Mission: Recommit to FIT


Cheesy I know but I am on a mission. And it’s about finding my fit again. It’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve last touch based with you all! And it’s been a blur. I started off so well at getting back on track and then it all became a roller coaster of eating good, then eating bad. Up, down, up, down. Last week was a total fail of getting to the Box as baseball consumed our every fiber. My desire to eat clean flew out the window.

So with the slowing down of baseball, I hope to regain my dedication to juggling the hectic life, eating clean and working out even if I can’t make it to the Boom Box. I will, I MUST stay active but more importantly I MUST EAT better. Part of my brain wants to go balls to the wall and do a 21 day sugar detox but part of me thinks that’s not such a great idea. So I’m just gonna go with as little sugar as possible for now. Eat clean, eat paleo. If it turns out I cut out sugar completely yay me! If not, then the reduction in general should be a WIN regardless.

So hopefully I’m back for good. No more absences/hiatuses/etc. Back to finding my happy place with paleo, clean eating and CrossFit. Back to integrating it all into the crazy schedules and back to having a plan. Being prepared.

I don’t have anything super awesome to share other than the fact I must succeed at this recommitment! I should be back at the BOOM Box this evening. Debating on signing up for the OLY class since it’s now available at a time slot I can attend. We’ll see. Baby steps 🙂 I started 2013 strong but have let the past 6 months bring me down. Here’s to hoping I finish 2013 like a beast!

For now enjoy your week. Happy JULY!  Don’t forget to be AWESOME!