Legs Are Jello!

Happy EARLY St. Patrick's Day!

I know I’m a little late in getting my FRIDAY post out. To be honest I just wasn’t feeling the blogger in me. But she is kind of here right now, so I figured I’d get to it before I lose her.

Sooooo, my legs are wasted. BAD! I’m moving around like a super old lady. Slow rollin right now. Wall Balls killed my legs 😦 I wasn’t sure if my legs would even support me when I hopped out of bed this morning. WAIT HOPPED? Hell to the no…It was more of a fall out of bed and hope that my feet hit the ground first and the rest of me just follow.

I was not looking forward to the BOOM BOX at all. I nervously looked up the WOD and was saddened to see DEADLIFTS and DEATH by Kettle Bell Swing! Ah well, better get to it right? I’m glad I did go even though I was pretty worthless. I don’t think Coach would ever say that to my face but if I were him I would have been thinking it for sure. Everything about me was off today.

The skill/strength was a 3 @155lbs, 3 @ 160lbs and 3+ @165lbs. I managed to get 5 reps in for the last round. I could have probably got 1 or 2 more but my grip was KILLING ME. This grip issue did not help me out either when it came to the MetCon!!

DEATH BY KETTLE BELL SWINGS! It was 35lbs or 1 POOD if you want to be official. I typically can kill KB Swings. I feel very solid doing them. Today … NOT AT ALL! I was letting my chest fall forward, I didn’t have control at the top overhead, my feet wouldn’t stay planted to the ground… I WAS A HOT MESS! I was very defeated in the heat of the moment. I think I just had a good dose of fatigue and my brain wasn’t tough enough today. I’m just being extra hard on myself so no worries. I’m fine. I just know this morning was OFF. I only managed to get 14 minutes completed. Ah well. I’ll bring my A game next time, I PROMISE.

That’s pretty much it. I’m looking foward to the kick off of baseball season for my kiddos. The two that are playing have their first games at the EXACT same time! How not fun is that? At least the fields are next to each other but still!!! Also don’t forget to rock out your GREEN!!!! It’s St. Patty’s Day! Have a GREENILICIOUS weekend 🙂 See y’all on Monday!!!

Yes this was me last year being FESTIVE at work! I'll be bustin out that badass head thingy tomorrow... if I can find it!