Mornings or Evenings


As you all know I’m trying to get back to my consistent workouts and slowly but surely I am getting there. (Too bad my blogging is still struggling, but I’m working on that too!) The biggest thing I’ve struggled with though is getting back to the EARLY MORNING workouts. I used to be so good. Getting up and getting to the box at 5 am was a no brainer. Just get up and go. Then I got lazy and chunky and sleep just sounded so much better.

Then there’s the evenings… those are oh so nice. My brain and body are awake. I’m way more limber and it’s not as hard to get moving and warmed up. My performance may not be better but I feel better! It does, however suck up my whole evening. And well that’s no fun.

But I did finally show up at 5 am today and boy oh boy I feel GRAND! I have energy. I’m ready to go and tackle the day. And in truth, I know I’m more of a morning person. But as with anything, you fall out of routine and it’s hard to get back. Yes this morning, I was achy and groggy. But by the time I was done and showered up, I was all woooooo!

I’ve been a slacker at the blogging so here are some quick recaps from the week!

Skill: Kipping HSPU Progression
We did a lot of stuff I couldn’t do, so this was mainly a sideline event for me.

4/18/14 WOD

4/18/14 WOD

MetCon: 400 Total Reps AFAP – 1 minute at each station of Burpess, Step Ups, Jumping Air Squats and Walking Lunges.
You just keep rotation until you get your 400 reps in. Or die. Thankfully no one died but I sure did feel like it at various times. There’s not much to say except my hips were smoked. This was not a FUN workout :/ Time: 21:15

Skill: Muscle Ups
Ya, still not good at this.

4/21/14 WOD

4/21/14 WOD

MetCon: 10 rounds of 6 Cleans and 3 Front Squats, every 90 seconds do 3 HSPU or 1 Wall Walk.
Boy do I love me some Cleans. And the wrist is getting better everyday so I was excited for this workout all except for the HSPU or Wall Walk part. My wrist can’t handle Wall Walks just yet so Coach had me do 6 ring dips (band assisted). So I was back to happy place. That was until about round 4. I was over Cleans, my wrist was getting fatigued and I thought crap I still have 6 more rounds. There’s no way. But I hung in there and just chipped away. Time: 13:12

Game: Wall Ball Bowling
Well this was different. There were plates ranging from 15lbs to 45lbs set up like pins but flat and a medball. We split up into teams and got to roll medball for two frames. Whatever plate our ball landed on determined what movement the other team had to do. So if you landed on 25, it was 25 Push Ups for the other team. 15 = Wall Balls, 25 = Push Ups, 35 = KB Swings and 45 = Sit Ups. Thankfully our opponents weren’t very good so we only had 1 round of Sit Ups and and 1 round of Push Ups! It was fun though.

4/23/14 WOD

4/23/14 WOD

MetCon: 3 Turns of 2 rounds of 10 Dumbbell Snatches and 250ft Sprint.
We were supposed to get timed but that didn’t happen so we just did 3 rounds of hell AFAP. Except my fast as possible sprint included a slow trot by the end. We had 40lb dumbbells and had to alternate 10 reps. I actually got better as the rounds went on when I wasn’t dying from the “trot”. But 40lbs is still heavy for me. This workout was pretty much evil. But still a good one.

Woooo I finally made a 5am class.

Skill: Snatch
It’s been a while and my whole body hurts from the week so I wasn’t sure how I’d do, but besides a few rusty warm ups, I got back into this movement pretty ok. Not perfect or anything, but good enough.

4/25/14 WOD

4/25/14 WOD

MetCon: “Isabel” 30 Snatches for time
Coach didn’t want us to go so heavy we lost form and even though I’ve hit 85lbs just a handful of times, I wasn’t prepared for 85lbs or even 75lbs. So I went with 65lbs. That ended up not being too bad. Coach didn’t want us going light and finishing under 3 minutes, but he didn’t really want us going over 6 minutes either. I busted out two sets of 5, then sets of 2 then singles. Time: 4:14

That’s a Wrap!
So like I said it was slow rolling. A grumbly stomach prevented from hitting the box up on Monday and an unexpected ER visit for one of my kiddos prevented me from going on Thursday. But all is well and I’m still eating tons better than I had been last month. So yay for small steps! It’s possible for all of you on the bubble. You can do it! There’s not one day that’s better than any other day to getting back on track. You just gotta do it! So whatever that is… eating clean, getting active or anything to a healthier life, you got this! Have a great weekend!


Get Fit Stay Fit Challenge


Several weeks ago I joined the AMRAP4Life Community. Now, I haven’t been super involved like I thought I would be but I still log in and check it out regularly. And I keep updated through Facebook. Yesterday I saw they had partnered with Reload Fitness for a “Get Fit Stay Fit Challenge”! Pretty much just what I needed to come across my path to help me stay motivated. I’m not sure what it’s going to involve over the course of the next 3 months, but hopefully I can hang and maybe win some cool stuff! Either way it should be fun. I invite all of you to join the AMPRAP4Life Community, here. And go ahead and join this challenge with me, here.


I also invite any of you in the DFW metroplex who are interested in CrossFit or just want to check out a new box to come out to CrossFit Boom tomorrow at 9am.

Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 1.14.43 PM

Most Saturdays are FREE Community WODs and we have a blast. Nothing intimidating. And the workouts are for everyone. This allows you to get a peek inside of what goes down at the BOOM Box. Plus you get a solid workout first thing to kick off your awesome weekend! Come out and play.


So I decided to take Wednesday as a rest day because Tuesday wiped me out. This way I was plenty rested for the craziness in store for Thursday.

Speed: 5 band sprints, 8 40yrd sprints 10 – 100m Sprints on Rower
The skies opened up just in time for me to get to miss the outdoor sprints and although the rain was intermittent, I don’t think Coach wanted us to get stuck in a torrential downpour. Instead we hit the rowers. This is bittersweet. I am no bueno at rowing, but I prefer rowing over running. And 10 100m sprints sounded like NOT FUN! But I hit it hard, probably the best rowing I’ve done yet. I typically don’t have a strong enough pull and I get all wonky but this time around I was hitting on average 23 second sprints. This isn’t lightning fast by any means but for me it was progress and I will take it! My last two sprints were the most miserable. I slipped to about 26 seconds for each round. I was dying. Out of breath DYING!


MetCon: 12 min amrap of 150 Sit Ups, 90 Pistols, 30 Calorie Row
!!??@$**#@#$$@ 150 STRAIGHT LEG SIT UPS!

Ugh. 3-2-1 GO. I started off not trying to kill myself knowing this would make it much harder to finish. So I felt I had a good pace and worked my way to 75 reps. I was getting dizzy but I knew I had to just chip away. I think I finished around the 6 minute mark. It was on to pistols which I am not capable of doing so I had to hold on to pull up rack for assistance. My strategy in knocking these out were 5 at a time alternating legs.

Assisted Pistol

Assisted Pistol

My left leg is weaker due to the IT Band pain but I fought my way through it! Coach yelled out 2:30 left … and I thought I WON’T finish my 90 but I NEED to finish those 90 reps. With 1 minute and change, I finished and slowly made it to the rower. Strapped in and began the rowing. My whole body felt like a wet noodle. I had nothing. The calories were not moving very quickly. With just under a minute left I was giving it my all. 11 calories. And then I unstrapped and rolled off the rower onto the ground. Whew. I was pretty pumped I made it through to the row. I know my pistols were ASSISTED but that’s still a lot of one legged squats! Final: 150 Sit Ups, 90 Pistols, 11 Calories on Rower

7/25/13 WOD

7/25/13 WOD

Happy Friday everybody. Have you been making changes for a healthier you? If you are already a healthier you, are you spicing up your fit world? Trying new things? Helping others to find their fitness path? I challenge you all to start something new. Get Moving! Eat Clean! Let’s do this. Make your weekend GREAT and as always BE AWESOME!!!


I see the LIGHT


I’m slowly but surely climbing out of my dungeon of laziness and lack of motivation. It’s been 4 days of cutting out the crap, showing up consistently at the BOOM Box and just keeping myself motivated to stick with it and not give in to the chaos that is my life and any random excuse my brain creates.

It’s been really sad to see poor numbers on the whiteboard for me. It’s part of it though and lesson hopefully learned. In a few weeks I hope to reset some goals since right now my only goal is just to get back in the swing of things and not let the “busy” trip me up. Since I’m still not back into cooking, ugh the sound of that just makes me bleh, I have been eating protein/fat filled salads, Boston Market (I know not ideal, but BETTER) and My Fit Foods! I was introduced to MFF down in Austin at the Fittest Games as they had sample foods for everyone. Rather tasty and located what seems like everywhere in the Austin area and nowhere in the DFW area.

My Fit Foods – Las Colinas

My Fit Foods – Las Colinas

And while that’s not true, because there are several in the DFW area there are just not any in my neck of the woods. I did very little research though because at the time I was cooking all my food and there wasn’t a NEED for pre-made foods. Since my gluttonous adventures have created this lack of drive for cooking, I needed something better than Boston Market and Chipotle. Don’t get me wrong Chipotle is good but I tire of it really quickly. So MFF offers pre-cooked meals in many varieties and has two locations rather close to my job. So I decided to venture out to the Las Colinas location and find me some good food.

The good thing about MFF is that most of their foods are gluten-free and they are made fresh daily. Score! And while they aren’t 100% PALEO, they are very close. They do offer beans, rice and potatoes in some of their meals but there are plenty of meals where those things are cut out. I’ve also read brown sugar and agave on some of the labels. But if at the end of the day those are the worst things and in small amounts, I have to give them an A+ for providing fresh, healthy foods. When I walked into the Las Colinas store, I was greeted rather quickly by one of the employees. She was quick to share with me what they had to offer and that they received deliveries twice a day from the Southlake store kitchen. She broke down that there are small, medium and large portion sizes and that I can order online, work with a nutritionist or just show up randomly and get whatever foods were in the store. You can take your food to go or have a seat in their shop and pop your meal in the microwaves there. They also carry supplements, snacks and a few other items I didn’t really take note of.


I decided to go with a dinner meal called Better Beef & Broccoli. This had a good serving of sliced beef served on a bed of Broccoli, Carrots and Cabbage. It came with a side of wheat free soy sauce and YES I did put it on the food. I know SOY! But again it wasn’t a ginormous amount and I didn’t say I was perfect just yet! Overall it was flavorful and filled me up. Cost was $8.50.

Better Beef & Broccoli – There are veggies under there. I had already ate a few bites.

Better Beef & Broccoli – There are veggies under there. I had already ate a few bites.

Although that may be high price to a lot of folks, I can say that it was whole healthy foods. There wasn’t a mystery to what might be in the sauce or how the food was cooked. And if I’m going to be lazy at least I know I’m getting something good for me. Sure I could spend $5 at a fast food joint and get stuffed, feel like crap and save $3.50 at the moment. But who knows what that JUNK is going to cost me later on down the road. It will surely be more than $3.50! In addition to my yummy beefy lunch, I picked up a snack that caught my eye – Living Raw Darkest Cacao Truffles! If you like the dark chocolate, then these are a winner! The ingredients are simple and clean. There was some sneaky AGAVE in there but back to my statement earlier, if that’s the worst in tiny amounts then I’m gonna be ok with that. In a few weeks, I may be sugar free but for now, it’s baby steps! They were rich in flavor, tasty and a good simple snack.



Overall my first full impression of MFF is a win. So I went online, signed up for MFF rewards and earned a $5 off coupon. WOOOO! So I dropped in this morning to the Southlake store as their hours are 7am to 8pm and picked up Breakfast, Lunch and a Snack. I have only tried the Breakfast as I write this and it consisted of Turkey Sausage, Sweet Potatoes and Egg Whites.

breakfast1a breakfast1

I was weary at the eggs just by looking at them but I made the purchase so I ate them. And they weren’t my favorite but they weren’t bad either, give me some YOLK! I would most likely add some salsa to them should I buy this breakfast again. The sausage links were flavorful and tasty. The sweet potatoes were good as well. Again some agave in the ingredient list but nothing was overly sweet so I’m not sure where it came in. These are great meals for those who lack time or culinary skills. If you’re going full on Paleo or Whole30 this isn’t the best place. But if you’re trying to just start over (cough*ME*cough) or just trying to work your way into healthier eating I’d say try it out. I’m anxious to try out the Pork and Butternut Squash I bought for lunch!

snack1a snack1


MFF has locations in Arizona, California, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas. They say on their website they cook 362 days out of the year which means a whole lot of of fresh food. They don’t deliver so if you aren’t close to one, I’m sorry.

BoomBox WODs

So I’ve shown up 3 days in a row now! FINALY, WOOOOO! And it seriously feels like I’m new to everything again without the awkwardness of using a barbell. I’m slow, I’m beat down and I’m draggin ass. But at least I’m there hoping to shed this extra fluff, get back some of the strength I’ve lost and start PRing like a bad ass mofo! Hehe, ok I’ll just be happy to remove the fluff!

6/11/13 WOD

Warm-up: 30 GHD Sit-ups/hip ext, 100 single jumps, Quad roll out
So I’ve previously stated I BARELY am able to get there by 6pm, so I missed most of this pre-warm up. I did get 100 singles in. We still do a group warm up after this so I’m all good.

Sprint: 3 x 30 yrds
Yay sprinting, my favorite :/ Uhm NO. But 30 yds is short so it’s ok. What wasn’t ok was feeling like a horse prancing around since we worked on running technique. And boy oh boy did I feel awkward. It’s much needed focus but I felt like I was at the rodeo! Maybe one day it will all click for me and I’ll become this fabulous runner. Hehehe. I said MAYBE.

6/11/13 WOD

6/11/13 WOD

Metcon: 4 rounds of 8 Hang Squat Clean to Thrusters 135/95#, 16 KBS 24/16kg, 24 DU, Rest 1 min
Thrusters – ARRRHHHHH! I love a good clean but add a thruster to it and I’m out. I only worked up to 75lbs for fear of dying during the WOD and that was an ok decision. I was definitely struggling in the end. The Kettle Bell Swings weren’t so bad except my back kept cramping up. So I only did 2 rounds UNBROKEN. Double Unders were a walk in the park. And the 1 minute rest flew by way to fast. I really slowed down overall in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Those Thrusters were a BEATING. Time: 13:46.

6/12/13 WOD

Skill development: MU, HSPU
More weaknesses! Muscle Up development went better than it has in the past. I have sucky shoulders so popping up and getting my head through was really weaksauce. But I did gain some ground on the whole using my hips part. Something similar to below:

As far as HSPU, I think my added heaviness scares me in going down to the ground. Kipping was not my friend so I had to opt for dumb Tiger Push Ups for the MetCon. Those are miserable and I suck at them.


Tiger Push Up – head to ground and back up, straighten arms. Keep heels down as much as possible.

Metcon: 5 rounds of 1 min HSPU, 1 min no leg wall-balls 20/14# -then- ME Muscle-Ups/C2B
I just stated I suck at Tiger Push Ups. And we had to do 1 minute of them! By round 3 I was struggling getting back up. As for no leg wall balls. I thought these would be a breeze but boy was I wrong. Wall Balls are EVIL in general so I figured if you don’t have to squat they have to be a little less evil. And for the most part they are less evil. The hard thing is when you are fatigued your body wants to utilize the legs. Well you can’t do that when it’s a NO LEG WALL BALL. Shoulders get smoked super fast. Back and forth between the push ups and the wall was a butt whoopin.

At the end of five rounds we had to go straight into Max Effort pulling movement. MU’s, CTB or ring rows for my less elite self. Ring rows I like but I was dead and I wasn’t really focusing and I dropped after 12 reps, not realizing I couldn’t start back up. WOMP WOMP. So I finished with 118 reps of HSPU and Wall Balls + 12 ring rows.

Right now my body hates me but will soon be loving me all over again. And guess what it’s almost FRIDAY! Chuggin along with little to no hiccups. I’m getting back to the good things food related. Fighting through on my WODs. It’s nice. Energy is up and down still, but it’s only DAY 4. But more ups for sure. It’s so easy to forget how good it feels mentally and phsyically to be back in it. It’s SAD how easy it is to justify and accept the tired, bloat and misery. Hello ‘MERICA. Get your ass in gear. Eat Clean, Get Moving and BE AWESOME!

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 12.07.07 PM

On the Awesome note. I found AMRAP4Life and they say they are focused on building a community of AWESOME people. How perfect is that? So check them out: Sign up if you’re interested. Find me and friend me.

I know I could have probably split this into three posts: one review, one recap and shared AMRAP4Life, BUT who has time for that! You get a lot at once. And sometimes NOTHING at all. Thank you all again for sticking with me. In my good times and depressing times. I’m working my way back to the good. Have a great Thursday and be AWESOME!


Where does TIME go?


It’s been over a week since my last post! WTH? Where does time go? Just being a busy bee in my neck of the woods. Took a couple of steps towards the clean eating then took a couple of steps back AND then 2 steps forward and now we’re dancing! Still stuck in food limbo but also still making it to the BOOM Box when life isn’t getting in the way.

It all boils down to the fact that I need to get back to the 5am slot. Because if life happens, something comes up then I can’t make an evening class and I’m screwed.

I'm not complaining... these are 2 out 3 (kiddos) reasons life gets hectic. They make my heart smile!

I’m not complaining… these are 2 out 3 (kiddos) reasons life gets hectic. They make my heart smile!

Which was what happened to me on Wednesday. But the evening’s are sooooooo nice. I’m awake, more limber and in a better mood! If I don’t get back into my old Paleo/CrossFittin self, I’m gonna have to buy all new clothes. I’m back to FAT KID status and as much as I don’t like it, I’m just as a happy as as an antelope with night vision goggles sitting in my fat kid corner! Ok well HAPPY is an overstatement cause I am not happy but then I couldn’t steal that line from the Geico commercials!

I’m sure most of you are yelling at me to SHUT UP and just get back to it and if you’re not please start YELLING. One foot in, One foot out… it’s not working. It never will with me but holy geesh I’m just going in circles.

Fortunately I am still showing up at the BOOM Box and I know the saying goes you can’t out train a bad diet. But at least I’m still training?!? Right?!? Well I have a couple and only a couple of recaps for the past week.

5/16/13 WOD
Skill/Strength: Push Press 3, 3, 3+ @ 70%, 80%, 90%
Everything in my upper body has been taxed and the poor eating has left me with poor recovery. But I still fought hard for barbell. Worked up to the 90% which 85lbs for me and I managed 5 reps. Although I wanted more reps, my shoulders were saying NO MORE.

5/16/13 WOD

5/16/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 Rounds of Bar MU, 8 KB Snatches 55/35lbs
Instead of Muscle Ups, I did 3 rounds of 8 pullups. Still sucking at the Pull Ups left me with a much longer time than I had hoped. I didn’t work the 35lb KB and went for a smaller one. My left arm struggled but my right arm was a champ. Time: 9:56

Midline: 3 x Max Effort Sit Ups in 60 seconds with 45 second rest
My first go was 34 sit ups, then it dropped to 30 then to 29. Not too bad I suppose. I was still breathing hard from the MetCon!

We had a nice little evening soiree Friday night where there was working out, hanging out, food and prizes. I showed up to workout. Little did I know there were few there that were up for the whole working out idea. I guess they all already showed up for a class earlier in the day but still. Fish out of water for me :/ It did weigh to my advantage though as we had a WOD to wonderful tickets to the Texas Rangers game. Primetime section/seating!

Hmmm, there are quite of few pics of me in this dead person pose.

Hmmm, there are quite of few pics of me in this dead person pose.

WOD: Complete 50 Jumping Air Squats in 90 seconds, 40 Double Unders in 90 seconds, 30 HR Push Ups in 90 seconds, 20 Burpees in 90 seconds, 10 DL 205lbs for the ladies. Whichever male and female that could make it through won. And if more than one made it through then Coach added items like Bar MU for the guys. For us girls though, my superpowers of DUs came through for me. I got all the way through 16 Burpees. I was pissed I couldn’t get 20 in 90 seconds because in the past I have completed 24 in 60 seconds. You know it’s coming “FAT KID” in the house! Not sure I could do 10 Deadlifts at 205 in 90 seconds but I didn’t get the chance to try. I did however make it the furthest through the ladder and WON the Ranger tickets!

Post WOD we had some yummy burgers from Farm to Fork, lots of good fruits and veggies. It’s nice to hang out with all the BOX Buddies! I vote for more BOOM Box events!

Love these folks!

Love these folks!

5/20/13 WOD
Strength: Deadlift: 3, 3, 3+ @ 70%, 80%, 90% of 1RM
Deadlifts were a little heavy this time around. I was getting through them ok but mentally I was ready to tap out. On my last round I wasn’t feeling it, HOPING for 6 reps and that’s what I did. My grip was falling apart fast and I just didn’t have the will power to go for more.



MetCon: EMOM for 12 minutes 5 HSPU (odd), 8 Pistols total alternating legs (even)
Everything was modified for this. It’s like doing downward dog push ups, well kind of. Your arms aren’t as far out in front of you and your heels are against a wall. But that inverted position is similar. And I did Pistols holding on to a bar for balance. My left IT band still plagues my knee bursa so that really sucks (HURTS LIKE HELL). Each minute I ended with 20-30 seconds to go but the humidity here in TX has got my number. I was drenched!

5/23/13 WOD
Skill/Strength: Band Sprints 50ft x 8 rest 30 seconds; Flying Sprints 50ft x 8 rest 30 seconds
We all know I don’t like running but 50ft I can tolerate. I don’t mind sprinting either and when it’s just ME working out even better cause no one is there to smoke my ass! Flying sprints felt like I was really flying after doing 8 rounds of sprints with a band and person dragging me down! Again the humidity is killing me. I know it takes time to acclimate but I was soaked through.

5/23/13 WOD

5/23/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds of 40 Double Unders, 20 Ring Dips
I’ve been having DU chaos lately. It’s like I don’t know what to do for a second. Eventually it all comes back to me but each round I started off really poorly. With mutliple attempts and fails. After 3 or 4 no reps I’d finally get a rhythm and do them unbroken just took too long to get there. On my last round I only did 15, 15 and 10. My forearms, shoulders, triceps were fatigued and it was painful to just hold onto the rope.

As far as Ring Dips go. I was horrible. I did start off alright but fell apart quickly. My triceps kept cramping up so everytime I’d set up it was misery. I was using the green band for assistance and was only knocking out 3-5 at a time. That made my time out to be super slow. Ah well. Once I get out of FAT KID mode I should do much better. Time: 9:26

There’s a COMMUNITY WOD tomorrow if y’all are in the area. 9 am. Be there people. Come see our new home.

If I don’t see you or hear from you this weekend then have a good one. BE SAFE. Say thanks to our men and women that serve our country. Take care and of course BE AWESOME!!!!





Time Change…. It’s Complicated


Oh how I love Daylight Savings! I LOVE the sunshine hanging around past 7pm. But at the same time I am so sleepy for a week or so. It seems to get worse as the years go by. I just want to sleep in! And that’s what I did on Monday and I’m almost did it again this morning!


Waking up was not happening on Monday morning. I woke up, turned off alarm, set new one and went right back to sleep. Of course I have that remorse later on in the day, thinking why didn’t I just get up. I was tired and achy that’s why! But I did show up for the 6pm class. Thank goodness because I felt soooo much better 🙂

6/11/13 WOD
Skill/Strength: KB Swings (Russian) – 3×25 AHAP Unbroken, rest 1 minute between sets.
I didn’t really have a choice in what weight I would start at as Coach just gave me 1 POOD. For the 2nd round I moved up to 1.5 POOD. Well that’s a little heavy! If we break on the 25 reps we have to start over so I KNOW I don’t want that to happen. I was having a hard time keeping my shoulders back but 25 still came pretty easy. I did however take a longer break between by 2nd and 3rd round. I didn’t move up to 2 POOD because A. I probably wouldn’t be able to do it UNBROKEN and B. I needed to work on form with keeping my shoulders back. That last round sucked but I finished strong. And I could definitely feel the difference in keeping my shoulders back!

3/11/13 WOD

3/11/13 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds: 45 seconds on 15 seconds off.
Power cleans 115/75
Straight leg sit-ups
Thrusters 115/75

Well, well, well, I love Cleans but don’t have the same kind of love for the Thrusters. When I first started CF, I thought THRUSTERS were AWESOME. But that’s when all I had to use was the naked bar. They are a great whole body movement and they are evil at the same time. I’m good up to 55lbs at moving the bar fast then I just go womp womp on anything above that weight! The idea is to have the same weight for Cleans and Thrusters. UGH. I did 65lbs fine and Coach really wanted me to do 75lbs so I did. It was miserable but I did it.

This was a TABATA type of workout. We had to do the movement for 45 seconds, rest, repeat movement. We kept track of reps and whatever our lowest rep count was ended up being that score for that movement. Fifteen seconds is not a lot of rest. I felt I started out strong in my first 45 seconds of Cleans with a rep count of 14. It faded fast and I finished the rest of the rounds at an even 10 each round. Not to shabby, at least to me it wasn’t.That’s 54 Cleans in 5 minutes. We then had to move to straight legged situps. For some reason I got burned out quickly. I went from 20 reps to a consistent 16 reps. I was kind of disappointed in that movement as I typically can bust out situps. No AbMat I suppose so I was sliding all over the mat. Now for Thrusters. I’m dying right about now and I don’t even want to pick up the weight. By the time I did, I was like OH WOW, those sit ups did me in. My core is shot and I’m supposed to do Thrusters! How about 2? That’s more than 1. The life energy was sucked out of me and I was bad. I still kept on and got 3 for the 2nd round. Sure I could have just done 2 because that was going to be my score anyways but that’s not a cool way to look at things, so I did as much as a I could and that was 3! I did 2 more rounds at 4 and the last round at 2. Pretty lame for that finish. I was beat! Score: 10, 16, 2

6/12/13 WOD
So with the quick turnaround in workouts I wasn’t even sure I would wake up to make the BOOM Box this morning. I almost didn’t as I hit SNOOZE twice! Saw the workout and was really torn! SPRINTS was the Skill/Strength. Not my strength at all. And it’s cold outside! But I knew if I made a habit of skipping out on 5 am I would be doomed. The only reason I made last night’s 6pm class is that it’s Spring Break and the roads aren’t full of traffic. So 5am HERE I COME.

Skill/Strength: 10-100yd sprints, rest 1 minute from first person finishing.
Me and running are no bueno together. I am the worst runner ever. Forget about sprinting! The first 5 were OK but the last 5 were just slow. My hips were on fire! In the end, I know I NEED to do that kind of workout because it’s a weakness and I really do NEED to get better I just don’t wanna.

3/12/13 WOD

3/12/13 WOD

MetCon: Death by HR push ups Going up by 2. (ex: 1 min=2PU, 2 min=4PU, 3 min=6PU, etc)
Push Ups anyone? Push Ups? Death by anything is pretty painful and I as I sit here typing I can definitely feel it. I might not be able to move my upper body by tonight but that’s OK, right? Hahaha. I worked my tired ass self through 10 minutes and only got 16 reps into minute 11. I was dead. I don’t think any amount of bribery or death threats would have helped me get to 22 reps. I was pretty happy about my score though. That’s 126 PUSH UPs!

Food Front
I’m not way off course but still not on point. Still too many slip ups and it’s not good! Too many slip ups in my opinion anyways and well for the SCALE too. Still haven’t regressed to my bad weighing habits but I did weigh the other day and for me it’s just sad. I am definitely not at the same place I was a year ago and I think a lot of it just has to do with we weren’t as busy last year. So I had more time to focus on food and what I was putting in my mouth. Plus paleo was still new to me so it was still fun. Not that it’s boring now but I run out of time to be creative and enjoy it.


I made a point to eat more green foods this week and I think I’m doing good so far. We still have a lot left in the fridge still so I should be great for the rest of the week. If I could just fiend off temptations and bad dinners!

3/11/13 Lunch – Sirloin, Spinach and Asparagus! GREEN!

3/11/13 Lunch – Sirloin, Spinach and Asparagus! GREEN!

That’s all for this fine Tuesday. Sorry I left y’all hangin’ yesterday. I know you just couldn’t wait to see what I was up to! Hehe. Seriously I know you have better things to do but thanks for stopping by 🙂 Have a great day and BE AWESOME!


Broad Jumps are EVIL!


Whether it’s a warm up or an actual MetCon, I always find myself dying after Broad Jumps. It doesn’t help that I suck at them either. Man, you suck at everything! I hear your thoughts people. It is true but I get a little better each and every day. One day I may be able to say cause I’m awesome at Pull Ups or I’m awesome at Broad Jumps but today folks is not the day.

Skill/Strength: Deadlift 5 x 4 @ 80% of 1RM
As I have mentioned previously I am in fact feeling stronger in my Deadlifts. See I can be positive! And today was no different, I just wish my hands didn’t hurt so much holding on to that dang bar. 160lbs felt heavy at first but as I went along it was feeling pretty good.

2/8/13 WOD

2/8/13 WOD

MetCon: 8 rounds of Broad Jumps for 50yds, Sprint 50yds, REST 1 minute as a group
Good thing about this MetCon is that there wasn’t time or reps to be recorded. But there was plenty of pain to be had! I am not good at the Broad Jump. I don’t cover great distances and I only did decent on the first two rounds. After that it was just silly. 50yds doesn’t seem that far until you are jumping. Deadlifts then broad jumps, then SPRINTING (jogging) I seriously thought my ass was going to fall off of my body. By round 4 I was ready to QUIT CrossFit!

Eats, Ups and Downs.
So here I am telling you I was strong and doing it all right and last night I go eat a sandwich from Chick-fil-a and I’m not going to lie it was good and I savored it. I did. And just like at the Super Bowl party, it’s totally not necessary. I didn’t feel bad or anything but my stomach was not liking me this morning! TMI? Nah, it’s life people. It’s like I just want to have to say I had it. I ate the food, the bad food that tastes oh so good. And then I’m all, eh, it was good but not worth it. SUSHI is worth it though! Anyhow. Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking and Chipotle does not sound good. After much mumbling and grumbling from Ernie trying to will me out of eating the sandwich I still ate it. I don’t have any further plans to go rogue as I like feeling good before, during and after my workouts. I like feeling good all day. At the same time I can’t sit here and say I’m perfect when I am not. I want to be transparent with y’all. I don’t think I’ve ever purposely not shared anything with you all in the first place but I’m just putting it out there. I’m an open book.

See, still eating well! Chicken & broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, avocado and kiwi!

See, still eating well! Chicken & broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, avocado and kiwi!

This week I hope to be more adventurous in cooking foods. I need to mix it up. Try new things. Anyone else mixing it up? Going outside their normal routines? Got some recipes to share?

I do hope everyone has a great weekend! Might rain around here…boooo, but we’ll still make it great! And make it AWESOME!


REPOST: Friday I’ve Missed You


Has this been an extra long week for everyone else as it has been for me? I think I’m in some time warp and although it appears I’m in real time along with everyone else, my minutes and days just drag on. But alas it’s Friday. And surely I’ll enter into real time and my weekend will fly on by!

As for the BOOM Box I was not doing any sort of flying especially when it comes to our MetCon. 2 runs that are approx 1200m with a 5 minute rest in between. They were supposed to be Sprints but as I’ve mentioned before my sprint runs out after about 50 yds. So it turns into a messy sight. I’m not a pretty runner at all. I managed to run my first “sprint” in 7:01. We then get a 5 min rest from that time and go again. Final time was 19:49, so my 2nd “sprint” was 7:48. Not bad for being a sucky runner. One day I’ll proudly claim I’m a runner but that day is not near.

Skill/Strength: Floor Press 4 x 5, 3x Max Ring Dips
So prior to the MetCon we did Skill/Strength. I worked my way up to 65lbs for the Floor Press. Each round I added 5lbs. On my last set of 5 I was at 80lbs. I had to have some assistance on the last round. I can’t recall if I got through 3 or 2 Presses before needing help. I was fighting for it, but the bar was not moving.

10/12/12 WOD

For ring dips I used the bench for assistance again. I managed to get 5, 4, 7 or something like that. I think on my last round I finally just told myself to not suck at this movement. It’s so awkward and not natural for me to do. I bottom out and stay stuck and it’s not a fun feeling. I feel really helpless but on the last set I felt that I did better.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Sugar Reduction- Days 11 and 12
As I mentioned yesterday, I can’t honestly say I’m off the sugars completely. I’m consuming something on a daily basis out of time contraint, weakness and many other sad reasons excuses but not to the extent I was a few weeks ago. So I’m weaning myself if you will vs. going cold turkey. I’m ok with it… for now. There will be a point I know I will say to myself ENOUGH is ENOUGH but until then I will tread lightly with foods that contain sugar for now.

My half eaten, sugar free lunch: Roasted Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower, Spinach Salad with Hardboiled Egg, Bacon, Tomatoes and Olive Oil.

Barbells For Boobs
Just a small reminder I’m raising money for this great cause Barbells For Boobs. (link on the right hand sidebar) The BOOM Box is hosting their own B4B event @ 6pm, OCT. 27th The workout will be Grace. 30 Clean and jerks for time. If you would like to be a part of this event please visit the link on the right and donate at least $30 to mammograms in action. Even if you don’t want to participate, donations are welcome ツ

Barbells For Boobs Event 2011
Belton, TX

The B4B event is for anyone that would like to donate a few bucks and some muscle soreness. You do not have to be a member of this CrossFit box or any other in order to participate. All are welcome, bring your friends and family!

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding through the Mammograms in Action @ Grant Program for qualified low income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. Please help me and my team CrossFit Boom in our fundraising efforts by clicking the link and setting up your donation.

Have a pleasant weekend! I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are and that you are able to take advantage and play outside. I personally really want to hibernate but that’s a choice this weekend. Soon I hope, soon! See y’all on Monday. Until then, STAY AWESOME.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

At last it’s Friday! I went to bed last night feeling the hurt from the Bear Complex yesterday monrning. It’s an all body take down. I woke up feeling the hurt even more. I wasn’t sure all my limbs would make it out of bed but thankfully they did. I wanted nothing more but to crawl back into bed and hibernate.

As my story typically goes… YOU Know I got up and dragged my sore ass body into the BOOM Box. What awaited us was Muscle UP Work, Double Unders and Running that is if I can make it through the warm up, which involved Bear Crawls, which typically are fine in my book. My arms didn’t want to hold me up at all. Worst Bear Crawls EVER, then inch worms right after that?!? What a cruel cruel world! 😉

9/7/12 WOD

Skill Strength: Muscle Up Development
Let me first state, I can’t do a pull up, I surely can’t do a Muscle Up but working on technique never hurts. In my head I will pretend I am awesome at the MUs. So we work on lowered rings with bands and proceeded to learn and understand what our HIPS should be doing from a horizontal position… please hold your jokes for later. After a while of that we worked on being balled up and holding the position right before you would actually press up to a finished muscle up. Put it all together and you have the workings of a Muscle Up. And to top it off I found pics on the interwebs to illustrate, sorta, kinda!

You use a handy dandy band for assistance.

We were a little lower to the ground but you get the idea, bring hips up to rings.

Ball up and end like this.

MetCon: 15 Double Unders UNBROKEN, 200m Sprint
Well Well Well, Something I’m pretty sure I can do but ya just never know. I’ve clearly explained before that when I’m ever trying to get MAX DUs in a time frame, the shit hits the fan. My brain turns to mush when the clock starts counting down. Getting 15 DUs unbroken shouldn’t be a problem and thankfully it WAS NOT a problem. My biggest problem is that I’m a slow ass runner. I SUCK at running. I know I say I’m horrible at a lot of things and mostly that’s my disappointment in myself talking and you all get a dose of it DAILY but I know I’m getting better in the long run. When I say I SUCK at running, I really do. I’ve had progress and what not but I’m not a runner, mentally or physically and I don’t aspire to be EVER. If only I had some mental drive to run faster then maybe I would have been more successful on this MetCon. I did push on my last sprint so I broke that mental barrier for the morning but it’s hard to do. Time 4:39

Kid Front News
I had a big KID win last night by making sweet potato hash and topping it with spaghetti meat sauce. Justice gave it a 10 and compared to the zucchini noodles which was only given a 6. Still not bad but preferred the SWEET POTATO! And so EASY to make. No pics but I”ll give a quick breakdown: Cook you up some GRASSFED Ground Beef… season away, me I use: salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder. Sometimes I add tomatoes, onion, real garlic, mushrooms, etc but we were in a hurry last night. Add beef to already warming up SUGAR FREE, ORGANIC PASTA SAUCE (I can’t recall the brand I use at this moment, but if you really want to know just comment below please, I’ll have it later today.) While that’s going on, peel and shred up however many sweet potatoes you need. Sautee in coconut oil or Bacon Fat till soft. Pour meat sauce on top of potato hash, Add a side salad. You’re done! I have no pictures because I was not planning on sharing, how rude of me! It was late, post football practice, kids starving, fuel was needed… NO TIME for blog ideas!

Sorry but one more kid note… Jonas took some baby spinach to school and had some friends inquire as to what it was, it’s seriously a sad day that kids don’t know what fruits and vegetables are out there. Shoot I know there’s a ton of adults who don’t know as it is but geesh, spinach people, spinach. One of his friends tasted it… it’s raw, no dressing, seasoning or anything and they thought it was LOVELY and couldn’t believe it came as is! Seriously, it blows my mind! And to go with that is a lovely 70’s Saturday Morning PSA that I hope y’all enjoy!

Hope y’all have a super duper weekend. Community WOD at the BOOM Box tomorrow if you want to come out and have some fun! Hopefully it’s still in the 60s at 9am! So no excuse of being too HOT! If you can’t BE AWESOME with us just make sure you are AWESOME in general.

BEAR of a Morning!

I felt really good this morning. Maybe because I slept flat on my back ALL night, or maybe because the Cowboys won and I didn’t go to sleep pissed off, or maybe just maybe it’s just a good day. Good energy, not as achy as normal. Who knows! I feel good and I like it!

I even woke up with ease this morning and was ready for the BOOM Box! Skill/Strength: 5 rounds 50yd sprints. I can do short distance sprints much better than 100 or 200 yd ones. Plus on flat ground vs. that damn hill makes the running all the better. Today we mostly focused on form. It appears I was sprinting like a loonball and Coach had me work on technique. Let me tell you it’s hard to actually THINK about how you run. All of sudden I feel like I’m in quicksand. My BRAIN is draining what little speed I thought I had. But by the end my technique was better, now I just need the speed!

MetCon: 2RM of the BEAR Complex
Our task this morning was to warm up and work up to a 2 rep max of the Bear Complex with a 30 minute time frame. 30 minutes sounds like forever, but we were teamed up on a bar to take turns and I’m sure to make sure we get SOME rest so that was nice! I know some of you are wondering what exactly is the BEAR Complex. You start off cleaning the bar, doing a front squat, push pressing over head, bringing bar down to back of shoulders, back squat, and push pressing back up overhead. That’s 1 REP. You’ll see the movements in the video below. You also hear her explain it’s 5 rounds of 7 sets. Our goal however was work up in weight and do at least 2 REPS.

We started off at 55lbs, EASY BREEZY. I squat cleaned to a thruster to a backsquat to a thruster really well at such a light weight and was able to do that up to 80lbs. It was at 85lbs that I had to slow it down. And it was at 90lbs where I grew a chicken wing and FAILED 3 times, womp womp! I got through 1 Rep fine, it was the 2nd rep and the last push press where I couldn’t get it up. My left arm/elbow would just fly out. It couldn’t hang with the bar. My left arm is FIRED! And on my last attempt I was so damn focused on getting that 2nd Push Press I totally FORGOT to Back Squat! Seriously? WOW Stephanie! Ah well, that Push Press didn’t happen anyways so what if I missed the Squat, whatever! Heheheh. I know that 90lbs is MINE. It just sucks I couldn’t string it together! I got you Bear Complex, I got you!

Also, I just want to let you know if you’re on the fence about OLY Shoes… GET THEM! I felt great in my squats. Good depth, stable and confident. You realize right off the bat how beneficial they are BUT it was TODAY that I really could tell a big difference. Maybe all this Feeling GOOD is me finally breaking into a new level mentally and physically…. cross your fingers this is TRUE and that it sticks ツ

In other news
So Paleo is the thing we do, we’ve been lacksidasical in the past two months, I know, but still we eat pretty clean and stick to Paleo pretty closely. Now Ernie is flipping the script and reading up on Carb Backloading! I don’t know if flipping the script is the right terminology, it’s just different!

Sounds too good to be true, eat clean, eat clean, eat clean, WORK OUT, then stuff your face with all sorts of good and bad carbs, then go back to eating clean until after your next workout. That’s the gist of it or that’s how my brain is taking it in. Thoughts? Anyone else doing this? PLEASE NOTE – I have yet to read/research/educate myself about it. Forgive me if I have it all wrong. I don’t even know if I do ENOUGH physical work to justify this type of program. Just throwin it out there to see if anyone has any comments, ideas, suggestions, testimonials, etc.

Tha, Tha, That’s ALL Folks for this Thursday edition of Drinking the CF KOOL-AID. Let me tell you… it’s still good! Be the most Awesome of AwEsOmE today!

Confidence… Where are you?

Last week we had that Power Clean WOD, it has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m sad because I really enjoy Cleans. I can not find the confidence to drop under the damn bar. It’s truly frustrating. I understand the movement, at lighter weights I can do it but once I put any sort of weight on the bar I FAIL. I can muscle it all up but that’s not the point. Coach knows I can do it. I feel I CAN do it but when action is required I shut down. And I don’t do it on purpose! This morning was a much better showing than on Friday, but I still wasn’t in good form.

Skill/Strength: 4 x 200m sprints. Well shitfire… my hips burned on all of these runs which in reality was a 50m sprint and 50m run and 100m jog. I couldn’t keep up the pace today. Overall I just felt weak.

8/28/12 WOD

MetCon: 8 Rounds 3 Hang Cleans @ 85lbs, 3 Bar Facing Burpees
Like I said up front, Cleans are my kryptonite right now. I am still feeling the aftermath of last week and disappointing myself. I was determined to not have the same failures but I was slow to pick up the bar today and just lacked confidence. After a fail in the 3rd or 4th round, I finally got pissed off enough to just do the work. I wish I had gone into the WOD with that mindset. I know I should ALWAYS be ready to kill it but it took me a bit to wind up. With that said I can’t be upset with my time. By the way, HANG CLEANS not the same fun as POWER CLEANS. Time: 6:37

I’ve been trying to be better prepared for the week food-wise. Granted it’s only the second day of school but I got dinner out pretty quickly last night because I had my skirt steak already marinating from Sunday, had a chicken defrosted and ready to roast and have ground beef and sirloin ready to go for this evening. It’s work but I’ve been trying to be efficient. Hopefully I can keep this up without getting burned out. Thankfully the kids are super helpful but again it’s only Day 2 of the school year. I did manage to get a picture of their lunches today. Yay for CLEAN eating!

Roasted Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes, Hard Boiled Egg, Carrots, Grapes, Berries, Peaches. I did realize a little too late that they needed some GREEN foods but I forgot. Sigh!

Have a super day. And you all know it, say it with me: BE AWESOME!