it was a little surprising that it was a 7 minute AMRAP of burpees. BURPEES! I don’t know anyone that likes em but I know anyone can definitely do one or two.

There appeared to be an online slew of sarcastic remarks in regards to the WOD but I really didn’t have a problem with it. They set a standard as with anything else and you just gotta kill it. For those of you that think it’s easy then YAY you. Finish first! Be the best. Don’t trash what’s put before ya. It’s not going to get easier. Although burpees are no FUN I think it’s a fine opener to the GAMES. It’s 7 MINUTES OF HELL! At least I feel I can compete and not come in last!

The BOOM Box is going to have a set aside time this Saturday to do the WOD but we were fortunate enough to get it first thing this a.m. WOOOO! I didn’t have a plan at all. I just knew I had to go. The standard is extend your arm over your head, measure 6 inches above that and set a bar, rings, tape, etc. at that point. You have to hit the target every time. EASY BREEZY? RIGHT? NO!

CrossFit Games WOD 1 2/23/12

Last night I watched a video of Katie Hogan and she got 91. In my head the whole time was a broken record playing “Katie Hogan made it to 91”. “Katie Hogan made it to 91.” Nevermind the fact that Kristen Clever did 124 or something like that! Ha. I just thought 91 is achievable. But I burned out pretty quickly even though I felt I was at a good pace. 7 minutes feels like forever. FOREVER!

I managed to knock out 74. I was up for 75 but the time was up before I hit the target so it was a NO REP!

That’s it! WOD 1 DONE! Yay, I’m glad the anxiety is over on what it would be, how I would do, etc. I know I’m not a firebreather and mentally I just wanted to do more than 50. Mission accomplished. We’ll see how the rest of the world does 🙂

Now onto other things such as shopping for new clothes. I don’t mind getting new stuff… I LOVE new stuff but I really don’t like shopping for new sizes. I should be ecstatic because I’m smaller (Sizes 8-10 to NOW 4) than I was the last time I went shopping (YEARS AGO, literally). But I had a hard time finding the right “fit” 😦 I finally had enough of looking like a bum everyday with baggy pants and then I get to the stores and all I leave with is two pairs of pants and frustration. And forget tops. I guess I’m just not trendy enough or willing to “show” my imperfections with all these tight fitting styles. I feel like a HOT MESS … super OLD ladylike and it sucks.

I definitely took a few steps backwards in the confidence department after staring in dressing room mirrors and trying on a slew of cute but not for me clothes. Ah well, so is life. I just gotta keep at it, work hard, eat clean and not look in full length mirrors! I joke, kind of. Sorry, it’s just the old me starts to chime in and I let her get the best of me.

It’s Thursday! Although I keep thinking it’s FRIDAY, which is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself! Enjoy your day. It’s gonna be like 82° here so it’s going to be BEAU-TI-FUL!