Finding Motivation


Yes, I am the worst sometimes at finding the bright side of things. I find myself losing the motivation and inspiration in ME more often than not. My heart and happiness goes out to everyone else who is working hard, making changes and showing progress; yet I can be my own worst enemy. We all can and I think for the most part we know that but sometimes we let ourselves get carried away. Or should I say, I LET Myself get carried away.


Clearly I am able to stay focused but I’m having a hard time staying focused CONSISTENTLY! Am I the only one on this roller coaster? What do y’all do to just focus on the good, the awesome?


Don’t get me wrong, I still show up to do work everyday, I still TRY to eat clean regularly. I consider myself a success in many things but there are days, where I just struggle. And I feel I struggle too much over many things. I don’t know how to let it go. For example, I know I could probably Snatch more weight than I actually can, but I SCARED! And with the fear comes no results. Same with the internal motivation. I’m still gonna show up but pushing myself sometimes falls flat. How do I clear all the junk in my head??!!?? If you got suggestions, solutions, etc… I’m listening!

2/22/13 BOOM BOX Morning!
I am SORE! My legs are still fried from Wednesdays Wall Balls! But that’s not the point is it? What was in store for us today?

Skill/Strength: 3RM Deadlift
Yup, gotta work hard to manage a PR in the future. I felt pretty confident I could have PR’d my 1RM in today’s work but we were running out of time and we had a MetCon that looked like we needed some extra time. Deadlifts still feeling good. Thank goodness, my hamstrings aren’t dead. Just my quads and inner thighs. Worked my way up to 195lbs and did 3 reps just fine and dandy. My grip strength was not super great but I held on. Now I’m really looking forward to a PR!

2/22/13 WOD

2/22/13 WOD

MetCon: 50 DU, 30 GTOH (65lbs), 40 DU, 20 GTOH, 30 DU, 10 GTOH, 20 DU
How’s that for insanity? I didn’t even warm up any DUs and didn’t realize that until it was time to go. I was more concerned in trying to AMP myself up and warm up for all those Ground to Overheads! I know 65lbs is something I can do without completely dying but 60 reps! EEEK I don’t know! I was doing alright and then my should started hurting on the way down. A pinching feeling that was not feeling good at all. If I dropped the bar I seemed to be OK, but that really slowed me down. I actually was stringing together DUs pretty well. My second round I almost did UnBroken! But I got too excited thinking I got these and screwed up! Time: 11:10

Whew! Another week down!! Spring is on the way, I love it! Time Change is on the way, even better! Baseball is here! Woohooo! Have a great weekend y’all! Be Awesome!