Time Change…. It’s Complicated


Oh how I love Daylight Savings! I LOVE the sunshine hanging around past 7pm. But at the same time I am so sleepy for a week or so. It seems to get worse as the years go by. I just want to sleep in! And that’s what I did on Monday and I’m almost did it again this morning!


Waking up was not happening on Monday morning. I woke up, turned off alarm, set new one and went right back to sleep. Of course I have that remorse later on in the day, thinking why didn’t I just get up. I was tired and achy that’s why! But I did show up for the 6pm class. Thank goodness because I felt soooo much better 🙂

6/11/13 WOD
Skill/Strength: KB Swings (Russian) – 3×25 AHAP Unbroken, rest 1 minute between sets.
I didn’t really have a choice in what weight I would start at as Coach just gave me 1 POOD. For the 2nd round I moved up to 1.5 POOD. Well that’s a little heavy! If we break on the 25 reps we have to start over so I KNOW I don’t want that to happen. I was having a hard time keeping my shoulders back but 25 still came pretty easy. I did however take a longer break between by 2nd and 3rd round. I didn’t move up to 2 POOD because A. I probably wouldn’t be able to do it UNBROKEN and B. I needed to work on form with keeping my shoulders back. That last round sucked but I finished strong. And I could definitely feel the difference in keeping my shoulders back!

3/11/13 WOD

3/11/13 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds: 45 seconds on 15 seconds off.
Power cleans 115/75
Straight leg sit-ups
Thrusters 115/75

Well, well, well, I love Cleans but don’t have the same kind of love for the Thrusters. When I first started CF, I thought THRUSTERS were AWESOME. But that’s when all I had to use was the naked bar. They are a great whole body movement and they are evil at the same time. I’m good up to 55lbs at moving the bar fast then I just go womp womp on anything above that weight! The idea is to have the same weight for Cleans and Thrusters. UGH. I did 65lbs fine and Coach really wanted me to do 75lbs so I did. It was miserable but I did it.

This was a TABATA type of workout. We had to do the movement for 45 seconds, rest, repeat movement. We kept track of reps and whatever our lowest rep count was ended up being that score for that movement. Fifteen seconds is not a lot of rest. I felt I started out strong in my first 45 seconds of Cleans with a rep count of 14. It faded fast and I finished the rest of the rounds at an even 10 each round. Not to shabby, at least to me it wasn’t.That’s 54 Cleans in 5 minutes. We then had to move to straight legged situps. For some reason I got burned out quickly. I went from 20 reps to a consistent 16 reps. I was kind of disappointed in that movement as I typically can bust out situps. No AbMat I suppose so I was sliding all over the mat. Now for Thrusters. I’m dying right about now and I don’t even want to pick up the weight. By the time I did, I was like OH WOW, those sit ups did me in. My core is shot and I’m supposed to do Thrusters! How about 2? That’s more than 1. The life energy was sucked out of me and I was bad. I still kept on and got 3 for the 2nd round. Sure I could have just done 2 because that was going to be my score anyways but that’s not a cool way to look at things, so I did as much as a I could and that was 3! I did 2 more rounds at 4 and the last round at 2. Pretty lame for that finish. I was beat! Score: 10, 16, 2

6/12/13 WOD
So with the quick turnaround in workouts I wasn’t even sure I would wake up to make the BOOM Box this morning. I almost didn’t as I hit SNOOZE twice! Saw the workout and was really torn! SPRINTS was the Skill/Strength. Not my strength at all. And it’s cold outside! But I knew if I made a habit of skipping out on 5 am I would be doomed. The only reason I made last night’s 6pm class is that it’s Spring Break and the roads aren’t full of traffic. So 5am HERE I COME.

Skill/Strength: 10-100yd sprints, rest 1 minute from first person finishing.
Me and running are no bueno together. I am the worst runner ever. Forget about sprinting! The first 5 were OK but the last 5 were just slow. My hips were on fire! In the end, I know I NEED to do that kind of workout because it’s a weakness and I really do NEED to get better I just don’t wanna.

3/12/13 WOD

3/12/13 WOD

MetCon: Death by HR push ups Going up by 2. (ex: 1 min=2PU, 2 min=4PU, 3 min=6PU, etc)
Push Ups anyone? Push Ups? Death by anything is pretty painful and I as I sit here typing I can definitely feel it. I might not be able to move my upper body by tonight but that’s OK, right? Hahaha. I worked my tired ass self through 10 minutes and only got 16 reps into minute 11. I was dead. I don’t think any amount of bribery or death threats would have helped me get to 22 reps. I was pretty happy about my score though. That’s 126 PUSH UPs!

Food Front
I’m not way off course but still not on point. Still too many slip ups and it’s not good! Too many slip ups in my opinion anyways and well for the SCALE too. Still haven’t regressed to my bad weighing habits but I did weigh the other day and for me it’s just sad. I am definitely not at the same place I was a year ago and I think a lot of it just has to do with we weren’t as busy last year. So I had more time to focus on food and what I was putting in my mouth. Plus paleo was still new to me so it was still fun. Not that it’s boring now but I run out of time to be creative and enjoy it.


I made a point to eat more green foods this week and I think I’m doing good so far. We still have a lot left in the fridge still so I should be great for the rest of the week. If I could just fiend off temptations and bad dinners!

3/11/13 Lunch – Sirloin, Spinach and Asparagus! GREEN!

3/11/13 Lunch – Sirloin, Spinach and Asparagus! GREEN!

That’s all for this fine Tuesday. Sorry I left y’all hangin’ yesterday. I know you just couldn’t wait to see what I was up to! Hehe. Seriously I know you have better things to do but thanks for stopping by 🙂 Have a great day and BE AWESOME!



What a day to remember. We all have our memories of this day 11 years ago and I know we will Never Forget. It was such an emotional day in America. While I was not affected to the depths of others who lost loved ones and who were close to pure insanity that ensued my heart still was heavy. Pray, Pray and Pray some more is all I knew to do – Love my family and be grateful for what we had. I continue to do just that. I hope everyone does the same. I hope everyone REMEMBERS all of our HEROES not only from 9/11 but throughout history as well as our current and future HEROES. God Bless America!

9/11/12 WOD

Our BOOM Box WOD was one to honor 9/11 and to Never Forget. Time is set for 20:01 and we were to do 99 Weighted Overhead Lunges (35/45lbs) and 111 Pushups. If you finished under 20:01 AMRAP it out. At 20:01 we ran 1 mile as a team. I struggled a bit with the OH Lunges, I took them in 10s and 5s. I probably took too much time to rest as well but it starts to hurt! I got to the HR Push Ups and I faired better than I thought I would. I was actually doing those in 10’s and 5’s and I threw in 2’s and 3’s as well. I finished strong in sets of 5. I don’t even recall the time when I finished but it didn’t matter because I had to keep going until 20:01 was up. I ended up getting 56 reps of OH Lunges into my 2nd round. We took off as a team and ended as a team for our MILE run. Thank goodness one teammate, Andrea, has a glute that is slowing her down. Not thank goodness that she’s not 100% but that she had to keep a slower pace. And another teammate Travis was wearing a weight vest. I’m not sure how much it was but I know wearing it for the whole workout and then running with it was a PAIN in the booty! So he was slower than normal. We finished at 33:11!

In other NOT SO SOLEMN news
We were having jokes this morning since we all survived the WOD and I decided to share my personal top 5 of “YOU KNOW YOU’RE A CROSSFIT JUNKIE WHEN…” I know, I know it’s been done and there’s probably a ton of versions out there but whatever! Heheheh. Plus I’m only doing 5 instead of 10 so just humor me or let me try to humor you ツ


5. You make everyday tasks and chores a WOD i.e. Car wash WOD, Laundry WOD, Clean the Bathroom WOD

4. You realize you no longer shop for normal clothes and you only shop for CrossFit type shirts, shorts and accessories.

3. You find yourself picking your calluses mindlessly in your car, at your desk, well pretty much everywhere!

2. You realize you have a love/hate relationship with LACROSSE Balls. One is in my car, on my nightstand, at work, etc.

And the NUMBER ONE reason YOU KNOW YOU ARE A CROSSIFT JUNKIE (this one’s for you Kristen)

1. You practice your HOOK GRIP while driving!


I’m a dork I know but hopefully that’s why you ♥ me! Have a crazy, insane and AWESOME day! Yup you know it. Be the most AWESOMEREST!


Mental Battles

If you’re new to the blog I must let you know I’m a little batty when it comes to my workouts, well shoot, when it comes to anything. In my head I aspire to be a ROCK STAR in all things I do. In reality I miss the mark daily. I know most of us aspire to be more but SERIOUSLY I want to be a bad ass! And then my mind starts playing tricks on me and I let myself down. I’ll keep dreaming and faking it till I make it. One day I might be the AWESOMENESS I think I am!

Yesterday I was feeling sickly and today although I feel a little better, I still feel crappy. I did get my sorry butt outta bed though and head to the BOOM Box. I figured I’d just have to power through. Clearly I’m not ill enough to be bed ridden but I have this horrid cough and still feel achy. So I really wasn’t sure of how I would perform.

Skill/Strength: 3 RM of Power Clean
I know my 1 RM is 95lbs. And I managed to get 3 at 95lbs without too much struggle. The last rep wasn’t very pretty but I did it. So I moved up to 100lbs and well la de da de I cleaned it! PR BABY! Granted it’s only a 5lb PR but it’s going down in the books. For some I couldn’t get it up for the 2nd rep! I made 2 attempts to do 2 in a row and failed! I know I have the strength, I just don’t know where I start losing confidence in myself to finish it out. I have nothing, no reason to blame anyone but my fear (??). That’s the only thing I can attribute it too… FEAR. I still don’t know where this fear comes from but it creeps in and takes over. In lifts, in box jumps, etc. Well whatever it is, I need to find away to get through it. I suppose time and practice is the only answer. I just wish I were 21 again, maybe then I’d be a little more fearless!

8/14/12 WOD

MetCon: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 of Power Cleans (50% of 3 RM = 47.5, rounded to 45lbs) and Hand Release Push Ups. I had no idea this would fly by so quickly. Coach said sub 3 minutes and I was like NO WAY, maybe 5 minutes. Ended up being 2:18. Power Cleans with just the bar is not “hard” but it isn’t easy either. Add push ups to the equation and you have yourself a little doozy of a workout. It was me against one of our newer peeps. He’s young, strong and competitive but I beat him by 1 second! Hahahah. It’s the small victories that get me through the day ツ

I’m taking it easy this week because we do have Europa this Saturday and I don’t want to be spent. I also think that is why we had a short but sweet workout this morning. No need to kill ourselves and render ourselves useless before the big competition. I won’t bore you with every detail about Europa but I’ll kind of summarize it in case you’re interested. This weekend over 130 CrossFit teams from all over will be competing for cash money, YUP CASH MONEY! There are 2 divisions: Elite and Intermediate. The BOOM Box has one team in each division. I am far from ELITE status so we will be competing in the intermediate group. I’m even a few steps below intermediate but I have no choice. I’m in it. I say I’m below because we had already registered before the WODs were released and the first WOD that was released was going to be a pain in the ass… LITERALLY. 4 Person Team WOD of 200 backsquats. We have 5 people on our team … THANK GOODNESS… so I can sit that one out. Each person has to do 50 squats and for the ladies it’s at 135lbs! Well shit my 1RM is 145. I could barely do 5 reps the other day at 115. I’m weaksauce. But our other girl, Mel, is beast and she will kill it. The other 2 WODs involve Curtis P’s, Burpees, Push Ups, Snatch and Running. Hopefully I can go HAM and carry my load. Countdown: 4 days. I’m scared, nervous and excited. The last time I competed was back in October and I think I went to the restroom 7897987 times because I was so nervous. (TMI? Nah) I finished 25th out of 50 registered “beginners”. We’ll see how this one goes.

Body Image Issues
Will it never end? Are we Am I just wired to tear ourselves myself apart and nit pick things we I can not change? Not only am I a headcase when it comes to lifting heavy shit, I’m still a crazy person when it comes to body image. Please know I’ve come a long way.

I don’t weigh myself like a mad woman. I don’t count calories like a crazed scientist and I try to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. I eat clean, work hard at the box, but sometimes I just find myself staring in the mirror poking and pulling and thinking HOLY COW I’m never going to be where I would like to be. It’s always going to be a battle I just wish it wasn’t. I wish I could find some peace with myself. But I can not. We are all different, I know this and I know we all have our own issues. But it’s really hard to see past it all and appreciate me for me. It’s hard to forgive myself for letting me get out of control. Whether it being young and dumb or lazy and lazy. I have more days where I don’t fret over it than days that I go crazy bat shit over it. It’s progress but sometimes I feel like I’m back at square one. I just wanted to share that in case you were in the same boat. You’re not alone in it. I’m right there with you. Chin up! Right?!?!?

I’m hoping to get over this CRUD that is trying to make a home inside of me ASAP. I surely don’t want to be hacking up a lung on Saturday. I’ve been drinking lots of hot tea, lots of water, getting rest and eating clean. What else can I do? Ah well. Just pray A LOT that it all clears up quicklike. Have a BOOMIN Tuesday and as always be AWESOME!

The Running NEVER Ends!

We are on a running mode at the BOOM BOX which is great for me because I dislike it so much. Maybe I’ll learn to love it! I highly doubt such things but it only helps me out, makes me better, etc. RIGHT?!? I sure as heckola hope so!

Let me first get to the Skill/Strength of my morning at the CFB. It was Back Squats with more percentage math today. 5, 5, 5+. The weight seemed fairly light at first but don’t let it fool you. It’s catches up to you quicklike. After a few warm up rounds and building up to the weight I was slated to do 100, 105 and 110. I managed to get 8 full reps on my last 5+ which is GREAT for me. Me and the back squat don’t always turn out so well. However this morning I got past that 5th rep and carried on. It was a good feeling. Baby steps and I’ll take them 🙂

5/8/12 WOD

The MetCon was 3 rounds of 400m run, 25 Hand Release Push UPs and 50 Double Unders. My first 400 was smooth and felt good and my first 25 push ups SUCKED! I was dragging, my chest, arms, everything was burning. I struggled big time. Once I got those knocked out it was onto DU’s which I figured I had and I was WRONG! I couldn’t find a rhythm! I was pissed! I finally got 50 completed and took off for the next run. That 400 was the worst 400 in the history of time. But in that 400 I got my whiny attitude out of the way and got a little better for the last two rounds. My Double Unders came back to me and I felt mentally I redeemed myself. I still sucked at the push ups, just not as bad as the firsts round! Time: 16:07

Day 8 Sugar Detox
Even though I still really really want fruit I have finally gotten in the groove of this detox. I’m totally killing it and I’m proud of myself for doing such. Going Paleo in general wasn’t such an easy transition either but you set your limits and that’s all there is to it. Now with Paleo, we haven’t ever been 100% full on Paleo (80-90%) but we really work to put the best foods we can into our bodies and avoid all NO-NO’s in regards to the Paleo standards. We have our goodies every now and then but they are a rare appearance. With that said eliminating fruit has been HUGE for me. It’s natural and good for you but in the same turn it’s kept me hooked on wanting sweet stuff. Hence me doing this detox. And now at Day 8, although my brain still tells me I want the dang fruit and a little bit of pasture half and half with my coffee I know my limits are set and I just can’t go past them. THANK GOODNESS for MINT TEA! I might die without you!

It’s totally feasible to do, just a little extra work but nothing major. I’ve been boring with the meals but that’s ok as long as I’m hitting the mark. Great time to do a detox when you’re week is filled with super busy! Hahaha. But it’s doable even when you are super busy and on the go. Added bonus I drink more water which is never a bad thing! And I just keep on keepin on!

Have a FABULOUS TUESDAY! Be awesome in every way you can.