Yay Friday!

Silly boys…couldn’t stay awake this morning!

As you can see we are a sleepy people today! But it’s FRIDAY! My kids are nuts! Who falls asleep leaning on the fridge like that? Geesh! And my youngest dead on the chair. It was a good laugh this morning though!

I was so exhausted from yesterday as soon as I laid in bed I was out! My alarm was going off this morning and I seriously thought it was Saturday. It took me a few minutes to realize it wasn’t and that I had to get moving fast! And it’s hard to go fast when all your muscles have melted to the bed. I’m not a morning person but I’m a good morning person as in once I start moving, I’m UP. When I’m sleep deprived I drag a bit but other than I’m awake.

At the BOOM Box it was all about preparing for the our Competition next week. We were doing one of the WODs that our team will have to do at Europa. But before that we worked on our Skill/Strength which was TABATA Handstand Holds. TABATA is where you do work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat over the course of 4 minutes. The idea is that you will put in more work with those 10 sec breaks than you would if you did work for an entire 4 minutes. With handstand holds this holds true. I know I could not hold a handstand straight for 2:40. The 6th and 7th round were weak for me. My wrists started killing me. I probably on stayed up for 15 seconds on the 7th round but fought hard to stay up on the 8th round. Definitely KILLER on the wrists.

8/10/12 WOD

MetCon: Team Effort 50 Back Squats per person for time. For the upcoming competition the WOD is 200 Backsquats, 50 per person for time. Kicker is you can’t put bar down. Your team has to hold the weight and change plates between male and females. Well there were only 2 of us this morning so we weren’t able to hold the bar for each other so we modified. We had to add/subtract weight while person held the bar across their back. Then the person holding the weight could rack it for next person. It wasn’t too bad for us, we just had to take on and off 10lb plates each time we switched. My teammate Ahmad busted out 25 reps right away. When he was done, I was like I dont’ think I can do that many. So I did 15 at 95lbs. Then we knocked them out in 10’s for two turns. He only 5 to go and then it was all me to finish out 15. So I did 3 sets of 5. While I rested, Ahmad and Coach held the weight. The last 15 sucked. Fatigue sets in bad. I already have wonky hips and that weakness was a long gone thought because the back was yelling at me to stop! I feel fine now of course but at that moment I did not want to finish! Time: 10:27

Last Night’s Outdoor WOD
I really didn’t know what I should do. I don’t want to do anything insane but I do want to get some work put in. After flipping through the XFit App, Jonas and I ended up doing our own little combo. After a jog around the fields we did 10 rounds of 3 Tuck Jumps, 3 Squats and 3 Broad Jumps. It doesn’t sound like much but all those JUMPS will take you out! I don’t have a good time for this because my MOUTHY teenager was being, well was being a teenager. So we had some points where we weren’t doing the movements. I finished under 6 minutes but had I not stopped I might have finished under 4 minutes. WHO KNOWS! After that we did 5 rounds of Baby Suicides. I say baby because it wasn’t a long distance and we had 3 lines to run back and forth from. We rested 1 minute between each round. The sprints took us anywhere from 25-30 seconds. By then we were drenched and walked/jog back to our chairs. Chugged a lot of water and then sat back and watched practice.

I won’t be doing an outdoor WOD tonight because I feel like 3 evenings of extra work is good for me at the moment. Plus we have a COMMUNITY WOD at the BOOM Box and I have an OLY Class after that! Better rest and recover this evening.

Food Intake Evaluation

You all know I whine and cry about all my FAILS when I don’t do so hot or I feel like I’m not improving like I feel I should. Well Ernie has to live with it! And he really thinks that my performance boils down to I don’t eat enough food and I disagree. I eat even when I’m not hungry just to fuel my body because I know it needs it. We decided I should talk to Grant (Coach) and see what he thinks. I went over with him my typical day of eating and he didn’t seem to think I didn’t eat enough but that I should add more fat to my meals, i.e. avocado. For example here is a “typical” day in my life. It’s a little more exciting than what you read but I’m not going to go into super detail and bore you. Just know my food is tasty and I like eating!
5 a.m. – BOOM BOX
6:30 a.m. – Eat  1-2 eggs and some fruit, sometimes some sort of animal
9:45 a.m. – Eat 1-2 hard boiled eggs, 2 pieces of pork belly, sometimes a veggie or fruit
1:00 p.m. – Animal, Veggies, sometimes fruit
4:00 p.m. – Green apple with Almond Butter (Yummo)
9:00 p.m. – Animal, Veggies

This schedule is pretty much the same M-F. Saturday and Sunday is less structured. So with that said I will add more fat in. I also know I could add more veggies, so that’s a goal as well.  He also suggested if I’m not hungry in the morning to just eat a bigger breakfast and skip the mid morning snack. We’ll see how it goes.

Breakfast this morning ツ

Hooray for FRIDAY! If you’re local come and play with us at CrossFit Boom – 9am! If you’re not then go to the park and play. Whatever you do, I hope it’s fun. Have a great weekend and Be full of AWESOME!

Rest Day Ramblings

It’s my rest day but I wanted to chit chat via blog rambling to myself and to you the readers if I can hold your interest at all.

Simple Dinners!
I’m just guessing but I would think most people have the excuse of I don’t have time to do everything. Therefore the drive thru it is or even some microwavable turd of a dinner. I’m guilty of it too. I have 3 BOYS! I’m guilty less now more than ever but YES I am a guilty party. I’m tired, I’m over it, blah blah blah, Chif-fil-A here I come. Taco Bell it is. (NOTE: I still eat clean unless I testify otherwise but I force my kids to eat like crap sometimes cause I’m being lazy) And just last night I proved to myself that although the fast food can be fast and easy we all know it’s not healthy and it’s just not worth it!

Kids have practice at 6pm so they only have time to get a snack in them like Almond Butter and Apple Slices and then we don’t get home till 8:45ish. It is a circus in our house. But the past couple of nights I have been Johnny on the spot in getting nutritious, clean meals to my kids bellies. And it only takes a little advanced preparation and some random throwing crap good stuff together. On Sunday I made meatloaf for dinner. Instead of one loaf, I made 2. Voila instant protein for Monday night dinner. I didn’t have enough Mashed Cauliflower to go with it but I had zucchini and made Zucchini Latkes. This is quick and easy and gave my kids enough to fill them up. They each had a KIWI for dessert!

Last week I made meat sauce for zucchini pasta and had an overflow so I froze it up and used it for the kids dinner last night. I shredded up more fresh zucchini and sauteed it a bit in some coconut oil along with some salt, pepper and thyme. Added my heated meat sauce and BAM easy dinner. I didn’t have enough zucchini for Ernie and I but I had Kale! I heated up some pork fat in a pan, did a quick sautee of the kale. All the while I had leftover roasted chicken which I heated up in coconut oil along with mushrooms. Added my kale and BOOM a really yummy dinner for Ernie and I.

Yes it was all leftovers but it didn’t taste like leftovers. With some fresh foods added and the leftover food re-created it was all yummy. And took me 20 minutes to knock out each night. It also helps to be creative with spices!

Also know that if you have chicken to cook but don’t want to bake it FOREVER then just cut it up and sautee it. It cooks in a fraction of the time as baking it or grilling it does. Just don’t over cook it! Add some veggies on the side and you’ll be rockin and a rollin.

In addition to finding simple meals YOU need to start moving. I may scare some of y’all with all the CrossFit terms and the extra workouts but it’s not a scary world out there. I watch Chris Powell’s Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition, and if you’ve seen it you know how it goes. He picks a desperate truly OBESE person to help out over the course of a year. He has the same opening routine for them all. He puts them through a FIGHT or FLIGHT workout.

If you’ve never worked out then the stuff he puts them through will hurt. Hell it will hurt those that moderately work out. Picking up weights heavier than 10lbs is gonna hurt. But your body will do so much more than your brain will tell you that you can do. And he shows that person that they will live through it even if they think that they can not. He works with these people on their levels and helps them push through mental and physical barriers for 3 months. He is not always nice but deep down these people know they need the tough love. Then he leaves them to their own where they have to do it on their own for the rest of the year. He checks in on them but he doesn’t have that daily interaction. Some struggle more than others but they all learn and grow.

We all aren’t so morbidly obese as the folks on the show are and we don’t all have that person in our face, in our home and in our lives so we have to take it upon ourselves to do it. And for most of us even if we did have someone telling us what to do we probably wouldn’t listen. Hell so many people ask me HOW I DO IT, or WHY I DO IT and it appears I amp someone up but then I see them in the same ol’ routines or even worse. I can’t make anyone take it on. It takes YOU and only YOU to make the change. I didn’t start out without a support system. I was doing my best to eat right, get up and workout daily and there Ernie was stuffing his face with Sonic, Chic-Fil-A, Braums, etc. It sucked. I smelled all this yummy badness but had to persevere on my own for my own good. I was thinking about my future and my health. A few months later Ernie did come on board and blew my “GOOD HEALTH” out of the water with this Paleo nonsense! I then followed suit and we make a good PALEO team (for the most part).

It’s awesome if you have a support system but not everyone does so you have to make a support system for yourself. Plan rewards for yourself; make new friends with the same goals; write your own blog (wink wink), find a fitness forum; find an online buddy if you need to do so. JUST START DOING IT ALREADY. Don’t let that wedding or upcoming birthday party delay your start. Start now and deal with whatever upcoming social event when you get to it. It’s not going hurt you to start a path to good health.

But Stephanie I’m happy with myself just the way I am! I’m no expert but I find it rare that someone who says they “could/should” lose weight but don’t “care” because they are “happy” just the way they are lying to themselves and everyone else. Also those who aren’t in need of weight loss but are in need of good health saying they are slender already, I’ll be fine, but will you? You may be a kind caring soul with a happy heart but physically are you happy. So I’m talking to all walks of life from the anorexic to the overweight, to the addicts or to the uneducated. Being overweight (unless a real health concern like thyroid issues) is just as much a sickness as anorexia or even addiction to drugs and alcohol. If you saw a frail disappearing girl that’s starving herself to death you might judge her quicker than you would judge someone who is 50lbs overweight. WHY? I have no idea but our society tends to accept that someone who is overweight doesn’t have similar types of body issues as those are wasting away. People with addiction to food, or alcohol or whatever all are similar in some regard. Again I’m no Dr., nor do I claim to be. I just take in what I see, what I grew up with, what I learn and where I see our society going and take it all in. Yes I am making my own assessments but it doesn’t take a super genius to figure it out. We can see that kids are bigger than EVER and more and more people are diagnosed with disease and more and more pills are being shelled out to FIX all these “bad” things that are suddenly plaguing us. It’s the quick fix. It’s the drive through, the magic microwave, the boxed food with all those chemicals and then we top it off with a cocktail of prescription medications to lower all the bad things that are elevated! Are you kidding me people?

Do you break a sweat walking 100 yards? Does it hurt to get out of bed in the morning? Do you have constant health issues? Migraines, High Blood Pressure, Joint Pain, etc? I’m telling you it’s about food intake, exercise and proper sleep. You can still enjoy life. Eating clean isn’t a death sentence. Feeling GOOD is a future. Getting endorphins flowing from exercise is a new way to happiness – A way better happiness than from getting high off of eating really tasty “bad” food that in the end always leaves you down in the dumps.

No I don’t look like this girl, not even close. I don’t know with my age, shape, etc that I could ever look like her BUT I feel pretty awesome none the less! I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, STRONGER than I’ve ever been and I feel great 99% of the time. The other 1% is girly moments, really sore muscle moments and the occasional STREP THROAT infection that I hope never happens again!

Last Night’s Outdoor WOD
Whew, my ramble took it’s own path. So let me close with my evening fun from last night. DEATH by 10 METERS! The DEATH part sounds scary but the 10m well, it doesn’t sound harsh but it gets ya. I had my youngest help me out with the clock since he didn’t have practice last night. He’s a very encouraging kiddo and even though I’m sucking wind and wanting to pass out, he’s totally telling me I’m doing good and getting faster and just being the best. If you don’t know what Death BY anything means then I’m here to tell you. My apologies to those of you who know and have read it 89787687 times. You start your clock and run 10m for the first minute. On the next minute you run 10m x 2. The next minute 10m x 3 and so forth. You keep adding 10m each minute until you can not fit the amount in the 1 minute. So if you are on your 13th round but it takes you longer than 1 minute to complete your score would be 12. Because the last minute you completed was 12. And the 13th round was just bonus work. (You can do this with any movement like squats, burpees, push ups, pull ups, etc.)

It’s such a short distance and it does get old and little bit of dizzy inducing. But it’s not easy! I completed 14 rounds and was so close to 15 but just didn’t have anything in me. Including my not completed 15th round, I sprinted 1190m! It adds up fast.

After some rest and water, I ended up throwing the football around. It’s not intense work but I was still on my feet moving. It was a good evening!

Have you had enough of me already? Or did I spark a fire from within? Either way, I got some of what I feel/think out. I get lost in my own thoughts as you can probably tell just from reading. It’s hard to communicate it all at once but rather than go crazy every post I save it for ever couple of weeks/months. I’ll be back to the regular scheduled programming tomorrow. Have an AWESOME day!

Curse You Curtis P’s …

and 60 Plyo Push Ups and 30 Burpees! Ha! Walked into the Boom Box this morning to a new set up and it is Very Nice! New Rogue Rig right down the middle. It’s like Christmas at the Box.

Back on topic … so this morning on the whiteboard was Shoulder Mobility (much needed) and a chipper from hell (much need as well although I didn’t want to admit it)!

MetCon: 30 Curtis P’s (65lbs), 60 Plyo Push Ups and 30 Burpees. The last time I did Curtis P’s my knee was a little wonky and I did a modified version. Today however I was ready to do full on movement and boy did it HURT, PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY! It was a big struggle for me.

8/7/12 WOD

For those of you in need of a description here goes it: Power Clean the bar, Lunge forward with each leg holding bar in Front Rack position and then press bar overhead; rinse and repeat. Woooo those lunges are killer! I was happy to knock out 5, then 3’s and 2’s from there on out till 30. But wait there’s more! 60 Plyo Push Ups! So here’s the deal. I have a 35lb bumper plate in front of me. The 35lbs plate is probably 3-4 inches high. You start with one hand on plate and one hand on ground. You then push up and move hand on plate over to ground and hand on ground to plate for the next push up. Keep going to 60. After doing 30 presses, my body just didn’t want to do all those push ups. Today I literally wanted to cry. BUT WAIT…. THERE’S MORE! Burpees. By now Coach is encouraging me to finish under 20 minutes. I really wanted to quit at that point. There is no way I’m gonna hit that mark. I mentally fell apart. I felt every sore muscle and I let my mind focus on all the negative. I’ve never sucked so bad at doing burpees till today. Coach was really trying to get me to focus and although I finished I know I could have finished stronger and sub 20 minutes. I missed the mark though and finished 20:44. I’m having a hard time typing right NOW as a result of my shoulders being dead. I just want to lay down. Seriously! I’m thinking there may not be an Outdoor WOD tonight!

Last Night’s Outdoor WOD
Jonas bailed on me yesterday. He has this dry cough and said he wasn’t feeling well… “Mom, Can I sit this one out?” Blah Blah Blah, Yes sit this one out son. Whatever! Hahah. This was prime opportunity for me to follow suit and sit this one out right along with him. But I pressed on! I took a warm up jog around the fields (approx 5 min), then headed over to basketball courts. I just pulled this WOD out of thin air and it ended up being good work. I started at one end of the courts and did 5 burpees, ran to the other end (I was estimating this was 25yds) and did 4 burpees. I ran back and forth till I was down to 1 burpee. Not a lot I know but from there I did 10, 9, 8, etc of Butterfly Sit Ups in the same pattern. When I got down to 1, I then finished with push ups starting at 6. All said and done I did 15 burpees, 55 Sit Ups, 21 Pushups and Ran 475 yds with a time of 7:55. Finished off with a short run back to my chair and I felt good! Woooo!

Like I just said there probably won’t be a 2nd workout today but ya never know. I’m a crazy one and I just might not be able to help myself. I enjoy working out but I’m ok with it. There are worse things I could be doing!

Anyhoo…. have a FAB TUESDAY! Challenge yourself to do something new, try a new food, run a little farther. Go outside your comfort zone! BE AWESOME!