We made it to Friday – WHOOHOOO! And I’m so ready for a beautiful weekend full of the Boom Box and kiddo football! Which by the way if you are local (DFW) then come on out to our 9 a.m. Community WOD at CrossFit Boom! It’s a big ol’ ball of fun (pssst… it’s free too)!

This morning’s WOD only had the MetCon so I knew it wasn’t going to be purty. I figured we’d do mobility which is exactly what we did and it was exactly what I needed. After yesterdays Negative Pull Up Hangs, Ring Dips and Power Cleans my upper body was spent. I blame mostly the pull up hangs. Those were brutal.

So our whiteboard agenda this morning was: 9 Shoulder to Overhead, 15 burpees, 6 STOH, 15 burpees, 3 STOH, 15 burpees. As Heavy As Possible and UNBROKEN! Penalties for putting bar down ended up being: Take 10lbs off bar, repeat set unbroken, add 400m run at end of workout. You had to complete an unbroken set before moving on.

9/21/12 WOD

So it was suggested I give it a go at 85lbs. Fair enough, that’s heavy for me! We could push press or push jerk or whatever we needed to do to get the weight up. I did a mix of push press and push jerk as well as muscling it up like a loonball. I warmed my up to 85lbs and was ready to go. I DID complete the set of 9 and struggled through burpees. I rested a lil bit longer than I probably should have but I really didn’t want to fail at 6 reps. And sure enough I don’t think it would have mattered. I struggled on the 3rd rep and just felt I couldn’t get 3 more in. I racked my bar, dropped to 75lbs and fought through 6 reps. I really slowed down with the burpees but came back strong to do my 3 reps. I felt pretty good on those and I didn’t rush through the burpees but I didn’t drag ass either. Time: 6:46, then run, booooo running. Fortunately I only dropped the bar once.

Food note: Been eating like crap, not all the time but been letting our busy days/sad days bring me down. I finally let the tired set in and I just didn’t want to put forth the effort to prepare foods and cook them. I’m back on it once I get some good food shopping in. Overall I don’t feel a negative effect so much in my workouts but I feel it in my waistline! How sucky is that?!? Work so hard at being good month after month, then 1 week of crap and bam you physically feel like poo. Hopefully it’s more a bloating thing than a bad weight gain.

Hope your Friday is FABULOUS! and be AWESOME!! Come to the Boom Box tomorrow!

Yup, It’s Definitely A Monday

I’m feeling it on all fronts today and I’ll not bore you with it all. Instead I’ll tell you how proud I am of some of my BOOM BOX Buddies for competing this weekend at the Texas Barbell Massacre at GSX CrossFit in Fort Worth. Way to go Triston, Sherry, Kenny and Josh! Y’all did great and I hope y’all had fun!

So let’s get on with it and tell you how the BOOM Box went this morning.

Skill/Strength: Frankenstein Squat Heavy 3
I’ve never done this before and although I had a good idea of what it would be I wasn’t prepared for how awkward it would be. It’s a Front Squat with your arms extended in front of you instead of your hands being on the bar.

If you struggle with bending forward on your Front Squat then this is good work. I feared adding weight because with the bar only at a whopping 35lbs it gets your throat pretty good. I still feel like my esophagus is bent. I ended up working up to 105lbs and hitting 3 reps. We were out of time but I feel that I could have at least got to 115lbs. But not too sure, that 105 got heavy pretty quick.

9/17/12 WOD

MetCon: 2 rounds of 50 KB Swings (1 Pood), 30 Burpees, Red Gate Sprint, Rest 2 minutes
I felt pretty good on the first round of KB Swings and Burpees. Ok I lied, I felt pretty good only on the KB Swings. Managed to do those unbroken and pretty much sucked at burpees. I then further sucked on my run. The RED GATE sprint is abouta 1000m hellish run, maybe 1200m, not too sure. And again for me, not so much a SPRINT. I have no clue when I took off for my run but I fared better than I normally do on longer runs. I had a little mantra of “I’m a runner, I’m a runner” going on. I’m not a runner though and it was hard to lie to myself but I survived. I returned at 11:30. By Round 2 I was just a sad pathetic loser. I let every thought that popped up in my head slow me down. By the time I got to the run, I was done! I had mentally given up. My runner mantra was lost on the side of the road somewhere. I came back with a finished time of 27: 54. Booooooo! Tomorrow I come back with a vengeance, hahaha, errrr, I hope!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. And I truly wish your Monday is way better than mine! I’m trying here to be AWESOME but I may need some of you to pick up my slack! Thanks!

More Kool-Aid Please!

Today is the first time in a long time that I forgot to take a picture of the whiteboard! But I can tell you I think I did alright. Only time will tell. I don’t think being the first class in the AM will ever give me the upperhand but sometimes I do get a good leap on the rest of the day.

Skill/Strength: 3 rounds MAX Pull Ups. So I still can’t do a pull up and instead of using bands, coach had us do negative pull ups. That’s where you jump and hold your chin over the bar for as long as possible then as you fatigue slowly lower yourself down until you can no longer hang on. I SUCK AT THIS COMPLETELY! We had to do this 15 times. I did it just “OK” maybe 3 times. It pisses me off so bad but I know until I start hanging on the pull up bar 24/7 this movement is probably going to be the thorn in my side for quite some time :/

This kid is way TOUGHER than me!

MetCon: 10 MINUTES of 400m run, Max KB (1POOD) Swings-Russian, 400m run. The key to today’s WOD was to know how long it would take you to run the second 400m. If you left too early then you don’t BENEFIT from the workout of pushing yourself. But if you left to LATE then you would get docked 1 KB Swing for every second you go over 10 minutes! I know I didn’t want my work taken away and I know I didn’t want to look like a scared-y cat slacker. I took off on my first run and at a normal pace for me, got back around 1:48 and started my KB swings. I did as many as I could unbroken. Then just broke them down in smaller sets the best I could. Took off for my last run and returned at 9:50! How’s that for good timing!!! The KB swings are what counted for the day. I managed 125. Yay fun!

Jonas and I hope to do a park WOD this evening. I’ll be better prepared for this evening’s workout. Tuesday’s was just a fly by the seat of pants, lets make up stuff workout. I look forward to racing against my kiddo again. He’s a fighter which in turn will help me fight harder!

In other news:
Already checked in with Lahaina CrossFit and we’re ready to do work there next week! I’m excited as I’ve only visited one other box in my 10 months of being a part of this AWESOME community. And the one I did visit was for Barbells for Boobs so it was a good size event not a drop in. I’m sure it will be a good time and I’m excited! Seriously, who says that? Who says they are excited to drop in at another box? CrossFit Junkies! That’s who!

Y’all have a great Thursday! Eat Clean, Train Dirty, Be AWESOME!!!