Yay Monday! Hehe, Ok NOT really!

Besides being broke, AC in car crapping out on me and whatever else I can whine about it’s my least FAVORITE day MONDAY! In reality it’s not that bad. I just like to give Mondays a bad rap.

The CrossFit competition came and went like a whirlwind. The day flew by and we had a great time! I’d like to say my TEAM was AWESOME! For a bunch of ROOKIES we did pretty good. We placed 22nd out of 79 teams. There were some amazingly strong folks out there and when I grow up I want to be just like them ツ I only competed in 1 of the 3 WODs which was sad at first but fine by me at the end of the day. I would have slowed the team down had I attempted to compete in the other two WODs. But I will say I think the one I was in was the WORST one to be in. It started out with 15 Curtis Ps using a 30lb sandbag. After that 2 of us had to run the sandbags to the other end of arena, run back and start our leap frog push ups. All the while, our other two team members had already begun the pushups. The leap frog push ups went on for what seemed like FOREVER. We had to lie side by side in push up position, elbows touching. Then we had to push up over our partner over and over for a long distance. I don’t even know how long, I just know half way through I felt like dying and Ernie puked in his mouth. Thank goodness it wasn’t while he was jumping over me!

Me and Mel (AKA SUPER WOMAN) ready to start the day at Europa.

The first WOD consisted of 200 back squats, 50 per team member. I have a 1 RM of 145 and the squat weight was 135. This is why I was not part of the WOD. The rest of my team KILLED it! I was so happy and proud for them to push through like they did! It was pure amazeballs!

The third WOD was all SNATCH and running. It was 21-15-9 of Snatch then run to other end of arena and back after each set. Each team member had to complete the round before they could run. We practiced SNATCH at the box on Friday and well I sucked. So we decided I wouldn’t partake. Thank goodness because even though I probably would have found some competitive strength I know our team would have had a slower finish. So proud of the BOOM Box!!

The BOOM teams! We had one Elite team and one Intermediate team! So proud of everyone ツ Happy to spend the day with y’all!

POST Europa
Several of us met up at BJs Brewhouse and stuffed our faces with pizza and pizookies. Although it was 1000% yummo, I felt 3000% crappo! Definitely had a food hangover on Sunday. I’m gonna kind of give myself the week off from super clean eating, get back into it next week and then go full blown sugar detox again the first week of September. Don’t get me wrong I’ll probably eat rather clean regardless but I won’t be too concerned if some cheese, sugar or wheat crosses my path!

8/20/12 WOD
So my knees are a little lot bruised up and my quads are still tender but I was feeling pretty good this morning. I’m hoping the rest of the team is recovering nicely!

Skill/Strength 5×5 Press @90% of 5RM. I couldn’t find a 5RM that I’ve noted so Coach told me to go with 60lbs. I was kind of excited to work on Press because I struggle with it so much. The good thing about competitions is that you come out of them wanting to push harder and be better. I did fine until my 4th set. I only managed to get 4 reps completed. So I rested a bit and was going to attempt 6 reps for my last set. Ends up I only got 4 again. So I took a small break and busted out the last 2. I felt ok though overall. I have the worst upper body strength so any work is better than no work.

8/20/12 WOD

MetCon: 400m run, 10 STRICT Toes To Bar. Yikes! I have a hard enough time kipping the TTB. I was just inches from touching the bar but just didn’t have the UMPH to get my toes up there. So we went for Knees To Elbows. Well I can get my knees almost high enough to be legit but the whole bending my elbows to make contact with knees just wasn’t happening! Coach gave me the clearance to move forward with my knees coming up ALMOST to my knees, whew! It still was not easy I promise. We all know I hate running so I wasn’t too excited for that but I plowed away at it and I really felt like I pushed more than I typically do on the bar. I was actually making leeway and catching up on the other folks there with me this morning. I made the mistake of thinking I could catch a really fast 15 year old in one of the runs. It was good that I pushed but geez it sucked! Time 13:16. I ended up catching him in the end though so I felt good. Is it sad that I get satisfaction from barely beating a kid? Hahaha, YES I suppose.

Overall, I’m trying to get in a positive more competitive mindset. I started out gung ho (A YEAR AGO), fell flat after letting my deranged mental side take over and now I’m ready to do ramp it up. Hopefully this HOPE and DESIRE stay strong and don’t fizzle out! Next week marks a full year of CrossFit for me. Coming in I had no idea where I’d end up or if I would even stick with it. But I’m still here and I plan to kick it into high gear.

Have a INSANELY GOOD Monday! And be AWESOME!


This week was draining. I’m so glad it’s over. I’m now left with an infrequent but still obnoxious cough but I’m feeling almost back to my normal ol’ crybaby but not sickly self! (NOTE: I clearly don’t care about my grammar, which means I guess I do since I’m pointing it out but too lazy to rewrite, so I just keep typing).

I went to bed later than I had hoped last night and at some point turned my alarm off instead of snooze. I was not destined to sleep in though, Ernie managed to be up and moving for the morning and woke me up 5 minutes before I had to leave the house!

Skill/Strength: 2 RM Heavy Snatch. Currently HEAVY for me is a mere 65lbs, which isn’t really all that heavy. I mentally FAIL every time I add weight. I’m halfway to overhead and that’s it I’m done :/ All I HAVE TO DO IS DROP! DROP UNDER THE BAR! It’s supposed to be simple. Yet, I make it hard. Sigh, I have no clue.

08/17/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 min max reps Overhead Squat (90% of 2RM Snatch weight), 5 min rest, 5 min 1 RM Snatch Deadlift. I almost forgot to mention it was time to test drive my new OLY shoes. And let me tell you, this was the easiest time I have ever had with OHS! My wrists are still a wreck but with my lower half stabilized I was able to take on the wrist pain for a little longer. In 5 minutes I completed 34 OHS. Not stellar but not bad either. After our 5 min rest we proceeded with Snatch Deadlift. All this means is that you grab the bar as if you were going to do Snatch but only Deadlift the bar instead of going overhead with it. I worked my way up to 155lbs. I couldn’t get the bar up at 160lbs. I wanted to but I couldn’t get that dang bar to budge! I felt pretty good though the whole time. Sometimes when I deadlift in general, I can feel my hip, hammy, glute all jacked up on my right side.

Snack Tip: I know I’m not the only one to ever think this and I feel like I may have already shared this tip but here you go AGAIN if this was already mentioned and either way maybe someone will say “OOHHH I didn’t think to do that” but I’m sure most will say “DUH, Been doing that forever.” And my response to that is “I KNOW, I’ve been doing that forever too but I thought I’d share anyways.” WOW, I’m a little crazy today but I don’t like to edit and delete so you get me and all my weird. SOOOO KIWI. Don’t mess with peeling the furry skin of it and then having to risk that you missed one little hair and it bites your tongue and have a sucky KIWI experience. Just slice off the top, get a spoon and dig in. Saves on time and mess and well it’s fun. So ya. Eat more KIWI!

Europa is TOMORROW! ARRGHHHH!!!!!!! I’m anxious to see who our competition is and how many spectators come to watch. I think when we get to the convention center I will have more peace but until then, I just try not to think about it at all to keep my sanity!


Mental Battles

If you’re new to the blog I must let you know I’m a little batty when it comes to my workouts, well shoot, when it comes to anything. In my head I aspire to be a ROCK STAR in all things I do. In reality I miss the mark daily. I know most of us aspire to be more but SERIOUSLY I want to be a bad ass! And then my mind starts playing tricks on me and I let myself down. I’ll keep dreaming and faking it till I make it. One day I might be the AWESOMENESS I think I am!

Yesterday I was feeling sickly and today although I feel a little better, I still feel crappy. I did get my sorry butt outta bed though and head to the BOOM Box. I figured I’d just have to power through. Clearly I’m not ill enough to be bed ridden but I have this horrid cough and still feel achy. So I really wasn’t sure of how I would perform.

Skill/Strength: 3 RM of Power Clean
I know my 1 RM is 95lbs. And I managed to get 3 at 95lbs without too much struggle. The last rep wasn’t very pretty but I did it. So I moved up to 100lbs and well la de da de I cleaned it! PR BABY! Granted it’s only a 5lb PR but it’s going down in the books. For some I couldn’t get it up for the 2nd rep! I made 2 attempts to do 2 in a row and failed! I know I have the strength, I just don’t know where I start losing confidence in myself to finish it out. I have nothing, no reason to blame anyone but my fear (??). That’s the only thing I can attribute it too… FEAR. I still don’t know where this fear comes from but it creeps in and takes over. In lifts, in box jumps, etc. Well whatever it is, I need to find away to get through it. I suppose time and practice is the only answer. I just wish I were 21 again, maybe then I’d be a little more fearless!

8/14/12 WOD

MetCon: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 of Power Cleans (50% of 3 RM = 47.5, rounded to 45lbs) and Hand Release Push Ups. I had no idea this would fly by so quickly. Coach said sub 3 minutes and I was like NO WAY, maybe 5 minutes. Ended up being 2:18. Power Cleans with just the bar is not “hard” but it isn’t easy either. Add push ups to the equation and you have yourself a little doozy of a workout. It was me against one of our newer peeps. He’s young, strong and competitive but I beat him by 1 second! Hahahah. It’s the small victories that get me through the day ツ

I’m taking it easy this week because we do have Europa this Saturday and I don’t want to be spent. I also think that is why we had a short but sweet workout this morning. No need to kill ourselves and render ourselves useless before the big competition. I won’t bore you with every detail about Europa but I’ll kind of summarize it in case you’re interested. This weekend over 130 CrossFit teams from all over will be competing for cash money, YUP CASH MONEY! There are 2 divisions: Elite and Intermediate. The BOOM Box has one team in each division. I am far from ELITE status so we will be competing in the intermediate group. I’m even a few steps below intermediate but I have no choice. I’m in it. I say I’m below because we had already registered before the WODs were released and the first WOD that was released was going to be a pain in the ass… LITERALLY. 4 Person Team WOD of 200 backsquats. We have 5 people on our team … THANK GOODNESS… so I can sit that one out. Each person has to do 50 squats and for the ladies it’s at 135lbs! Well shit my 1RM is 145. I could barely do 5 reps the other day at 115. I’m weaksauce. But our other girl, Mel, is beast and she will kill it. The other 2 WODs involve Curtis P’s, Burpees, Push Ups, Snatch and Running. Hopefully I can go HAM and carry my load. Countdown: 4 days. I’m scared, nervous and excited. The last time I competed was back in October and I think I went to the restroom 7897987 times because I was so nervous. (TMI? Nah) I finished 25th out of 50 registered “beginners”. We’ll see how this one goes.

Body Image Issues
Will it never end? Are we Am I just wired to tear ourselves myself apart and nit pick things we I can not change? Not only am I a headcase when it comes to lifting heavy shit, I’m still a crazy person when it comes to body image. Please know I’ve come a long way.

I don’t weigh myself like a mad woman. I don’t count calories like a crazed scientist and I try to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. I eat clean, work hard at the box, but sometimes I just find myself staring in the mirror poking and pulling and thinking HOLY COW I’m never going to be where I would like to be. It’s always going to be a battle I just wish it wasn’t. I wish I could find some peace with myself. But I can not. We are all different, I know this and I know we all have our own issues. But it’s really hard to see past it all and appreciate me for me. It’s hard to forgive myself for letting me get out of control. Whether it being young and dumb or lazy and lazy. I have more days where I don’t fret over it than days that I go crazy bat shit over it. It’s progress but sometimes I feel like I’m back at square one. I just wanted to share that in case you were in the same boat. You’re not alone in it. I’m right there with you. Chin up! Right?!?!?

I’m hoping to get over this CRUD that is trying to make a home inside of me ASAP. I surely don’t want to be hacking up a lung on Saturday. I’ve been drinking lots of hot tea, lots of water, getting rest and eating clean. What else can I do? Ah well. Just pray A LOT that it all clears up quicklike. Have a BOOMIN Tuesday and as always be AWESOME!