Toes To Bar Thursday

And I actually didn’t suck as bad as I normally. This thing called PROGRESS is awesome! Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t in beast mode or anything, just better than my previous TTB attempts.

As always I never give you a constant flowing blog to read. I jump around. So let me start with the beginning of our 5am fun at the BOOM BOX.

For Skill/Strength we worked on Muscle Up technique. I’m nowhere near getting a MU but practice never hurts. We worked with the rings lower to the ground and used bands to support us. We sat on the band and stretched out horizontal like lying down but eleveated, letting the band hold us and then use our hips as our power to get to the rings and still stay horizontal. I searched the interwebs for a picture but I didn’t find one straight away so I gave up. I had this movement down pretty ok the first couple of tries but then something happened where my brain stopped working and my body went wonky and lacked coordination. We then moved on to sitting up and getting our feet under us. I had good technique for 2 attempts and then just lost it. It puts a lot of strain on my shoulders and I had more fails than I wanted. But it was definitely great to work on those small but super important movements.

Nowhere near this movement for me but this is for those of you not sure what I’m talking about when I say Muscle Up.

The MetCon was 10 min AMRAP of 5 TTB and 10 Double Unders. I dread the TTB but I managed to remember to borrow Ernie’s hand grips (which helped tremendously). I did much better than I ever have with TTB. My first couple of rounds they weren’t bad at all but I did lose that grip toward the end and I just can’t hang on and bust those out. Double Unders – I got those down now! Now 15 isn’t alot but I did 8 of my 10 rounds unbroken so it’s nice to feel “good” at something 🙂 Total Count: 10 Rounds + 4 TTB

Nothing else to report today. It’s rainy and blah outside but I still feel good! Eating clean does a body good folks! Try it out! There’s a couple of pics below to show you the sort of things I eat during the day while I’m at work. Have a glorious Thursday!

Typically a snack. Pasture Chicken Eggs and Pork Belly = YUMMO!

Tex-Mex Hash Breakfast Casserole, Salad and Buffalo that a coworker shared. It was cooked perfectly!

Top Sirloin Kabobs that I didn’t Kabob, just stir fried in a skillet, nice Steamed Broccoli and some Cherry Tomatoes = Happy Tummy!

4 thoughts on “Toes To Bar Thursday

  1. I can’t beleive that breakfast is better for you than a sugar filled bowl of mini wheats that has all that fiber to keep things regualr? What does it do to your chloresterol? Keep up your great workon the muscles ups! I have to imagine its as much technique as it is strength, swinging out abit to get your elbows higher than the rings? I used to love the rings in hihgh school, back when I still had youthful shoulders! ~Keep up your AWESOMENESS! (flex one time)

    • Ya no one in this day in time would think eggs and pork belly is nutritious at all and probably predicting me to have a heart attack before 40. I should just eat pop tarts and toaster strudels everyday! Muscle ups are hard and I probably will NEVER get one but I’ll keep trying and trying and trying. Sometimes I forget to be awesome but it’s like anything, it takes time to make it a habit 😀

  2. Just tuck that ‘awesomeness’ in the back of your mind and reach for it when you need it. Kinda like switching into your super hero(ine) outfit. Yeah pork bellies, eggs, sugar…we all are gonna die of something..its a wonder we made it this far!

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