It’s an UNTITLED Tuesday!

I think I’ve completely run out of creative juices today and more so lately than ever. So I have nothing exciting to give you by way of a CATCHY Headline.

I was very proactive last night in my cooking and got 2 meatloaves made. One for eating right away and one for freezing for later this week! Who would have thunk it?!? I made food for later! Yay me. I also went ahead and shredded up some sweet potato to use for this mornings breakfast and maybe sides for dinner tonight. I typically just brush off extra work and focus on dinner for the night and possible leftovers for lunch. It felt good this morning to know I had prepped those sweet potatoes. Especially since it’s Big Test Week for the kiddos, breakfast was a little easier to get done.

As always I typically get good sleep but I love the warmth of my bed and hate to drag myself out of it! I was ready for the BOOM Box WOD till I looked it up and saw two 800m runs! EEEKKK! I don’t like running if you didn’t catch on to that until now, well…. now you know!

3/27/12 WOD

Our skill strength was Barbell Rows 4 sets of 10. Not so bad. You lie on the ground. Reach up to the bar that’s racked lower. You pull yourself up chest to bar. So it’s like a reverse pushup. The last round finally got me. I did 5 and 5 cause I was tired! Heheh. In between each round we worked on Max L-Sits. There was the option of using the boxes which gives you height advantage but I opted to use the 45 lb plates only. My max was an AMAZING 11 seconds 😦 NOT GOOD but I kept trying. I pretty much dropped to an average of 8 seconds. Those are something I never think about but definitely need to work on.

The MetCon was 800m Run, 30 Handstand GetUps, 800m Run for time. Yay fun. I ran my first 800 in 4 minutes. Not bad I suppose but not great by any means! The Handstand GetUps are just getting into a handstand with control against the wall and coming down with control. I did those just fine. I think I just moved too slow in general. Like I forgot it was for time! I didn’t take a look at the clock when I took off for my run but my overall time was 11 minutes. I should have picked up the pace on the handstands but I was just cruising for some reason. Overall not bad until I see the board tomorrow! Hahaha… sometimes the rest of the day totally blows my times out of the water! Good motivation to step it up. It’s just hard at 5 am!

Tonight is the Championship Game for the Cubs… Should be fun 🙂 Can’t wait. I got so excited I went out and bought all the boys Big League Chew! Hahah, I always want to be spirited and crafty but always at the last minute! Hehehe, I suck like that 🙂 So I just made them little “hoorah” gifts for fun. I’m a nerd I know.


So that’s all folks. I’ll be hollerin at ya later. Have a GREAT Tuesday and Wednesday.