TGIF For Real! It’s been a LONG WEEK!

Finally made it to Friday! I wasn’t sure that I would but alas it is here. I totally lied about not making dinner last night. I had to drop some stuff off at a friends house and they don’t live far from Whole Foods. I got to swing by and pick up some fresh beef and bacon before I headed home. Yay for me!

But first let me talk about today’s WOD. I really had a hard time getting up this morning. I typically wake up on my short drive but this morning was HARD. I was dragging bad! We dedicated some time to practicing Muscle Ups. I know I shouldn’t say I won’t ever get them but dang it FEELS like I will never get to that point. It seems like it should be so easy. And they look like fun. I just don’t have it. That’s all there is to be said. It’s definitely a goal though. How will I ever compete in a top level event without MUs? 😦

1/27/11 WOD

Our MetCon changed a little from the picture… well it changed alot! Ha! We did do the Plyo Push Ups but we did V-UP situps instead of flutter kicks and we did Snatch Balance instead of KNEE JUMPS. Why I can’t do Knee Jumps is beyond me. It doesn’t LOOK hard but I could not get my big butt up. My kids however make it look easy! Dang kids. Anyways the MetCon was a 15 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). I managed to complete 10 rounds and get 4 push ups into the 11th round. Not bad I suppose. That’s 124 pushups people! My upper body is DEAD!

Once I caught my breath post WOD and post mobility right before I walk out the door I decide to bust out my jump rope. We are having a Double Under Challenge in March. Who can do 100 consecutive DUs and if more than 1 person achieves them then who can do more! Hahah, I’m in it to win it folks. So like I said, I bust out my rope and just GO. I got on roll and then got excited then let my brain get in the way but I got 49 in a row. WOOOOO! I’m so excited! That may not be a lot for some but for me that was big jump. And that made my Friday 🙂

Moving on to dinner last night: I didn’t buy anything fancy or make this amazing culinary delight but it was tasty and did it’s job. I’ve been buying sirloin tip steak – it’s not the “best” cut but it’s grass-fed and it’s not as spendy as the other quality cuts. I know I should marinate it for several hours if not overnight but I’m crunched for time so we make due. I sliced it up as thin as I could with the tools that I have and threw it in a gallon zip lock bag. I tossed in some olive oil, garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper. I had sliced up one steak and put my oldest to shaking the bag and pretty much massaging the steak while I cut up the other piece. I had him do this for a good 15 minutes. I think it really helped the meat tenderize a bit. I threw it in a pan, sauteed for a couple of minutes and only a couple because I did not want it overcooked. It turned out pretty alright.

Not a BEAUTIFUL pic but HEY at least I remembered to take one!

I had purchased parsnips over the weekend with intentions of mixing them up with cauliflower but I never got around to that. I’ve never eaten a parsnip so I had no clue what to expect. I peeled them and chopped them up. Boiled them in chicken broth with onions and garlic till they were tender. Drained them but kept the broth for later. Threw parnsips, garlic and onion in the food processor and let it get all blended up. I added about 3 TBS of butter, 1/4 cup of reserved broth, salt and pepper. Ended up with a nice consistency more mash potato like than Cauliflower. Parsnips are sweeter than I expected but also have a spice to them. I couldn’t decide on the best word to describe it. It’s just a weird little bite. Still good and different than everything else. I’ll have to experiment more with them. But you should definitely try out some parsnips. 🙂

Have a FIERCE FRIDAY! Make it worthwhile. SMILE! See y’all on Monday 😀