The LAST FRIDAY of 2011!

And the Boom Box did not fail me in my workout. It was NUTS!

12/30/11 WOD

As you can see from the board: PUSHUPS for 5 MINUTES! WTH? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s how I’m supposed to end 2011? With 5 minutes of hand release pushups!!!!! My 90 max rep is 43 or something, so Ernie says you should get 180 EASY. Hahahhahah seriously? NO! In 90 seconds it’s an all out war but in 5 minutes it’s an all out cry baby fest! Well I didn’t really cry but at 4 minutes I wanted to very badly. Ha, when we were 30 seconds in and Grant called out 30 seconds in I probably stopped for a good 8 seconds just for laughing. I carried on though. Then to pistols. Wow, I think those may have been worse than pushups just because I can do pushups. My flexibility on pistols just isn’t there. I truly do regret not wanting to be a gymnast when I was little. I would be a lot better at some of these movements if I had been one but that’s just not the case. Onto PULLUPs and we all know how I feel about those so I won’t ramble on. I opted for a combo of the blue and green bands because 3 mintues of pullups is equivalent to running a marathon in my mind. It ain’t easy folks. I was relieved to move onto Air Squats because well you can always do air squats. Then my absolute favorite (not really) BURPEES! Woooo but only a minute. My vertical leap after 2 minutes of squats not so good. I felt like I had lead in my legs. But I did finish strong. Total Reps: 237 Thank goodness my Friday workout is done!

You don’t understand how glad I am for 2011 to be over. It’s been a rough year for me and I know people have had worst and blah blah blah, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about me and it sucked. So come on 2012…. UNLESS you’re gonna suck too then let’s just fast forward to 2013!

As for resolutions and what not I really have NONE. I’ve never been one to set them. And as silly as this sounds my only real want (though it’s not a goal I can achieve on my own free will) is to make that show FORD ESCAPE ROUTES! I hear you questioning me… Like Really Steph… that’s what you want? Hell ya that’s what I want, but it’s not solely up to me, it’s up to the producers! Hopefully we’ll know by next month and then either A. you won’t have to hear me talk about it until next year when we try out AGAIN or B. you’ll be hearing about what it is we need to do to WIN the show. Hehehehe.

I mean I do want good health for my kids and pure awesomeness in their lives, but that’s a given. I’d do anything for my babies. So other than really wanting badly to be on Escape Routes… I may change my mind and make up some resolutions. I think I had a pretty good change in my health and fitness this past year. I’ve lost a good amount of weight for my 5’2″ frame. I eat TONS better. And I’m passing along the goodness to my family 🙂 I will trek on into 2012 with the same mindset for health and fitness. I will work towards even better eating, keeping fit and getting more fit, and encouraging others as I go along the way. I feel good about the upcoming year. I need to work on my financials and that will be hard I know. Pray that 2012 will be awesome.

I wish you all a Happy New Year with many blessings and goodness to come into your lives!

Don’t forget we are doing a NYE WOD tomorrow night. Everyone is welcome. A paleo feast at my casa and then on to the box for FRAN. Ya you know it, ringing in the New Year with FRAN! What are we thinking!!!!! Let me know if you want to come hang out! Go to CrossFit Boom for more details.

Airrosti Amazeballs and Paleo-ish Enchiladas

Due to my head congestion I decided to flake out on bootcamp this morning. I know this is becoming a regular routine and I need to nip it in the bud NOW. I will, I PROMISE. And hopefully the congestion funk disappears soon as well.

This morning I had an AIRROSTI appointment for my hip. Over the past few months my hip flexor has gone from achey to just painful. It has affected my whole hip, glute and hammies. It’s obviously not stop you in your tracks pain but it’s affecting my lifts and some of my range in depth. I will say I wasn’t “sure” how this would go or how helpful it would really be but in just a short time A LOT of pain has been alleviated. It’s truly AMAZEBALLS. It’s as if the pain melted away. It still hurts where my hip pain originated from but the extra aches and pains are pretty much gone…. it should last but we’ll see. I have to go back 2 more times and hopefully I’ll be pain free by then. I will keep you posted! They gave me some stretches to do twice a day and a cool little wristband reminder. I also got a nice aqua blue kinesio tape up job on my leg to help support my muscles. I’m not saying it’s a miracle fix yet but I am saying the initial pain relief was good. Like I said I’ll keep you updated on what I feel like next week!

Airrosti Reminder Bracelet

Kinesio Tape Up

As for fun yummo goodness, I made chicken enchiladas this morning… CHICKEN ENCHILADAS you say? YES I did say. I had made chicken last night and had intentions of making this last night but without kids and with impatient Ernie we bailed on the chicken and went to Rockfish. It was alright, nothing great but it was quick and warm.

So to the chicken enchiladas. Like I said I had made chicken last night. I seasoned it up with my fave stuff… cumin, salt, pepper, garlic powder. I let it cook on one side for a few minutes then flip it, let it cook for another couple of minutes then pour chicken broth over it (about half way filling pan). I let the broth boil, bring it to a simmer and cover it for 15 minute or so. Sometimes longer. Once it’s done, it’s perfect for shredding. I however put it in the fridge.

Chicken Partially Cooked

Adding the Chicken Broth

This morning I pulled out a couple of pieces and minced them up with my handy dandy chomper smasher thing from Pampered Chef (I’ve had this for years and love it). I don’t really have a recipe for my sauce but if you really are interested I will email it to you or write down a proper recipe. Pretty much I used:

Chicken Broth
Chili Powder
(whatever spices you like best)
Coconut Flour

Minced/Shredded Chicken

I don’t have measurements because I dump until I find a suitable flavor to my liking. I mix it all together and let it heat up on stove. I tried thickening with coconut flour but in my time frame I couldn’t get it to thicken and this is where “paleo-ish” comes into play. I went to my default cornstarch for thickening purposes. So I had to cheat but I was in a rush this morning and trying my best to make something for lunch!

All the while I have begun prepping my “TORTILLA” made with coconut flour and egg whites! This was taken from Paleo Comfort Foods. And this is my first recipe I’ve used out of their book. I wrote the recipe and directions from memory so they aren’t verbatim as to what they printed. But I think I got pretty close!

1/4 coconut flour
8 egg whites
1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp baking soda
coconut oil for greasing pan

Preheat pan. Mix all ingredients except coconut oil. Whisk well and make sure it’s smooth mixture. Add 1tsp of coconut oil in pan and swirl around to coat all of pan. Pour 3 TBS of mixture into pan and swirl around making your tortilla (crepe-like). I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup. Let the tortilla cook for a couple of minutes. Like a pancake you don’t want to try and flip it too soon or it will fall apart. Once it’s golden on one side flip it and let it cook up. Voila your first tortilla is done! Re-grease before each tortilla with coconut oil.

Tortilla In The Making

Finished Tortilla

I didn’t have time to make a fancy morning presentation, but I packed everything up and brought it to work. Now I know it’s not the same but my goal was to make these enchiladas! So if I have to break it up over the day then I will and I did. Next time, with better preparation I’m sure I could make my tasty enchiladas into some really outta this world gourmet goodness but for now they are plain. Co-worker approved as well as I let Yie (the friend/co-worker I blab to about everything) taste it and she was intrigued and ready to buy coconut flour! I added some avocado slices and grape tomatoes and it was pure YUMMINESS that I feasted on!

Preparing My Feast at Work

All Done! Chiken Enchiladas!

And there you have it for Thursday. Tick Tock the year is almost up! It’s hard to believe! Thanks for sticking with me so far and pray that 2012 will be FANTABULOUS!

All by Myself Wednesday

Found this on the interwebs - LOVE IT!

Oh how lonely it is to show up to the box and I’m the only one there to do work! It surprised me because when I first started out I was the only one at 5 am for a couple of weeks and it was nice. Maybe it was ok then because I was new to it all and I was learning a lot at once. But today it was so quiet. I still put in all my effort just no high fives or unison groans of exhaustion at the end. On the upside I had some extra time to work on kipping and pretending in my head I could do pullups. But geez, the bar hurts my ‘delicate’ hands so much! Yes I need some sort of protection and I need to shop for some gloves or something but I just don’t ever make time for it. My hands have developed some nice calluses but it still hurts! I’m a big ol’ baby, I know. That’s what you’re thinking too, I can feel it!

Even though I’m a big baby I still work hard. Just some things I don’t get along with right now. So onto the WOD for the day:

Ring Dips


3 Rounds
3×3 Power Clean@75%
3×3 BFB
Add (10-5lbs) after each round

I’m getting better at ring dips that’s for certain but on the last round I tried to go without the band and HOLY SHITAKES it’s hard. I was feeling so strong busting out my measley 3 reps with the smallest band there is but when it came down to no “safety net, crutch, etc..” I failed! Argh, I even suggested they make another colored band just the tiniest bit smaller than the blue one! Hahaha. I wish! I’m getting there… I guess. I just want to get there faster.

This was me in Oct. I'd say my form is a little better now and 65lbs isn't near as heavy 🙂

As far as the MetCon went, I was sailing along smoothly. The 3×3 was confusing in writing but once explained I was good to go…. (3 cleans, 3 burpees) x 3, rest 1 minute, (3 cleans, 3 burpees) x 3, rest 1 minute, (3 cleans, 3 burpees) x 3… THE END. Make sense? I hope so, if not too bad! I finished in 6:17 and I need to start remembering to take pics of the board! GRRRR!

This was an ALL about my workout post today! Hahahah, No FOODs yet. Although we are having a pre-NYE WOD feast at my house, so I will be testing out some new recipes from Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield. It was a Christmas present and I think it will come to good use!

Yummy Goodness Coming Soon!

One last thing – Happy Birthday to my momma who would have been 64 today. A hole is still bigger than ever in my heart from losing her almost a year ago. Wow, time passes fast! I posted on Facebook earlier today: If birthdays exist in Heaven, I pray my Mom is having the best birthday ever! I miss you mom, you left us too soon … still so lost without you.

See y’all tomorrow!

Fell off the PALEO wagon – SIGH!

Let me begin by letting you know I did not just fall off the wagon but I completely JUMPED off the PALEO wagon and ate some PIZZA, COOKIES and MISC other crap for two days. And let me tell you I thought I would enjoy and love every minute of it and let me also tell you I DID NOT! I enjoyed the first few bites of all the supposed goodness and it didn’t take but a few minutes to feel like UBER CRAPOLA! But did I stop eating… HELL NO, I kept eating like a psychopath. Seriously NOT WORTH IT! Not one bit. It was like I was in a haze for 2 days. Like a hangover fog without the worship to the porcelain gods. I haven’t felt so out of it in a very long time. I can only attribute that feeling to the eating of bread, sugars, processed foods, etc. In the past 4 months I have never felt so crappy. Ernie indulged with me and he pretty much felt the same way. SAY NO TO GRAINS and processed food people! I mean it! It’s not even fun. It’s horrible. I promise.

Now that I have my PSA and admitted faults out of the way let’s move onto the day before I ate like CRAP and our Christmas Eve WOD! It was a doozy but we worked out in teams of 2 to eliminate the fear of absolute death. It went along to the song the 12 days of Christmas. So as you will see in the picture below we had a lot of reps ahead of us 🙂

Christmas Eve 2011 WOD

I teamed up with Kara and I feel that we worked well together. Thank goodness she can bust out pullups because as I’ve mentioned many times before I’m really bad at them! After our WOD which took us 14:22 to complete we played with SLEDs. The BOOM boxers presented Grant with 2 sleds for Christmas. So of course we had to play with them. It was fun and unexpectedly hard. It doesn’t help my right hip has been giving me grief but it was fun to watch everyone pull around some good weight!

So like a crazy person I went out into the world to shop and it seriously wasn’t that bad but I had a lot to do and I was already losing my voice. But with the heat of the stores, the cold of the day and the beating of the WOD about took me out for the day. After a good nap I was good to go though. Christmas Eve through Christmas morning ended up being pretty good. The family had a great Christmas and Ernie managed to keep two of my presents reserved for Christmas day. So in addition to the food processor and new Inov-8s I received a French Fry Cutter to alleviate all my prep time when I make Sweet Potato Fries! I also got a nice little gift set of Mary Kay products! Woohoo.

Christmas Present

I bailed on any workout for yesterday or today as my voice has been gone. I don’t feel bad or anything really… just random bouts of coughing/congestion and lost voice. I don’t however want this to turn into something icky so I’ve been resting and keeping in from the cold – hopefully I’ll be over this funk soon.

Other than that, it’s Tuesday. Back to work, back to the routine. I’m back on that Paleo Wagon and I hope to never jump off again. It was horrible! The new year is right around the corner. And to bring it in we are doing a NYE WOD at the BOOM Box. If you live in the DFW area and want to be crazy like us come on with your badself! Let me know. We’ll be ringing in the New Year with FRAN! I know it’s insane but we plan on feasting a few hours before and then gettin our workout on!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

It’s Friday, Friday blah blah blah. It was a good workout at the BOOM BOX!

12/23/11 WOD

I thought Melanie and I did pretty well. I’m sure the whiteboard will tell me otherwise by end of day but I felt good! We completed it in 16:45 – I’ve only ever rowed for warm ups or shorter time periods for calories so it was nice to have some distance involved. Granted it wasn’t FAR but it was more than normal. I think I’m getting better at double unders and I got to test drive my NEW CYCLONE SPEED ROPE and I LOVE IT! It was greatness. I will be DU Master before you know it!

Tomorrows WOD will have something to do with the 12 days of Christmas! I’m sure we’ll all be moaning and groaning when we find out what CrossFit Santa is bringing us 😦 hahahhahaha! It should be fun. I hope it’s FUN… oh please let it be fun!!!

On the food note… I guess my journey to give up ezekiel bread was replaced with tasting of cake balls. Yup I finally broke down and had a few. Only a few though so I didn’t turn into a sugar monster but I still feel crappy in my head for eating the FIVE that I did. How sad am I? LOL who feels guilty over such things. It happens I know. But I have been ezekiel bread free now for 4 days! hahahahh! Go me and NO MORE CAKE BALLS!

I’m done rambling for the day. Enjoy your Friday and the whole entire weekend. Have a Merry Christmas as well! Christmas has always been a favorite time of year for me and I’m sure it always will be but this Christmas is just one I’m not into. It’s hard when you lose a parent unexpectedly to get through those “first” holiday/events without them. It’s double whammy suck ass because her birthday is just 3 days after Christmas. I know I have reasons to be happy for and I know I have a faith that will bring me through but geez I wish I could just fly through this week, hang out on a beach somewhere or just hide under the covers and sleep the whole week. Anyhow, I know y’all don’t want me to be sad and poor poor petri but I was a little bit anyways. Just a little. I’m not going to drag it out at least. It’s out there, I’m done… I hope… I can’t make any promises but I’ll try.

If I’m not back on Monday typing away, I’ll be back Tuesday (only because I have Monday off and may be lazy)! So until then… be merry and joyful and everything else. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Buddy the Elf… What’s your Favorite Color?

Thursday is for REST!

Heheh, I couldn’t think of a “good” title so I quoted one of my favorite Christmas movies! Happy Thursday! Christmas is really almost here – FOR REAL. Just a few more days and I’m still not ready! Talk about procrastinating. Not one present is wrapped. I’m sure the kids are wondering what the heck, hahaha. Ah well. It’ll be fine when it actually gets here! I’m just a slacker of a mother! They know me well enough to know I wouldn’t let them down on Christmas!!! Thank goodness they aren’t little and thank goodness I never knew about Elf on a Shelf! Geez having one of those would probably have made me lose my mind by now. I’m just happy we are almost done with the Tooth Fairy. She’s a lazy one!

So onto ME cause what’s better than talking about Me? Hahahah, I’m not that self centered. Just on the verge. Hell I started a blog to talk about me, maybe I am that interested in me. Anyways. Moving on! I got my 2nd EARLY Christmas present last night and ooooo weeeeee it’s a good one! A Cuisinart 12 cup Food Processor! Ya Buddy! It comes with a 4 cup bowl too! I’ve been using this itty bitty chopper/grinder to get my stuff chopped and cut up with and it was good because it helped but it’s so small I could only do a little bit at a time. I have a family of 5 to cook for and all boys so you can only imagine how little it helped! NOW I have the deluxe model that will process ANYTHING and in large amounts! It can’t get any better than that 🙂 But wait there’s MORE … now Ernie says he’ll be able to help me with dinner! WTH? That’s what the processor is for…to help me expedite the chopping and the mincing and the shredding of foods. And NOW he wants to help! I was like sooooo helping before was not an option? And now you’re ready to jump on board?!? Hahahha. Seriously…He’s great when it comes to the grill, so this isn’t Ernie bashing day. He did get me my new prize after all but I find it rather funny that he now wants to help with dinner. MEN!?!

Early Christmas - Excuse the messy cluttered kitchen! I've been busy!

So now hopefully I’ll be making my own nut butters, nut flours, and anything else I can get done with my beast of a machine. Or maybe it will be Ernie figuring it all out! I’ll keep you posted on how long his enthusiasm lasts 🙂

Thursday = REST DAY (at least it’s become that way lately)
No workout today but I did finish my cakeball frenzy… THANK GOODNESS! Here is the last of them – Chocoloate Mint, Butter Cake, Red Velvet and Brownie! I do have a mini frenzy scheduled for this weekend but it will only be a fraction of the 600 I made this week!

Yummy! One day I will take pretty pictures.... ONE DAY!

Short blog today. Good? Bad? Who knows, just keep reading. I’m here Monday through Friday ladies and gentlemen trying to bring you some form of knowledge, entertainment, etc… Please come back and tell your friends as well.


See the snowman with the med ball? that's me!

Seriously. Wall balls, don’t underestimate them. I didn’t even do that many but I despise them more than ever. Maybe cause I wasn’t feeling 100% or maybe cause I just suck at them in general. I think it’s the latter of the two but if I can throw in some sort of excuse then I will cause I’m lame like that!

NOTE: I am no where NEAR built like the girl in this picture.. maybe one day I will be

I did more pullups than I did wall balls… there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that picture because I SUCK at PULLUPS too! I’m so mad at myself for doing so poorly today. REALLY REALLY just down about it. You have no idea. People bust out a lot of reps in 90 sec and I could barely do 15. Are you kidding me? All you have to do is get that damn medicine ball up and back down. Moving on I suppose. I think I’ve said WALL BALL enough times for you to want to poke your eyeballs out.

WOD 12/21/11

On a good note, I did 4 reps of my max shoulder PRESS today. WOOOOO. A whopping 65lbs! Have I told y’all I’m a wuss and only 4 months into this thing we call CrossFit? It’s true. One day I will be super strong and awesome but for now I’m just aspiring for that 🙂

As far as food goes, “DAY 2, EZEKIEL BREAD FREE!” … still staying on track although I think I taste tested too much batter from the cake balls. Not a good feeling in my belly but it’s like I couldn’t help myself. I guess it’s a wash for not having ezekiel bread 😦 Probably worse, who am I kidding? NOT YOU and surely NOT ME. I have not however had a cake ball if that helps! I make the kids try them out before I send them out to the public.

Hang in there kiddos… It’s already Wednesday. Before you know it it will be 2012!

Rockin and a Rollin with Random Tuesday

It’s Tuesday people! Christmas is so close and I’m sooooo not ready. But that is a whole other topic that I don’t think y’all want me to delve into. I got so excited yesterday talking about our Saturday Funday WOD and our casting call with Escape Routes I completely forgot to mention the WOD for yesterday! What was I thinking?!? Oh ya I also got caught up in the cake ball frenzy which is still in action. Baking, mixing, rolling, coating, baking, mixing, rolling, coating. It never ends!!!!

12/19/11 WOD

So the WOD for yesterday was skill work on Double Unders. DU 2 mintues x 2 with a 3 minute rest in the middle. I’m getting better at those sneaky little double unders. I’m going and going and then kablam, I get tired or out of rhythm, but I managed to get 86 my first round and 83 my 2nd round.

We moved on to the METCON: Toes to Bar and Air Squats… I got this… well at least HALF of this. So I wanted to practice Toes to Bar before we started cause to this point I’ve not been able to master them. Low and behold. I got it figured out! But not for long. 3-2-1 GO, I got 5 before I thought I would die, so I moved to Knees to Elbows and those weren’t much prettier. I struggled and I struggled. It was sad 😦 I felt defeated but surprisingly it didn’t ruin my day!

What almost ruined my day was the non stop downpours of rain and bad drivers when I left work. But when the rain slowed it’s roll and the sun peaked out the slightest bit, it turned the sky into amazing beauty. I took a picture with my phone but it doesn’t do it justice. Everything had a deep warm orange glow and it just made me smile. It’s great when the world opens up like that and shares 🙂


Enough gushy talk I suppose. On to today. There’s not much to report in general, I had a good workout today at bootcamp. Lots of pushups. I can do them but I still struggle. One day I will be the master of pushups but that day is still not in sight for me.

As I sit here staring at the screen writing without a plan, I did realize I do have big news. I’ve been holding on to one grain source Monday-Friday …. EZEKIEL BREAD! I have not been able to let go of my one slice with almond butter and a smidgeon of jelly. It’s warm and fuzzy and makes me happy. But I said enough is enough. If you’re going to blog about crazy CrossFit, Paleo and other healthy stuff you do then you have to step up your game. I’m not saying I’m never going to eat a grain again, I’m just saying I need to eliminate it from my ROUTINE. Break the habit. So I told myself after I ate my last piece (yesterday) then I would give up my lil slice of grains. So today, I brought me an apple to dip in my almond butter. It was good but it will take time to move forward without second thoughts going to my Ezekiel bread. I’ll be sure to post if that little bit of grain gone out of my life makes any major changes. It’s hard, cause when you feel good you don’t want to nitpick yourself. You just enjoy feeling good. So I may  have nothing to report in general, but if I notice anything measurable I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

Is it really only Tuesday?!? I gotta get on some more recipes to share with y’all but our days have been busy so I haven’t made the effort to try out new things. I will, I promise as that is part of my intentions with this blog. But it may have to wait a few more days. It’s still Tuesday, damn. Oh well. Have a Happy Day, please 🙂

Happy 1 Month Bloggiversary to ME! Sing with me!

Ok, So I’ve kept up with this thing for a month already! I feel pretty good about that and I’ve had ALMOST 500 views, I feel pretty good about that as well. One day maybe it will be 500 views a day and not  500 a month but it’s small steps right?!? And I’ll take all the views I can get… SHARE ME with your FRIEND!!! Please 🙂

So this past weekend was a hectic whirlwind of STUFF. Got my two workouts in Saturday Morning. First stop iChooseFit at 7 am. We had a nice beatdown. Great start to get my blood going. I go home, put on dry clothes, eat something and head out with Ernie to the Saturday Funday WOD at the BOOM Box. And boy was it was it a doozy!. TEAM WODs!!! – which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Lucky for me I had Tristan, 15 yr old beast of kid who loves to CrossFit! Sadly for Tristan he had me! Hahahha, I’m not so bad but pullups were part of the workout and I SUCK at those. Fortunately we were a good team. The WOD was a chipper …. woohooo fun. For those of you who don’t know it’s where you take movements and do a shit ton of them till you want to puke… ok well there is more to it but that’s how I personally feel about chippers. It’s where you start with high reps and work your way down in reps. So ours was 150 Box Jumps, 125 KB Swings, 100 HR pushups, 75 pullups, and 50 Weighted Overhead Lunges. We knocked it out in a mere 19 minutes and 2 seconds. 1st place baby!!!! It was a killer of a workout. And again, not dead, still living.

After we showered and got some fuel in our bellies, it was time to load up and head out to a casting call for a reality adventure show… ESCAPE ROUTES!

Will Ernie & I get a shot?

We had a quick interview, got the kids some free tees! Thanks @CastingMalley and @CastingRane! And…… we got a callback! Woohoo, Go US! Except we were kind of lackluster at our callback and it felt like a bad date. I don’t think we were really “us” and we seemed kind of boring (from the outside looking in). And if you know us… YOU KNOW WE ARE SOOOOO NOT BORING! So hopefully fingers, toes and everything else crossed, we weren’t too boring and maybe our applications were entertaining enough to get us on through to whatever the NEXT round may be. We’ll see.

After running around all afternoon like crazy people we finally wrangle ourselves back home and the cake baking begins for my annual CAKE BALL FRENZY! It’s not PALEO but I just didn’t have time to figure that one out! It started a few years back as “class” gifts for each kids class and teachers and well now it’s become their tradition. In addition to cakeballs we’d get the teachers gifts and wrap them all up… As the kiddos get older they get more teachers so I began to give them ornaments…The most UNIQUE ones we could find that the kids thought appropriate. And this year I decided to MAKE them.

So below you’ll see some pics of cake balls and ornaments. If you would like more info on either please leave a comment, I’ll get back to you 🙂 And I apologize for the poorly shot ornaments. You just don’t “GET” all there is to them in these photos. They are filled with cuteness and that didn’t translate well with the lighting or my iphone.

Happy Monday and once again Happy 1 Month Bloggiversary to ME!

Let the Cake Ball Making Begin

Ready for DIPPING

Butter Cake with White Coating

Trying to get a "GOOD" picture... not working

My Go at Teacher Gifts, Poor Lighting 😦

Tried different Filter for this one... Still dark 😦


Nothing is worse than getting a poor night of sleep and then hitting your work out early in the A.M. and failing miserably at it. Yes I’m whining and crying. Feel free to move along in your day and come back on Monday where hopefully I’ll be less pathetic.


As you can see on the whiteboard… there is no “STEPH”. I didn’t even make it through my second round of back squats. My HIP, GLUTE and whatever else is in that area is super TIGHT and I just couldn’t get the weight up. So Coach thought it best I sit out on Grace 😦 Rest up, don’t get injured… all good ideas, I just hate feeling weak when I showed up to be strong. It happens I suppose, I just wasn’t expecting for my body to let me down today.

And that’s all I got for ya. All week has been drizzly, rainy and super gloomy …. hopefully with the sun peeking out today I’ll get in better spirits. But for now I am down and out!

Have a great weekend! Remember kids, JUST SAY NO! to grains, sugar and processed junk that your body doesn’t need 🙂 The weekend can be the hardest. Stay Strong.

Words from the Wise