Rainy Gloomy Tuesday GO AWAY!!!!

I don’t mind the rain, I really don’t only WHEN it doesn’t cancel our baseball games, affect my drive to work or flood my house! So pretty much I like rain when I sleep or have nothing going on! Two days of games canceled, an extra 30 minutes in hellish traffic and well our house didn’t flood, but the water was creepin.

It’s nature, It’s LIFE, I know… we need the rain. And what a way to bring in spring. No more complaining about it. I just had to get it out of my system 🙂

SO I was a blogging slacker yesterday and have a double dose of WOD’s to catch up on. Our weekend was fairly busy but nothing super interesting to shout about. I rested the whole weekend so I didn’t do a combo of bootcamp and CrossFit. I was having a hard enough time walking properly from what 12.4 did to me. So Monday rolled around and as always I kick off my week with a morning at the BOOM BOX. I seriously need new wrists. Is there a black market exchange program somewhere? We worked on OHS and although I feel I could do more weight, my wrists are on FIRE. I am ordering strength wraps so hopefully that will help. But HOLY COW it pisses me off so bad! It is what it is and I may never be the ELITE CrossFitter that I aspire to be but I’m gonna keep trying.

3/19/12 WOD

For our MetCon yesterday morning it was a 10 min AMRAP ladder of HR Push UPs and Air Squats. You progress by 2’s. So 2 push ups, 2 air squats, 4 pushups, 4 air squats and so on. I managed to complete 22 of each movement and get 4 pushups into the next round. That’s a lot of pushups and air squats!!! 268 total reps! I was wasted. But it was good. And 10 minutes felt like an eternity. Typically 10 minutes seems to fly by but not when you’re doing push ups!!

This Morning I checked out the CrossFit Boom site and saw that we’d be working on strict pullups, doing thrusters and running! Well it’s POURING so I know we aren’t running and couldn’t even begin to guess what would be substituted. Sure enough it was Double Unders! I was quite relieved because DU’s are something I can sorta do decently. But first STRICT PULLUPS! Well I CAN NOT do 1 pull up without band assistance so I know I suck already. But the idea was start off with what you feel comfortable with and do max reps. Then drop a band do max reps, drop down another band if you got it and so forth. Well I had a green and blue band combo and did 10 continuous reps. Then I had to drop to the green band. It’s a little thicker than the blue one. I did a WHOPPING 3 pullups with that. SO I dropped to blue band only and NOTHIN! I had NOTHIN. So I went back to Green Band and could bust out 3 more. I’m weak. It’s defeating. It doesn’t help that I haven’t worked on them outside of the box so I’m plenty at fault. I just wish pull ups were something that came easy to me. So from here on out, it’s my number 1 goal to achieve. I don’t know what a good timeline is so any suggestions would be great. 3 months? 6 months? I don’t know. But I will get a pull up sooner than later!!!! You have my word on that.

3/20/12 WOD

I shake off my defeat and get ready for the MetCon. RX’d is 4 ROUNDS of 15 65lb Thrusters and 50 DU’s. I can do 65lb Thrusters but 4 rounds of 15 is a little daunting. Coach suggests 55lbs and THANK GOODNESS he did because I was struggling. I meant to steal Ernie’s wrist support thingies but I forgot and I ran out of tape. So I had to bear through my wrist pain. I really really fought through and am happy I did because all though I wanted to die, I know I finished strong. DU’s are a little hard after thrusters! It takes a few second for your legs to realize you are trying to make them jump rope 😀 I finished much slower than I had originally anticipated but I found it hard to catch my breath today. So I paused a lot just trying to breathe! Final time: 14:27. Yay for Tuesday!

Until Tomorrow…..Unless I makes something yummy or do something adventurous between now and Thursday, then it’s UNTIL THURSDAY!