Showed Up, Didn’t Die.

It’s been 17 days since I’ve done anything remotely active. And I was getting close to just being OK with that.


Wow, sounds like I’m at an AA meeting but instead it’s a lazy ass meeting or something. Thanks goodness the fit girl that got eaten by the fat girl inside of me is fighting. And it’s true, I let my injury get in the way of everything. But that’s the lazy part of me. It’s the fat kid inside of me that just doesn’t want to leave!


And of course I pick one of the first cold mornings this fall to get my ass up and moving. Ah well, we all have to start over/get back to it/etc at some point. I showed up at the BOOM Box, still injured, but I was there and I didn’t die. Whew. Day 1. I survived.

11/12/13 WOD
Strength: Dips 3×20 Strict pull-ups 3×10
Skipped the dips since my wrist is still brokedown. Pain is much better now that it’s stabilized. Hoping it heals up quicklike. Coach T had me go ahead and knock out Pull Ups. And boy was I scared. I shouldn’t have any problems hanging from the bar but I really didn’t know. Got my bands set up and just sat there overthinking everything. When I finally did one, a bone popped but not sure from where. What mattered is that there was no pain. I was able to knock out the pull ups but at a slow pace and boy oh boy my forearms were smoked. 17 days! Why is it so easy to lose strength but so hard to gain it?!?

11/12/13 WOD

11/12/13 WOD

MetCon: 15-9-3 of Deadlift (225,155#) OHS (135,95#), 200m run before each round
I wasn’t ready to go balls to the wall. Baby steps. So I opted for 135lb Deadlifts and substituted 65lb front squats for the OHS. I can’t rack the bar like I normally would and holding it on my arms isn’t as stable as I would like so I went for less weight.

3.2.1 – Go! I took off like I’m a runner or something and it actually felt good. BUT, 3/4 of the way in I could feel my abnormal powers draining. Then my brain realized what was going on and shut it down. I did a slow trot to finish out the 200m. Although I had just warmed up Deadlifts, they sure felt heavy now. Did 3 sets of 5. My right hammy was not happy with me AT ALL. Moved onto Front Squats and my out of shape self was just huffin and puffin. I barely made it to “jogging” status on the 2nd 200m run.


The second round of Deadlifts and Front Squats were that much easier cause we dropped to 9 reps each. The whole time I’m thinking, why does this suck so bad? Well you took almost 3 weeks off and it’s gonna suck for a little bit. Went out for my 3rd run and pushed a “run” for half way then slowed down to a walk the second half. Knocked out 3 and 3. Time: 13:27. Not a good time at all but I showed up! I just have to keep telling myself that.

And that’s all I got folks. There’s a butt ton of busy outside of working out but it’s only probably entertaining to me and my own. So I’ll stick to the physical activity and every now and then the clean eating. Which by the way, I do have a link to share. I tried it and it was fantabulous. So if you’re up for some tasty chicken soup then make it. It’s easy and tasty. SLOW COOKER MEXICAN CHICKEN SOUPISH.   I hope everyone has a perfect day and of course don’t forget to be awesome.


Making It Happen

You know it! It’s Day 1 of the 21-Day Sugar Detox in my lil world. It’s long overdue! September was full of eating FAILs and hardknocks to our typically uneventful life. But we persevere like we always do, like we are made to do. Thank goodness I stayed true to my workouts! Time to get back on track with the FOOD!

21-Day Sugar Detox – Day 1
So here we are October 1 – Can you believe it’s October? It’s great, the weather is instantly cooler, the RANGERS are in the playoffs and the holidays are right around the corner ツ AND today I start my Sugar Detox. If you’ve been with me since at least May then you know I have made it through with only one hiccup on Mother’s Day. This time around I aim to not have any slip ups and just do it and do it right! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar in all forms and although I’m not the junkie I once was but I haven’t been quite the saint either. I know this first week may not be easy for me because the past two weeks were filled with all sorts of nonsense in regards to food. You all reading shouldn’t be affected but those that know me personally may get a short tempered, angry person in their face. I apologize in advance!!! So far for the day 3 eggs over medium, 1 cup of Mint Tea, lots o’ water. No veggies cause I’m lame and didn’t prepare properly but I have veggies for lunch and will have some for dinner too.

10/1/12 WOD
Skill/Strength: 4 x 10 Single Leg KB RDL AHAP. What is a Single Leg KB RDL? Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift. The objective was to do 10 on each leg for 4 sets and move up to as heavy as possible. I started off at 1 POOD and that wasn’t too bad. I have pretty good balance so that helps out. The thing I don’t have is good grip. It’s weak! But because I didn’t struggle at 1 POOD, I moved up to 1.5 POOD.

I’m am stronger when my right leg is planted but this started taking a tole on my hip. By the 4th set I was struggling and my left leg felt much stronger in the end. I’ve done this movement with no weight many times so I know with added weight I will feel this in the morning. I’m scared!

10/1/12 WOD

MetCon: TABATA of Jumping Lunges, Handstand Shoulder Touches and B2B Air Squats. TABATA just seems EVIL! TABATA hurts! TABATA will in the end KICK YOUR ASS! but TABATA is good for you whether you like it or not. TABATA is 20 seconds of one movement, 10 secs rest over and over for 8 rounds. You are supposed to count your reps and the round with the least reps is you score. Well we started with Jumping Lunges and somewhere from the beginning to the middle I started cheating doing Stepping Lunges. This was not my intention but I was called out on it which really sucked because 1. I was doing them wrong and 2. I didn’t realize I was doing them wrong and 3. Well I sucked. I ended up with a score of 8 for Jumping Lunges. My LEGS were dead. We moved onto Handstand Shoulder Touches during the 10 second rest. I opted for Handstand Rocking because prior to the whole TABATA start I could only manage to get one shoulder touched. I couldn’t complete a rep on my left side. So I modified. Thank goodness our legs got some rest but this is a butt whoopin on the good ol shoulders! I started off strong but fell to 10 reps for my last three sets. Ah well. Our legs were punished once again when we hit those air squats. My true pain came from HOLDING the squat in the 10 sec rest period though. About halfway through my right hip was just dead. Holding the squat made it burn. I was done. I was trying to keep my reps up but ended with a score of 9 on the Air Squats 😦

To WODapalooza or Not To WODapalooza? That is the Question! A great BOX in Temple, TX – CrossFit DSP is sponsoring the 2nd annual WODapalooza. I competed in this last year with only 2 months CrossFitting under my belt. It was a blast! Now it’s a 2 day event and I’m torn on whether I should bite the bullet and compete! Registration started today, hopefully some spots are still available by the time I make my decision!

That’s it y’all! It’s Monday. Make it great! Be AWESOME and it’s not too late to start the sugar detox. No one made it a LAW to start on the first of the month. Just start!