Clean Clean Clean

Today is a much better day than two days ago. I’m not in a funk and I’m not being a crybaby so it’s a good day. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I was up and ready to go earlier than normal but even when I have extra time, I still manage to find a way to take up those extra minutes doing something else! Which of course then leaves me running out the door in a hurry to get to the BOOM Box.

Skill/Strength: 3x Max Kipping Pull ups and 3×10 Ring Dips
I no likey the Pull Ups and I can’t do them so Coach had me work on Negative Hangs. I am horrible at all things Pull Up related but I got some good hangs in and hopefully building that upper body strength. The cat in the picture above has better hangs than me though. We moved to the Ring Dips which I haven’t done in FOREVER but those are much better than Pull Ups. I did have to use a band because I’m not super beastly yet. Baby Steps!

MetCon: 3 Power Cleans As Heavy As Possible on the minute for 10 minutes. I love CLEANS! And last night ESPN2 aired the CrossFit Games 2012 Men’s Clean Ladder. It was impressive to say the least and I feel that watching them gave me some confidence back with this lift. It wasn’t too long ago that I was struggling. Below is Neal Maddox killing it at 365lbs. Clearly this isn’t a Power Clean but it’s inspiring.

So Coach suggested starting with 70% of our max and I’m pretty sure at one point I had the ugliest clean at 100lbs so I warmed my way up to 75lbs. I was feeling really good at that weight so I went up to 85lbs. And even that felt good but I wasn’t sure how that would feel halfway through. I did 2 minutes at 85lbs and Coach added 10lbs. I was like OK, I got this I’m feeling good and BAM I didn’t have it. I got mental and wasn’t trying to be at all. I actually got really pissed off. I managed to get through 1 minute with some ugly ass work but I was struggling. But I wasn’t a pissed off this is going to get done mad, I was a I wanted to cry mad because I know I can clean this weight. By the 5th minute I dropped to 90lbs and WAM BAM Thank you MA’AM I could get that weight up. Why 5 measly pounds kills me I don’t know. But I was happy to feel good at 90lbs. Baby steps!

Have a superb Thursday. And of course BE AWESOME!

6 thoughts on “Clean Clean Clean

    • Ya, Ernie’s mom is in ICU, not doing well. She has had leukemia for a year now and it’s taking it’s toll. Everything really hit me hard emotionally and tore open too many wounds thinking about my mom who I lost unexpectedly last year.

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