FRIDAY – I welcome you!


At last it’s Friday. And looking to be a beautiful weekend – keeping fingers crossed. You never know in Texas! Been plowing away at Whole30 like a champ. And needed that day o’ rest! Nobody jumped at my sponsorship request so I guess I just gotta barrel through. I’m really wishing the warm weather would reappear. Thirty degree mornings are wearing me down!

1/18/13 WOD
Like I said, it’s cold and I’m over it. And today’s workout involved rings and the bar for Toes To Bar! UGH. And I’ve done ZERO practice in regards to pull ups so I’m just a glutton for punishment.

Skill/Strength: 3 rounds of Max Ring Dips
I busted out my handy dandy green band and although I feel strong doing this movement with the green band if I use anything less I have nothing. There’s not in between. Plus my rotator cuff, inside of my shoulders hurt like a mofo! I managed to do 10, 6, 10 for my 3 attempts.

1/18/13 WOD

1/18/13 WOD

MetCon: 21, 15, 9 of TTB and a 200m run after each set.
Where o where did my Toes To Bar go, o where o where did they go? POOF, At one point I could string a few together now I can’t even touch the bar with my feet! WTH? I’m getting worse, not better. This is not good. Knees to elbows here we come AGAIN! And it sucked cause I’ve lost any semblance of a kip as well. Argh. So needless to say this was not my best WOD. Stumbled through and got a final time of 8:43. Boooo :/

Whole30 Days 15-17
I left you on a good note for this Whole30 journey and still on it. This whole Mother Nature BS has finally got my mood dragging. But other than that, had a magical wake up on time moment. That’s hard to do when your wake up time is 4:20!

My food has either been chicken soup or ground beef hash/mixup with whatever veggies I have lying around. The kids and Ernie have been on quick to go food mode, mostly due to baseball practice and well cruelness to me! Jokes, Jokes, like I said the whole mother nature thing was dragging me down and I had no motivation to really cook. Although I did bake Spaghetti Squash and Acorn Squash to have as readily available cooked veggies.

1/17/13 Lunch - Chicken Soup with Kale, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Chicken. See my ramekin full of coconut flakes!

1/17/13 Lunch – Chicken Soup with Kale, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Chicken. See my ramekin full of coconut flakes!

1/17/13 Dinner: Leftover ground beef with leftover cabbage and added some spinach. That avocado was heavenly!

1/17/13 Dinner – Leftover ground beef with leftover cabbage and added some spinach. That avocado was heavenly!

In other Whole30 news, I had run out of GHEE, gasp, and went to a Sprouts nearby work to see if they had any. Well they had clarified butter but not from grass fed cows, so I took a pass but I did find Coconut Flakes, note not a big fan of coconut! Turns out I liked the flakes, maybe my taste/flavor profiles are changing! Score for me. A new heatlhy fat to add to my arsenal! And I found Avocado oil, cold pressed! I’ve read to use Avocado oil for Paleo Mayo – Super stoked!! And by the end of the day Ernie and kids went to Whole Foods to get me some Ghee! It was a WIN overall!



I also made more bone broth. I distributed it in several containers and let it sit to cool before I threw it in freezer. WELLLLL, I woke up this morning to see said containers still sitting out to cool. EEEK! They were loosely covered, but not sealed tight. I threw them in freezer cause I had to get to the Box but was this wise? Should I have dumped it? Is it safe? I’m thinking it should be fine. I did google it and I found people on both sides of the fence. So I’m going with keeping it and praying I don’t have ill effects from a future soup!

I have chicken thighs defrosting for tonight/tomorrow. Gotta get my mojo back for cooking! Other than that, I’m just peachy. I’ve been strong. More than halfway there and I got this.

Have a super duper weekend. Do something fun! Be awesome!


10 thoughts on “FRIDAY – I welcome you!

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