Bummin’ It


Yikes, I know. Where have I been? Being a BUM, dammit. And the little guy above perfectly portrays how I look and feel right now! Am I happy about it? NO. Am I doing anything about it? No. I haven’t even walked into the BOOM Box for over a week! That’s like never happened unless I’ve been sick or out of town.


Here I sit with a bum wrist. And no, I haven’t seeked professional medical advice, but I did realize I was living in some land of denial. I kept thinking it will get better, it just needs some rolling out and some ice and I’ll be good. Well it needed some stabilization. And finally when it hurt to put my hair in a pony tail, I snapped out of my delusional world and I went and bought a brace for it. And now, I’m officially taking care of it. Just stabilizing it for a couple of days has helped dramatically. I know, I know, most of you are screaming, go see a dr. but my insurance sucks, like bad. Like I have a $5K deductible and have to pay full, sometimes contracted rates, but pretty much full price until I reach $5K. So paying for XRays and/or other spendy services at full price isn’t fitting into my life right now. If after a couple of weeks, I’m still hurting, I promise I will see a dr.


And instead of working at my eating habits or taking up some form of jogging/walking. I sit here in my sad, poor, poor, petrie hole. I have fallen into the water, but I’m not flying out. I am being a bum. I will lose the weight loss work challenge too :/ And as I sit here typing this, I’m seeing how disappointed in myself I am. So maybe I’ll motivate myself right out of this funk. But odds are I won’t. Not today at least. It also doesn’t help that it’s cold and dreary in my part of the world.

I also had to tell my Wodapalooza team that I don’t think I’ll be recovered enough in a month and even if I am, the losses I have from being limited will surely put us at a disadvantage. So there’s another reason to stuff my face with oreos. Nevermind the article floating around telling tales of oreos being worse than crack or something.


Blah Blah Blah, right? It’s a phase, I hope. And maybe as I peruse the interwebs, I’ll find some motivation at working through my funk.


I just wanted to check in with y’all and say HI. Ask for some prayers. And if prayers aren’t your thing, then maybe some happy thoughts. And I wanted to remind you all how awesome you are and to keep on doing the right thing. And if you’re in a funk with me, know that it’s short term. We’ll find the inspiration and motivation to get our mojo back!

Have a happy Tuesday! Be awesome!