And the World Keeps Spinning

Day in and Day out, and we must keep moving. If you’ve kept up with me from the beginning you’ll know that I mostly ramble and whine on this thing I call a blog. Every now and then I get serious or actually try to be motivating. And sometimes I’m just sad. Yesterday Ernie lost his mother to cancer and it just breaks my heart. It blows. So today I am sad and my heart is heavy but I also found myself in better spirits today than I thought I would be. Because even though in the sadness I know we have to keep moving forward. If you told me a year and half ago after my mom left this world that I would have changed my whole way of living/eating/moving I would have laughed in your face. I always have had healthy life goals but not at the level I’m at now. And here I am, addicted to CrossFit, eating clean and living life. I’m not rainbows and roses everyday but that’s the goal. Life is short, we know this, so let’s make sure we make it fun. If you have kids, laugh with them, show them life at times must be serious but also show them you HAVE to have fun as well. If you don’t have kids and want new adventure then TAKE on adventure. Make some small or big change and enjoy your life. Set new goals. Be SOMEONE you never thought you’d be. Because at the end of the day the world keeps spinning with or without you.


For Ernie, because I love ya. (It’s not the heavy version cause I like this acoustic and this kid does a good job!)

Y’all know I’m wordy! And thank you all for sticking around to read about my little part of the world. I appreciate it, I really do. Enough about me being gushy and cheesy. I’ll move onto what the whiteboard had in store for us at the BOOM Box!

Skill/Strength: 3 x Max Strict Pull Ups and 3 x Max Ring Dips. Sigh, Huff and Puff and more Sighing. The PULL UP. This morning I went with the green band only. I know I’ve not put my best foot forward in getting this monster of a skill accomplished. I know. It’s me. So today instead of opting for that crutch of a blue band I left it there hanging right next to my green band. And I only could muster up 4 1/2 pull ups. Heheh YES I struggled for that half pull up but all I could get was halfway up! And I’m gonna own it. After that I could only manage 1. Try and try with all my might and I couldn’t bust out one more. Pull Up you have not won the war!

I’m a little stronger at the Ring Dips, not much but enough to tell a difference. I am however much weaker in the shoulders, old age perhaps? Or just a wussy tolerance to pain. Instead of using a band today, Coach had me use a bench for foot support. This was much more difficult than using a band and I’m pretty sure I only got 3 my first attempt, then 4 for the the 2nd and 3rd attempt. Anybody want to trade me shoulders? Anybody?

MetCon: 20 Hang Cleans (65lbs), 200m run, 15 Hang Cleans, 200m run, 10 Hang Cleans, 200m run, 5 Hang Cleans, 200m run. Today the HANG CLEAN didn’t beat me. Woohoo for that small victory. Besides not getting into a good rhythm for the first 20 I feel like I did pretty good at knocking the reps out. I didn’t put the bar down and I just kept chugging away. It’s always the running that kills me! The running! It’s been a while since I’ve had RX by my name. Time: 8:39

Make Thursday amazing. Hug someone’s neck; stare at the sky and appreiciate life; take a walk in the park. SMILE and be AWESOME.

6 thoughts on “And the World Keeps Spinning

    • I’m sorry to hear that about your dad. And I believe you that it may not get easier, you just deal with it differently. Believe you me I’m emotional and it does feel good to get the feelings out. With Ernie losing his mom, it’s like a double edged sword. It sure does reopen all those wounds for me and kiddos.

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