Obsessed, Insanity or Just a Healthy Addiction


This morning my two alarms went off and I hit snooze on both of them twice…. I KNOW I KNOW, not good for the brain and body! Let me just say that the inventor of SNOOZE is evil! But I digress. It was time to wake up and as I plopped out of bed, my every fiber was aching. Now was a good time to crawl back under the covers. This urge to stay in bed is the constant battle I have. When the cold hits, it will be an even bigger battle. I know I’m not alone. Early Birders you have to agree that your comfy bed is begging you to sleep just a lil longer.


So I make the choice to walk to my sink. I brush my teeth and put my hair up. I walk to my dresser to get my clothes and stand there. I think again about how much every muscle is sore and drained. I think again of crawling back into bed. I debate on how much more sleep I will actually get if I just lay back down. I may have fallen asleep standing up because I stood there for what felt like a rather long time. I’m sure it was less than a minute but it felt like 10 minutes. I had to convince myself that I was halfway to being ready. Don’t ruin it. Plus I’m in that darn Work Weight Loss comp and I need to stay focused. I also will regret not working out all day. I dressed and drove my tired ass to the Boom Box.


So I ask myself. Am I obsessed, insane or is this considered a “healthy” addiction. A health addict. Probably a little bit of everything to be honest. I know not every CrossFitter is all of the above. I know the term “addict” is deemed as negative but in this instance as long as I’m not hurting myself (which I’m not) I do believe you can say you have a healthy addiction. I’m pretty sure there are several Boom Boxers who take it as a workout and move on. But there are quite a few of us who might go into withdrawals if MIA for too long. In general though, whether I drink the kool-aid or not, I would be striving to a healthier me. I have just found that CrossFit fits my needs the best in many aspects. And I’d rather have a workout addiction than any other kind.

End Ramble.


9/25/13 WOD
Midline: 30 evil wheels
Evil is correct. Especially when my ABS are still fried from Friday! Doh! Below is kind of what they look like. Just like the handy dandy AB WHEEL but with a barbell. Roll out to preferably a plank position and roll back in. I probably didn’t even get halfway to a plank position.


Skill: Handstand Push Ups
Ugh. I used to be close to having these. I even had a handful of kipping HSPUs. But I know my recent weight gain has hindered me. I really have hopeful thoughts that when I shed some pounds I will be closer to mastering the HSPU.

MetCon: TABATA: Row (for calories), HSPU, Bottom to Bottom Airsquats and Strict Press 45/35
TABATA can SUCK IT TOO! For those who don’t know, TABATA is taking a movement and doing said movement for 20 seconds. You then rest 10 seconds. Alternate between work and rest for 8 rounds (4minutes). The idea is to go HARD for 20 seconds, since I know you folks who haven’t participated in such a ‘simple” workout are probably saying how can that be hard. There are different ways to score your TABATA. You can score by adding up all reps. Or you score, like we did today, by using your lowest rep count as your score. So if you start of strong with 10 reps but by round 8 are only doing 5 reps, then your score is 5. Not fun!

9/25/13 WOD

9/25/13 WOD

The rowing was nice, I did well, for me at least. But only managing 4 calories each round. At least I stayed consistent. WE then moved onto HSPU. Well I used a box for assistance and only managed to stick with 6. These were a beating but not the beating the Air Squats delivered. I started off with 12 air squats. My hips were achy already and this just killed them. Sitting in the bottom of the squat for our “rest” was nice for the first 2 rounds then it just become misery. I went from 12 to finishing with 5. Womp Womp! Then came Strict Press. The shoulders are dead from HSPU but it’s a light weight 35lbs. So how come it felt like 90lbs?!? I stuck with 8 reps through 6 of the rounds but finished with 7 reps. :/ Everything added up = 22reps. Booo. Hissss.

Barbells For Boobs
Time is ticking. Boom for Boobs will be here 2 1/2 weeks! Yikes, I don’t think I’m ready! But I’m doing it regardless. MY biggest fear is that I won’t beat my current RX Grace time! How sad is that? It’s a workout for FUN! And it’s a workout to support B4B. But my competitive side doesn’t want to fail. It still will be fun and all the fundraising goes to a great cause.

If you’d like to support the B4B organization, please go to my fundraising page HELP SAVE BOOBIES and donate. My goal is $100 and I’m halfway there.


Also, if you want to participate with us at the BOOM Box you are welcome. Even if you just want to spectate then come on out. The workout will be Grace (30 clean and jerks). Everyone is welcome to join in. It’s at 9am on Saturday Oct 12th.

The End.
That’s a wrap folks. I need a driver to to safely drive me home from work so I can nap. Any volunteers? Hehe. I know that’s a little far fetched, but I’m sleepy! Make today great and don’t forget to be awesome!


My brain is sleepy


I gotta get to bed at a decent time! It’s been so hard to wake up this week. And to add to that, MY WHOLE BODY is sore. From head to toe. Monday and Tuesday have taken me out. Maybe it was the quick turnaround workout that got me. Whatever it is, I haven’t been this sore ALL over for a long time. I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Right now I could just use a good nap! But here I am recapping my BOOM Box morning ツ


Skill/Strength: Handstand Push Ups
I had nothing in me today to do HSPUs. I feel like I’ve made some progress but today was just a bunch of crap. After we worked on technique AND warmed up our Overhead Squat for the MetCon we had to do a 2 minute AMRAP of these bad boys. I got 3. I just had no UMPH in me today. We got a 4 minute break and then it was onto the MetCon.

3/13/13 WOD

3/13/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds of 10 Overhead Squats (65lbs), 200m run with plates.
In my defeated state of mind I REALLY REALLY didn’t want to do OHS and run! I really have no choice at this point so I must do it, I’m just not going to be happy about it. Which I guess is fine as long as it’s not everyday. 3-2-1 GO! I knocked out the 10 OHS in good time. Broke down the bar and went on my merry way for the 200m. There isn’t really a GOOD way to carry the plates. 15lbs in each hand. Hugging both plates. It all wore you out no matter which way you decided. My runs (walks) sucked really bad. Other than that I might have had a decent time. Finally for once I didn’t drop the bar when I rested. I held on to that sucker because I didn’t want to have to get it up again. Time: 11:55 and those RX’s keep on comin’.

Is it better to stay home when you really really are just tired? Or is it good to at least get some work done? On the days I don’t want to show up, it’s just me being lazy and I typically wake up, amp up or something. Today was different. I’m sure had I skipped out, I’d regret it later but I didn’t get the typical I’m glad I came after all feeling. I’m just tired. I’m hoping it’s just a sleep issue. NEED MORE SLEEP! And a good massage!


How’s that for short and not so sweet?!? Who’s excited for 13.2? NOT IT! Ok I really am, just curious as to what CrossFit HQ has up their sleeve and to see Annie Thorisdottir and Lindsey Valenzuela duke it out!

Have a great day ladies and gents. It’s WEDNESDAY and I’m working for the weekend! Dont’ forget to go out and be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!




Yay Friday!

Silly boys…couldn’t stay awake this morning!

As you can see we are a sleepy people today! But it’s FRIDAY! My kids are nuts! Who falls asleep leaning on the fridge like that? Geesh! And my youngest dead on the chair. It was a good laugh this morning though!

I was so exhausted from yesterday as soon as I laid in bed I was out! My alarm was going off this morning and I seriously thought it was Saturday. It took me a few minutes to realize it wasn’t and that I had to get moving fast! And it’s hard to go fast when all your muscles have melted to the bed. I’m not a morning person but I’m a good morning person as in once I start moving, I’m UP. When I’m sleep deprived I drag a bit but other than I’m awake.

At the BOOM Box it was all about preparing for the our Competition next week. We were doing one of the WODs that our team will have to do at Europa. But before that we worked on our Skill/Strength which was TABATA Handstand Holds. TABATA is where you do work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat over the course of 4 minutes. The idea is that you will put in more work with those 10 sec breaks than you would if you did work for an entire 4 minutes. With handstand holds this holds true. I know I could not hold a handstand straight for 2:40. The 6th and 7th round were weak for me. My wrists started killing me. I probably on stayed up for 15 seconds on the 7th round but fought hard to stay up on the 8th round. Definitely KILLER on the wrists.

8/10/12 WOD

MetCon: Team Effort 50 Back Squats per person for time. For the upcoming competition the WOD is 200 Backsquats, 50 per person for time. Kicker is you can’t put bar down. Your team has to hold the weight and change plates between male and females. Well there were only 2 of us this morning so we weren’t able to hold the bar for each other so we modified. We had to add/subtract weight while person held the bar across their back. Then the person holding the weight could rack it for next person. It wasn’t too bad for us, we just had to take on and off 10lb plates each time we switched. My teammate Ahmad busted out 25 reps right away. When he was done, I was like I dont’ think I can do that many. So I did 15 at 95lbs. Then we knocked them out in 10’s for two turns. He only 5 to go and then it was all me to finish out 15. So I did 3 sets of 5. While I rested, Ahmad and Coach held the weight. The last 15 sucked. Fatigue sets in bad. I already have wonky hips and that weakness was a long gone thought because the back was yelling at me to stop! I feel fine now of course but at that moment I did not want to finish! Time: 10:27

Last Night’s Outdoor WOD
I really didn’t know what I should do. I don’t want to do anything insane but I do want to get some work put in. After flipping through the XFit App, Jonas and I ended up doing our own little combo. After a jog around the fields we did 10 rounds of 3 Tuck Jumps, 3 Squats and 3 Broad Jumps. It doesn’t sound like much but all those JUMPS will take you out! I don’t have a good time for this because my MOUTHY teenager was being, well was being a teenager. So we had some points where we weren’t doing the movements. I finished under 6 minutes but had I not stopped I might have finished under 4 minutes. WHO KNOWS! After that we did 5 rounds of Baby Suicides. I say baby because it wasn’t a long distance and we had 3 lines to run back and forth from. We rested 1 minute between each round. The sprints took us anywhere from 25-30 seconds. By then we were drenched and walked/jog back to our chairs. Chugged a lot of water and then sat back and watched practice.

I won’t be doing an outdoor WOD tonight because I feel like 3 evenings of extra work is good for me at the moment. Plus we have a COMMUNITY WOD at the BOOM Box and I have an OLY Class after that! Better rest and recover this evening.

Food Intake Evaluation

You all know I whine and cry about all my FAILS when I don’t do so hot or I feel like I’m not improving like I feel I should. Well Ernie has to live with it! And he really thinks that my performance boils down to I don’t eat enough food and I disagree. I eat even when I’m not hungry just to fuel my body because I know it needs it. We decided I should talk to Grant (Coach) and see what he thinks. I went over with him my typical day of eating and he didn’t seem to think I didn’t eat enough but that I should add more fat to my meals, i.e. avocado. For example here is a “typical” day in my life. It’s a little more exciting than what you read but I’m not going to go into super detail and bore you. Just know my food is tasty and I like eating!
5 a.m. – BOOM BOX
6:30 a.m. – Eat  1-2 eggs and some fruit, sometimes some sort of animal
9:45 a.m. – Eat 1-2 hard boiled eggs, 2 pieces of pork belly, sometimes a veggie or fruit
1:00 p.m. – Animal, Veggies, sometimes fruit
4:00 p.m. – Green apple with Almond Butter (Yummo)
9:00 p.m. – Animal, Veggies

This schedule is pretty much the same M-F. Saturday and Sunday is less structured. So with that said I will add more fat in. I also know I could add more veggies, so that’s a goal as well.  He also suggested if I’m not hungry in the morning to just eat a bigger breakfast and skip the mid morning snack. We’ll see how it goes.

Breakfast this morning ツ

Hooray for FRIDAY! If you’re local come and play with us at CrossFit Boom – 9am! If you’re not then go to the park and play. Whatever you do, I hope it’s fun. Have a great weekend and Be full of AWESOME!

Sleepy Sleepy, Can I take a Nap Now?

To make up for yesterday’s long rambly post, this will be relatively short and sweet. Mostly though it’s because I’m sleepy and am taking on this day with only 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Yesterday was my middle kiddo’s birthday. We went to dinner and then surprised him with taking him to see the movie Nitro Circus. What’s the big deal about that? It started at 10:45 p.m. and we didn’t get home till about 1 a.m. I still made sure my alarm was set to wake up for the BOOM BOX beating, knowing that I didn’t want to do the MetCon already. I told myself if I don’t wake up, that’s fine, you need sleep. BUT if you do wake, just GO and don’t drag your feet. Well sure enough I woke up and drug my feet! I’m pretty sure I was still half sleeping during my drive there. I was on autopilot.

After our warmup we worked on Push Press. More specifically 12 sets x 2 reps on the minute @ 90% of our strict press. This rounded to 65 lbs for me. I know it’s hot in the BOX even at 5 a.m. but geez I was dripping sweat by our last set. I underestimated the work in that simple movement.

MetCon: 3 rounds of 15 pull ups and 400m run. Two things I despise COMBINED. I don’t have a choice. No point in whining or crying about it. As NIKE tell us… JUST DO IT! They don’t ever say how WELL one must do it though. I surprised myself when I did 10 pullups rather quicklike. But that was all the excitement I got. It was all downhill from there! For the second and third round I did 5 right away and slowly knocked out the other 10. Also remember I don’t DO PULL UPS without assistance. I did use the blue and green band combined. Wah, Wah. These kind of WODS are good for me I know but mentally I just disappoint myself. Time: 12:09

8/9/12 WOD

Hopefully I’ll make it through the day and if I do then maybe I’ll do my evening WOD at the football fields. Not feeling it now but after sitting all day at work and in traffic I may change my mind. Ready for this day to be over, who’s with me? Don’t forget to BE AWESOME.