No Plan = FAIL (big time)


We had a non stop weekend ahead of us and I did zero planning for food. What does that mean? A bunch of non Paleo, Whole30 frowned upon crap eating. And it all caught up with me Sunday evening. And left me high and dry in regards to getting up for the BOOM Box this morning. I went to bed late, didn’t get good sleep and knew I wasn’t going to be able to hang at the box. My brain feels like it’s been replaced with cotton balls.


You have to go into your weekends with a PLAN especially if you aren’t going to be home at all to get some good eats cooked up. I still feel really bleh and congested. Some of that has to do with the craptastic (although not even close to the NE) weather we have been having. But mostly it has to do with poor eating. Please KNOW you can’t wing this stuff. Without planning and preparation you will be in my boat and feeling like POO!

Before I fell apart and crumbled, I managed to get some work done at the BOOM Box on Saturday morning. I have a hard time remembering to take a pic on Saturdays and for that I apologize.

Skill/Strength: Kb snatch mechanics
Oh I just don’t like KB Snatch. I always bruise up my forearms. It always hurts sooo bad. But I did much better this time around. I had better control of the KB and felt a lot stronger technique wise. I didn’t do a lot of weight. I think it was just the 1/2 POOD but I really don’t recall. I just know I worked the skill a little better than I have in the past.


MetCon: 10 minutes to find a 1 rm jerk, Rest 2 min, Max wallballs UB, Rest 2 min, 5 minutes max KB snatch
So I did searches in my past posts and could have sworn I had a 1rm Jerk recorded. I could have sworn it was 100 or 105lbs. But I couldn’t find it anywhere. With that said I worked up to 105lbs 1 RM Jerk in the 10 minute time frame. PR? Who the hell knows. But I figured it’s not too bad seeing as that we haven’t really worked on Jerks in a while. I tried getting 110 with 1 minute left but that didn’t happen.

We then got a 2 minute rest before doing Wall Balls Unbroken :/ I suck at wall balls. I was given the 14lb MURDER ball as it’s been nicknamed. When you think of 14lbs, you don’t think it’s that heavy. But when you have to throw it up and catch it repeatedly it gets heavy. I only did 14. I probably would have had 19 or 20 but I had several NO REPS because the ball didn’t hit the WALL! ARGH! It was horrible.

Time for another rest break, thank goodness! But then it was 5 minutes of MAX KB Snatch! Just go, don’t stop, don’t rest, etc. I felt I started off in a good place but I just got spent towards the end. Only managed to get about 82 reps in. I was shooting for 100 but my hand grip got me. Ah well. Do better next time! Right?

That’s all I got for ya cause I’m was in a big ol lake of FAIL this weekend. It does happen. And now how I deal with it is the real test. I do feel bleh but I had a good breakfast and will have a yummo lunch. Marching onward. Have a SUPER Monday and be awesome!






I had plenty of rest last night so I was ready for the BOOM BOX Beating! Looked it up and it didn’t seem like such a beating afterall. There was work to be done but it was lifting work so we took out the endurance part of the equation today. I was really relieved because we sure did do a lot this week.

Our Skill/Strength was 3 rounds of 20 Kettlebell Swings (American) at heaviest weight possible. I warmed up with 1 POOD (35lbs) and felt good. So my silly ol self thought I’ll give the 1.5 POOD kettlebell a good swing. UH NO. It’s f’in HEAVY! I really thought I was going to swing that thing over my head. I even made 2 attempts. Jokingly I asked Coach if there was a 1.25 POOD anywhere. I know there isn’t but I would have felt comfortable at 40 something pounds…. I Think!?! Anyhow. We were supposed to 3 rounds unbroken and I did, the 3rd round was a little trying but I didn’t want to have to start over so UNBROKEN they were!

MetCon: Front Squat 2,2,2,2,2 Like I said the endurance was out of the equation today. Thank the Baby Jesus! I was perfectly fine with Front Squats. I wasn’t however prepared for FAILURE! After warming up some I started at 100lbs which was 75% of my max of 135. So my weight strategy was 100, 110, 115, 125, 135. I’m not gonna lie… 100lbs was HEAVY! It’s been a while since we’ve done Front Squats but I didn’t think 100lbs would be heavylike! 2 Reps down and not really a problem. 110lbs, eh not so bad. 115lbs I did it but I could feel the struggle. 125lbs I got down and couldn’t push back up, dropped weight 😦 So I walked around, sat down, watched everyone else. I came back for my 5th round and decided to drop to 120lbs. First rep finished, 2nd rep I got down and halfway up and felt STUCK, completely STUCK no more UP in my legs. And I dropped the weight! So it was a BIG OL FAIL and it SUCKED!!! It’s one day, one moment, blah blah blah. I hear what you are saying but I still hate the fact that my 1RM is 135lbs and I couldn’t get more than 115 for 2 reps. Yes I was a certifiable Debbie Downer. I can’t help it. I know at the end of the day it’s fine. Next week I could PR for all I know. But in the moment it’s defeating. We aren’t always ON but that’s not what you’re thinking as you’re struggling to move the weight. Thank goodness it’s Friday!

While googling through the WWW I found some silly and not so silly gems of motivation or whatever you want to call it. The image below reminds me of why I continue on and push. Seriously through all my rambling, crying, whining, etc… I DO KNOW I’M STRONGER than I have ever been! I have grown so much and even though I still have a long journey ahead of me I know I am more capable than ever at this moment to take it on!

AND if you’re reading and you’re local… FREE COMMUNITY WOD at the BOOM BOX! 9AM! COME PLAY WITH US!

Nothing major planned this weekend. Going to see TED tonight. I hope it’s not as dumb as it looks. WAIT! I KNOW it will be as dumb as it looks, hahaha. Well I said that about That’s My Boy! and I laughed like a 12yr old boy. So who knows. Maybe it will be entertaining and give us some laughs.

If any adventures do pop, I’m sure I’ll be sharing. Make an adventure out of your weekend. Make the decision to Make a CHANGE in your life. Eating, Working Out, Spiritually, or WHEREVER you need to make change. It doesn’t have to be drastic, just a baby step in a better direction. You won’t regret it!


Rock your weekend OUT! See y’all on Monday 🙂