Embracing the SUCK – AKA KAREN!

Yup it was a morning full of KAREN! For those new to CrossFit or have no idea what Karen is you’ll learn a few things quickly. 1. It’s a 150 wall balls for time 2. I hate WALL BALLS and 3. This was one part of the CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.4 (which I failed miserable at).

With that said let me repeat for the 7897697th time I HATE WALL BALLS! RX was with a 14lb ball. Besides doing this for the 12.4 WOD I had never done Karen before and I have only ever once used the 14lb med ball. For 12.4 I think I got 120 wall balls in 12 minutes. So Coach clearly doesn’t like any of us to be busting this out so soon. We had a 15 min cap which I was sure I wouldn’t make. But I had to give it a go. Besides the pure hate of this movement have I told you I completely suck at it as well? YES I SUCK at Wall Balls too 😦

4/16/12 WOD












I knew I had finished 50 under 5 minutes but that was the last time I really paid attention to the clock. I just knew I had to knock sets of 5 down as best as I could. Every now and then I’d hear the time but never put the time and my reps together. Everyone else in my heat had finished so of course they are all supporting and rallying me on. I’m down to the wire and I have 25 left. Coach is pushing me and I’m keeping up to his demands. He tells me I have 10 seconds left to do my last 3 reps and I barely push it out, but I did! WOOO VICTORY sorta if you know you suck and don’t compare yourself to elite athletes! So I laid on the ground for a good while. Sat around for a while longer. Attempted some sort of mobility for even longer. Finally I take a look at the board and see 14:37 ?!? I thought dsylexia had kicked in and walked up close to make sure because I knew I was down to the wire. It had to be 14:57 right? So I ask Coach what the deal was and he calmly says “oh I lied” !!!!! Hahahah seriously? So I finished 23 seconds better than I thought. It’s not HUGE I know but it made me feel a little more beastly! Hahah! Thanks 5am-ers for being a great SUPPORT group 🙂 Love y’all!

Not looking forward to tomorrow, I probably won’t be able to walk very well.

On a different note, our weekend was good. Got a lot of baseball in and the rain held off. I didn’t make more brownies as I got lazy! But I will probably bust some out tonight. And I also have a Double Chocolate Cherry Cookie recipe that my kids saw in a cookbook I had recently purchased and requested me to make it SOON!

Hope y’all have an a-MAZING MONDAY!

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