Ya Don’t Say


Two days in a row! That’s miraculous.

I almost didn’t make the 6:30 CF Boom class and that would have been sad. I’m glad I made it but boy oh boy, I’m so sore today.


Sled pushes


12:00 min AMRAP for: (ROUNDS + REPS)
Hang Power Clean ~75% of clean

REST 6 min

08:00 min AMRAP for: (ROUNDS + REPS)

Since it’s been a couple of weeks, I went 10lbs lighter than 75% of my 1RM clean. This left me at 85lbs for the Hang Power Cleans. We were instructed to do the scheme reps as posted above but to drop the bar between reps. So I did 1 Hang Clean, drop the bar, 2 Hang Cleans, drop the bar, 3 Hang Cleans, etc. After I got to my set of 5, I start over. 1 Hang Clean, drop the bar, 2 Hang Cleans, drop the bar and so forth. Rinse and Repeat for 12 minutes.

Each set of 1-5 counted as 5. My final score was 30. That’s 90 reps in 12 minutes. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but it takes a toll. I feel like I could have pushed a little harder and maybe got 35, but breathing was hard and my grip was getting weak.

We rested for 6 minutes then moved on to the HSPU. Modifications were Ring Push Ups or Push Ups with our hands on dumbbells. I used the dumbbells and I only made it through 2 rounds of the the 1-5 set. I suck at Push Ups!










I do cook often and regularly, I just don’t wanna. And it gets old and cooking the same quick things over and over gets tired fast. So although I complained yesterday about cooking, I still did. Nothing fancy, some baked chicken, asparagus and enough egg muffins to feed my troops for one day. It’s been a while since I made egg muffins but they were a super big hit this morning. Chorizo makes all the difference!

I can’t promise you, that I’ll post daily, but THIS TIME, FOR REALSIES, I’m trying to stick to it.

Just One Day . . .


Makes a huge difference. ONE DAY OF CLEANER EATING, it’s almost unbelievable. I wasn’t even perfect, just a whole lot better!

I can’t promise everyone will feel this way. And I’m sure in 2 or 3 days, I’ll feel like crap going through food withdrawls. But I was high energy all day. And even though I sucked at my workout, I didn’t think or feel like I might die. Annnndddd, I woke up this morning before my alarm clock, wide eyed and bushy tailed. I finally made it to a morning workout! Which is key for me and our busy, crazy schedule!

4/14/14 WOD

Midline: 50 Hollow Rocks and 50 Russian KB Swings – choose a weight and go for unbroken
Coach said we should do the Hollow Rocks Unbroken. I laugh at him. Maybe 20, then 10, then 5’s. As far as the KB swings, I didn’t go heavy cause last time I tried I didn’t go UB. So I opted for a lighter weight and barely made it. I was smoked. Can I go home now?

Strength: Front Squat 5×3 @ 75%
Finally, I can front rack the bar without any pain in my wrist. It’s so nice. But today I had my back plaguing me. I was warming up and 30lbs away from my 75% weight when my back was not feeling it. Coach had me mobilize, which helped some but when I retested the weight the pain was still on my right lower back. More mobilizing for me. Sadly I didn’t get to put in the reps.

4/14/14 WOD

4/14/14 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds of 12 Cleans and 6 Presses 115/75
Warming up I felt ok, but my back was still a little off. To be safe, I went with Hang Cleans at 65lbs. This alleviated the stress on my back which is good. I don’t need an injured back. After 1 round of the Presses, my wrist decided it wasn’t happy. I did 6 Hang Cleans in round 2 but was worried I wasn’t going to be able to finish. I was just going to take a DNF. I don’t know how long it took me before I decided to ask Coach what I could do as a substitution but it was at least 3-4 minutes of me standing around. Maybe more! He had me use the AirDyne instead of Presses and go until I hit 12 calories. By then my wrist was feeling ok enough to do Hang Cleans, but I was glad to not be going overhead. Once I had it in my head that I just needed to not worry about the clock anymore and just do work, I did fine. The AirDyne though is EVIL. Very EVIL! Time: 12:07

4/15/14 WOD
Oh yaaa, I got up early and went to the 6am class as a trial. The 5 am class is a better suited time frame because I gotta get kids to school and myself to work. But Tu/Thurs that isn’t an option. If I go into hyper mode when I get home it appears I can make it on time. But there is ZERO time to stick around if the MetCon runs late.

Skill: Muscle Ups or Double Unders
We kind of worked both, but if you have or are closer to a Muscle Up then they worked more on the MUs while those of us who don’t worked on DUs.

Gymnastics WOD: EMOM 5 min – 2 MU or 5 min max DU
Ya, I think I used up all my DUs in the skill session. And I kept tripping up which then led me to stand around and not do anything. I managed 183 reps in 5 minutes. I don’t think that’s very good but it is what it is.

4/15/14 WOD

4/15/14 WOD

MetCon: 12 min AMRAP of 40 DU and 20 HR Push-ups
So if my DU’s were gone in the skill session, they were definitely gone after 5 minutes of doing nothing but DUs. I at least thought I could do the first round Unbroken. But I only got about 20. I don’t think I strung more than 25 together ever in the 12 minutes. My shoulders were smoked. I couldn’t relax. Then Hand Release Push Ups were of no help. Just smokin’ the shoulders more! The whole 12 minutes was a mental struggle. My shoulders are dead. And so are my calves.  Final: 4 rounds + 36 DUs RX

That’s a wrap!
Yes I had a poor poor petri post yesterday, but I’ve been gone from the blogsphere and I had to recap. Ya dig? And now I’m ready for my 798797th time to get back on the proverbial horse. Better than staying at the bottom I suppose. Just hoping to find my happy place this time around. Winning the lottery and becoming a stay at home mom would really help!


And yes let me say ONE MORE TIME, that I’m barely in day 2 of just eating better, more balanced, etc and I feel AWESOME. Not PERFECT but way better than any day last week, or the week before, or the MONTH before. Seriously folks. Just slight changes. Cutting out sugar. OR lessening sugar if you must. Eliminating or lessening grains. Eliminating or lessening processed foods. Adding veggies and protein with some heatlthy fat. Drinking MORE AGUA, aka WATER! And I get it, I feel you when you think NO way, not gonna do it. I keep going back to that place too. And I feel like crap and I get headaches and I lose the will to leave the couch. And to be honest it’s dumb to feel that way everyday and be okay with it. It’s just dumb. Yes I realize I’m calling myself dumb and it’s the truth. Especially when I can feel good physically and mentally just by cutting out junk. It’s easier than you think or make it out to be, I promise. I can guarantee you, that I don’t have extra special will power. Or that I’m better than any one of you out there. You just have to decide enough is enough. Make Tuesday your day of change!


My first weekend Post Whole30


I have a little less than 2 weeks left and then baseball chaos ensues. I feel like I’m in a good place though to survive ballparks and the food that comes with them. I off-roaded in the food dept this weekend. More than 2 meals, doh. But I didn’t go overboard or eat too much. In the end it’s my neglect to portion sizes that get me. And my love of the sugars. Fortunately though I didn’t go bonkers. And I didn’t even indulge in the cake ball madness. Only to taste some new flavor combos because my taste testers were not around. I did good y’all! I typically would have overindulged till I was sick to my stomach.


My kids have been on me. They know I like to eat. And they know I like to eat all the things. But when offered burgers for dinner from a little burger joint down the road, I kindly said NO, I have food at home to eat. I do have will power, I do!

The BOOM Box
Y’all should really come check out our Community WODs. They are so much fun and we all have a good time, even if at times we aren’t sure if we’ll even complete the workout. We always do and there’s always a great support system.

There was a nice group that showed up on Saturday and coach spared us from running in the cold. He did not however spare us of lots of reps of stuff. Teams of 4 to complete 100 Handstand Push Ups, 100 KB Swings, 100 Wall Balls, and 100 Shoulder to Overhead. We could “spot” our teammates on the HSPUs which we did with just one person! That’s a lot of HSPU, assisted or not. Then we just busted out sets of 10’s or 20s in the other movements. I don’t recall our time exactly but it was in the 13 minute mark I believe.

But we weren’t done, Coach had us race a 500M row. Not just row 500 but unstrap and run to a wall 30ft away. We have 4 rowers and had about 4 or 5 heats. The heat I was on, was all ladies. I’m not so good on the rowing so I figured I’d turn up last. The whole time everyone was yelling how we were all neck and neck. I thought no way, I’m so short and so slow. Turns out we all did finish with in seconds or less… so it was all about who got their feet unstrapped first. And to my surprise and almost falling on my face, I made it to the wall first! My legs were dead!

I got to be the example as Brett explained Warrior and Warrior 2.

I got to be the example as Brett explained Warrior and Warrior 2.

Yoga followed that and Brett, our yoga instructor took the opportunity to really teach us more as most of us are beginners. It was nice to really break down different movements and to learn and understand we will always be at different paces as well as hold movements differently. I still lack in many aspects of yoga, but I’m getting better each time I hope.

For some reason, whether I have good reason or not, I’m struggling getting to the 5am class on Mondays! So I managed to hit up 6pm. And it was all about the MODFICATIONS.

Midline: 30 T2B Strength
Still got these, but still not stringing them together. But today was a MONDAY and I just wasn’t feeling it!

Strength: Back Squat 8×3 @80%
I’d much rather do lots of sets of low reps than a few sets of high reps. So this was nice and my HIPS weren’t completely jacked!

2/10/14 WOD

2/10/14 WOD

MetCon: 8 min AMRAP of 20 Thrusters 95/65, 10 HSPU, 20 Hang cleans 95/65
And this is where the modifications came in. 20 Push Ups instead of 10 HSPU. I can only do Thrusters with the bar right now and I can clean more weight than with proper technique. I can only do the chicken wing clean. So Coach asked if I could do 55lbs and I said I’ll try. Well that was dumb. I forgot in a split second I can’t properly clean the bar. So that hurted. So he decided to have me do STOH with the weight already racked. I said sure! 3, 2, 1 GO. I went to get the bar and go overhead and I couldn’t do it. The damage had been done and my wrist was not happy. So I looked at Coach while everyone was gettin after it, like I can’t do it. So I went to Push Ups while he figured out a modification for me. I did KB Swings in lieu of Hang Cleans and I did a Thruster mod with dumbbells. Final: 3 rounds + 20 Push Ups

That’s a Wrap!
I’m looking forward to some warmer weather at the end of this week but right now I just want to hibernate! Are you staying strong to clean eating or giving in? Remember every meal is a fresh start so don’t let a slip up drag you down for the week. Don’t forget to be awesome in all you do!


Confidence… Where are you?

Last week we had that Power Clean WOD, it has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m sad because I really enjoy Cleans. I can not find the confidence to drop under the damn bar. It’s truly frustrating. I understand the movement, at lighter weights I can do it but once I put any sort of weight on the bar I FAIL. I can muscle it all up but that’s not the point. Coach knows I can do it. I feel I CAN do it but when action is required I shut down. And I don’t do it on purpose! This morning was a much better showing than on Friday, but I still wasn’t in good form.

Skill/Strength: 4 x 200m sprints. Well shitfire… my hips burned on all of these runs which in reality was a 50m sprint and 50m run and 100m jog. I couldn’t keep up the pace today. Overall I just felt weak.

8/28/12 WOD

MetCon: 8 Rounds 3 Hang Cleans @ 85lbs, 3 Bar Facing Burpees
Like I said up front, Cleans are my kryptonite right now. I am still feeling the aftermath of last week and disappointing myself. I was determined to not have the same failures but I was slow to pick up the bar today and just lacked confidence. After a fail in the 3rd or 4th round, I finally got pissed off enough to just do the work. I wish I had gone into the WOD with that mindset. I know I should ALWAYS be ready to kill it but it took me a bit to wind up. With that said I can’t be upset with my time. By the way, HANG CLEANS not the same fun as POWER CLEANS. Time: 6:37

I’ve been trying to be better prepared for the week food-wise. Granted it’s only the second day of school but I got dinner out pretty quickly last night because I had my skirt steak already marinating from Sunday, had a chicken defrosted and ready to roast and have ground beef and sirloin ready to go for this evening. It’s work but I’ve been trying to be efficient. Hopefully I can keep this up without getting burned out. Thankfully the kids are super helpful but again it’s only Day 2 of the school year. I did manage to get a picture of their lunches today. Yay for CLEAN eating!

Roasted Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes, Hard Boiled Egg, Carrots, Grapes, Berries, Peaches. I did realize a little too late that they needed some GREEN foods but I forgot. Sigh!

Have a super day. And you all know it, say it with me: BE AWESOME!

Hang Cleans YOU DECEIVE me!

WOW Hang Cleans really suck! I haven’t ever had to do them and they got to me. They got in my head, they hurt my body and I let them take over and ruin me this morning! That paired with Toes To Bar (Knees to Elbow for me) and Hand Release Push Ups!.

After our regular warm up we did OLY lift warmups to get us all primed for these hang cleans. Now I’m a big fan of Power Cleans so I thought HEY I GOT THIS! We proceeded to work the pvc, work the bar, and work the cleans. I felt pretty good. A little awkward not coming from the ground but nothing to worry about or so I thought. Let me be clear, I now know I AM NOT A FAN of HANG CLEANS!

5/15/12 WOD

The MetCon was 3 rounds of 8 Hang Cleans (75lbs), 10 TTB, 12 HR Push Ups. Now I’ve been struggling more with the TTB for some reason, so instead of struggling all morning with those I did Knees To Elbows. Well I knocked out 3 maybe 4 Hang Cleans then I just lost confidence. I didn’t feel like my forearms were working for me, my grip went to out the door and I struggled. I knocked out my first 8 and I was WHOOPED! KTE were slow and wussy. Push Ups were fine but I was still beat from the measly 18 reps of cleans and KTE. Ugh I was pissed. Back to the BAR for Hang Cleans and I was getting 2 at a time sometimes 1 at a time. Mentally I struggled. Physically I would hold it on my knees because I just would think I couldn’t get the damn weight up. That was a lot of my problem. The weight wasn’t too much of an issue. It’s that short distance maybe that got to me. I don’t have the power there… well I do have it, I just don’t know how to harness it each rep! It will come with time, I know. I also have to not OVERTHINK everything (yes I still let that thinking get in the way). And maybe, just maybe the next time my grip and forearms won’t get wasted in the first minute of the workout! 😦 Time: 13:52

Day 15 Sugar Detox
Back on track like I said I would be. I didn’t have any issues yesterday so I’m glad to report that. I really thought the bites of yummy goodness I had would ruin me. Just been stick with the basics, lean proteins, veggies, water and herbal teas. They’re keeping me on the up and up. I do feel like my stomach feels less bloaty. Kind of like when you give up grains. All that “fullness” goes away. For me it’s not going to be bikini wearing results unless someone wants to donate to some plastic surgery. I was not blessed with good skin in regards to having babies. I do feel lighter in general so I’m hoping I lost a few pounds. I don’t have a number per say that I would like to hit but a few pounds down isn’t going to hurt me. I’m in a good range, I just feel like I’m on the high end of it. I made a deal with the kiddos to extend the detox a few days since I did indulge. So I hope to push through to the weekend. My journey will end May 25th, at least that’s the plan for now 🙂

Have a great day y’all! Can you believe May is halfway over?!? I really wish I got a summer break like the kids get!!! BE AWESOME!