OMG it’s MONDAY again? Forever, Every 7 days? Seriously?

Yup as always Monday is here for your regularly scheduled programming.
I have no food reports for y’all just a bunch of BOOM BOX fun!

This past Saturday was probably by far the most random and fun Community WOD we’ve had. After a proper warm up we had some TIRE fun. There have been two tires propped up near the door of the BOOM BOX for a few months and we have yet to use them, until Saturday. They finally got broke in and so did we! We had some relays of flipping and rolling the nasty ass tires and boy did we get DIRTY!!! It was fun though. After our relay races we did a partner WOD. One person held a handstand (wall assisted) while the other person ran sprints. I’m not sure of yardage but it was close to 100 yds. So we had to run a total of 8 100yd sprints. Once the teammate holding handstand could no longer hold, runner had to stop and wait for handstand teammate to take their position in running. The runner then had to get into a handstand before the new runner could start! I figured I could hold a handstand forever but my teammate looked like was ready to stop running so I told her we could switch. I wish I hadn’t! Running sucked! It was already getting warm for the day and wow sprinting/running/jogging was no bueno! My partner had a hard time catching her breath in a handstand hold so she had me stop. I thought to myself is it really that bad? Answer: YES it’s really that bad trying to catch your breath upside down!!! WE ended up finish 2nd or 3rd out of about 7 teams. Not too bad! Way to go Andrea!!!

And we weren’t done yet! It was time for some good ol’ RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT action but with LUNGES forward and backward. We only went 50 yds but it felt like forever! Keeping in line with elementary school playground games we moved on to SIMON SAYS. Our first SIMON was a little ridiculous with the movements and probably had NEVER played the game so he got over-ruled. We started off doing air squats, pushups, burpees, sprinting and that drew the line. So Coach took over. We moved onto more simple things like jumping jacks, coordination tests, etc. I didn’t last long cause I’m a bad student! It may not sound like we’ve done a lot but all those little movements really started adding up.

We finished off the Community WOD with some ULTIMATE MED BALL! I’ve played this once before and it was a BLAST! This second time around was still fun but stupid HOT. If you haven’t guessed ULTIMATE MED BALL is like ULTIMATE FRISBEE but with a 10lb medicine ball. Our team lost but we I still had lots of fun. I hope everyone else did too. We were a HOT GRIMEY MESS to top it off 🙂 Fun times.

Post Community WOD I had an OLY class to attend, still at the BOOM BOX just back inside. If you have the opportunity to sign up for an OLY class then do so. It really helps just to continuously going over proper mechanics, doing warm ups just for the OLY lifts, etc. Although 65lbs isn’t a HEAVY SNATCH. For me it was a PR cause I have this teeny tiny HUGE MONSTROUS fear of dropping under the weight. I know I can lift more but I freak out mentally.


So a 10lb PR was good for me not only just for the PR but for the confidence BOOST! We also worked Clean & Jerk some and I managed a 5lb PR which was another boost. I was hoping for more but it all comes down to the DROPPING under the weight. It’s easier though to drop for a clean than it is for the SNATCH. Baby Steps indeed!

After Saturday’s fun, we vegged for the next two days which is fine. It’s super hot out, vacation is right around the corner and money needs to be saved!!! Which in fact I don’t know how to do very well… but I’m trying!

This morning was a short and mean WOD. I had already looked it up last night and knew it would/should be quick but how quick was the question. First off was MAX REP PUSH UPS in a minute times 3! We partnered up so we could have a counter which is great because even though it’s not ending up being a lot of reps it’s one less thing to think about. My first round I busted out 31 push ups. These are full blown chest touch the ground at the bottom and arms lock out at the top push ups. Not your knees on the ground, half ass drop halfway and try to pump out baby push ups. We got a rest as our partner had to do their round but it wasn’t enough rest! Sure enough my second round was 22 push ups. And my 3rd round was 19, maybe 20, I didn’t confirm and I lost count. My triceps died on me. It sucked!

But the suck wasn’t over, we had 3 rounds of 15 air squats, 12 burpees and 9 pullups for the MetCon. We all know this will be short and BRUTAL but again how short would it be. I was really disappointed in my time of 7:13 but not being able to do pull ups doesn’t help. It takes time to get your feet in the bands and by the time you’ve done that you want to rest before you even get your first pull up in. I did my first 9 in a good time (I think) but my 2nd and 3rd rounds of pull ups were horrid. We’ve already killed our upper body with approximately 70 pushups for time and now we’re killing ourselves with burpees and pull ups! It was good though. You never realize how hard those simple movements can be when you are doing them as fast as POSSIBLE!!!

All in all it was a good weekend, good day at the box this morning and I got in a good 20 minutes of post WOD mobility! You can never have too much mobility work! Check out for a plethora of videos in regards to mobility.

Have a less than Manic Monday. Enjoy your day. Hip Hip Hooray for a 4 day week even though my holiday falls on WEDNESDAY! SHEESH! Thanks 4th of July for falling on a Wednesday 🙂


Ooo Weeee Sprinting

Sometimes I read before I go to bed to see what the workout is for the morning. Sometimes that is a mistake because it makes me dread going in and my will to sleep in gets stronger. Clearly I truly don’t let it bring me down because up and at ’em is what I’m all about. I show up day in and day out. But it drains me of energy knowing something I am not good at is coming SOON.

This morning was a double whammy of things I’m not good at: Chest to Bar Pull Ups and SPRINTING. We also had 100 butterfly sit ups in there but I got those. Sit ups are my friend. I just wish I had the stomach to show for it. 3 kids, non stretchy skin, years later unhealthy eating habits leaves this chica with not the ideal abs of awesomeness. Chest to Bar however was no fun. Since I use bands still my goal today was to get up on the bar and hold as long as I could. Also known as negative Pull Ups. I suck at those too. I could barely hold myself in the position for more than a few seconds. A little work is better than no work I suppose.

6/19/12 WOD

MetCon: 8 rounds of 100 yd sprints. 2 min rest in between.
100yd sprints. I’m better at sprinting than straight up running but I’m still not very good. We went out into the parking lot and Coach had 50 yds marked out, so our sprint was 50 yds to a cone then 50 yds back. I tend to slow down too much before I have to turn so I’m sure I wasted a valuable second or two. My first 2 or 3 sprints were 19 seconds, then I dropped to 20 seconds. Somewhere inside of me I found a little extra umph and dropped to an 18 second sprint. My last one was back at 20 seconds. Coach took our lowest and highest sprints for the whiteboard. I was the slowest in the group which is never fun. Some of these guys were getting 14 second times. Poor Poor Petri. Ah well.

In other news
Sadly baseball is over in my little world for a couple of months at least. It’s bittersweet because it kept us so busy the days flew by and now we resume to a slow pace which gets boring after a while. I don’t mind being on the GO but at least now I can hopefully get back to cooking better meals in the evenings. Eating Paleo is pretty simple, I can bust out a few quick dishes but it gets old, FAST! Now I won’t be rushing around trying to get to games or practices and I can get a little creative in the cooking dept. Of course I could get accustomed to being a lazy ass and just lounge on the couch every night but I doubt that will really happen.

Have a ROCKIN Tuesday. Don’t forget to be AWESOME. Get to moving today if you aren’t already. Do some sprints. It takes very little time and you get more work in than you could possibly imagine in that little amount of time. You engage every part of your body for short bursts. Nothing better than that! Yes I know you’re thinking there’s a lot of stuff better than sprinting but really, if you want good health and results, SPRINTING is an integral part. I promise you!

Check these sites out for more info:



Ok Ok, I wasn’t as bad as the picture but I FELT that bad. I do admit Mother’s Day Dessert got the best of me. But this didn’t GET me down. I’m back on the detox program full swing! I just hate the fact that I let the temptation get to me 😦 I had a few + a few bites of dessert at dinner, got a headache and fell into a sugar induced coma. I woke up feeling fine and that’s it. All done. I don’t feel the need to guzzle gallons of honey or eat a ton of fruit but we’ll see how my day ends up. With 7 days to go we’ll see if I can go past that 21 day finish line since I did screw it all up yesterday.

Other than that snafu, the weekend was great. I got to hit up the Community WOD with the BOOM BOX Saturday morning at the park. We got the lovely chance to totally kill our legs with partner squats. One person on each end of barbell. We both squat with the barbell then come up to overhead, 25 reps. That was followed by a farmer’s carry, half court and back, full court and back. Which was followed by more squats. Then we moved on to Med Ball Sit ups (25 each). My team had a team of 3 while the other teams were just teams of 2, so we had the joy of going 3 rounds instead of 2 rounds. Woohoo fun. But we weren’t finished we still had to do SUICIDES on the basketball court but with a barbell OVERHEAD. 2 rounds! Ya I was beat down, officially beat down! So for the rest of the weekend it was tough just to walk much less do anything else.

This morning I was still feeling the soreness. My legs are fried and what’s better on a Monday morning than Deadlifts and LOTS OF SPRINTING? Sleeping? Vacation? Hahaha, but I had neither of those choices so Deadlifts and Sprints was all that was left.

Skill/Strength: Deadlifts 5, 5, 5+ We took 90% of our 1 RM. Then took 75%, 80% and 85% for our sets. That’s 120lbs, 130lbs and 140lbs for me. I got to 12 reps on my last set which is good. If my fingers didn’t feel like they were going to POP off my hands I’m sure I had a few more in me. Is that just me with the finger pain? They are still achy!!

MetCon: 200m Sprint every 2 minutes for 24 minutes. Have I told you my legs are fried? Yup they are and sprinting was oh so hard! I managed to keep my time under 30 seconds for at least half of the sprints. The other half were just right over at 31 seconds or 35 seconds. WOW it sucked! But ah well, just gotta keep showing up and doing the work. And that’s what I do!

Have a great day folks. Enjoy the day!