Mornings or Evenings


As you all know I’m trying to get back to my consistent workouts and slowly but surely I am getting there. (Too bad my blogging is still struggling, but I’m working on that too!) The biggest thing I’ve struggled with though is getting back to the EARLY MORNING workouts. I used to be so good. Getting up and getting to the box at 5 am was a no brainer. Just get up and go. Then I got lazy and chunky and sleep just sounded so much better.

Then there’s the evenings… those are oh so nice. My brain and body are awake. I’m way more limber and it’s not as hard to get moving and warmed up. My performance may not be better but I feel better! It does, however suck up my whole evening. And well that’s no fun.

But I did finally show up at 5 am today and boy oh boy I feel GRAND! I have energy. I’m ready to go and tackle the day. And in truth, I know I’m more of a morning person. But as with anything, you fall out of routine and it’s hard to get back. Yes this morning, I was achy and groggy. But by the time I was done and showered up, I was all woooooo!

I’ve been a slacker at the blogging so here are some quick recaps from the week!

Skill: Kipping HSPU Progression
We did a lot of stuff I couldn’t do, so this was mainly a sideline event for me.

4/18/14 WOD

4/18/14 WOD

MetCon: 400 Total Reps AFAP – 1 minute at each station of Burpess, Step Ups, Jumping Air Squats and Walking Lunges.
You just keep rotation until you get your 400 reps in. Or die. Thankfully no one died but I sure did feel like it at various times. There’s not much to say except my hips were smoked. This was not a FUN workout :/ Time: 21:15

Skill: Muscle Ups
Ya, still not good at this.

4/21/14 WOD

4/21/14 WOD

MetCon: 10 rounds of 6 Cleans and 3 Front Squats, every 90 seconds do 3 HSPU or 1 Wall Walk.
Boy do I love me some Cleans. And the wrist is getting better everyday so I was excited for this workout all except for the HSPU or Wall Walk part. My wrist can’t handle Wall Walks just yet so Coach had me do 6 ring dips (band assisted). So I was back to happy place. That was until about round 4. I was over Cleans, my wrist was getting fatigued and I thought crap I still have 6 more rounds. There’s no way. But I hung in there and just chipped away. Time: 13:12

Game: Wall Ball Bowling
Well this was different. There were plates ranging from 15lbs to 45lbs set up like pins but flat and a medball. We split up into teams and got to roll medball for two frames. Whatever plate our ball landed on determined what movement the other team had to do. So if you landed on 25, it was 25 Push Ups for the other team. 15 = Wall Balls, 25 = Push Ups, 35 = KB Swings and 45 = Sit Ups. Thankfully our opponents weren’t very good so we only had 1 round of Sit Ups and and 1 round of Push Ups! It was fun though.

4/23/14 WOD

4/23/14 WOD

MetCon: 3 Turns of 2 rounds of 10 Dumbbell Snatches and 250ft Sprint.
We were supposed to get timed but that didn’t happen so we just did 3 rounds of hell AFAP. Except my fast as possible sprint included a slow trot by the end. We had 40lb dumbbells and had to alternate 10 reps. I actually got better as the rounds went on when I wasn’t dying from the “trot”. But 40lbs is still heavy for me. This workout was pretty much evil. But still a good one.

Woooo I finally made a 5am class.

Skill: Snatch
It’s been a while and my whole body hurts from the week so I wasn’t sure how I’d do, but besides a few rusty warm ups, I got back into this movement pretty ok. Not perfect or anything, but good enough.

4/25/14 WOD

4/25/14 WOD

MetCon: “Isabel” 30 Snatches for time
Coach didn’t want us to go so heavy we lost form and even though I’ve hit 85lbs just a handful of times, I wasn’t prepared for 85lbs or even 75lbs. So I went with 65lbs. That ended up not being too bad. Coach didn’t want us going light and finishing under 3 minutes, but he didn’t really want us going over 6 minutes either. I busted out two sets of 5, then sets of 2 then singles. Time: 4:14

That’s a Wrap!
So like I said it was slow rolling. A grumbly stomach prevented from hitting the box up on Monday and an unexpected ER visit for one of my kiddos prevented me from going on Thursday. But all is well and I’m still eating tons better than I had been last month. So yay for small steps! It’s possible for all of you on the bubble. You can do it! There’s not one day that’s better than any other day to getting back on track. You just gotta do it! So whatever that is… eating clean, getting active or anything to a healthier life, you got this! Have a great weekend!


The Countdown is ON!


After my Whole30 last year, I went off the rails. And I had many failed attempts on getting back on track. MANY FAILED ATTEMPTS! And I got to a point where I was ready to concede to the weight gain and just be. Thankfully, I shook myself out of that thought process and recommitted to finding my happy healthy self. I’m now TWENTY FIVE days into Whole30. Five days to go! And by Day 12ish, I was super happy I decided to get back to it.


I know I’ve lost some weight but I’m not sure how much just yet. But I was blaming my poor performance at the BOOM Box on my weight gain. But in the end it was just my poor eating habits that needed to change. I’m pretty sure I’ve had minimal weight loss right now (I DID GAIN ALOT) but I am doing so much better in EVERYTHING. My runs are better, I found my Toes To Bar and I’m able to push through on most everything much easier. These are big things for me. So can you only imagine if you have moderate to zero physical activity, yet you are having a hard time getting out of bed because everything hurts. Eating clean should make you feel like a ROCKSTAR! Imagine: less headaches, less joint pain, clear focus, better sleep, more energy. That’s what Whole30 could do for you. Heck, just trying to eat cleaner in general will do wonders. Make that change folks.


You can’t look at me and say… oh she was already skinny. Or she was already super fit. I wasn’t. I gained a lot of weight. I let self discipline go out the window. I had to start over. You can too. And you will be OK. You will be GREAT! So quit with the back and forth. Quit with the lolligagging. Just make the decision to do better. Find better health. Find physical activity. Find your Happy Place!

1/29/14 Lunch

1/29/14 Lunch

1/29/14 BOOM Box
Mobility: We did the killer QUAD stretch against the wall. 3 minutes each leg. UGH!


Conditioning: 1k time trial rower
I repeat over and over, I enjoy rowing, but I’m not good at it. So here was a good time to work on rowing. I’m only steady and strong for about 250m. Maybe one day I’ll bump up to a solid 500m. But that’s not anytime soon I don’t think. Time: 4:27

1/29/14 WOD

1/29/14 WOD

MetCon: 10 min AMRAP of 25 Jumping Air Squats, 50 DU, 3 MU
Well, we thoroughly smoked our legs on the Rowing. Now add Jump Air Squats. I figured I wouldn’t be able to walk today, but I can with minimal soreness. But I also didn’t get too far into reps with it being a 10 min AMRAP and having to do 9 Pull Ups for the Muscle UP modification. I got through my first set of 25 JAS pretty quickly. My DUs were a struggle. I was trying to do them slow, but I couldn’t slow down. So I was messing up way more than if I just busted them out AFAP. Then got to Pull Ups and struggled. Not as bad as I would have weeks ago but PULL UPS are terrible. By round 2 my JAS were not as quick but I still kept a steady pace. My brain and body were too tired to think for the second set of DUs so I finished them much more quickly. For some reason, I had a hard time getting a good breath in. So I hung out a few seconds before getting to the Pull Ups. But I was good on time. I thought I could get one more round in. I stumbled through DU again which slowed me down. Final: 2 Rounds + 25 JAS + 50 DU + 3 Pull Ups

That’s a Wrap!
It’s almost the weekend. Woooo! And if you’re local, then come out to CrossFit Boom for a Community WOD at 9 am and YOGA at 10 am. You wont’ be sorry. We have fun and you can laugh at me sucking at Yoga!

FIVE days to go! No matter where you are on your journey, keep going strong. Do your best. And if you trip up, that’s fine. Just get back on the right path and don’t be too hard on you! Happy Thursday!


Diary of a Wimpy HIP


My Hips don’t LIE. They BURN! Well just my right side.

Back in 2011 when I started my journey of better health and fitness, my lame-o right HIP started giving me issues. I thought I had injured my hip flexor but never really checked it out as it wasn’t severe pain and it was intermittent. Then CrossFit came into my life and my sad BIG HIP was just always nagging at me. It hurt sitting, it hurt standing, it was always hurting. It didn’t hurt when I was working out though at first. Then I could feel it limiting me in my squats. Coach gave me some mobility exercises but it wasn’t going away. So I went to Airrosti which was heaven on earth. They worked my whole hip/glute area. It was painful but relief at the end of my sessions. They asked if my HIP popped randomly and I said YES my whole life. Aha, they said. They asked if it just started hurting now that I’ve become super active. Of course my answer was YES. I mean the popping sometimes hurts but I wasn’t doing much by way of regular beatdowns prior to 2011 for quite some years. They told me I had an impingement. And that all of this new activity was taking it’s toll. Yay ME! I guess YOUTH is golden because I was super active all through high school and never had any problems. They said I would probably always have HIP flexiblity issues. BUT with proper stretching, foam rolling, etc I should be fine and I should be able to manage any future issues.


Of course after focusing on the stretches they gave me I was feeling much better and I was such a go getter in general with my mobility. Then I got to feeling better more often, got bored sticking with the mobility and just became reliant on the necessary post WOD mobility at the box. And guess what? All that HIP pain is creeping it’s way back in. Why oh why am I such a glutton for punishment? Why can’t I just roll out and stretch when I’m watching TV? The past several WODs at the BOOM box have brought my HIP issues back to life and now I need to focus on being better at mobility. I just need to stop being lazy and get back to it! I sure as hell could eat a tub of ice cream while sitting in front of the TV so why won’t I just get on the ground and get to it!!??!!


8/1/13 WOD
Skill: Double Unders
Easy breezy! I got these. I’m learning to pace myself and have them under control whether it be fast and knock them out or go slower and take my time. I’m not great at doing more than 50 UNBROKEN but that comes with lots of practice. And lots of practice is something I don’t do! It’s my one superpower in CrossFit and I don’t focus on extra work with DUs because I have so much more to figure out!

8/1/13 WOD

8/1/13 WOD

MetCon: AMRAP 7 min, Up Ladder by 5 of Jumping Lunges and DU; Rest 3 minutes; Max Effort Unbroken Pull Ups
I’m feeling good about this WOD. My knee is less inflammed due to proper CLEAN eating so I even feel good about JUMPING LUNGES which when on a poor diet hurt like hell. The goal is to do 5 of each for Round 1 and increase 5 reps for each round after. So Round 2 will be 10 reps each, Round 3 will be 15 reps each and so on. It was round 3 when I was into the lunges that my HIP started to shut down on me. It was burning no matter what I did. I had to slow my roll. I had no explosion. I kept going just at a much slower pace. Fortunately I can knock DUs out so. And as long as I didn’t stop on the Jumping Lunges I felt like I would still do well.

When the 7 minutes was up we got a 3 minute rest and then it was onto max effort Pull Ups. I got my bands up there and waited for our rest to be over. My max effort was only 10 Pull Ups. I wasn’t feeling it and it showed. Final: 7 rounds + 6 Lunges + 10 Pull Ups

Strength: Front Squat 5@65% 4@75% 3@85% 3@90%
With my new PR weight that puts me at 95lbs, 110lbs, 125lbs and 130lbs. And amazingly I did pretty well through all the sets. The last few do get heavy but not impossible. It really does feel good to know I am getting stronger.

8/2/13 WOD

8/2/13 WOD

MetCon: 10 Rounds Team WOD 5 DL (275/185) 10 HR Burpees
Deadlifts YAY, Burpees BOOOO. This was a team WOD, so 1 person does a round, then your partner does a round. We had 3 folks on our team which had two of working at once. I opted for 155lbs because well my Hamstring is achy and my Hip is achy and there’s not a need for injury. I felt like the first 3 rounds of Deadlifts were smooth and quick, but my last two sets were pretty slow. As far as Burpees went, I only did OK on the first two rounds. The last three rounds I would get 5 reps easily then struggle with the last 5. Burpees are not my friend. Time: 9:50

Strength: Squats 6@70% 6@80% 3@90% 2@90%
I grouped up with some stronger ladies today which helps get me through all the reps mentally. As the saying goes “Iron sharpens Iron”, it helps to watch others move heavier weight. It helps me focus on my goals and that I too am capable. With time and work, I’ll get there.

8/5/13 WOD

8/5/13 WOD

MetCon: For time – Lunge 300ft, 400m Run and 50 Jumping Air Squats
Sigh! Lunging is not my strength. I can manage to get through them but I never enjoy them. This however, was going to kick my ass and that my friends, it did! So we go outside and Coach says we’re going to lunge around the parking lot and showed us the route we should take. THAT IS NOT 300ft Coach! And he responds, no probably more but that’s the route you’re taking. It may be 450ft. Who knows. GREAT! So lunge distance is UNDEFINED and all I know is that it’s a long ass distance. Talk about HIP being on FIRE. I wasn’t even halfway around and I was not happy. How could this suck sooo much?!? I don’t have an answer except that I need to work on that HIP mobility ASAP so lunges aren’t so brutal. Add a 400m CRAWL to that and I was just ready to call it quits. But wait, there’s more! 50 JUMPING Air Squats. Just that extra evil that I needed added to the workout. I busted out 10 and 10, then 5’s. I only took short rests in between but my overall time was so slow. Time: 14:18


That’s all for now ladies and gents. Eating clean is becoming more, eating junk is becoming LESS. Consistency at the BOOM Box is paying off! I just need to add MOBILITY back into the equation. Have a super duper TUESDAY and don’t forget to be Awesome!


Hangin’ In There


It’s been a busy couple of days in my little world. But we are making it work and I’m still showing up for evenings at the BOOM Box. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to 5 a.m.! I know I need to just for the sake of having evenings free for doing all the things the boys schedules require. But it sure is nice to be awake during my workouts!


And in regards to a busy life, YES I have fallen prey to excuses and pure laziness. In my eating habits, I have become increasingly better but I can definitely still feel in my joints from all the poor eating whether I partake in it once or day or ALL day. It takes a toll on the body. Everything is inflamed. I once lived in a day to day world of dirty eating. You get used to the aches, pains, sleepiness, headaches, etc… You write them off as getting older, not enough sleep, and numerous other excuses. I can honestly attest to the fact that those aches and pains go away when you eat clean and move your body.


The SORENESS from working out doesn’t ever go away but that’s not a PAIN that plagues you. That’s a sign of getting stronger. And you keep moving and eating clean and the soreness does fade away AND the joints get better, your mood gets better, sleep gets better. Do I need to get back to that HAPPY place? YES HELL YES! Should you give it a whirl for 30 days, 3 months, a year… DEFINITELY! Will you fall down? Probably but who really knows but you. Your mind and body will fail you but it’s up to you to get back up and back on it. I’m sitting here in the corner like a sulking kid knowing that I’m hurting myself and it sucks. So I’m trying to get back there – back to feeling good, to performing well and to eating clean. It’s like starting all over except for the fact that I know the reward at the end. For those of you who haven’t made the decision to change, it’s hard to imagine what 30 days can do for you. Get up and get moving. Cut out bread one week. Cut out artificial sweeteners the next week. Or just jump in the deep end and go strict. It’s up to you. You know YOU. Make a better version of YOU!


Below are some links that I found interesting this week. I’m going to try and share more of what I read more often. I tend to read a lot of info and then just digest it for me. Sharing is Caring!


As far as recaps. I’ll be short and sweet. I have 4 days to go over and I’m sure you don’t want to die of boredom reading them! So here goes it. By the way, all of the following WODS, I have sucked at! Which in the end should mean I will be getting better but this past week has been weakness after weakness for me. It’s defeating but I keep showing up.

SKIN the CAT and DU PracticeI can not skin the cat. I am horrible at this and my shoulders are dead. I felt super loserish because I was the only one who couldn’t do it at the 6pm time slot :/

I can however do Double Unders like a champ and worked on Triple Unders. Other than the one time I got ONE a few weeks ago, I can not manage to get another!

5/9/13 WOD

5/9/13 WOD

MetCon: Run 3 x 800m, rest 3 minutes in between run, 25 burpee penalty if over 21 minutesShould be an easy goal. Just run all 3 800m in less than 4 minutes. That didn’t quite happen. Poor attitude towards running = POOR RUNNING! I was horrible and not getting better. 25 burpees went really slow after all that running.

5/11/13 Community WOD
If I had known about the workout ahead of time I wouldn’t have shown up! More running! My poor partner, Eric, had to deal with my slow running!

5 min EMOM, run 400m, then with whatever time was left alternate minutes with Max Effort Sit Ups and Push Ups

5 min EMOM, run 400m, then with whatever time was left alternate minutes with Bar Hold and Push Up Hold (negative points if you fall from bar or drop to knees)

5 min EMOM, run 400m, then with whatever time was left alternate minutes with Max Effort of KB Swing and Jumping Air Squats

With my sub-par running I wasn’t able to get many reps. And I dropped from the Bar Hang which is -5 points. All in all we didn’t do too shabby I guess finishing with 243 reps.

5/11/13 WOD

5/11/13 WOD

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 3, 3, 3+ at 70%, 80%, 90% 2 min rest between set
Today it all felt heavy. But I ended with 5 reps at 90%. I literally forgot how to breathe today and was holding my breath way too much. Once I would breathe, the lifts were much easier! Duh!

5/13/13 WOD

5/13/13 WOD

MetCon: 21-15-9 of Toes to Bar and Ring Dips (modified Straight Let Sit Ups and HR Push Ups)
I’ve established that I can do TTB even if it’s one at a time but Ring Dips are a no go. So I busted out TTB one at a time like a beast with only a few NO REPS. And I rested too much on push ups! On my last round of TTB I ripped and it hurted! Bad! So bad that I didn’t show up for Tuesdays WOD. Time: 9:39

handhealing copy

5/15/13Skill/Strength: 5 x 3 Pendlay Rows, 5 x 3 Floor Press, 3 x 5 band weighted pull ups
Pendlay Rows are awkard for me and it’s been a while but I worked up to 95lbs so that felt good. It feels like it’s been FOREVER since we did Floor Press so I wasn’t sure what I could handle. Again we worked up to 95lbs. By the 5th set I was struggling to get all 3 reps but again I knocked them out and was feeling strong after being weary. Instead of weighted pull ups and cause of my wounded hand I opted for Ring Rows. So we would start up with chest to rings and slowly lower ourselves down over a 10count pace before lifting back up. These were easier than negative hang pull ups but still sucked!

5/15/13 WOD

5/15/13 WOD

MetCon: 2 rounds of Max Reps of Push Ups 90 seconds, Pull Ups 90 seconds, Rest 30 secondsAbout 30 seconds in on Push Ups my left shoulder was in pain. I sucked it up as best I could but only managed 39 reps. INFLAMMATION from crappy foods. As far as pull ups. I knew I wasn’t going to get many so I went ahead and used the green band and did the best I could. 9 reps. My hand held up pretty well the first round. Towards the end my forearms were dying. For the second round I busted out 10 push ups really nicely and fell apart from there. I completed 31 reps. Moved to Pull Ups and may hand was just hurting. Only completed 6. Total: 70 Push Ups, 15 Pull Ups

It’s almost Friday! WOOOOOO! If you are in the DFW metroplex… CrossFit Boom is having a party tomorrow night. Come out and have some food, fun and more fun! Go out and move! And you know the drill… BE AWESOME TOO!




Hello and welcome to the first day of March! 2013 is flying by and all the while it feels like it’s only begun. If you’re my friend, acquaintance, etc. outside of this blog then you probably are seeing me expanding the activity of my blog. With some nudging and encouragement from Jennifer over at Wine To Weightlifting (please show her some love!), I have decided to give my blog a Facebook, Twitter, and drop the I’m now just! Wooooo. You can also email me with any questions or comments at


With all the shift, I am definitely trying to be a little more proactive and adventurous with IDTCFK! Let’s hope I do follow through and make that effort! I don’t imagine it to be a fast moving adventure but in case things get slow or out of control I ask that you just bare with me 🙂

And don’t forget I have AWESOME socks for sale. I don’t have a major plan ahead, just kind of going with the flow. If I get rolling then expect more socks and maybe shirts coming your way. Of course I’ll keep you posted! I can do PayPal or Chase Quick Pay.

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 10.50.44 AM

Now I return you to the regularly scheduled programming. BOOM Box time! Last night was CrossFit Boom’s first Open Skills Night. Coach wanted to offer a time where we can come in and work our weaknesses. This doesn’t include barbell work but more along the line of gymnastics work. Perfect for me to work on those Pull Ups! It was a good turnout and people were working on everything from kipping technique to handstand walks. Ernie even got his first Bar Muscle Up! Woohooo!


As for me I made some great progress on that kipping Pull Up. After months of only doing strict pull ups with the band, I was encouraged to use the band and work on kipping at the same time. This helped a whole lot and I went from a combination of the green and blue band, to just the green, to just the blue. I was so close but after a lot of fatigue, a small hand tear and time running out it will just have to wait a little longer. I did realize though that my hands didn’t hurt as bad as they do at 5 am. Maybe because I’ve used them all day, I have no idea. But in the mornings my skin seriously hurts just hanging on the bar. Last night I had zero pain well until the callouses started screaming. But I could hang onto the bar. Strange. At least I think it is odd but ah well. It is what it is!

3/1/13 WOD
Two months in to the new year and I’m really trying to have a more positive attitude and better mindset going into my workouts. In the past week I do feel like it has helped. Duh, you say. I know. Sometimes one gets stuck in a rut and that someone happened to be me. I was feeling so defeated on so many levels but I’m getting all of that turned around.


Skill/Strength: 1 RM Power Clean (15minutes)
I say this all the time and probably will always say it. I LOVE POWER CLEANS! Something about feeling strong and awesome does a body/mind good 🙂 15 minutes flew by this morning and I didn’t hit any PRs but I am close. I was stuck at 185 for so long with Deadlifts and I feel like I’m stuck at 105lbs with Cleans. I pulled 115lbs to my chest but like a ding dong head I won’t drop under the bar. Just drop Stephanie! Just drop! Find your happy place!

3/1/13 WOD

3/1/13 WOD

MetCon: 1 minute of 10 Jumping Air Squats, Max Burpees, 1 minute rest X 6.
6minutes of work, 6 minutes of rest. Right off the bat I NO REPPED my Jumping Air Squat because I didn’t JUMP. Doh! For minute 1 I completed 17 burpees. The minute rest is a little deceiving to the body. You feel great, I got some rest until you hit those burpees again. I managed to pull out another 17 for minute 2 but was fading fast. For minutes 3 and 4 I did 16 burpees. I hit a wall in minute 5 and only managed to bust out 11! Seriously?!? 11. Argh. But I got 15 for the last minute. Total: 92 Burpees, 60 Jumping Air Squats

It’s FRIDAY! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy yourselves. Get outside and play that is if you aren’t snowed in or something. Us Texans are in store for a SUNNY and not warm but not cold weekend 🙂 And as always BE AWESOME.


Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Where oh where has this year gone? I am truly Thankful for just surviving day in and day out. That I’m blessed with my GREAT family and even you might think I’m just too whiny on this good ol blog that I’m really not that much of a downer! I enjoy everything and everyone in my life. I hope everyone does take the time to reflect on their blessings whether they be small or large. Happy Thanksgiving!

Now onto my BOOM Box morning of which I am thankful for as well. Being a CrossFit Junkie is made much easier when you love your box and the people in it. It’s not a chore to get up at 5am and get my butt whooped. I look forward to it unless of course my muscles are dying then I’m a little scared!

Skill/Strength: Press 5, 5, 5
Goal here was to get close to your max by your last set. I know my max is 70lbs… been stuck here forever and not sure why! But it is what it is. So after warming up I started at 55lbs. Not so bad. Moved up to 60lbs and still not so bad. Went for 65lbs for my last set and even then I only struggled on the last 2 but still “knew” I would get it up. Now I’m curious as to what my new PR could be!

11/21/12 WOD

MetCon: 100 KB swings (1POOD), 75 Jumping Air Squats and 50 Hand Release Push Ups
Seriously?!? My hips and legs are smoked from KAREN and 1.5 miles of running…errr… walking/jogging. We did work on some hip mobility but after doing the 100KB swings I was definitely fatigued. I knocked out 55 UNBROKEN, then started losing the forearms. Took a small break, knocked out 5, 15, 25. Don’t even get me started on the Jumping Air Squats. I was smoked. My legs are dead, my hips are dead and now my back is chiming in. Took me a lot longer than it probably should have if I were feeling 100% but I chipped away. Finally got to the HR Push Ups. I feel like I knocked these out alright. About halfway through my right shoulder started shouting at me but that’s gonna happen! Time: 11:14

On another note: Some giveaways may be on the horizon so there’s something to be excited about! Wooooo for free stuff!

Have a fabulous Holiday Weekend! Be AWESOME and support Pop Warner Football Team Arlington Thunder if you can… right here!

Better Than Yesterday

Progress no matter how slow or how minute is PROGRESS. Don’t forget that and don’t let up if you stray off course. If anyone has been the prime example of stumbling off the path it’s been me lately! So hone in on your goal the best you can. Choose your battles wisely and don’t let others influence your situation.

And know you can’t out train a bad diet! Believe me I try! What you put in your body is FUEL and if the fuel is JUNK then you’re not going to perform well. Maybe you say that’s not important to you but IT IS! You have to maintenance your vehicle regularly to keep it in tip top shape. If you’re putting in crap fuel, crap oil then your bound to have problems a lot sooner than if you use quality materials. Your BODY is so much more important than your vehicle! It carries you around FOR LIFE! And the maintenance fees are way more expensive the older you get. So if yesterday wasn’t pretty try and be better today!

BOOM Box Fun
Just recently Coach added a “pre warm-up” warm up to our mornings which is fine except that I roll in right at 5am. I finally got out of the door with enough time to do this pre warm up and feel so much better about myself. I felt pretty slackerish on Tuesday so I HAD to get out of bed just a little bit earlier. Just one more thing to add to my day but it’s worth it and if I want to get better then I know that’s what I have to do. Just tell my bed to let me go in the mornings, PLEASE! Heheh, it’s hard to get up so early all of the time. But it’s my only choice so that’s what I do.

10/25/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: Clean & Jerk work
After all our warming up, it was time to get some PVC time and practice our Clean & Jerk skills. Using the PVC bar is always so awkward but at the same time so helpful. It is so light weight and everything we do is over exaggerated. But going through those movements really helps translate to the bar. I never thought I would even use PVC to help me out in weightlifting. Hell I never thought I would say I’m doing WEIGHTLIFTING! But here I am and I’m loving it! I highly suggest picking up a barbell and lifting heavy shit.

MetCon: 10-1 of Burpees and Jumping Air Squats, Buy Out 30 KB Swings (1POOD)
That means you do 10 Burpees, 10 Jumping Air Squats, 9 Burpees, 9 Air Squats, 8 Burpees, and so forth. Doesn’t sound like a lot of work but I know it is and I promise you it is. I was torn on what I thought my time would be. Burpees take a lot out of me as much as I try to be efficient I end up sucking wind pretty bad. I do believe it was the Jumping Air Squats that did me in today. I say this because I don’t think I’ve ever done Jumping Air Squats in a CrossFit environment. Strange I know but I really can’t remember. Prior to CrossFit a squat was maybe getting to a 90° angle, knees and hips level. And when you got tired it was a half ass attempt. Well in CrossFit an Air Squat is breaking parallel.

You learn to get low. So going low and then JUMPING up from that is a butt whoopin! My hips were spent! At one point I wasn’t sure my legs were there to hold me up, fortunately they were! I almost forgot I had to do KB swings. I knocked out 15 and was ready to stop but I knew I had to do these unbroken. I really didn’t want to. I wanted to PUKE. But I wasn’t going to let that happen either. So I finished and laid down, rolled around on the floor a bit like a dying creature as well. Not pretty but I finished STRONG. Time: 7:17. Definitely feels good till I see the whiteboard later then I’ll regret every pause I took during the Air Squats :/ Hehehe. I know I’m hard on myself. It’s how I function.

Barbells For Boobs and #OccupyBoom
Two more days until our CrossFit Boom event for Barbells For Boobs! I know October is the “it” month for Breast Cancer Awareness but always remember that Cancer is around every month no matter where it hits and it hits all ages, races, genders, etc. If you are able to support me and my fundraising efforts I sure would appreciate it! I’m halfway to my goal of $100. I figure if I can get 25 people to donate $2, then I reach my goal! That’s less than your Starbucks coffee! That’s if you get Starbucks coffee. Or less than your Egg McMuffin this morning, ahahha. I hope you weren’t scarfing down one of those but it’s only $2. I welcome $1 from 50 people if that needs to be the case. B4B is a great cause and all donations go straight to them and in turn go straight to Mammograms in Action. You will be helping out uninsured and/or low income folks to get the screenings they need. Save a Pair, Save a Life. Donate HERE.

So at CrossFit Boom we are hosting the workout GRACE (30 Clean & Jerks for time). This is for fun and to raise awareness. If you’re not sure about CrossFit or want to know more, come on out and watch us. If you want to jump in and participate then you can participate. Everything can be scaled to your abilities. I’ve watched kids as young as 9 and people well into their 70s. It’s COMMUNITY coming together to throw around some weight and raise money for people in need! Oct 27th, 6pm, CrossFit Boom!

After B4B we will be grillin some meats, so BYOB, bring your own BEEF, hehe, or chicken, or pork or whatever and we’ll have some folks cookin it up! After we fuel up we’ll have some friendly team competitions. Nothing INSANE I don’t think but I know there will lots of FUN! Come play with us!

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in North Texas until the cold front comes in that is! So enjoy it cause tomorrow is supposed to be icky! And BE AWESOME while you are at it!