What is it about Mondays?

Seriously I feel sorry for this day. It takes blame for everything! It can make or break your week sometimes. It can make your Sunday sad just knowing Monday is lurking right around the corner. I’m sure there’s some Betty Crocker mom or some overachiever suck up out there that thinks Monday’s are FABULOUS but I know it’s not…my weekend is over…my stupid commute is waiting for me and back to work I go. Today is no different. Another Monday and another case of the blahs!

But enough of my crybaby self. Lets get to the work I put in at the BOOM BOX. My IT band was already giving me grief! Skill/Strength was Back Squat at 65% of our max + 5lbs 3 x 5. I worked up to 100lbs and did 3 sets of 5 reps. I could have had better form on all 3 sets. I was giving in to the IT band and not getting full depth. Then when I got full depth I leaned too far forward. Not the greatest of moments but I knew what needed to be corrected. Definitely need icing and extra mobility work on my left leg.

6/18/12 WOD

MetCon – Curtis P’s 30 for time!
I had no clue what a Curtis P is but I soon found out. I still don’t know the story if any behind it but I know this series of movements is no JOKE.

So what you have here is a Power Clean, Lunge on each leg and the finish with a Push Press. That’s one rep! Now the goal is to do 30! I’ve never tried lunging with a bar racked across my shoulders so that movement alone was a new and stressful thought. With my IT Band already giving me grief I wasn’t making full depth in my lunge on that side and this was just with the bar, let alone weight added to it. But I still added weight. So I gave 65lbs a go and it’s not so bad to clean and I can get my right knee to the ground but I really can’t get my left knee down so MODIFICATION here we come. First Coach had me do a front squat after I cleaned the bar. This wasn’t so bad so that turned into Power Clean, Thruster for me. The weight wasn’t too heavy but I messed up too many times forgetting to clean the bar each time. I wanted to just bust out thrusters and this actually slowed me down and gave me extra work. That was with the first 10 that I was low functioning mentally. The second set of 10 went fairly quickly and I had a good rhythm. By the last 10 I was now feeling fatigued… I busted out 6, 2 and then 2. Time 6:33

I was drained but still wished I could have done the actual Curtis P’s. It’s fine I know. There will be a next time I’m sure. Never hurts to get Thruster work in.

Other Crap
Ok so it’s not crap. We had a busy busy weekend. Kid baseball = WIN. Movie: That’s My Boy = WIN (yes I thought it was hilarious and I don’t care what anyone else thinks). RANGERS GAME for Father’s Day = WIN.

After the AllStar game on Saturday, Jakob got to meet Jim Sundberg, one of the greatest Catchers ever and title name to the tournament they are playing in.

The MEN in my life enjoying the game.

Yup that’s the BOOMSTICK, huge ass HOT DOG. And Yes we all ate it, including me 😦

What no KNIFE… only a fork? We had troubles cutting into the ginormous hot dog and no one wanted to run down and get a knife!

I didn’t eat all that fantastic this weekend as you can see but it wasn’t all that BAD either. A little bit of everything. I most definitely went over my 20% in the 80/20 rule of Paleo lines of thinking. Maybe that’s why my knee was giving me so much grief. A little inflammation from poor eating? Probably so.

I’m good at cleaning things up in regards to food. Actually I’m super great at it. I know how to buckle down and take care of business. It helps that I follow Paleo more on the 90/10 scale if not even better than that. 100% is what I need to do because the beach awaits me in 3 1/2 weeks but 100% sometimes is little too much, even for me.

Ready for this Monday to be over! Hope you all are having a better go at it. Trying to feel awesome but all I fell is BLEH! Hehe. Until tomorrow!