Feelin’ Icky

This morning was a NO-GO to the BOOM Box. I haven’t felt sickly in quite a while. Well since when I had strep throat back in February. I’m not that ill but bad enough that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang for a workout this morning. I started feeling “off” on Saturday but really couldn’t pin point anything being wrong. By last night my bones were aching along with my joints. I tossed and turned all night and woke up with a nasty little cough and just feeling bleh. My oldest kiddo had a similar cough all week, I just wrote it off to allergies but now I know that whatever he had was contagious. Not only did I wake upwith this cough but my middle son had it too :/ So we’re not down and out and but we are a little down. NOT THE MONDAY I WAS EXPECTING!

Saturday Community WOD
Even though I took a day o’ rest today, I definitely had a workout on Saturday. A pretty good size crowd showed up and Coach had a pretty good size chipper awaiting us! But before he revealed the WOD he had us do 90 secs of Toes To Bar! Really? It would have been nice to sit this one out but I knew that wouldn’t fly over real well so I got up on the bar. I managed 7, hahah, in 90 seconds. So horrible. Ah well. Right after that we split up into teams of 4 and waited for the writing on the whiteboard. 300 KB swings, run 400m, 200 push ups, run 400m and 100 burpees, run 400m. Only one person doing work at a time and we all run as a team. WOOOO not fun! Fortunately I was on a team with 2 ladies new to CrossFit so we got a lighter weight for the KB swings! I was able to knock out more in a row because of that. Also on our team was Travis and he probably did most of the work! Ok I did contribute some but I’m a little slower.

Oly Class
After our warm up we moved straight into Snatch work. My least favorite thing in the world. But that’s why I’m in the Oly Class. To work on my weakness. I seem to do just fine at the low low weight of 55lbs. And once I move up in weight I just lose everything. I can get it at 65lbs and maybe even more, I just lose technique. I go slow, I don’t drop under the bar, etc. After a while I got super fatigued and was just a big ol’ bag of FAIL. It’s disappointing but I know I can’t dwell on it. We have Europa coming up this Saturday and I can’t let the negativity swoop in.

That’s pretty much it. I’m hoping I am back on track tomorrow! I do not like being out of sorts and not feeling well. I hope y’all are having a better Monday than I. Be awesome!

I’m here. Not willingly but I am here.

It’s true I have PVD: POST VACATION DEPRESSION. I have no will to do much of anything other than go through the boring routine known as my life! How’s that for dramatic?!? Hahahah. I seriously just wish I could have stayed on Maui. But reality is I can not. Now I just gotta get out of my funk and move on. Over a week and no blogging it’s kind of bittersweet. I have a lot of workouts to report on, not one good bit of clean eating and I could recap vacation but don’t want to bore y’all with too much. As always I write off the cuff, no planning or outlines so who knows what you’ll get today!

Maui Recap
I did manage to get an ALOHA in on two Sundays ago and pretty much we were non stop the whole time. Ernie and I were good little workers and hit up Lahaina CrossFit a total of 5 times! It was 1 Rep Max week for them and out of 4 different movements on our last day I PR’d on Push Press! 100lb PUSH PRESS!!! So stoked to hit triple digits.

Doing some CASH OUT Tire Flips at Lahaina CrossFit!

As for the rest of the time, we went ocean rafting with Ocean Riders. We took a ride around the island of Lanai which is about 8 miles from Maui. Total distance around Lanai is about 68 miles. It took up the whole day and we hit up 3 snorkel spots. This was cool for us because we hit up snorkel spots we had never seen before. I only managed to see a sea turtle, some eels and of course lots of fish. One family saw a 3-4ft gray reef shark; Ernie and Jonas saw a lobster; Jonas saw sting rays and we all saw a variety of eels as well. If you’ve never rafted on the ocean it’s something you should do. It’s fun, crazy, and gets your heart pumping.

Family Pic during a peaceful part of the trip on Ocean Riders!

We also did a zipline tour at Piiholo Zipline. I really thought I’d be more “scared” of dangling over hundreds of feet but I wasn’t. It was beautiful and really fun. I had imagined a more adrenaline pumped adventure but instead of it was just very cool and laid back.

Jakob flying high!

We also hit up a few beaches with some good surf where the kids did body surfing and boogy board surfing as well. I attempted to body surf and after getting beat up those 2 times that I “caught” a wave I was out! This mama does not find getting beat up very fun! The kids though had a blast. I opted to hang out past the break and enjoyed the show! The water was beautiful at all our spots. Chilly at first but perfect once you acclimated.

If you’ve been to Maui then you know about the Road to Hana. We weren’t going to go because it’s a long, sometimes terrifying but beautiful drive but the kids remembered the natural pools and wanted to go swimming in them again. It was rainy the whole trip and we get to the pools only to find out that they are closed to swimming! WTH?!? Guess we should have done our homework. It’s a fabulous scenic drive none the less but we did have some scary moments and were rather disappointed that the pools were closed!

The beautiful pools that we COULD NOT swim in this year 😦

One of our only “chill” moments was the Luau we attended. I had not been to a luau since I was a kid so it was fun to see the excitement in everyone else’s faces. I forgot that luau’s can be fun and the fire dancing at the end was phenomenal!

Everyone’s favorite part of the Luau….well 2nd to the Fire Dancing!

Enough about my trip, I kept it short because I really could write a novel I think and I’m hoping highlights are better than dragging it out.

We got home at 5 am this past Saturday and the crazy person that I am went to the BOOM BOX Community WOD and OLY class that follows. Yup I’m a little off my rocker. Boy did we do some work at the 9am WOD. It was guys vs. girls (teams of 5) and we did sled pulls and indian runs, wall ball leap frog something else I can’t recall and 500 KB swings! It ended up that it was tied 2-2 so the KB swings was the challenge to win. Turns out us ladies won! Go US!!

OLY Class
Right after Community WOD I have an OLY Class where we worked on Snatch Push Press and Overhead Squats (OHS). I suck at both but really put some effort out there and improved overall. Bonus is that I PR’d my OHS by 15lbs! I went from 75lb OHS to 90lb OHS! After my Push Press PR and my OHS PR I was feeling pretty good. I haven’t had much luck in that dept so it felt good knowing I’m improving.

7/23/12 WOD

7/23/12 WOD

After the workouts on Saturday I did nothing but sleep and eat poorly. This added to the week worth of vacation POOR eating, I knew I was in for it Monday Morning! And I was really in for it because it was 6 week test of CINDY! Six weeks ago I posted about weaksauce Cindy and that was after one weekend of bad eating, what will 9 days of bad eating get me?!?

Well I started off with the green band and completed 3 rounds of Pull Ups, by the fourth round Coach gave me a blue band to add to my green band. Pull Ups were much easier but I was still dragging ass! I completed 11 rounds + 5 pull ups (green band then green with blue). 6 weeks ago I completed 6 rounds +4 pullups (green band only). Although I managed more rounds I felt shorted because I ended up using more bands but ah well.

7/24/12 WOD

7/24/12 WOD

See I didn’t gibber jabber on too much. I was short and sweet and now about to be caught up for the week! This morning was one of those mornings that I knew I didn’t want to show up for at all. One mile run was part of the WOD and I didn’t want to do it. Sleep sounded so much better! Like a good little (well not so little) girl I unwillingly drug my butt up to the box. We worked on Back Squats adding 5lbs to our previous weight we worked on last. I’m up to 115lbs. 3 sets of 5 and although I could do the weight I always struggled on the last rep of each set! My IT band/knee bursae is/are so inflammed from eating poorly it’s sickening. It hurts so bad but I gotta push through. Been eating better for most of yesterday and all of today. It just takes time I know and I’m not going to beat myself up mentally over it. My body feels the effects just fine and it sucks!

MetCon: One Mile Run, then 3 minute AMRAP of Dead Lifts at 75lbs. So ya running, bleh! Slowest mile I’ve run in a very long time. 10:07! WTH. The guys are way faster and I was just left to my own devices of going SLOW! I didn’t even realize how slow my pace was until I got back inside. I had no time to cry about just do Dead Lifts. 75lbs isn’t so heavy so I knew I could get a good chunk in. I did 22 unbroken then broke down to sets of 10. All this poor eating has left me winded. I can’t breath. And I want to cry! In the end I completed 63 Dead Lifts. Here’s hoping that the rest of the whiteboard doesn’t blow me away. Well I know the run sucked but hopefully I made up for it in DLs!

So there ya have it. 9 day recap. Hopefully I told enough without you begging for more and in turn hopefully I didn’t bore the hell out of you. It’s Tuesday! SMILE! Maybe? Nah… I just want the ocean around me again and nice temps. Be awesome!

OMG it’s MONDAY again? Forever, Every 7 days? Seriously?

Yup as always Monday is here for your regularly scheduled programming.
I have no food reports for y’all just a bunch of BOOM BOX fun!

This past Saturday was probably by far the most random and fun Community WOD we’ve had. After a proper warm up we had some TIRE fun. There have been two tires propped up near the door of the BOOM BOX for a few months and we have yet to use them, until Saturday. They finally got broke in and so did we! We had some relays of flipping and rolling the nasty ass tires and boy did we get DIRTY!!! It was fun though. After our relay races we did a partner WOD. One person held a handstand (wall assisted) while the other person ran sprints. I’m not sure of yardage but it was close to 100 yds. So we had to run a total of 8 100yd sprints. Once the teammate holding handstand could no longer hold, runner had to stop and wait for handstand teammate to take their position in running. The runner then had to get into a handstand before the new runner could start! I figured I could hold a handstand forever but my teammate looked like was ready to stop running so I told her we could switch. I wish I hadn’t! Running sucked! It was already getting warm for the day and wow sprinting/running/jogging was no bueno! My partner had a hard time catching her breath in a handstand hold so she had me stop. I thought to myself is it really that bad? Answer: YES it’s really that bad trying to catch your breath upside down!!! WE ended up finish 2nd or 3rd out of about 7 teams. Not too bad! Way to go Andrea!!!

And we weren’t done yet! It was time for some good ol’ RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT action but with LUNGES forward and backward. We only went 50 yds but it felt like forever! Keeping in line with elementary school playground games we moved on to SIMON SAYS. Our first SIMON was a little ridiculous with the movements and probably had NEVER played the game so he got over-ruled. We started off doing air squats, pushups, burpees, sprinting and that drew the line. So Coach took over. We moved onto more simple things like jumping jacks, coordination tests, etc. I didn’t last long cause I’m a bad student! It may not sound like we’ve done a lot but all those little movements really started adding up.

We finished off the Community WOD with some ULTIMATE MED BALL! I’ve played this once before and it was a BLAST! This second time around was still fun but stupid HOT. If you haven’t guessed ULTIMATE MED BALL is like ULTIMATE FRISBEE but with a 10lb medicine ball. Our team lost but we I still had lots of fun. I hope everyone else did too. We were a HOT GRIMEY MESS to top it off 🙂 Fun times.

Post Community WOD I had an OLY class to attend, still at the BOOM BOX just back inside. If you have the opportunity to sign up for an OLY class then do so. It really helps just to continuously going over proper mechanics, doing warm ups just for the OLY lifts, etc. Although 65lbs isn’t a HEAVY SNATCH. For me it was a PR cause I have this teeny tiny HUGE MONSTROUS fear of dropping under the weight. I know I can lift more but I freak out mentally.


So a 10lb PR was good for me not only just for the PR but for the confidence BOOST! We also worked Clean & Jerk some and I managed a 5lb PR which was another boost. I was hoping for more but it all comes down to the DROPPING under the weight. It’s easier though to drop for a clean than it is for the SNATCH. Baby Steps indeed!

After Saturday’s fun, we vegged for the next two days which is fine. It’s super hot out, vacation is right around the corner and money needs to be saved!!! Which in fact I don’t know how to do very well… but I’m trying!

This morning was a short and mean WOD. I had already looked it up last night and knew it would/should be quick but how quick was the question. First off was MAX REP PUSH UPS in a minute times 3! We partnered up so we could have a counter which is great because even though it’s not ending up being a lot of reps it’s one less thing to think about. My first round I busted out 31 push ups. These are full blown chest touch the ground at the bottom and arms lock out at the top push ups. Not your knees on the ground, half ass drop halfway and try to pump out baby push ups. We got a rest as our partner had to do their round but it wasn’t enough rest! Sure enough my second round was 22 push ups. And my 3rd round was 19, maybe 20, I didn’t confirm and I lost count. My triceps died on me. It sucked!

But the suck wasn’t over, we had 3 rounds of 15 air squats, 12 burpees and 9 pullups for the MetCon. We all know this will be short and BRUTAL but again how short would it be. I was really disappointed in my time of 7:13 but not being able to do pull ups doesn’t help. It takes time to get your feet in the bands and by the time you’ve done that you want to rest before you even get your first pull up in. I did my first 9 in a good time (I think) but my 2nd and 3rd rounds of pull ups were horrid. We’ve already killed our upper body with approximately 70 pushups for time and now we’re killing ourselves with burpees and pull ups! It was good though. You never realize how hard those simple movements can be when you are doing them as fast as POSSIBLE!!!

All in all it was a good weekend, good day at the box this morning and I got in a good 20 minutes of post WOD mobility! You can never have too much mobility work! Check out http://www.mobilitywod.com/ for a plethora of videos in regards to mobility.

Have a less than Manic Monday. Enjoy your day. Hip Hip Hooray for a 4 day week even though my holiday falls on WEDNESDAY! SHEESH! Thanks 4th of July for falling on a Wednesday 🙂