In Need of a lil R&R


Hello ladies and gentlemen. I want to start off by THANKING everyone who supported me and my team “BOOM FOR BOOBS”! CrossFit Boom’s goal of $2500 was met and we had a great ol’ time. That’s at least 30 mammograms that will provided to someone in need! So Thank You for supporting us and Barbells for Boobs ツ


Of course the BOOM Box was decked out in all pink. Several of us were decked out in pink clothes and we were all anxiously awaiting to give Grace a go.


For those of you that had been following along, I have this wrist, palm, forearm tweak and it’s been a little painful but hasn’t been out of commission painful. But I wasn’t really sure if I could go RX for the B4B event. I had taken it fairly easy during the week, HOPING it would just fade away. When it was my time to warm up and get ready, I decided I could handled the 95lbs. 3-2-1 GO and I did 4 reps, then I had to drop the bar. Slight pain set in but it was uncomfortable enough for me and I couldn’t hang on to the bar for multiple reps. From there it was a mindgame. I just wanted to quit. But I couldn’t. I raised money in honor and memory of ladies who fought a real fight. Who had to muster the courage and faith to fight breast cancer. And here I am wanting to quit a lil’ ol’ workout. So I fought through the best I could with a bum wrist. I wanted to beat my time from last year of 6:06 but that clearly wasn’t going to happen. A few weeks ago I had a time of 7:03 RX but B4B was not the place I was going to beat that. I was just happy to survive the WOD. Time: 7:40 RX



I took Monday off to let my wrist rest and was going to take Tuesday off as well. Needing a stress relief, I decided to show up Tuesday evening to get some work in. In warm ups, I couldn’t even manage to support my weight doing inch worms. It sucked. So coach had to modify the MetCon for me, which is great, but sucky because this wrist issue is a pain in my ass.

Midline: 75 hollow rocks
Have I ever told you how much these suck? No? Well they do.

Skill: Double Under practice
Coach wanted us to work on slowing down our pace so that hopefully we could knock out more in a row. I am capable of slowing it down but I was having trouble stringing together more than 10. I’m a speed DUer. But I will learn to keep a slower pace if it helps me in the long run.

10/15/13 WOD

10/15/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 Rounds of 12 Deadlift (155,105), 9 Hang Clean and 75 DU
So I can do the Deadlifts but the Hang Cleans are not going to happen. I love Cleans too! For modification I did Kettle Bell Swings (1 1/2 POOD). This was heavier than I was expecting but doable of course. I powered through the Deadlifts and KB Swings for the first round. After 75 DUs I was smoked. So I did two sets of 6 for the Deadlifts and did the KB Swings unbroken. I had better luck at the DUs in round 2 for some reason and got back to the Deadlifts as fast as I could. This time doing a set of 8 then a set of 4. I didn’t want to have to pick the Kettle Bell back up so I did those unbroken. The last set of DUs were slow with lots of rest. I felt like the fat kid that I am. Having a hard time breathing and fatigued. UGH. My outside world stress and my physical pain is wearing on me. Time: 8:34

Hump Day!

I may only make it to the BOOM BOX 3 days this week instead of my typical 4-5. This wrist needs some rest and my brain needs a vacation. Between my kids, my vehicle and other crap…I am tired. Hopefully things get back on an upswing soon! Plus this work weight loss challenge is more than halfway over and I’m not anywhere near the number I was hoping for. I’ve had some loss but not what I was looking for. STRESS. It KILLS.

I hope everyone else is faring better than I at the moment. I hope y’all are staying strong in clean eating. If you’re not, it’s ok. Just get back on it! And don’t forget to stay hydrated. It’s cooler temps here in TX and I know when it cools down people are less likely to drink their water. Don’t be that person. And as always, go out and BE AWESOME in all you do!


Running on Fumes


Ok, not physically running, because I despise running, but I didn’t get the good sleep I was hoping for and I’m exhausted! Two nights in a row now. 4 hours of sleep each night. Not good! I didn’t have a good dinner either :/ So that’s a double whammy for me.


Needless to say, I rolled my lardo butt out of bed and slept walked right into the BOOM Box. In the end, I’m glad I went but I really probably could have used the sleep more.


9/5/13 WOD
WarmUp: Sled drag around building + tire flip mechanics
Whew, that sled drag only had a 35lb plate on it, probably making it 50lbs or so and it about took me out. My calves were going to burst. The tire flip I have done, but this morning it was a struggle. My whole body was still in wake up mode and not wanting to cooperate! But flipping heavy ass tires always makes me feel like I can do anything!

Strength: DL 3×5@75%
Gosh darn it for drinking PR juice two weekends ago. The downside of hitting big PRs is that your percentages go up. I mean it’s well and grand that I can now Deadlift 245lbs but 75% is 185lbs and well this morning it was freaking heavy. I struggled. My hands hated me and I was not a happy camper. Coach T was reassuring that yes it does suck but in time I will not struggle so much. Plus have I told y’all I’m really really tired?

9/5/13 WOD

9/5/13 WOD

MetCon: 12 min AMRAP of 10 Squat Snatch 95/65 and 30 DU (mod is 12 burpees)
SQUAT SNATCH! HOLY HECKOLA! The weight I can do. But stringing them together was not something I was looking forward to. Snatch is already awkward. Then adding the squat and trying to hold onto the bar for multiple reps. Didn’t work out so well for me. And my first round was horrible. I was in my head swimming lazily. Started, got the bar up, put the bar down and starred at the bar. I didn’t want to do rep 2. After taking forever, or what seemed like forever. Maybe over 2 minutes, I finally finished 10 reps. Onto DUs. My lifesaver. But not for round 1. Crap. I lost my double unders. I was so out of it, I couldn’t do more than 3 or 4 in a row. What is wrong with me? Sleep deprivation. I looked at the clock and it was just over 4 minutes and I thought wow I’m not doing very well. I willed my resistant brain and body to try harder. And it worked a little bit. I strung 3 reps in a row for 6 reps, then 2s then 1s. UGH. Got back to DUs and low and behold they came back. My wrists and feet were communicating again and 30 went by unbroken. I know the time was close to 8 minutes. Round 2 was a smidge better than round 1. I was tired for round 3 but I had to finish it! Had a hard time stringing the Squat Snatch again, but instead of dropping the bar and walking in circles, I’d drop the bar. Stop the bounce. Regrip. Go. Overall Coach T said my form was good the whole way through. Thank goodness! This lift is a weakness! Got to DUs. Was on a roll up to 22 reps. Finished it out with time to spare. I only pushed out 2 Squat Snatches into the 4th round. I was beat! Finished! Broken! Final: 3 rounds 2 reps RX

It’s that time of year again for the Pink Bra Tour and the big fundraising push put on by Barbells for Boobs. Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere.

For all you new folks, let me give you a brief breakdown of my B4B experience. I was completely new to CrossFit. Only a month in and CrossFit Boom owner/coach’s former box, CrossFit Centex, was hosting this Barbells For Boobs event. Of course the name made me giggle, but with Coach’s encouragement, it sounded like fun. We took a little road trip to Belton, TX about 3 hours south of us in the DFW area. We showed up to a pinkalooza fest, including ourselves decked out in all pink. I was excited and nervous. I knew we would be working out but I didn’t know how it was going to go down. There were so many people, and all of them soooo nice and so encouraging. We did a big group warm-up and then went over the workout – GRACE. 30 reps of Ground to Overhead as fast as possible. I knew how to clean and jerk BARELY and thank goodness I wasn’t the first heat so I got to spectate for a minute. What I witnessed in regards to community, dedication and spirit was beyond belief. There were all walks of life present – young, old, fit, newbies like me and SURVIVORS. Their stories were tremendous. The support was overwhelming. Never in my life would I have pictured WORKING OUT as a community outreach. Sure people do 5ks and walks, so it’s not inconceivable but this was so much more to me.

Even the pets got their pink on! 2011 B4B

Even the pets got their pink on! 2011 B4B

When it came time for my heat, I was piss my pants scared. Then I was calm, like I got this, then scared again. My overachiever self debated with Coach on weight and we picked 75lbs. That was a doable weight but I only got a few reps in. I had the best judge though. She was super encouraging and a great cheerleader, but I had to drop to 65lbs. Once I did that I felt a lot better even though I still struggled so much. My form went south and I was melting. In the end I finished around 5:30 and was proud I even participated. I don’t think I left the workout area after I finished except to get some food and water. I stayed there and cheered on and cheered on my fellow boxmates and complete strangers. I’ll never forget that event. That day, well over $10,000 was donated to B4B. It was awesomeness!

2011 Boom Box Crew  B4B

2011 Boom Box Crew B4B

The next year the BOOM Box held it’s own event and I bugged everyone on here and everywhere to donate monies to the cause. And was happy to raise $100 towards our Boom Box team. This year I’m at it again. We plan on having our own B4B event October 12, 2013 at the Boom Box. My goal again is $100 but I’d be over the moon to raise more. If you can help, are able to help or know of people or businesses that would like to help then please click/share my fundraising page: HELP SAVE BOOBIES. There is also a link in the right side column that will take you there. Just click the B4B image.


I’d also like to invite you out to spectate OR even participate. Even if you don’t CrossFit you can still do the workout. It will be scaled to your level of fitness. It’s a great cause and it will be a lot of fun!

Thanks in advance for any and all support!

And that wraps up my Thursday for this week. Besides lack of sleep, I’m chugging along just fine. I need to prepare mentally for the weekend. At least try for an 80/20 in the eating department. We’ll see. And that’s all for now. Not sure I’ll be waking up for the 5a.m. tomorrow but I’m gonna try! Have a beautiful day and as always BE FREAKIN AWESOME.


GRACE as Prescribed

Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 9.32.15 AM

For those of you new to CrossFit, GRACE, is a workout. 30 Clean and Jerks for time. A simple but challenging benchmark workout that will beat you down but only for a short period. This morning was GRACE for us at the Boom Box. Not what I was really feeling for my not so graceful return to the 5 a.m class, ON A FRIDAY. I was sleepy, groggy and just overall bleh, but I was still THERE!


As Prescribed is the weight that the CrossFit Powers that be think is ideal to test yourself and to retest yourself over and over again. Hence, benchmark WOD. And for the females 95lbs is the prescribed weight. Someone like me does not just pick up a 95lb bar and go. In the early days, I started at a lower weight and hoped to survive. As I got stronger, the weight went up. Today was the first day I was going as PRESCRIBED or RX as us veterans would say. And for NO reason at all I was nervous. I wanted a good time for sure but I was still just dragging ass. Hello, it’s Friday, 5 a.m., my first week back to early mornings. I wanted/needed sleep. If there was an option to just walk out the door I would have picked that option.


Last October I did Grace for Barbells for Boobs, which by the way I plan to do again (hint, hint, I will be begging for donations) this October. I went with no fuel. I had not eaten all day, walked in late, barely warmed up and went. For some reason I had it in my head I went RX last year but turns out I only went at 85lbs. I was miserable but I was under pressure to do well. It wasn’t a competition but it was a little more intense than 5 a.m Friday morning. I was so nervous this morning my stomach was starting to hurt. We got the 10 second countdown and it was time to perform. I wanted to do sets of 5, my 1RM is either 105 or 110 or 115, but I’m not really sure. 95 has become NOT HARD, but still not easy for me. This morning my biggest struggle was holding onto the bar. My shoulders were not liking me very much. So I went for 3 reps and dropped the bar. Picked it back up and on my 6th rep, I about knocked myself out as I hit my chin on the way up for the Jerk. Brought the bar back to a rack position. Stood there dazed and pissed and finished that 6th rep only to drop the bar. I made it to 9 reps doing sets of 3. This was not boding well for me. I dropped to sets of 2. But by rep 16 I was only doing 1 at a time. But guess what? This felt so much better on my shoulders and as long as I didn’t stand around staring at the wall I was going to be alright. The holding onto the bar coming back down to the ground was just not working for me today. Time: 7:03. To be honest I did it last year at 85lbs in 6:06. But I was also in better mental and physical shape. But I was still hoping to beat that time even though I went 10lbs heavier weight and I’m much more back to a starting over phase. So you know I have to have the goal that come October I will BEAT that time. And hopefully, B4B won’t be before the sun comes up 😀

8/23/13 WOD

8/23/13 WOD

Other than that we did front squats but that’s so boring! Heheh. 4 sets of 5 at 65% of our 1RM. Lucky number 95lbs! Wooo, it was just in the cards for me to work at this weight today.

In other news, I had friend come watch this morning to see if CrossFit is something that is for her. She’s scared of bulking up, which most of you reading SHOULD KNOW that’s not just going to happen. Like anyone, she has and idea of where she wants to be and of course she has a timeframe. And as most of you know I HEART the CROSSFIT and I tell everyone all the time that I do, but I have a hard time convincing people to try it out. It’s a lose/lose for me sometimes. Why? Because I’m not some super ripped amazeballs looking human. I’m average, chunky, and a goofball. So what’s the problem? Well if I was super ripped amazeballs, everyone would be intimated and not come cause they would think they would have to look like me to do it. The truth is I’m an above average OOMPA LOOMPA and people probably think … “it’s not working for this girl!” So basically I’m screwed.


At one point I was lean and was getting some definition and probably more able to convince people to try it out but today not so much. So I ask you readers, how do you get people to at least come and check it out. My friend at least made the commitment to show up at 5 a.m. to watch so that’s a start! Most people laugh at my 5 a.m. check-ins on Facebook… yes I’m that annoying person, checking in all the time! She’s still not convinced it’s for her and it may not be. And watching people throw barbells over their head is probably pretty scary. But we do other things too, that are less miserable, it’s so hard to say how it will be fun in the end and the people are awesome and to come back and give it a try and not just be on the sidelines spectating. I did get her to semi-commit to coming out tomorrow for a Community WOD. So that’s step 2. What advice do you give people to come check out CrossFit and convince them it’s not going to kill them or make them into SHE-MEN?

And that’s all I got for this fantastic Friday! And I can tell you that I’m feeling that 2nd definition of GRACE, the favor of GOD. Feeling really blessed today in family and in fitness. Hope you all have a great day and weekend. It’s Friday! Be the most AWESOME you can be.




This morning at the BOOM Box was FUN! I can honestly say that and I’m happy to say that. I love getting a good workout it but I love it more when it’s something new and I didn’t completely suck at it! I also think all this clean eating has cycled it’s way through all the ups and downs and I’m on an UPSWING.

Skill/Strength: Handstand Push Ups
I want to be good at these so bad. And little by little I’m getting there. We started out with just a few handstand holds. When you don’t do handstands often, it takes a while to feel comfortable. I can always pop into one, but over and over, I get dizzy fast. Of course I can’t do a full one YET but getting there. With some stacking of foam, I don’t have to go down as far but eventually I’ll have to do them without modification. The highlight of our working through them is that I got kipping down pretty good. I was one foam pad away from doing it properly but I think by then I was just fatigued.

1/29/13 WOD

1/29/13 WOD

MetCon: 30 AXLE Ground to Overhead
AXLE??!!?? WTH? Big ol fat bars is what that is and I saw them on Saturday but didn’t bother asking because I feared it was insanity. Turns out I kind of liked them… shhhh, don’t tell my Coach! So this is GRACE with a fat bar. NERVES activated. Coach suggested for us to put our thumbs over the bar since it is so fat and hard to get a grip on it. On top of that it doesn’t have the spin that a Barbell has so it’s a much different feeling. So the positive on this is that we should gain grip strength and should really learn to explode from the hips. The bonus about this bar is that it’s smooth and it felt much better in my hands. No need for taping up my thumbs! The video below shows a guy working on Ground To Overhead. His first grip is what we worked on. The second grip that he uses is the Continental grip that I just learned about via the WEBS. It’s awkward and I watched a lot of videos where I think that grip is not fun at all. So I’m glad we stuck with something more simple. Maybe when there’s more weight on the bar it’s necessary? I’m not sure. I’ll cross that bridge (hopefully NEVER) when it gets here.

So I was a little bit nervous. Holding a new bar with a new grip. I like to let fear get into my brain if you haven’t figured that out. Surprisingly with 50lbs it wasn’t so bad. I struggled getting centered at first but I got it down. Jumped up to 70lbs as prescribed for the MetCon and really thought, OH SHIT it’s going to be a brick wall. But it wasn’t. Now it was time to do 30 in a row. I pushed out 6, then 6 more, then the wrists started fading, forearms, I’m exhausted now and I’m not even halfway. Started chipping away 3 at time till I finished. Time: 5:09 I was spent but I was happy I did it. Confidence is that you? Where have you been all this time? Please stay a while!



HOLY BRUISES BATMAN! Had no idea this happened to my collar bone Cleaning the BAR until I go home, see my reflection. Typically my shoulders might get some bruising with the regular bar. My thighs for sure catching the bar on the way down. But this hurts! OUCHY MAMA!

Whole30 Days 27 & 28
Man… DDay is almost here! I’m so excited for my completion. Not so I can dive off the deep end into a big ol pie but just to say I completed it –100%, although that salmon from PF Changs could make that less but seriously, WILLINGLY 100%. No justifications. No swerving off the path. And not half ass. I worked at eating balanced meals, getting my fat in. Getting in a variety of veggies. Working the plan.

1/28/13 Dinner – Skirt Steak, Mixed Veggies, Coconut Flakes

1/28/13 Dinner – Skirt Steak, Mixed Veggies, Coconut Flakes

You saw lunch yesterday and dinner was some skirt steak with mixed veggies. I had also cooked asparagus but I wasn’t that hungry last night. Which is fine by me. So I saved asparagus for today. I also made some Kale for lunch today to go with my left over skirt steak. I’ve been having trouble getting it to tender up. So I had one of my kids massage it for a good while before I left it overnight to marinate. It turned out a little less tough/chewy so hopefully that was the key.

I’m feeling a little better about getting prepped at least a day ahead. So I guess I was just in a mental(hormonal) funk! Tonight will be Chicken Thighs and maybe a salad. We’ll see.

Happy Tuesday! Despite the cloudy, windy, gloomy day, I FEEL GREAT! I know some of you must think I’m a loon ball but I can’t tell you enough how amazing it feels to FEEL good! All day. Bright eyed. NO brain fog. Wooooooo! Love it! Go now, be awesome!


I’m Baaaaccckkkkk!

Even though I kind of sort of don’t want to be back! Is that bad? Being off for over 2 weeks is definitely sucky and now a big NO NO in my book. But dang I’ve slept in for 2 weeks straight! Hopefully I don’t ever have this long of a break again. I believe in rest I really do but this long just makes me feel so mentally defeated. My apologies to all of you who actually take the time to read my long and rambling posts. I’m sorry I’ve been away. And I also apologize to all you bloggers I follow regularly. There has been ZERO blog reading on my end. I plan to catch up and check in with you all. Please know I have not abandoned you!


Let me recap for you how it all went down. Arlington Thunder Jr. Pee Wee football earned their way into the National Championships. My middle kiddo plays with this team. This was HUGE and an amazing accomplishment. So we travel to Florida.



We stay in itty bitty rooms with no microwaves, kitchen, NO MONEY, etc. Fortunately we knew this ahead of time, so we packed our own microwave. Our first night in we are starving and the trailer carrying all of our stuff is still in route, so after we order in room service pizza costing us $60 we knew we had to make it to Wally World ASAP. Being on limited time, money and limited cooking capabilities we went all out on the easy to eat, junk food junkie route. I’ve never eaten so many PB&J sandwiches in my life. Add hot dogs, cheap ass burritos and a shit ton of cookies and chips and we’re good. We also ate your basic fruits – apples, bananas and clementines but really what are those going to do for us?!? Clearly our dietary habits were going to hell in a handbasket. With the way the scheduling of practice, games and study hall we didn’t have time to hit up a very close and nearby box, so there goes any WORKOUT. I mean we could have done something around the hotel….but we DID NOT! Hopefully walking around all the Disney parks helped out a little… but I can feel my waist, hips and legs expanding and at a very fast rate. Two days before heading home, I get slammed with the ugliest stomach virus I’ve ever had. It was bad. And it didn’t help that I didn’t have anything resembling nutrition coursing through my body. I was pretty much dead for 1 1/2 days. I truly thought it was food poisoning but turns out I was wrong as my youngest son proved that while we were in the airplane flying home! I felt really bad for the poor soul that had to sit in the same row as him. Fortunately we were close to landing when his sickness kicked in. Unfortunately it was a domino effect and all but 1 of us got the virus. I’ll spare you the disgusting details but it took me until end of last week to really feel BETTER in general. What hasn’t been helping is that I still haven’t really given my body the proper nutrition that it needs. Paleo? what’s that? Hahah, we are so far removed from paleo right now it’s not even remotely funny.

So here I sit in my doom and gloom of my own little world feeling fat and worthless. And please believe me when I say that I KNOW there is no DOOM and GLOOM. In light of what happened on Friday, I KNOW my world is great and life is good. Please know this is my creative outlet, for fun, for shits and giggles, for griping. Not for exacerbating my already heartbroken feelings of what happened in CT. I’ve shed many tears over the tragedy and am sure to shed more. But for now, I keep true to my silly adventure that I share with you all regularly.

11/17/12 WOD
I seriously almost didn’t get up AGAIN for the BOOM Box. I knew I had to get back in it whether I thought I was ready or not. It was very apparent I was not ready this morning! When the warm up is kicking your ass, you know you have problems.


Skill/Strength: Back Squat 4 x 8 @ 77.5% of 1RM
Did I mention it sucked getting back at it already? Hahah. Just in case you didn’t catch that earlier, let me say it again. THIS SUCKED! Just warming up with no weight was a butt whoopin. I didn’t even get close to the 77.5% for 8 reps. That number should have been 110 or 115lbs. I couldn’t even complete 8 reps at 105lbs! I ended up doing really really light weight at 85lbs. At least I could finish the reps out. The internal defeat was now sinking in BAD!

MetCon: Grace
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna! Can I go home now? That’s all I could think. RX is 95lbs and for some reason I thought I did RX at B4B in October but looking back, I only did 85lbs. Either way, this morning I did 75lbs and it took me longer this morning than it did in Oct. Just put me out of my misery now! I quit! Time: 6:32! I will say even though I was dragging ass. I feel that I jerked the bar better than EVER! Coach you would be proud. Well of that only. Good thing Grant is on vacation I could already feel his eyes a disappointment and he wasn’t even there. Travis is much more tolerant of my cry baby behavior!

So I ended my return WOD with “hopefully I show up tomorrow.” My hips already feel the squats and I’m sure by tonight I’ll be filled with achy-ness. I need to get back on the AWESOME train ASAP! I hope in my absence you all have continued with the awesomeness. I need to catch up! Have a blessed day! Love your peoples and tell them you love them! And Be AWESOME while doing it!




Where to start, where to start! It was a long day on Saturday full of football, chilly weather and then BARBELLS FOR BOOBS! I was running way late due to football running long. As Ernie would say “She’ll be late to her own funeral!” But I was booking it the best I could!

It was a great turnout for the B4B event! Everyone was killing it and having a blast. My oldest kiddo Jonas had already done Grace by the time I got there but he finished in 3:06 doing 85lbs! So proud of him and how far he’s come strength wise. And so JEALOUS! All the ladies had already gone by the time I was warmed up except for Mel. I knew Mel would kill it as she is SUPERWOMAN. I was just hoping to finish! I did the RX weight of 85lbs and knocked out 10 so fast, I was excited and then I hit a wall. A wall of suck! Time 6:06 (I think, something close) Two things plagued me – 1. not pacing myself better and 2. Not eating pretty much all day. I had 2 sausage rolls, and a bag of Cheddar Sour Cream chips with Nacho cheese sauce on them… besides being super unhealthy and gross sounding, they ended up being really tasty and definitely a FIRST for me as far as eating cheesed up chips out of the bag. I must have looked so sad and pathetic. Thank you all again who donated to Barbells For Boobs! Our team earned a little over $700 which is great! You can still donate if you wish, right here!

After B4B we chowed down on some protein and veggies. And boy oh boy was it good! I had marinated some fajita meat and some chicken breasts and thanks to our GrillMaster Josh, everything came out great. The chicken was the big hit so for those of you who tasted it and wanted to know what I used to season it here it is:
Please note, I have a heavy hand with spices and I don’t measure! I used: chili powder, himalayan salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, lemon pepper. I mixed it in a small bowl then I rubbed it onto chicken thoroughly. I really put some love into that chicken, haha. I then put some olive oil, red wine vinegar and chicken broth in a gallon zip lock bag. If I were to guess, I’d say it was about 2tbs or less of olive oil, a few shakes of the vinegar and maybe a 1/4 cup of chicken broth. Plopped the chicken in bag, sealed it up and gave it a good shake. Left in fridge till it was time to go. It probably marinated a good 8 hours. It was cooked perfectly and tasted FANTASTIC!

After we stuffed our faces a few of us were still hanging around so we challenged each other to on the spot WODs. Sherry and I were teammates and not sure how we would fare against all the BOYS! Of course Jonas was ready to challenge his mama and that he did. We had a list of movements on the whiteboard. His team picked two Movements, Coach came up with the workout and then we negotiated from there. Well we had Deadlifts and Cleans. The weight was 75lbs for us ladies and 115lbs for the guys. It was going to be a 7 minute AMRAP of 10 DLs and 5 Cleans. There were 3 people on Jonas’ team and only two of us which I was thinking was UNFAIR, HAHAH! So with the help of Travis we threw out a 50 Double Under buy in. They accepted and 3-2-1 GO. I did DUs faster than I have ever done them before. I knew I had to because with us only having 2 people vs their 3 I knew we’d have to get in a lead. We managed 10 rounds 4 reps and led by 1 round the whole time until the END, they somehow caught us and beat us by 5 reps 😦 womp womp! It was fine though, I was still beat from GRACE and then we just did more cleans and a bunch of DLs. After that we watched the boys challenge each other. It was a good time. I hope we do more nights like that!

Today’s WOD
Holy Shitakes it was COLD this morning. Probably not cold for you folks in the North but cold for me! 36°, brrrrr. A good wake up call is taking a 400m run and breathing in all that cold air! But after eating BREADS on Sunday all the cold air in the world wasn’t going to clear my brain.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 3 Back Squat at 90% of 1 RM. Now if I did my math right, and by that I mean use my 1RM for Back Squat, I should have worked up to 130lbs and started my sets there. But with my BAGEL brain, I calculated off my 1RM DEADLIFT!

Who does that? This girl does! So I’m STILL WARMING up and was thinking 125lbs was a lil heavy but suck it up. Moved up to 135lbs, A LIL HEAVIER and then jumped to 155lbs and managed 1 REP. I’m thinking I still have to get up to at least 165lbs and that is NOT gonna happen. Well DODO brain me realizes at the same time Coach is looking at our MAX whiteboard that I’m doing the wrong weights and I just PR’d my BACK SQUAT! WOWOW DON’T EAT BREAD/JUNK, IT F**** YOUR BRAIN UP! I did however put in some extra work into those Back Squats!

MetCon: 12 minute AMRAP of 5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 10 Clapping Push Ups and 15 Jumping Air Squats. Well shitfire, are you kidding me? I got some bands on the bar for my Pull Ups and attempted some Clapping Push Ups and figured I just had to go the best I could. My first round of banded CTB Pull Ups weren’t too bad and the first round of Push Ups were awkward but I made it through, Kudos to all of you that can do them, THEY SUCK! Jumping Air Squats were fine at first but I was so winded by the end everything just hurt. By my third round of CTB Pull Ups I was struggling so Coach modified me to 8 Pull Ups vs. 5 CTB ones. That helped a little but not much. I was also given the option to not have to CLAP on the push ups but I didn’t take that option so I kept on with the Clapping Push Ups. Final: 4 rounds + 8 Pull Ups + 10 Clapping Push Ups. I WAS BEAT!

Needless to say I’m sore, tired, cold, and in a brain fog. I hope you all are faring much better than I. Looking forward to a healthier WEEK and just getting back to AWESOME. Have an amazing Monday folks!

Back To It – TAKE 22

Roll Film! Hahaha, well lets hope we get it right this time around. Ernie seems to be back on the Clean Eating Road which in turn helps me to be on the right path. Although teamwork does help out tremendously, it’s true it can sabotage you just as fast. When Ernie took a moment to hang up his hat, I just followed suit and hung mine up right next to his. And it’s also true I’ve been strong and stood on my own, all alone trying to eat clean and be better. I just found that it was much harder this time around. All in all let’s just pray that I/WE can be a little better. I know I can’t go 100% totally strict or I would die! But I like to get pretty close to that mark. I started off well yesterday by making a roast. I have dinner planned for tonight so let’s keep this ball rolling and make the whole week a week of good clean food!

Starting off at the BOOM Box this morning, even though I was tired, I was ready to put in some work to make up for my craptastic weekend. With that said I also knew I was in for it due to my craptastic eating!

Skill/Strength: 3 x 3 Deadlift @ 90% of 1 RM
This ends up at 166.5lbs for me. I worked up to 165 and did one set of 3 at that weight. Since I didn’t pass out or struggle too much I moved up to 170lbs and finished out at that. Although it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t super hard either. I’ve been stuck at a 1RM of 185lbs for quite some time now. I’m really looking forward to blowing the doors off that in the near future. Crossing fingers and toes!

10/22/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds of 30 Walking Lunges followed by Sprint
Thank goodness it wasn’t weighted lunges or else I may still be lying in the driveway at the BOOM Box. Once we completed our lunges it was an all out sprint for an unknown designated distance. It was far enough and it was uphill 3 out of the 5 sprints! I really did try and push myself in those sprints and afterwards my legs were nothing but J-E-L-L-O! I was sucking wind big time but I knew that’s what I was in store for. I didn’t quit though. On my last sprint I could see the shadow of someone coming fast on me and I tried with all my might to not let him catch up I just couldn’t do it. Time: 7:43

Barbells For Boobs at the CrossFit Boom and #OccupyBoom
It’s almost here – the B4B event at the BOOM Box. This Saturday Oct 27th @ 6pm! The workout is GRACE (30 Clean & Jerks for time). Come one, come all! Watch, Participate, Eat! It will be all sorts of fun and you can come see what this kool-aid is all about. All ages, fitness levels, etc are welcome. Come support Barbells For Boobs and Mammograms in action. You don’t have to be a CrossFit junky in order to participate. You don’t even HAVE to participate. Heck I was only 2 months in when I signed up last year. I had no idea what to expect but I got to learn about this rock n roll foundation as well as watch and cheer on kids, survivors, newly diagnosed women, even a gentleman who had a prosthetic leg. It was AMAZEBALLS! Seriously come check it out and see what COMMUNITY is all about. So come out if you can and if you can’t but would like to donate then please click here. I’ve raised $40 of my $100 goal. It’d be great to even surpass teh $100 mark. Thank you in advance for your support and a Special Thank you Shelley and Rose for your recent contributions ツ

Post B4B will be #OccupyBoom where we will continue the fun and have teams go up against each in friendly competitions. More fun to be had and I’m sure a lot of hardcore insanity mixed with extreme silliness! Good people, Good food = AWESOMENESS. Let me know if you want to come and hang out!

That’s it for now folks. I had to rewrite this as somehow I manage to lose my original draft. Ah well. That’s MONDAY for ya. Let’s be AWESOME this week!