It’s Good Friday, Opening Day, Resurrection Sunday Weekend & Kids Baseball Weekend! So much going on! We will be busy bees indeed 🙂

So I may be blogging but I fell off course by forgetting to take a picture of the whiteboard today! DARN IT! I was so beat down I literally forgot.

Skill/Strength was RING ROWS, 3 sets of max reps. Key to a successful rep is having your hands touch your chest. This is not easy. My max reps were weak! In the picture below you will notice this guy has his feet on a step ladder thing. We just had our feet fully extended but on the ground. If you couldn’t execute the movement with your legs straight then you brought your feet under you.

And for the oh so wonderful MetCon – DEATH BY CLEAN AND JERK! The RXd weight was 95lbs. I tried that and it didn’t work out so well. So I went with 75 lbs. I felt so sad about not finishing my week off RXd! Mon/Tue and Thurs were all RX workouts for me. Ah well I think the 7789707 pushups I did yesterday did me in. I managed to complete 7 full rounds before the death got me. I’m definitely feeling the hurt from yesterday and this morning!

Also I finally got those lamb riblets cooked up. They were alright I suppose. The flavor was there but they were still a little tough to eat. Overall it wasn’t a FAIL just not great success.

Hope y’all have a super duper weekend!

123 Deficit Pushups! I am tired!

Hello Hello, Welcome back to hopefully your regularly scheduled programming of I DRANK THE CROSSFIT KOOLAID Blog. hehehe. I hope I’m not MIA for a week again anytime soon with the exception of vacations or whatever 🙂 I say VACATIONS (plural) as if that ever happens!

Today’s WOD was a long killer AMRAP. 18 minutes of 15 Deficit Pushups and a 200m run. EIGHTEEN MINUTES! Argh!!! PushUPs! Double Argh!!! I was struggling after about 3 rounds. Thank goodness for the RUN! Hahhaha, YES I was grateful for the running. My arms didn’t know what to do cause they were dying but they didn’t have to carry me for 200m so it was A-OK! It was about round 5 where I was catching up to a couple of the guys. Coach was like “SOMEBODY BETTER PULL AHEAD on this run”. I was told during the run he was talking to me! Hehehe, so I did pull ahead for a hot minute but I did not keep the lead when it came back down to pushups. I kept trying to do 5 pushups at a time, which worked till rounds 7 and 8. Final Count 8 rounds 3 pushups for a total of 123 Pushups and 1 mile of running… wooooooo. I don’t know how I stood up against the rest of the day. Tomorrow the whiteboard will tell. I hope I’m at least mid to upper pack. It was not easy!

Our Skill Strength was Back Squats. 5, 5, 5+ My hip was killing me and the weight felt SUPER heavy today. I only got 3 on my 5+. That’s not supposed to happen but it did. I bottomed out. 😦 Poor Poor Petri I know. Ah well.

Also, last night I prepped some Lamb Riblets … HOPEFULLY they will come out good tonight. They’ve been marinating all night and all day today. I’ll let you know. I failed to take pics of me prepping the food but hopefully I’ll have a good finished meal shot! Wish me luck.

Hope everyone has been enjoying their day. See ya.