Dreaming to be an ELITE athlete!

Thank GOODNESS they are only dreams. The CrossFit Games Regional Workouts were released and all I can say is WOW! I can’t imagine what the FINALS will be like!

Take a look for yourself!  http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/regionals-individual

Moving ON for sure. I’ll just keep dreaming. And maybe one day I’ll be able to complete that insansity. As for my WOD this morning – Draining for sure!

We worked on Snatch Push Press for Skill/Strength. I’m pretty sure some people call it a Behind the Neck Press as well. It’s a wide grip on the bar with the bar resting on the back of your shoulders. Like as if you’re going to do a Back Squat. Instead you push press overhead. We did a 3rep Max and I managed to bust out 3 reps at 85lbs. I still had that “popping” every time I came down with it on my Right Shoulder. I kind of googled it and read that I may have a shoulder impingement. GREAT another IMPINGEMENT. I already have one on my hip! Can I just get a new BODY? PLEASE! One that works a little better? Hehehe. I found a video at Catalyst Athletics that shows the movement. The link is below 🙂


So for our MetCon it was 3 Rounds of Hill lunges and 50 KB Swings. Dang that’s gonna be a lot of lunges and KB swings! My legs are still sore from Tuesday…errr and uh Monday! Coach tells us what KB to pick up… 1 POOD for me and now we gotta walk it to our “enemy” the HILL! I hate this hill! I really do because when we are running it’s the HILL that gets me, EVERYTIME! We walk the 200 yds or whatever it is to get to our starting point. Coach marks out a distance of what looks like TOO long for lunges but it is what it is. He comes back and tells us we will lunge from one cone to the other. Run, walk or crawl back and then knock out your 50 KB Swings. FOR TIME! 3, 2, 1 GO. So the first round of lunges weren’t so bad. We all kind of hit them at a good pace and felt good. Not feeling so good after the KB Swings. But I did do the first round UNBROKEN! HELL YA! Second round of lunges – PAINFUL! But survived. Second Round of KB Swings were not unbroken. I did 20, 5, 15 and 10 I think! I was behind John and ODB by like a few swings and was quickly catching up on the lunges but when I got back for the last round of KB Swings I lost form and the back started aching and it was sad. I managed to knock out 15, 5, 5, 5, 5, 15. Finished for a Time of 11:14. The most NOT FUN part was having to carry our darn kettle bell back to the box 😦

4/19/12 WOD












I did lots of rolling out on the foam roller. Back felt much better. Then I worked on some pullups. I don’t have much time to work on them but I hang around for 10-15 minutes. I can finally do pullups with just the green band! Only 3 but better than NONE! Before I had a combo of the blue and green band. WOOOOO! So excited. So I did 3 sets of 3 pullups on green band and did 10 reps with the combo bands. I’m pretty excited about the progress. Let’s hope I just get this goal knocked out sooner than later!

It’s Thursday folks. I still gotta make those choco cherry cookies and it looks like the brownies will be a staple in our home. Great Success! If you’re local and reading this and want to get a WOD in with the BOOM Beasts then come on out to Stovall Park in Arlington. We are doing an outdoor community WOD and all are welcome. 9am! Let me know! www.crossfitboom.com

I’m also planning on hitting up iChoosefit bootcamp at 7am in Mansfield. Come on out with me there as well if you want 2 workouts or if it suits your schedule better to do one over the other!

Let’s get your fitness in check NOW!

Burpees Coach? Really?

I still have nightmares from 12.1 and here we are with a MetCon that involves burpees! Hehe, they were fine I guess, just being a baby as usual 🙂

Whining aside, the MetCon was a quick doozie of a workout. 5 rounds of 5 Deadlifts @ 125lbs and 10 burpees. By the 3rd round of burpees I could feel my wind and energy zap right out of me. But I tried to keep up on pace and finished with 4:28. WOOO! Not so bad I suppose. I did rest a little too much on rounds 3, 4 and 5 of burpees. I thought to myself after the fact – shoot I just did 50 burpees in less than 5 minutes with DL in between…. why didn’t i DO BETTER on 12.1!!!??!!! Dang Burpees and the misery they bring!

3/13/12 WOD

Before our little beatdown we worked on Snatch Push Press. Anything snatch related brings me down. I suck at the Snatch as I have previously mentioned. Not only do I suck, it takes a toll on my wrists BAD! I managed to get 65lb reps but they were weak. My wrists were burning badly and I had a new issue arise…. Popping Shoulder or Popping something in my right should area. I’ve never had this rear it’s ugly head, but it’s not nice and it surely didn’t help me in the Snatch Push Press. Why you ask? Well getting the weight up is fine, it’s getting the weight back down that it hurts like a mofo. I have gotten my leg mobility down, now I need to focus on shoulders. It’s never ending isn’t it? Coach did show me how to better tape up my sad pathetic wrists. Hopefully next time around it will help me.

I also worked on some DUs. We are having a contest at the BOOM Box. Get 100 consecutive DUs, get a month FREE 🙂 If more than 1 person gets 100 then it’s a DU off for the most in a row! Should be fun but the most I have put together is 49. But mostly I only get 14-20 strung together on average. I need to practice!

Thanks for tuning in on this short, random and whatever else you want to call it Tuesday blog! The time change has me all messed up. It’s only an hour I know but it’s affected me big time this year! Have a crazy fun day!