Team of ONE please


This morning was COLD and WINDY which is probably why we had a poor turnout for the 5am class this morning at the BOOM BOX. We went from a rockin out stellar attendance early on this week to a sad showing of 2. I already was dreading walking through the door this morning and having some poor soul suffer by having me as a PARTNER only for me to find out, my partner had no choice cause there was just the two of us!

Skill/Strength: KB Snatch
We worked on technique for a bit because this would be part of our MetCon. The key lies in the timing. You gotta float the kettlebell and punch at the top and voila you have a beautiful KB Snatch. Me – NOT SO MUCH. I hold on to that kettlebell for DEAR LIFE and it whacks the crap out of my forearm every time! I know I have to relax let loose of my grip and I just don’t. When I use my left arm, I seem to do much better. My only reasoning behind that is that I don’t have the same amount of control over the left side of my body so it does what it’s supposed to do more easily. I’m convinced that statement only makes sense to me and I apologize. Hopefully some of you “get” what I mean.


12/20/12 WOD

12/20/12 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds – 3 minutes to run 400m (as a team) and use remaining time to do Max KB Snatch, only one person working at a time.
Like I said I felt sorry for the person that had to be my partner. I already suck at running. Pair that with lack of any kind of physical conditioning the past couple of weeks, you are guaranteed SLOW mode. We started off not too bad with a 1:50 400m. That’s GOOD for me, and really slow for G2 (partner). He’s a high school kid who probably could run for miles with out any sort of fatigue. And who knows how fast his 400m run is but he was not huffing and puffing like me. He kills it on the first round of KB Snatch and does 20 reps. We have like 20 seconds left and I get 8 in. Go back out for our run and WOW it was bad. I just know the clock was a blur. I got about 9 reps in and he got us more. I stopped counting. Thankfully G2 was counting. We left for our last run, G2 should have just formed his own 1 man team. Somehow he manages to pull off quite a few reps and I added a handful more for a total of 67. I apologized before the MetCon and after as well. The running! All I want for Christmas is the WANT TO and the actual PHYSICAL PROWESS to run like a champ. I have no desires to be a better runner in general. Only in these team workouts do I ever feel like a loser for sucking so bad. When it’s just me, sure I want to do better but when it comes to running, it’s like who cares! When someone is relying on me, I feel like a dirtbag who’s letting them down!

It is what it is I suppose. Was not feeling the AWESOME pouring out of me today. Maybe tomorrow! Happy Thursday! Be AWESOME for me! Thanks 🙂