I don’t REALLY need my legs do I?

Welcome Welcome. It’s Monday. My least favorite day. And today at the BOOM Box… lots o’ fun! Coach was probably thinking we don’t need our legs.


The Metcon was 75 BOX JUMPS and 150 yds of LUNGES. And don’t you think you can short yourself on those lunges. Full range is a must or why bother even doing it. Although you do fatigue and you just wish the lunges were over. The box jumps were 20″ and I think I took more time trying to figure out how to be springy vs. knocking them out for time. The idea is to stay on the ground as little as possilbe. Rest on top of the box. It’s not natural for my brain to think this way but I really worked at it or at least I felt like I did. I about face planted into some rowers as I finished my last rep and jumped forward off the box. My legs were a little wonky for sure. Lunges were just miserable. My IT band doesn’t help and my right hip got to burning. I didn’t stop though, just kept on trucking. Finished at 10:56 :/

For the Skill/Strength we worked on strict pullups. I still suck at pullups but it is what it is… one day I will be AWESOME at them but for not I just have to dream of AWESOME!

Overall it was a good weekend. Got some Regional Swag that Ernie brought home for me and the kiddos. It’s always fun to get presents πŸ™‚

Had some great baseball and some fantastic crawfish. All in all it was a GREAT weekend, not just good. I did eat fairly poorly in regards to sugar, bread and whatever else. But I start the 21-Day Sugar Detox tomorrow so I splurged a little knowing the next 21 days will be miserable!!!

I hope the week can be as wonderful as my weekend but there’s this thing called work… ruins everything!

Happy Monday if that’s possible!

Lightning, Thunder and PRs!

We had a nice thunderstorm going on for part of our workout today at the BOOM Box. Literally BIG BOOMS from overhead! And BIG BOOMs for some PRs today. Ok my PR wasn’t big but it’s a PR right?!?


Our skill strength was Back Squats 5, 3, 1+ which means more MATH. Thank goodness for calculators πŸ™‚ So I had 115lbs, 130lbs and 145lbs. Well Ladies and Gents that last 1+ is already 5 lbs over my 1 RM! So it’s PR day or NO REP! I barely squeezed out that 1 rep went back down in hopes for 2 reps but it was a big FAIL! Ah well! At least I got the 1 rep. NEW PERSONAL RECORD?!? YES INDEED, I’ll take it!!! And Kudos to Melanie for KILLIN it with 6 reps for her PR at 140lbs!

The MetCon was 5 rounds of 20 situps and 12 pull ups. Well I have made progress on pullups but not enough to justify dropping to the green band only… THANK GOODNESS cause I sucked at the pull ups today! And I don’t suck at sit ups but they are way easier to do with an ABMATt. Dude I did my first two rounds without one but by the 3rd round all of us were at different stages so I swooped in on an empty abmat and it was HEAVENLY! You don’t realize how they help! I flew through situps EASY. I just wish I could say the same for pull ups. But I managed to finally make it through. What I thought was my last one was at 13:02 but since I got a no REP I ended at 13:22.

Community WOD at Stovall Park in the A.M. I fear it will be lots of running 😦 NO FUN, but we’ll see! And lets hope the RAIN stays away as well! Unless we’re running of course πŸ™‚

In other NEWS the RANGERS ARE ON FIRE!!!! I totally heart these guys!

Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

Last but not least let’s hope I get those cookies tested out this weekend πŸ™‚ Make it a great day, weekend, etc! SMILE even if you look like a big ol dork!

Mondays Still Suck BUT I GOT RANGER FEVER!

It was especially hard to get up this morning. After having a tragically disgusting toilet issue in our home last night, sleep came and went just fine but I just didn’t feel rested. The whole weekend was just that way. I slept but that rested feeling wasn’t the outcome. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the road and the week will get better.

Today was MONDAY through and through at the BOOM Box this morning. I was feeling weak during the Skill/Strength which was Front Squats. I know it’s part of it, just lettin you know I was feeling the weaksauce. I still did my part and pushed the best I could so it’s all well and fine.

4/9/12 WOD

The MetCon was another 12 minute AMRAP. I think 12 is Coach’s favorite number lately! So in 12 minutes you did as many rounds as possible of 5 pull ups, 10 air squats and 15 lunges. I know I’ve learned my lesson in thinking that could be an “easy” workout but I’m sure some of you out there are thinking that’s not so hard. Piece of cake! Right? Well you should give it a whirl. You could easily do this at a local park or at home if you have a pull up bar. Even at your GLOBO GYM. Just try it out. Hopefully you’ll push yourself and find out that it’s a doozy! I completed 9 rounds and got 4 pull ups into the next round. I also didn’t completely FAIL at pullups which is normal for me. I was pretty stoked about that. I felt pretty beat down and pretty good all at the same time. After feeling weak during Front Squats I feel like I really pushed through on the MetCon. So yay for ending on a good note.

Hamilton, Beltre and Young after Hamilton's HOMERUN! (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman)

As far as RANGER FEVER goes man oh man I have it more than ever. Since I was a kid I’ve always gone to games. We were reminiscing about those good times yesterday while eating our Easter meal with family. I was just a kid and the Rangers were not so good but we always had a good time. Now I’m grown, the RANGERS are more than not so good, THEY ARE AWESOME. They have one of the best teams out there right now in all aspects. MY TEXAS RANGERS are freaking HOT! After coming off the World Series highs and lows of last year I’m still on a Ranger high. Listening to the sportscasters talking about the team and how much fun they appear to have and how united they all seem gives me goosebumps. You can see it in the dugout, in the interviews the players give and you can feel it in the stadium. It’s magical. Baseball is MAGICAL!

Looking forward to seeing Yu Darvish make his season debut. I have good feelings about him, hopefully I’m right. Definitely wishing I could afford season tickets. One day I will, but for now it will be TV and the occasional game throughout the season.

Just so ya know, I’m not planning on making my blog a recap of games or anything (at least that’s not the plan), but YOU will probably get a few of these Ranger Fever moments from me. The season is long and I know it will not always be pretty but since I’m documenting bits and pieces of my life I might as well share a little bit of everything.

Pullups and Wall Balls, What Did I DO to Deserve this?

I’m convinced I must have pissed off my coach. LOL! I know this might be someone’s DREAM WOD, but not mine! I promise! Okay seriously I know it’s about me (or is it?) but the workouts have been geared toward a lot of my weaknesses which is great because I need to get stronger but REALLY? Pullups and Wall Balls together in one MetCon and that’s it? It’s punishment, it has to be πŸ˜€

2/9/12 WOD

So as the white boards says… 3 rounds, :30, 1:00, and 1:30 then 1 minute rest. WHAT THAT MEANS is 30 seconds of pullups, 30 seconds of wall balls, 1 minute of pullups, 1 minute of wall balls and 1:30 of pullups and 1:30 of wall balls! And 1 FAST minute of rest. Yes I’m still doubling up on band assistance for my pullups but I can clearly tell I’m getting stronger due to the fact that my first round was pretty good in my opinion. It may not be great after the rest of the day and everyone else shows up on the board but hey I was feelin good! Then round 2 happened and well I sucked! My arms/shoulders were on FIRE. Wall Balls were horrible, SUCK! Since I can not do pullups, I said I would do RX wall balls. We don’t have a 14lb med ball so RX for me is the 10lb ball at the higher wall marking (10ft I believe). I had so many no reps it wasn’t even funny. But by the 3rd round I picked it back up a little and had a better overall rep count for that round. Total: 153 … Still wondering why I’m being punished! Jokes, Jokes, I’m just being silly. It was a good WOD and I needed it.

Prior to the insanity we worked on Split Jerk. Amazingly I feel pretty good doing it. Right now it ranks as the MOST COMFORTABLE lift I’ve done. It feels right. I always feel awkward doing all the other lifts. So for now I will state I like SPLIT JERK! Hahah, that may change but ah well.

Our hoodies also came in so I was happy to get mine and rock it out today. Hell ya! I love it πŸ™‚ (pssst… the boom bear is my contribution to the art πŸ™‚ so OF COURSE I love it)


That’s really it for now. I have yet to make anything special for Vday and the kid’s classes. I have a few more days before I commit to sugary badness or paleo-ish goodness! Oh ya on another note, Ernie cooked his first chicken! Reluctantly! of course but he did it and it turned out fantastic. That’s how easy it is y’all… ERNIE CAN DO IT! Hehehe. JOKES again πŸ˜›Β  I think he’s found a new job in the kitchen! Hehehe, I know he’ll say NO but a girl can dream right?

Is it spring yet? I know we’ve had some mild temps lately but I’m ready for long sunny days. Have a bad to the bone Thursday.

FANTASTIC! from Being Primal

Woohoo it’s Wednesday! (and more yummy goodness)

I feel really good today! I think getting back on track eating wise over the past few days has greatly helped me! After the cake ball frenzy before Christmas I continued to eat stocking stuffer candies and what not. I wasn’t too over the top as I was with the pizza and cookies but it was still MORE than I should have consumed in general. And after a couple of days of CLEAN eating I’m already feeling better.

1/04/12 WOD

The BOOM Box did not fail me and I had a great WOD. We worked on kipping and pullups after our warmup. I have the kipping down pretty good considering I suck at pullups. I stole Ernie’s “hand guard” thingies (like the ones gymnasts use) and those helped me out tremendously. I’m such a wussbag when it comes to hanging onto that bar! I’m so close at getting that kipping pullup. I can taste it! I want it so badly but I guess not badly enough to practice at home! Ha! I have to make the effort to work on those at home but I just don’t 😦 So after the kipping practice we had to do 3 sets of 5 strict pullups. I managed to get a few in with just the BLUE band (smallest band there is at our box) then I doubled up blue bands and finished out the reps. It’s hard work but I AM GETTING THERE!

And the MetCon was fantastic! Did I just say it was fantastic? Wow I may have suffered a blow to the head and I don’t recall! With the exception of a few NO REPS on my wall balls, I think I did well. Did I tell you I despise wall balls? Did I also tell you they are my enemy? Hehehe, Yes I know I did, I just wanted to make sure you’re following along! So 7 rounds of 7 wall balls, 7 ring rows and 200m run on rounds 2, 4 and 6. The fatigue really kicked in after the second run. Not sure if it was the cold air in my lungs that was bringing me down or just overall loss in arm strength. Round 6 was weak, but I finished strong in round 7 for an overall finish of 8:45.

Last night Ernie started his new 7pm Box time versus waking up early and being miserable….so I had some time to myself to play with my food processor and get dinner going. The shredding disc on my processor is AMAZING! In no time I had shredded zucchini and carrots! And I loved it. The kids were rather impressed as well! Now that I have shredding down, the plan was to make faux latkes and that is what I did. They fell apart a little too easy so next time I will add more egg to hold them together. I used grapeseed oil to cook them in and the taste was nice. Not sure how “paleo” grapeseed oil is because I haven’t done much research. It’s in several recipes I used but like you know by now there are varying lines of thought on “paleo”. Overall they came out great! Along with my latkes I baked some chicken and steamed a little broccoli. A nice light dinner πŸ™‚

Dinner and testing out "latkes"

I’m a blog troll who randomly finds recipes from oddball places but I found this following recipe from Paleo Parents. I troll their blog regularly and like them on Facebook so this recipe “glowed” at me. And I knew I had to try it out.

A new treat Chocolate Banana Bites!

Dark Chocolate Banana Bites

2 bananas
5 eggs
3/4 C coconut oil
1/2 C maple syrup, we recommend Grade B
1 Tbsp vanilla
1 C almond flour (or coconut flour if you’re nut-free)
1/2 C cocoa powder
1 Tbsp cinnamon

1/2 C dark chocolate chips

Using an electric mixer or food processor, combine all of the wet ingredients (bananas should smooth out)
β™₯ In a separate bowl, combine all dry ingredients except chocolate chips
While mixing on low, add dry ingredients to wet ingredients until just combined
β™₯ Sir in chocolate chips to the dough
β™₯ Using a silicon mini muffin pan or mini muffin liners on a metal pan, scoop the dough until almost full into mini muffin pans
Cook at 350 for 10 minutes

Makes 4 dozen; store chilled and let come to room temperature before serving or eating. This is a super easy recipe and perfect for letting kids help (β™₯)!

I had a super mini muffin pan and I felt like these just weren’t very pretty but they tasted just fine! I also have a 6 count mini muffin silicone pan that I have never used and it ended up being just perfect! I had to cook those a little longer, closer to 20 minutes but truly I don’t recall. I watched them for a while but I just don’t remember the exact timing. My apologies for being a slacker. A win from the kids and a SUPER WIN from Ernie as he devoured many of the super mini bites!

I’m glad I have another “treat” in my bag of recipes.

I hope y’all have a great day. See ya tomorrow! Woooooohooooo!


See the snowman with the med ball? that's me!

Seriously. Wall balls, don’t underestimate them. I didn’t even do that many but I despise them more than ever. Maybe cause I wasn’t feeling 100% or maybe cause I just suck at them in general. I think it’s the latter of the two but if I can throw in some sort of excuse then I will cause I’m lame like that!

NOTE: I am no where NEAR built like the girl in this picture.. maybe one day I will be

I did more pullups than I did wall balls… there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that picture because I SUCK at PULLUPS too! I’m so mad at myself for doing so poorly today. REALLY REALLY just down about it. You have no idea. People bust out a lot of reps in 90 sec and I could barely do 15. Are you kidding me? All you have to do is get that damn medicine ball up and back down. Moving on I suppose. I think I’ve said WALL BALL enough times for you to want to poke your eyeballs out.

WOD 12/21/11

On a good note, I did 4 reps of my max shoulder PRESS today. WOOOOO. A whopping 65lbs! Have I told y’all I’m a wuss and only 4 months into this thing we call CrossFit? It’s true. One day I will be super strong and awesome but for now I’m just aspiring for that πŸ™‚

As far as food goes, “DAY 2, EZEKIEL BREAD FREE!” … still staying on track although I think I taste tested too much batter from the cake balls. Not a good feeling in my belly but it’s like I couldn’t help myself. I guess it’s a wash for not having ezekiel bread 😦 Probably worse, who am I kidding? NOT YOU and surely NOT ME. I have not however had a cake ball if that helps! I make the kids try them out before I send them out to the public.

Hang in there kiddos… It’s already Wednesday. Before you know it it will be 2012!