Holy SNIKES, It’s ThunderSnow!


And in Texas we don’t just get one or the other in the form of elements falling from the sky. Nope we get SLEET, RAIN, THUNDER, SNOW. ThunderSnow is what they were calling it on the radio and I like it! And it was mucho frio (cold) this morning at the BOOM Box. It was still above 40° in the box but soooo much colder feeling knowing pellets of ice are falling from the sky. And I’m pretty sure the bars are much heavier when it’s cold :/ right? Can I get someone to confirm that? Thanks!

Skill/Strength: Snatch/OHS
We went through all the PVC warm ups and all the Bar warmups and then worked on Snatch technique because it was in the MetCon for the day. I did a handful that I felt were right. The rest of them just felt weird. I started off with gloves because the BAR is COLD! But that’s not natural feeling so I threw those off, taped up my thumbs and felt a little more confident that way. Eh I gotta do this no matter what so just deal with it.

1/15/13 WOD

1/15/13 WOD

MetCon: 12 minute AMRAP of 10 HSPU OR 30 HR Push Ups and 5 Power Snatches (65lbs)
Well, Well, Well, I was not expecting a X3 modification. 30 Push Ups in lieu of Handstand Push Ups. That took up plenty of time as my shoulders fatigue fast. I was looking at the clock but it wasn’t registering in my brain. When I finished my first 30 I just expected to SNATCH that bar but I failed like 3 times before I got it up. So drained. I fought through the best I could but I ended up muscling up the weight up more than anything. I felt that my hands were not cooperating with me and I just might let go of the bar or something. Silly I know. I’m not willing to just let the bar go, but my grip was not confident. I finished 4 rounds and got 1 lonely Push Up in.

Whole30 Days 13 & 14
I finally purchased Sunflower Butter and have been eating it sparingly to use as a fat with my meals. For lunch I just dipped a carrot in it and it was pretty delicious. Got home for dinner and went into prep mode. Cooked up some Steak, Sweet Potato Chips and Asparagus. All the while I did more Cauli-Rice experimenting. Trying a creamy mushroom idea. Cooked it, did not taste it but brought it for lunch so we’ll see! Crossing fingers it’s good cause it’s a good portion of my lunch!

1/14/13 Lunch: Roast Chicken, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Carrot with Sunflower Butter

1/14/13 Lunch: Roast Chicken, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Carrot with Sunflower Butter

1/14/13 Dinner: 12oz Steak of which I only ate half, Sweet Potato Chips (cooked in Ghee) and Asparagus with Olive Oil Drizzle

1/14/13 Dinner: 12oz Steak of which I only ate half, Sweet Potato Chips (cooked in Ghee) and Asparagus with Olive Oil Drizzle

Mood: I woke up without alarm and felt great! But sadly I forced myself back to sleep for 15 minutes! I know I know, I shouldn’t do that but mentally I felt I needed that sleep but my body knows better. Argh. I’ll get better I promise. Except losing the motivation to prep and prepare food constantly I’m still riding the Happy Train. I can’t say this crappy weather doesn’t deter my feeling great, cause it does but I know physically I feel good.


After watching just a little bit of Biggest Loser, I wanted to throw It Starts With Food at every contestant and to the NUTRITIONIST lady as well. I’m almost finished with the book, HOORAY. Again I’m glad they are starting somewhere in regards to finding good health and fitness, but if I took a shot everytime she said eat healthy WHOLE grains, I would of been drunk off my ass. Now I haven’t had alcohol in almost 2 years now, so I wouldn’t really be taking shots but HOLY COW I wanted to punch the lady in the face.

That’s it for today! Have a CHILLY Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! Be Awesome!


Tore Up!

From the FLOOR UP! My apologies for being MIA. With that said I should have taken another REST day cause I am SMOKED! So I didn’t post anything for y’all on Friday because I didn’t hit up the BOOM Box till that evening. And my weekend was swamped. I also didn’t get to BOOM yesterday morning cause my body was still trying to recover from Friday! It’s a short week I know, no time to be missing but I hope to make Monday up tomorrow! And what was waiting for me this morning was pure insanity. I should have stayed in bed!

Let us first recap FRIDAY! In my slackerness I forgot to take a picture of the board. Well it wasn’t so much slackerness, the Metcon just wiped me out and I was a bit delirious and TORE UP! I can’t express in words how beat down I was mentally and physically!

11/16/12 Skill/Strength: Floor Press 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
Since I was working out in the evening I was definitely awake and not dragging as much. Whenever we do singles like this Coach definitely wants us to push our 1RM. I’ve never really recorded a 1RM. After looking back I had a 5RM at 75lbs at some point managed to get 85lbs in. On Friday I wasn’t sure. So I started at 75lbs and worked my way up. By my 4th round I was at 95lbs. That wasn’t so bad and now I know that’s a PR. My partner Jennifer, who is crazy strong, jumped up to 105lbs for her last rep and encouraged me to jump up too. For a second I thought I had it but I just couldn’t muster the bar up. I don’t know if I would have got 100lbs but that was my last rep. I know next time I will get it!

MetCon: 15 minute AMRAP of 1 Power Clean (115lbs), 5 Deadlifts (115lbs)
Same thing here not knowing for certain what my 1RM was for PowerClean. I know it’s less than 115 and Coach wanted us to go heavy. After warming up, I worked my way up to 105lbs. AFTER looking it up today, I’ve documented myself in an OLY class at 105lbs so that’s what I got. I did attempt 115lbs but that didn’t work out!

I was stoked for the AMRAP to start. I got that bar up, 105lbs for the Deadlift is pretty light and then the 2nd round was WOMP WOMP! I struggled for the first 4 rounds trying to clean the bar and wasted a lot of time freakin out in my brain. So coach had me drop to 95lbs and that was much easier but by then I’d wasted so much time I was mentally DEFEATED! And my back was smoked and so was every other part of me! I ended up with 19 rounds. That my friends is 19 Power Cleans and 95 Deadlifts! Little did I know this would slowly kill me all weekend.

It didn’t help that I had to drive to Oklahoma City the following morning at 5am and back after our football game on Saturday. SITTING is NO BUENO for the back. On Sunday I wasn’t feeling much better at all and by the time Monday morning rolled around it still hurt to much to roll out of bed.

11/20/12 WOD
This morning it wasn’t painful to get out of bed but I knew KAREN with some added running was waiting for me. I mean really KAREN, I don’t know anyone that wants to do that. 100% of me wanted to call it a day and not show up but I know better and I drug my pathetic self in. Before KAREN we worked on Power Snatch. Mostly we worked on technique. If you know anything about this lift then you KNOW it’s all about technique!!! I think towards the end I was feeling good with it but I only stayed at 55lbs.

11/20/12 WOD

MetCon: Red Gate Run, 150 Wall Balls, Red Gate Run
Post WOD Coach made a comment about my 10lb MED BALL. YA I probably should have used the 14 pounder but have I told you I’m TOAST?!!?? My back, my legs, my HIPS! So if I was going to survive the RUNNING and the WALL BALLS then 10lbs it was gonna be! My run sucked. I could feel every step in my back. Then my hips, then a side stitch! I felt pitiful. It took me about 9 minutes to go about 3/4 miles! That is HORRIBLE! Then we gotta chip away at wall balls. It took about 4 rounds of 10 before the side stitch went away or maybe I finally blocked out the pain. I did 15 sets of 10 with the wall balls. It took me a little over 10 minutes, I’m not sure on the exact time. Then the RUNNING! My legs were dead, my back is more dead, my hips are on FIRE. I’ll be honest, I walked most of that last run. It was terrible. Time: 32:25 SUCKY but hey at least I showed up despite all my desire not to show up! Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I’m guessing it will be brutal.

In other news: It’s kinda sorta my 1 YEAR BLOGGING BIRTHDAY! I started this bad boy on Nov. 18th, 2011 and looky looky I’m still here. Sometimes a bit boring or a bit cry baby and sometimes a bit BAD ASS AND AWESOME, whatever it is you all have shared my journey and I THANK YOU ALL for sticking with me. Hopefully I’m some sort of inspiration or even comedic entertainment to everyone. Even if I’m not I’ll still be here, typing away day in and day out! Let’s hope I get better at this in the next year!

Food News: I SUCK. The end.

I hope everyone has been doing well. I feel lost not being on my best blogging behavior! We are swamped with football which by the way is going great! WE are 1 game away from the National Championships in Florida! Wooooo. GOOO THUNDER!!! You can donate here if you are in the giving spirit! Other than that just BE AWESOME and have a beautiful day!!!