CrossFit Games Open 12.2 – Snatches Galore!

I’ll be honest, I’m really not feeling the blogging today but I figure I’ll share my disappointing attempt at 12.2.

SNATCHES! They are pretty much the most awkward lift out there, for me at least. It’s odd and uncomfortable… oh wait that’s me. For real though, this is not an easy lift. There’s so much to think about and it all happens so fast.

I walked into the BOOM BOX with very little excitement. 😦 I am not prepared to KILL this WOD at all.

CrossFit Games Open 12.2 - 3/01/12

Let’s break it down. It’s 10 min of Snatches. For the ladies its 30 reps @45lbs, 30 reps @75lbs, 30 reps @100lbs and then max reps @120lbs. I don’t think I’ve snatched over 55lbs so pretty much I’m out. I took my time and knocked out the 30 reps with just the bar. I loaded up the bar with 2 – 15lb plates and HOLY SHITAKES it was heavy. I can clean and jerk the weight but going straight to overhead is no joke. I couldn’t do it. I spent the remaining 7 minutes weakly attempting it but it was a no go. I sucked. I’m hard on myself and that’s just the way it is I suppose. I wish I had at least got freaking got 1 rep. Ah well. I jokingly said at the box that I’m dedicating my life to snatches. We giggled and then I realize I really do need to get this lift mastered. It’s always going to be there. So I better get on it.

From Burpees, which anyone can do, to SNATCHES which clearly I can not do… the CrossFit Games Open will keep us on our toes. Now we just gotta wait for next weeks announcement of 12.3 – MUs, HSPUs and running? It might as well be that after 12.2. Ha.

ON a different note, I did roll out on the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller and it is NICE. It’s hard for me to explain how great it felt. It has “zones” which have different patterns, textures, etc. so that you can really pinpoint your trouble areas. I have only used it twice now. But I did feel better recovered after my second use. I spent more time working out all my leg issues and it seemed to benefit better than a regular foam roller.

That’s all I got. I’m just not chatty today. Hopefully Friday starts looking up. I could use a little cheer right about now.