GRACE as Prescribed

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For those of you new to CrossFit, GRACE, is a workout. 30 Clean and Jerks for time. A simple but challenging benchmark workout that will beat you down but only for a short period. This morning was GRACE for us at the Boom Box. Not what I was really feeling for my not so graceful return to the 5 a.m class, ON A FRIDAY. I was sleepy, groggy and just overall bleh, but I was still THERE!


As Prescribed is the weight that the CrossFit Powers that be think is ideal to test yourself and to retest yourself over and over again. Hence, benchmark WOD. And for the females 95lbs is the prescribed weight. Someone like me does not just pick up a 95lb bar and go. In the early days, I started at a lower weight and hoped to survive. As I got stronger, the weight went up. Today was the first day I was going as PRESCRIBED or RX as us veterans would say. And for NO reason at all I was nervous. I wanted a good time for sure but I was still just dragging ass. Hello, it’s Friday, 5 a.m., my first week back to early mornings. I wanted/needed sleep. If there was an option to just walk out the door I would have picked that option.


Last October I did Grace for Barbells for Boobs, which by the way I plan to do again (hint, hint, I will be begging for donations) this October. I went with no fuel. I had not eaten all day, walked in late, barely warmed up and went. For some reason I had it in my head I went RX last year but turns out I only went at 85lbs. I was miserable but I was under pressure to do well. It wasn’t a competition but it was a little more intense than 5 a.m Friday morning. I was so nervous this morning my stomach was starting to hurt. We got the 10 second countdown and it was time to perform. I wanted to do sets of 5, my 1RM is either 105 or 110 or 115, but I’m not really sure. 95 has become NOT HARD, but still not easy for me. This morning my biggest struggle was holding onto the bar. My shoulders were not liking me very much. So I went for 3 reps and dropped the bar. Picked it back up and on my 6th rep, I about knocked myself out as I hit my chin on the way up for the Jerk. Brought the bar back to a rack position. Stood there dazed and pissed and finished that 6th rep only to drop the bar. I made it to 9 reps doing sets of 3. This was not boding well for me. I dropped to sets of 2. But by rep 16 I was only doing 1 at a time. But guess what? This felt so much better on my shoulders and as long as I didn’t stand around staring at the wall I was going to be alright. The holding onto the bar coming back down to the ground was just not working for me today. Time: 7:03. To be honest I did it last year at 85lbs in 6:06. But I was also in better mental and physical shape. But I was still hoping to beat that time even though I went 10lbs heavier weight and I’m much more back to a starting over phase. So you know I have to have the goal that come October I will BEAT that time. And hopefully, B4B won’t be before the sun comes up 😀

8/23/13 WOD

8/23/13 WOD

Other than that we did front squats but that’s so boring! Heheh. 4 sets of 5 at 65% of our 1RM. Lucky number 95lbs! Wooo, it was just in the cards for me to work at this weight today.

In other news, I had friend come watch this morning to see if CrossFit is something that is for her. She’s scared of bulking up, which most of you reading SHOULD KNOW that’s not just going to happen. Like anyone, she has and idea of where she wants to be and of course she has a timeframe. And as most of you know I HEART the CROSSFIT and I tell everyone all the time that I do, but I have a hard time convincing people to try it out. It’s a lose/lose for me sometimes. Why? Because I’m not some super ripped amazeballs looking human. I’m average, chunky, and a goofball. So what’s the problem? Well if I was super ripped amazeballs, everyone would be intimated and not come cause they would think they would have to look like me to do it. The truth is I’m an above average OOMPA LOOMPA and people probably think … “it’s not working for this girl!” So basically I’m screwed.


At one point I was lean and was getting some definition and probably more able to convince people to try it out but today not so much. So I ask you readers, how do you get people to at least come and check it out. My friend at least made the commitment to show up at 5 a.m. to watch so that’s a start! Most people laugh at my 5 a.m. check-ins on Facebook… yes I’m that annoying person, checking in all the time! She’s still not convinced it’s for her and it may not be. And watching people throw barbells over their head is probably pretty scary. But we do other things too, that are less miserable, it’s so hard to say how it will be fun in the end and the people are awesome and to come back and give it a try and not just be on the sidelines spectating. I did get her to semi-commit to coming out tomorrow for a Community WOD. So that’s step 2. What advice do you give people to come check out CrossFit and convince them it’s not going to kill them or make them into SHE-MEN?

And that’s all I got for this fantastic Friday! And I can tell you that I’m feeling that 2nd definition of GRACE, the favor of GOD. Feeling really blessed today in family and in fitness. Hope you all have a great day and weekend. It’s Friday! Be the most AWESOME you can be.




I finally beginning to like where I’m at right now. The brain fog is clearing and energy levels are up. And I’m so excited for feeling great that I want to share everything with y’all but it’s not cohesive (cause I’m scatterbrained) and I don’t know where to start!


Reading other blogs, catching up on favorite sites, reading new articles about health and fitness are exciting again. When I’m poor poor petri, sometimes diving into all of that is more depressing and it’s easier to just ignore, ignore and ignore. Why? Because then I don’t have to feel bad about myself for being a loser. It does the opposite of motivating. But when I’m feeling good, I’m FEELING GOOD! Everything is exciting again. The light is ON! So I know that I’m probably annoying to those sitting on the couch. Those putting it off till tomorrow or MONDAY cause they messed up yesterday. And annoying I will be. Cause maybe one of you sitting on the sidelines will have that AHA moment. And if it’s just ONE then I’m okay with that. And maybe those of you already doing work but getting tired will find some new hope or outlook. And then maybe some of you just LOVE me so much you just read to read!


Where to start on all my randomness.. how about… Who watched Extreme Weight Loss last night? Mike was insanely awesome. One of the BEST participants ever. I wanna be like Mike. He got to 10% body fat! He did the work and didn’t complain or make excuses. Sure it’s not DRAMA made for TV but it was good to see someone go in focused like that and KILL it.


Also, on one of the morning shows here in DFW, a radio host proclaimed her goal of destroying CrossFit! Really? She says it ruins marriages and wanted people to call in to tell how it did ruin their marriage. Only two of the callers said it put a strain on the marriage and the other few could only proclaim it’s AWESOMENESS. If I were a caller-in kind of gal I would have probably chewed her butt out. I mean seriously? Someone having a passion for being healthy is ruining marriages. There is something much deeper than CrossFit ruining that marriage if it’s being destroyed in any sense. I know more married people and couples that do CrossFit together than anyone who is losing their relationship because of it. Totally crazy. I just have no other words.

This article is great: 3 Reasons to Get Upset About CrossFit

I also came across this Catalyst article encouraging women to lift. Some of it’s not me but I get where it could encourage women to start on it already: 10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know

Speaking of lifting. Since I started CrossFit, I learned I actually liked lifting. I had never really LIFTED weights other than dumbbells and whatever machines are staples in big, i barely went, walk past weights, drain my bank account gyms. But some days it was a chore and not fun. I had to do it because it was programmed but I wasn’t necessarily enjoying it. I have found the past couple of weeks I am really ENJOYING all of the strength work we do. I’m feeling super awesome about it each rep, set, etc… I ache less and when I do ache, I just mobilize more. But I’m feeling SOLID when I lift. Not weird or awkward. I’m even enjoying Overhead Squats which in the beginning were so miserable to work on. If only I could get some good feelings about Snatching! UGH that lift drives me BONKERS!


In other news, I’m even considering signing up for some competitions. My running endurance sucks but hopefully running isn’t a major thing in anything upcoming. One of my boxmates, Mel, suggested one but we found it had PULL UPs, so instead of just finally buckling down and working on PULL UPs we passed! LOL, such beasts we are! In all reality I need to make that a goal but for now I just wanna compete. So there are a few events in the near future and I’m hoping to throw myself out there. It’s been a year since the last time I competed. It should be fun, no, I know it will be fun. My blogging friend over at Wine to Weightlifting had a great post: 8 Reasons You Should Compete in a Crossfit Competition. Since I have already competed, I KNOW why I should do it again. But it reinspired me to actually want to do it!

And to finalize my random thoughts for today, My WOD yesterday, I KILLED IT! YAAAAA! It wasn’t like I was #1 on the board or anything but I was at least up there and with an RX!

8/13/13 WOD
TABATA Row (the goal is 1000m)
I’ve done TABATA a lot of things, but never a ROW! Should be fun. And I did find some fun in it. I’m not a good rower. But unlike running, I want to be a better rower. I do! I find some peace in it, maybe the same kind of peace that runners find in running. And I just want to be good at it. So I’m trying and I’m finding I am getting a lil better. Not leaps and bounds better, but I’m figuring out a rhythm for my OOMPA LOOMPA self. I didn’t get 1000m but I got 784. So I wasn’t horrible but I really wanted 1000m!

8/13/13 WOD

8/13/13 WOD

MetCon: 4 rounds of a 3 min AMRAP of 24 DU (mod is 12 Burpees) and 6 OHS (95,65) rest 1 min between rounds

Super Powers Activate! Double Unders. Yup, my super power. That’s the one thing I do at the box where a good chunk of folks are impressed. And I’m not SUPER GREAT at them. There are folks far more superior in our box and out of our box. But for where I stand in the world of CrossFit I’m at a good place. I want to share my super power but it’s definitely something you have to figure out on your own.


FOUR – 3 minute AMRAPS. I wasn’t sure how that was going to play out. 3 minutes isn’t a long time but it’s long enough to get work in. I just wasn’t sure where I would fall in. I was determined to go RX on Overhead Sqauts. The weight wasn’t super heavy but I figured between that and DUs my shoulders were going to fade fast. Plus Coach wanted us to do the OHS UNBROKEN so I had to will myself to stay strong. And it worked. After each set of DUs, I took a little bit of a pause so I could catch my breath, then I’d get right to it. I wasn’t popping up and down like an Elite athlete but I was getting the work done. Slow and steady. It felt like all of my first reps were wonky but once I got set, the rest of the reps were more stable. I had a mean face on. See pic below. I’m just in the background but it’s a look of determination and focus.

Stole this from Noah. Thanks!

Stole this from Noah. Thanks!

I wasn’t going to FAIL. I’m pretty sure I’d be scared of me if I saw me! This wasn’t a walk in the park for me but for once I wasn’t doubting myself or wanting to quit. Final: 9round + 4 DUs


So there you have it! TWO days in a row of blogging. Is this my comeback back to back post? Eh, I don’t know about that. But like I said, I’m feeling better again and that’s always a good thing FOR EVERYONE around! I tried not to be too long winded in my randomness. And as I typed away I started losing some of the floating thoughts. Probably a good thing for today. I hope everyone is having a Happy Hump Day! Go out and share your AWESOMENESS!