Happy Wednesday

Ya and Halloween too. I dress up for work or any party that I may go too but not a real big celebrator of the day. And I did make the effort to get up on my REST day and go to the BOOM Box dressed up and WOMP WOMP, no one else dressed up! Ah well. C’est la vie!

Skill/Strength: Pull Up Work
Definitely a NEED in my world but so hard for me to WANT to do it and I never put the practice in :/ So we worked on some dead hangs and kipping. I suck at Dead Hangs. Kipping has come for me pretty easily, I just need the PULL UP part. I for sure need to make myself do Pull Up homework.

10/31/12 WOD

MetCon: TABATA of Situps, Mountain Climbers and Strict Press
Situps I don’t mind. Mountain Climbers I despise! and Strict Press to finish it was brutal. We weren’t even halfway through the Mountain Climbers and my right shoulder was fading fast. By the time our rounds for Press were about to start I was toast. RX was 65lbs, my 1RM is 70lbs so I chose to do 55lbs. Should be challenging but not horrible. Uh did I mention BRUTAL already?!? I don’t remember how my rounds broke down, I know for certain I didn’t even get the bar up on one round and I only got 2 reps on another round. We scored this Tabata for total reps and I finished with 26. I really expected more but there just wasn’t MORE!

Food NON-Update: Still a slacker on what to make with pumpkin. Hopefully tonight I’ll get motivated.

It’s a short post today. I know some of y’all are thinkin “WHEW!” hahaha. I’m just happy the bees are gone… we hope. Got a little bit of honey but not a lot considering we could have probably shared with all of DFW. Bee guy takes it all :/ But now hopefully our neighbors won’t hate us. Have a great day. And of course you know the drill – BE AWESOME!

Can’t get over the whole bee thing!


Making It Happen

You know it! It’s Day 1 of the 21-Day Sugar Detox in my lil world. It’s long overdue! September was full of eating FAILs and hardknocks to our typically uneventful life. But we persevere like we always do, like we are made to do. Thank goodness I stayed true to my workouts! Time to get back on track with the FOOD!

21-Day Sugar Detox – Day 1
So here we are October 1 – Can you believe it’s October? It’s great, the weather is instantly cooler, the RANGERS are in the playoffs and the holidays are right around the corner ツ AND today I start my Sugar Detox. If you’ve been with me since at least May then you know I have made it through with only one hiccup on Mother’s Day. This time around I aim to not have any slip ups and just do it and do it right! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar in all forms and although I’m not the junkie I once was but I haven’t been quite the saint either. I know this first week may not be easy for me because the past two weeks were filled with all sorts of nonsense in regards to food. You all reading shouldn’t be affected but those that know me personally may get a short tempered, angry person in their face. I apologize in advance!!! So far for the day 3 eggs over medium, 1 cup of Mint Tea, lots o’ water. No veggies cause I’m lame and didn’t prepare properly but I have veggies for lunch and will have some for dinner too.

10/1/12 WOD
Skill/Strength: 4 x 10 Single Leg KB RDL AHAP. What is a Single Leg KB RDL? Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift. The objective was to do 10 on each leg for 4 sets and move up to as heavy as possible. I started off at 1 POOD and that wasn’t too bad. I have pretty good balance so that helps out. The thing I don’t have is good grip. It’s weak! But because I didn’t struggle at 1 POOD, I moved up to 1.5 POOD.

I’m am stronger when my right leg is planted but this started taking a tole on my hip. By the 4th set I was struggling and my left leg felt much stronger in the end. I’ve done this movement with no weight many times so I know with added weight I will feel this in the morning. I’m scared!

10/1/12 WOD

MetCon: TABATA of Jumping Lunges, Handstand Shoulder Touches and B2B Air Squats. TABATA just seems EVIL! TABATA hurts! TABATA will in the end KICK YOUR ASS! but TABATA is good for you whether you like it or not. TABATA is 20 seconds of one movement, 10 secs rest over and over for 8 rounds. You are supposed to count your reps and the round with the least reps is you score. Well we started with Jumping Lunges and somewhere from the beginning to the middle I started cheating doing Stepping Lunges. This was not my intention but I was called out on it which really sucked because 1. I was doing them wrong and 2. I didn’t realize I was doing them wrong and 3. Well I sucked. I ended up with a score of 8 for Jumping Lunges. My LEGS were dead. We moved onto Handstand Shoulder Touches during the 10 second rest. I opted for Handstand Rocking because prior to the whole TABATA start I could only manage to get one shoulder touched. I couldn’t complete a rep on my left side. So I modified. Thank goodness our legs got some rest but this is a butt whoopin on the good ol shoulders! I started off strong but fell to 10 reps for my last three sets. Ah well. Our legs were punished once again when we hit those air squats. My true pain came from HOLDING the squat in the 10 sec rest period though. About halfway through my right hip was just dead. Holding the squat made it burn. I was done. I was trying to keep my reps up but ended with a score of 9 on the Air Squats 😦

To WODapalooza or Not To WODapalooza? That is the Question! A great BOX in Temple, TX – CrossFit DSP is sponsoring the 2nd annual WODapalooza. I competed in this last year with only 2 months CrossFitting under my belt. It was a blast! Now it’s a 2 day event and I’m torn on whether I should bite the bullet and compete! Registration started today, hopefully some spots are still available by the time I make my decision!

That’s it y’all! It’s Monday. Make it great! Be AWESOME and it’s not too late to start the sugar detox. No one made it a LAW to start on the first of the month. Just start!

NOT so Easy!

Especially when life decides to be real and painful. The title of today’s blog was supposed to be NICE but NOT so Easy. As it turns out it’s not so NICE either. Let me just say my heart is sad today. I know that here on this blog I share my silly little journey in fitness with CrossFit and Paleo but today I ask for prayer. Prayers are needed as part of my family has to deal with hard times. These hard times do nothing but re-engage all my sadness that I still have for my Mom. Geesh it sucks. And then I feel oh so selfish because that’s all I now think about – how much I need/want my mom still and I can’t have her. When really I should be focused on the ones hurting more than me. I’m not good at sharing hurting feelings and real sadness. So I sit here and ask for peace and comfort as we wait and see. Thank you.

I debated if I wanted to blog about my workout and I wasn’t going at first but in order to just get my mind somewhere else I decided I would recap the BOOM morning. So here goes it:

Skill/Strength: Handstand Shoulder Touches
I had NO clue what this meant, then Coach showed us. Get into a Handstand, with wall support and then proceed to try and touch your shoulder with your hand. Say what?!? Haha, I know it sounds insane. The idea is to shift all your weight to one side, I suppose to build strenght, balance? With Coach holding my feet, I could manage to get a few but without support I’m not so ready. The goal was to go for 5 minutes, 30 sec on, 30 sec off, going back and forth from left to right side. Well since I was unable to be proficient at the movement I got scaled to rocking back and forth on hands. I don’t really ever try to walk on my hands so this movement was weird and hard to get used to. By the last round I think I had a good feel for it but I still wasn’t great.

9/18/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 x 10yd sprint, 3 x 20yd sprint, 2 x 40yd sprint. Then TABATA of Pushups, Superman Rocks and Hollow Rocks. That wasn’t the original plan, TABATA but Coach gave us the change up. The T-WORD, TABATA! booooo! The Sprints were a nice change of pace, compared to the RUNS we call SPRINTS, hehehe, so yes *coughgrantcough* this was a much needed lighter day. Now back to TABATA. 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 8 rounds. Your score is the lowest rep count that you get. We only counted Push Ups and woooo they hurt. So I started off what seemed strong with 13 but I dwindled fast. Kept my last rounds at 7 Push Ups so my score is 7. We didn’t count the Superman Rocks or Hollow Rocks and thank goodness because I lost count fast.

There you have it. Another craptastic day. Here’s to REALLY hoping that this week gets a little better. My apologies for the lame-O writing. Be AWESOME!


Awww man, It’s been a year since I started drinking the Kool-Aid! It was at Europa last year that I was exposed to this insanity we call CrossFit in person, face to face with athletes competing. It was then that Ernie had already had his taste for only a week or two. It was then that I met Grant for the first time. It was then that I said I would give CrossFit a chance. August 23, 2011 was actually my first get my butt up outta bed at 4:30 am for my first 5 am workout! And I haven’t stopped since. I’ve been dedicated and determined! With the exception of sleeping in once, being sick for a week, and then one day recently being sickly I have not missed a beat. Ya I’ll give myself a GOLD STAR for that! I can’t pat myself on the back though for my performance on all of those days because some days I just didn’t bring it or sometimes I felt like dying but I have shown up day in an day out.

Thanks again Grant and all the BOOM Boxers for being there, being supportive and being good friends!

I seriously could write a lot about this past year and well I guess I pretty much have with this blog. I had only wished I had actually started blogging when I ACTUALLY started CrossFit but alas I did not. So let the tears of happiness dry out and let me get to the nitty gritty of this morning – it’s not pretty!

Skill/Strength: TABATA Strict Pull Ups and Push Ups. I still don’t have a pullup so I busted out the GREEN and BLUE band. Started off strong and I guess too strong because Coach had me let go of the blue band. I sucked with the green only so I went back to both. Next time I MUST start with GREEN only then get the blue band assistance if needed. I’m not complaining because I know this is a necessary EVIL. How is one to master pull ups if one is not trying harder? This grasshopper will learn. Either way, this morning PULLUPS were NO BUENO.

After the 8 rounds of Pull Ups we moved to 8 rounds of Hand Release Push Ups. Again you start off really strong and by the end you are wanting to CRY. TABATA is no joke. It will kick your ass, give you a break and KICK YOUR ASS some more. For those of you new to the term TABATA I can tell you that you do work for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. You do this for 8 rounds which is 4 minutes. The idea behind it is that you’ll do more work in the 4 minutes this way than if you went “hardcore” for 4 minutes without a break. That’s all I know. Oh ya besides that it will KICK YOUR ASS.

8/24/12 WOD

MetCon: Oh ya there was still a MetCon, I was already ready to go home! 5 rounds of 15 Power Cleans in ONE minute followed by ONE minute Rest. RX 95lbs, MY weight 85lbs then dropped to 75lbs. SIGH. I warmed up, worked my way up to 85lbs, did 3 reps, it felt good. I knew 95 would hurt and I probably wouldn’t get 15 reps in one minute. So 85 lbs for me. I almost forgot to mention that if you FAIL and don’t get the 15 reps you get to run 800m. I did not want to fail! Well as life would have it, I busted out 5 reps fairly ok and then it went downhill from there. I can’t recall 100% but I think I got 9 or 10. That’s ONE 800m run waiting for me. Coach asked me if I got this at the 85lbs. I assured him I did. I got to the bar and did 5 again and although I was a little better in the next 5 it ended up only being 10 AGAIN! I was not a happy camper. I wanted it so bad to get the damn bar up and I just FAILED! So Coach had me drop to 75lbs. So finally I get my 15 reps within the minute. WOOHOOO. I’m good, so far I only owe 1 mile in running. UNTIL I FAILED at the next TWO rounds :/ I got 13 and 11 for those last two rounds. I just sucked. That’s all there is to it. I changed out of my OLY shoes, put my runnin shoes on and said see y’all tomorrow, ha, 2 MILES! I hate running as many of you know. I didn’t even time myself. I did the penalty work and that’s all I can say for myself. Big disappointment after my DIG DEEP, STEP IT UP, TRAIN ISN’T STOPPING talk. Let’s just say there was a cow on the tracks, the train took a break. It’ll pick back up!

It’s the WEEKEND! If you’re in Arlington come on out to the BOOM Box tomorrow, Saturday, 8/25, at 9 am! Come play with us at the Community WOD. It’s always fun! If you’re not in Arlington the FIND a box that does FREE FUN SATURDAYS! or just go the park and play! Have an INSANE weekend. Enjoy LIFE! BE AWESOME!

Fun Friday and TREATS!

So I half lied because not all of this morning was a “fun” Friday at the BOOM Box in regards to working out. Today my body was just exhausted and the COLD weather decided to remind us it’s not spring just yet!

3/9/12 WOD

Back Squats and TABATA were on the whiteboard menu today. I was all fine and dandy to take it all on but my damn IT BAND on my left leg which has been pretty quiet and pain free was being WONKY this morning. I blame it on the cold because I haven’t had any problems in a few months. So I couldn’t pull of the weights I need to with Back Squats. I was kind of sad because I know I’ve gotten stronger and today I felt so weak. In the MetCon we had to do jumping lunges and well I could only half ass do those as well. My left knee wasn’t gonna make it to the ground each time. I still worked and TABATAs are always a beating so have no fear, I still got a workout! We did a round of jumping lunges, a round of flutter kicks and the round that counted was DEFICIT Pushups. Both hands are on plates and you go down till your chest hits the ground before you come back up. NO FUN my friends, NO FUN AT ALL. My arms are DEAD from yesterday and now we have to kill them with pushups. I opted out of RX and went to my knees because I’m lame like that. I struggled with those as well 😦 We had to take the lowest amount we completed in the 8 ROUNDs that we completed! Come on NOW. How sucky! My count dropped, and dropped and dropped some more. So after starting out with 13 in 20 seconds, I finished with 8 in 20 seconds. Today was a WEAKSAUCE DAY. Hopefully tomorrow and next week are better 🙂

It's kind of sad looking because 1. I'm no photographer and 2. I'm no frosting professional but it is TASTY!

Now for the FUN part of Friday! Today was Coach’s birthday so I decided to try out a new recipe that I found on Elana’s Pantry website. I test baked and tasted on Wednesday. My first round were a little overcooked. Not bad but not super great. Last nights batches were right on target! These are gluten free and paleo (well if you don’t eat dairy, don’t eat the whipped cream and if you do eat dairy it’s ORGANIC VALLEY so it’s good stuff).

I tripled the recipe for 2 dozen, YUMMO! Coconut Flour, Eggs, Agave, Celtic Sea Salt, Arrowroot Starch, Vanilla, Baking Soda and STRAWBERRIES!

I'm sure if you don't care for strawberries, any berry would do just fine 🙂

Adding the strawberries into the mix.

I'd be happy eating them raw! Hehe, I'm a weirdo, I know.

Voila, Ready to go to the BOOM Box!

The recipe makes 8 cupcakes so I tripled the ingredients to get a whopping 2 dozen to share with the BOOM Box BEASTS! These are kid approved and NON HEALTHY/PALEO eating people approved! One of our 5am guys doesn’t eat anything remotely healthy (or so he claims) enjoyed them so it was great to see that he wanted a dozen for himself! They are tasty and quick to make. The only thing to me was they were more “muffiny” than cupcakey. Which is fine by me. I enjoyed them very much but I just want to be clear so if you make them you can let me know if you felt the same way or if I just plain ol suck at baking them.

You can find the recipe here: http://www.elanaspantry.com/strawberry-cupcakes/

Mine weren’t as BEAUTIFUL as hers are on her site but ah well. I’m a work in progress!

I also made (as suggested) Whipped Cream Frosting. I’m not much of a baker so I have never made my own whipped cream. AND I WISH I HAD KNOWN/LEARNED SOONER on how easy it is to make! To frost 8 cupcakes all you need is 2 TBS of Agave Nectar and 1/2 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream! I used Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream. I’m new to this so to me it was amazing how simple and easy it is to make. You put it in a deep bowl and get a hand mixer and mix away until you get whipped cream. Voila! Done SON! I was quite happy. My kids noted it wasn’t necessary to add whip cream to the cupcakes, they were good as is. I was really surprised. They did like the whipped cream but that’s how great they are, they don’t need the added sweetness 🙂

Anyhow. Hope your Friday turns out to be fun! Even if you have to do something crazy and obnoxious to make someone smile. Make someone else’s day fun too and yours is bound to be super FUN! I know enough with the word FUN! Have a great weekend folks!

WHOLLY COW what a WHIRLWIND weekend!

This past weekend was full of intensity, adventure and super exhaustion. Ernie and I headed out to Austin this past weekend because we had signed up to be volunteers at The Fittest Games. A good sized event for soon to be CrossFit Games Competitors and those testing their level of awesomeness against other firebreathers. Arrival time for volunteers was 6:00 a.m. and we worked non stop till about noon. It was so much fun to be there. The “YARD” as it was named was LEGIT. It was in this cool unfinished warehouse which is in development stages but raw and dirty and super badass. It’s a future home to a CrossFit as well. There were four Pads where WODs were being held throughout the day and the BEST of the BEST were out there putting all of their insane blood, sweat and tears on the concrete floors.

First Team WODs @ pad 1 (1RM clean and jerk and Max front squats)

Pad 2 - Women killing Muscle Ups

From CrossFit Tyler – I HEART NINJAs by the way!

I had a fun job by marking up the athletes with their assigned Number. We got to laugh, joke and have a good time. Even scored a cool shirt! I then had a job as scorerunner. It is what it is – take the scores to the computer peoples so they can enter everything. I got up-close behind the “scenes” viewing and met some cool people. The athletes competing were BEAST at all things. I was inspired, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. I sooooo want to be at that level but then I think that’s soooooo far away and then I think I’ve only been doing this a few months and I didn’t come in awesome as it is so I have a ways to go but it’s doable. I THINK! I HOPE!

As we finished our assignments we were going to stick around but we opted for going out for lunch and then realized we were exhausted so we’d head out to my aunts house for rest. We did have a comedy show to attend later that evening and didn’t want to be miserable. As we were headed back I recalled a blog or someone on FB mentioning a paleo burger in Austin. Thank GOODNESS for google because it pulled up WHOLLY COW BURGERS! We u-turned as fast as we could and headed straight there.

We found it! Love smart phones. Makes life so much easier 🙂

A convenience store with a burger place or was it a burger place with a convenience store? Who knows. I needed to see the Paleo Burger on the Menu… because this wasn’t special order where they look at us weird for asking for no buns or mayo or whatever restaurants think when we order NO GRAINS. And there is it was the Fit Cross (Crossfit Paleo Burger). It’s not the holy grail of burgers I know this, but it’ going in the right direction. Local Grass Fed beef cooked up just right, slapped between portabella mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, onions, natural ketchup and mustard. It was yummy. Especially when you’re out of towners, this was a good find. We ordered one burger each to “check” it out. WIN! So we ordered two more and added sweet potato fries after we inquired if they had them. Perfect! It filled us up and we knew it was good local homegrown grass fed beef. We talked to the owner and peeps that worked there and found out that not all grass fed beef is created equal. Ranchers are allowed to grain feed the last 120 days before slaughter and are still able to claim their beef to be “grass-fed”! I had no idea! That’s how little research I’ve done. I’m saddened by the news but also now informed. So it’s an overall win.

In their convenience store - organic produce also available there.

Fit Cross Paleo Burger at Wholly Cow Burgers, Austin, TX

If you’re in Austin, then definitely check this place out. They do have a website and FB page but not a lot of content. So with that said just CHECK THEM OUT at some point.

I’m finally to today and our WOD this morning. Sled Pulls are awkward and take some getting used to and left me a little out of breath but that’s OK what would CrossFit be if it were EASY?!?

1/23/12 WOD

Out MetCon just about killed me. Was it a case of the Mondays? Or was it just flat out loserness? Not sure at this point but it was close to killing me. Snatch DL is very weird feeling. Having to deadlift with a super wide grip definitely ups the ante in knocking reps out. The weight was light “for a deadlift” at 75lbs. And TABATA to boot. Although we only did half TABATA 4 rounds vs. 8 rounds, but that was fine with me because I was going to have to push press that 75 lbs. My max regular press is 65lbs but with the “PUSH” it’s easier to get a little more weight up. I didn’t do my first round of push press because I was so spent after the deadlifts. I think I managed to get 13 presses. SUCK! We moved onto Front Squats and again it took some energy to freakin just clean it. So I wasted almost the whole first round just trying to talk myself into getting the bar up. I finally did and I was beat. I really double sucked at front squats as well. Overall REPS at 61. I KNOW I could have done more, but I talked myself out of it before the MetCon even started. Not a wise thing to do and I don’t suggest punking out like I did. I am happy I did it”RX’d”. I’ve done a few but not a lot so it feel goods when I can MOVE the weight around. I was spent but it was a good spent.

I hope you all enjoy your Monday. Make it great. I’m hoping I kill my WOD tomorrow. And I hope you meet whatever goals you have for the week. Eat Clean. Train Dirty! LOVE IT!

Seriously?!?!?! The year HATES me already!

And I am not joking one bit. I felt so defeated yesterday. After all my proclamations of how great 2012 will be and even if it’s not I’m gonna MAKE it great. Well it freaking stomped my face in yesterday as my car DIED, just flat out DIED in the middle of the road. I was “THAT” person… broke down at a stop light with nowhere to go. All systems down folks. Fortunately for me Grapevine police showed up QUICKLIKE to help me out to which I am grateful.

Now I did know my car was coming to failure as all sorts of warnings and noises were putting me in a panic but I was still going. I wasn’t far from dealership and I just knew I would make it. As I was on the phone with the service department to alert them I was coming – complete POWER FAILURE left me hangin’ out to dry. They called a tow truck to get me, which helped a lot as well. As the tow truck shows up, the guy asks if I needed a ride to the dealer as well and as I told him yes he told me to take a seat in the truck while he hooked up my car. So I’m sitting there and I see out of the corner of my eye a giant TIRE come out of nowhere. I look up and there I see what appears to be Grapevine CrossFit. The pic I have here is a total blurrilicious terd but you can kind of tell. I should have hopped out, joined in and gave em hell but instead I sat there and watched in my sadness.

Grapevine Crossfit ... I think! Appeared out of nowhere while I was waiting in tow truck.

I eventually got rescued by my brother. And car is being fixed. Dead battery and alternator 😦 And I move on. I won’t let it bring me down. 2012 will not defeat me. But I did stumble a bit and the first week isn’t even to a close yet!!!

Onto my WOD which gives me peace and strength (sometimes!?! and sometimes it just pisses me off too, haha).

1/06/12 WOD

As you see we worked Snatch and Clean&Jerk. I am no bueno at the SNATCH but I am determined to get that lift down. It’s so intimidating. So much to think about form wise and that’s just with a bar. Adding weight gives it a whole new form of intimidation. I got a little better, we’ll see what tomorrow brings as I will attempt my 1 rep MAX :O Doh, I SCARED!
I feel a lot more comfortable with the Clean&Jerk and my workout buddy today told me I had a “pretty” jerk! LOL. That made me laugh and I told her I would document it because it was cool to get that as a compliment and never in my life would I have ever imagined that would give me a warm fuzzy inside. Never in my life would I have imagined anyone ever saying that to me so WOW .. who am I? 😀

I felt pretty good about the WOD going in but I knew it would get to me! TABATAs always do. And it was OLD SCHOOL! LOL… air squats, pushups, situps… easy breezy right? WRONG… Not even halfway through squats my legs turned to JELLO. Pushups were murderous and surprisingly I felt pretty good at situps. A total overall rep count of 241. I was feelin pretty good. Worn out but good.

As for dinner last night, it was simple. Some grass-fed steak chopped up and sauteed with mushrooms and asparagus. I failed to take a picture as I was tired, defeated and HUNGRY. Ernie and I ate like it was the last meal on Earth… maybe it was just me though. I finished well before Ernie. The kids feasted on left over chili which by the way turned out pretty good considering I was lacking a lot ingredient wise. They informed me it was tasty and they liked it a lot. I too enjoyed it for my lunch. And I also forgot to take pics. But chili is chili right?

After dinner, I was proactive again and helped the kids out with their lunches and I remembered to take PICS! Yay me. So the whole point of the pictures is that this is EASY stuff to do. We haven’t bought “bread” in a month now. I ran out of Ezekiel Bread a few weeks ago. And all of us are A-OK withOUT it! No one has revolted or threatened my life. We just move along as if this is how it’s been all along. The boys enjoy it and know they are eating healthy. They loved the spinach and had no idea it was spinach. They saw I added zucchini this time around and were excited.. Yes we are a bunch of nerdos!

Preparing the Ham Rolls

Kid Approved Ham Rolls

And that’s how the cookie crumbles! COOKIE..??? Who said COOKIE?

Hahahah I am probably the only one laughing but that is how my brain works folks. I’m weird. Happy Friday to you all! Enjoy the weekend 🙂