Slow rollin’

Still in depression mode. Eating better but not 100% yet. I can feel it holding me down. I’m getting there but it’s a SLOW process right now.

I made some sweet potato noodles last night and low and behold they were different types of sweet potatoes! Made for a nice plate (of which I didn’t not take a picture of) but I recommend mixing it if even by accident. The different textures of a white fleshed sweet potato and a regular ol’ orangey one made the slightest difference and it was all for the good. Pretty – Check; Interesting – Check; Tasty – Check! As far as food and cooking go I’m back on track. It’s the snacking on stuff like chips (leftover from vacation) that is ruining me. Plus the fact that I’m still recovering from food overload last week. It takes a while to clean your system and if you’re not completely eating clean it’s not going to happen any faster :/ I’m trying. It’s hard. I just want to sleep and eat junk.

This vicious cycle is ruining my WODs at the BOOM BOX or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!!!! I mean I did PR twice last week but that was before it all the badness could build up and shut me down.

7/26/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: BAR WORK! ARGH! DOUBLE ARGH! I chose to work on Toes To Bar because I can do them but I need to do them better. I think I got absolutely NOWHERE in the whole doing them better department.

MetCon: 4 rounds – Complete at least 10 Thrusters in 30 seconds AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE, 1 minute Plank, 1 minute REST (add weight time). So the goal was to start off at a lighter weight and work your way up to as heavy as possible with the Thrusters. I know I can do 65lb Thrusters but can I do 10 in 30 seconds?

Annie Sakamoto showing how Thrusters get done!

I struggle with this movement and to think once upon a time in a land far far away I thought Thrusters were my favorite movement. In reality THEY SUCK! But in my opinion they are probably the best OVERALL barbell movement for your body, bang for your buck movement. They STILL SUCK. I started with 55lbs and I struggled. I did 5 real quick then slowed waaayyyy down for the other 5. My knee, my shoulder, everything – ALL HURT, ACHED, ETC. Went to plank position when the 30 seconds was up and felt okay. Quads started burning halfway through plank but I was fine for the most part.

Good solid PLANK! NOTE: back is straight. Some people hinge at hips and their butt is way up in air and some people let their hips sag – Both will help you get nowhere!

So I moved up to 60lbs during our REST period and was ready to go kinda sorta. Got the 10 knocked out with 2 seconds to spare – whew that was too close! The next plank was horrible. I couldn’t control my breathing, I was hurting and my shoulders were spent. 1 minute turned into FOREVER! On the 3rd round I decided to stay with 60lbs. I don’t think Coach was over the moon with that decision but I was feeling WEAK! I still got my 10 reps and I was a little better with the PLANK. On the 4th round I stepped it up to 65lbs. Just like the first round I did 5 reps with the quickness and then BAM slowed down, I finished right on the button. The 4th plank was the worst. I dropped to a knee for about 5 seconds I think and was trying to go from elbow to elbow to relieve my shoulders. It was horrible. Our score was our heaviest round completed. I know I won’t be sitting at the top of the board today but I am learning to deal with my weaknesses and not let them get to my head. One day they will be my strengths! That’s what I keep telling myself at least! Hahaha.

I’m super sleepy and it’s all because the past two evenings I can’t get to sleep. I typically don’t have a problem with sleep. My head hits the pillow and I’m OUT but the past two nights I’ve been tired but my brain won’t shut off. Again I’m attributing this to poor eating. Hopefully that’s all it is and hopefully I’ll get back to good sleep. One more official workout for the week. If I’m feeling spunky I may try to do something over the weekend but right now lazy lazy lazy is all that is in my brain.

I’m trying to be awesome but having a hard time. So please be EXTRA AWESOME to make up for what I am lacking! Have a better than mediocre Thursday!!!

NOODLE limbs and NOODLE food

My arms are noodles. And my hands are dead. If I had to rush and lift something heavy off of someone I would be useless! Hahaha, what are the odds of me having to save someone like that? Hopefully not good because I would be of no help.

The Boom Box had this little gem of a workout for us on the whiteboard –
Skill/Strength: DU practice then Max DUs in 5 minutes. I really thought I would get more than 168 but I did not. I could barely string 10-12 together much less get a good solid 30-40 in a row. I think I stopped caring at the halfway point and was just hoping time would speed up. I wasn’t happy I couldn’t get my double unders controlled. But ah well. There’s always a next time.

6/26/12 WOD

MetCon: 4 ROUNDS of 1 minute Bar Hang, 10 sec transition, 1 minute DeadLift Hold (135lbs), 10 sec transition

BONUS: 5 Burpee Penalty for every time you drop off the bar or drop the bar at the end of the 4 rounds.

I’ve learned over the months to not underestimate the WOD on the board. I used to do that a lot and really get the crap beaten out of me. Today that silly little thought really started creeping in. I was sure this would be hard but really it didn’t sound THAT bad. Uh ya, how about after 30 seconds of hanging on the bar was I ready to die. I would not be good in a torture type situation. I would sing like a bird. This my friends was torture. (And please I’m not diminishing the fact that people really do get tortured and it’s a terrible thing. This is for entertainment purposes only. And it’s sad that I have to say that cause there are some people out there that are too serious.) Moving on to the Deadlifts. Well the weight was easy to get up but easy to HOLD, hell no! It sucked! I dropped it twice on the first minute out of pure shock on much it sucked. I dropped the bar once each round for the rest. I dropped A LOT while hanging on the bar. I am unable to suck it up and look past the PAIN at least when it comes to my hands. So at the end of our 4 rounds I had a total of 12 drops which meant 60 Burpees lay before me. I didn’t rush through them but I didn’t drag ass either. I look forward NEVER to any similar workouts. The end!

JOKES JOKES it’s not the End.

I have SWEET POTATO noodles to talk about!! We are always stocked up on ground beef and I was going to do my standard meatballs with zucchini pasta but I thought I’d mix it up a bit. I had recently read about SWEET POTATO noodles but I didn’t really follow up on it. It was just a FB status. After some googling I found it posted over at Civilized Caveman Cooking. It was easy enough and was pretty darn tasty!

Sweet Potato Slices. After you slice them on the mandolin you cut them into thin strips aka NOODLES!

Meatballs over the NOODLES 🙂 YUMMY!


2 Medium Sweet Potatoes or Yams, long in shape
2 Tbsp Grass fed butter, I used salted
1-2 Tbsp Sage
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
Sea Salt for taste


Wash your sweet potatoes under cold water and then peel
Once peeled, CAREFULLY using your Mandoline, slice your sweet
potato lengthwise into thin strips
Once sliced, use a knife and cut them to about 1/4 inch thickness and set aside
Melt your butter in a large state pan over medium heat and add in all of your sweet potato “noodles”
Continually stir and cook until the sweet potatoes are cooked through to your liking, about 5 minutes for me
Sprinkle with your sage and cinnamon and mix well
Transfer to a plate and Enjoy

Instead of cinnamon and sage I substituted himalayan salt and garlic powder. I was serving meatballs over this and it turned out pretty darn good!!!

Now it’s the end. Hopefully you are making life AWESOME. Have a torture free Tuesday!!