The End of November … already? smh

Chicken Tacos (lettuce wraps), steamed cauliflower and roasted brusell sprouts

11/30/11 WOD - KB snatch not my fave!

Now that football season is over for the kids I really thought I’d be able to take a break and have a seat on the couch and relax. I was wrong! I get home and I don’t stop till it’s time to go to bed. What is wrong with this picture??? Sheesh, it’s alright I suppose but I had this pipe dream in my head that there would be down time.

So last night’s dinner was just off the cuff. I had leftover chicken. So I got some garlic and olive oil sautéing in a pan, added my now minced leftover chicken. Threw in some chicken broth (costco has free range organic good stuff) and let it simmer. All the while, I had some cauliflower steaming and got brusell sprouts a roastin’. Turned out to be a tasty quick dinner.

While I was doing dinner, Ernie was finishing up with hanging the Christmas lights. That makes me happy, I would be a-ok if everyone had their lights up year round. It’s always so pretty. Now I gotta get out all the tree stuff. I know we’re behind but that’s how it goes. It seems that people were busting out their trees first of November. I love it but I’m not that organized!

This mornings WOD was a good one.

Split Jerk (Just worked on technique, no added weight)


3 Rounds
Air Squats
Row for Cal
KB Snatch (1.5,1)

Overall score (reps plus calories burned) was 239. Not bad. Got a little better at rowing but sucked at KB Snatch midway through round 2. My forearms have the bruises to prove it 😦

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