Sumo Summer!

Yup it’s a lame title. And I don’t care what you think! Hehe. I do care. Just like me please 🙂 Or don’t cause ya I don’t care. I was at a loss for creativity which happens more often than not. We did Sumo Deadlifts. It’s the 2nd day of summer. It seemed to work. And instead of editing forever, I just went with it. Why am I still explaining myself. I’m slightly crazy in case y’all haven’t figured that out!

I am still seriously sore from Monday and Tuesday’s workout and then we’re slapped in the face with 3 600m RUNS and Sumo Deadlifts!!! Are you kidding me? All day yesterday it never dawned on me that my ribs felt like I got beat because I did 100 situps on Tuesday. And my legs are dead from Sprints. I really didn’t think it would take a toll on me like it did but I’m still achy.

At least after the warm up, my legs started feeling better which is a good thing. Skill/Strength was to work on the Sumo Deadlifts. It’s a much different movement than regular ol’ deadlifts. And I feel much stronger at these which is an awesome feeling. I didn’t ask, nor have I researched on whether or not that’s typical – to feel stronger on Sumo’s vs. Regular. But I did feel pretty good. We worked our way up to a good weight for the Metcon.

MetCon: 600m run, 10 Sumo Deadlifts, 600m run, 10 Sumo Deadlifts, 600m run…. RX weight was 165 for the ladies and I went 10lbs lighter. I probably could have gone that heavy but that 10lbs would have been much more of a struggle as I was already struggling with the 155. And believe me after running a 600, my legs were not happy! Anytime running is involved I’m generally not happy. I do it for the better good of myself and my body, not my brain and piss poor attitude! Time 11:20

06/21/12 WOD

I did much better at the second set of Sumo Deadlifts. Not sure why exactly. Maybe I was too tired to think which in turn allows me to just DO.

Useless info
With my new found free evenings I can be way more productive in the kitchen! That’s a bonus indeed! I managed to roast a chicken, cook broccoli two ways for the rest of the week, get the kids some sauteed sirloin, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes and be done by 7:30! Who am I? There are some nights that kids are eating less than ideal and Ernie and I are eating closer to 9:30 because I’m just finishing dinner at that time. I know this freedom won’t last long, we have football coming up. As much as I know I can do pre planned foods for the week, I really like fresh cooked food. I’m a snob like that I suppose. Or maybe I suck at food storage. Who knows.

Also I finally bought into fancy waters… And I mean just paying the extra money for them for now. I haven’t bought into the idea fully just yet. I’m sure there’s good things to Alkaline Water with Electrolytes but I’m not sure how much more beneficial it will be for me. Anyhow we are buying out Albertson’s stock regularly of AquaHydrate. I need to do research, consistently drink the stuff and just self test for me. We’ll see how it goes. If I remember to do so I will keep you posted. If I forget just yell at me or something to share how it goes. It’s not cheap so we’ll see how long this lasts! LOL.

See y’all tomorrow. Have a T-REX kind of Thursday! Which of course is AWESOME!