Jump Around, Jump Around!

It’s Friday – Jump Up, Jump up and Get Down! Ya that song has been stuck in my head all morning because we had some Jump testing today at the BOOM Box!

The dreaded Box Jump was one of the movements we were doing. I see people jump on these things like kangaroos but not me, I have FEAR. If you’ve kept up with me you know it. I is SCARED, stupid scared and I still haven’t figured out why. BUT TODAY, I finally got up on the 30″ Box!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOO! That’s a big step for me. But add some 10lb plates and I’m out. I just couldn’t get it done. I’ll just take the 30″ jump and hold on to that for a while.

Our other JUMP test was for Broad Jump. I don’t think I’ve ever been tested for such and I’ve never TRIED for best broad jump so I had no idea where I’d end up. Well my first jump was weak and Coach showed me what I did which was try to jump straight as a board and that got me a whole lot of nowhere. I think I got 57″ on that jump. For my second try I bent my knees more and ended with at 60.5″ jump. I doubt that’s a GREAT but it’s a number that I can reference for future testing.

8/3/12 WOD – Coach didn’t write the agenda for the day but he wrote our results at least!

NO MetCon today, SAY WHAT? Yup we worked on Gymnastics Skills. We were going to Bar Work along with working on Handstand Push Ups but ended up only working on HSPUs. Instead of our normal set up with putting a 25lb or 35lb bumper plate under and abmat we went for a BAND Contraption to hold us up so we could practice full depth. I think saying full depth for a HSPU is correct but if it’s not I hope you understand what I mean. If we have a plate under our abmat our range of motion is limited which is still helpful but today Coach set us up in something along the lines of the images below. It was definitely ODD at first but it made sense and I felt like I worked at it a little better.

Not having a MetCon you would think we wouldn’t bust out a drenched sweat but we did. It was a different kind of work today and a much needed break on the body!

Park WOD
I didn’t want to do this WOD at all. I just wanted to sit in my little camping chair and hang out and watch football practice but I said to myself suck it up buttercup and then made my NOW 13 year old kick it into high gear with me. Ok so not high gear but at least we were kicking it into gear.

We started with a run/jog around the fields we were at. I don’t estimate distance very well but it was about a 6-7 minute run. We then used the XFIT Global App on my phone to randomly choose a WOD. The app has a nice little “on the go” feature and you can set it to randomly give you WODs that requires no equipment, for the most part. So it popped up with 8 rounds of 30 second Handstand Hold and 10 Air Squats. In reality I should have finished this in about 4 minutes. But it took me a little over 5 minutes because I was sucking wind and holding a handstand proved to more taxing that I thought it would. And after the 3rd round I dropped to a 20 second handstand. So I should have finished way under 5 minutes. Ah well. Once we were done with that we decided or I decided we should run the perimeter of fields again. Jonas was not happy and after what seemed like 200 yds I was thinking it was a bad idea as well. Instead of keeping with the running we stopped and started lunging. I started counting but then lost track so just kept lunging to a point we both agreed on. After we lunged, we back peddled to another point, then jogged about 50 yds to a nicer part of field. At the point we did Broad Jump Burpees for about 40 yds and then walked it in the rest of the way. It wasn’t hardcore but it was good work. Hopefully we’ll get more work done this evening.

Hip Hip HOOOOooooray for Friday! I hope everyone has the best weekend ever. Play outside! (YES I KNOW IT’S HOT, so WHAT??!!!??) And of course BE AWESOME!!

Ouchy Mamma! 12.3 and those DARN TOES TO BAR!


I like reporting on the CrossFit Open Games WODs! Too bad it’s short lived and only 2 weeks left after this one. So here goes it. 12.3 consists of 15 Box Jumps (20″), 12 Push Press (75lbs) and 9 Toes to Bar. AMRAP for 18 minutes! Holy Majolie … 18 minutes! 2011 Fittest Woman in the World, Annie Thorisdottir got 13 rounds plus some for a total of 491! But this chica right here got 2 rounds, 15 box jumps and 9 Push press for a score of 96. WOOOOO wow I sucked. But I surprised myself that I could actually finish 2 rounds of Toes to Bars.

3/8/12 CrossFit Games Open 12.3

As always I’m wishing that in my youth I chose gymnastics as my sport of choice. TTB are a ginormous bag of SUCK! And today 75lb push press was heavy… not oh this is a lil heavy today… just heavy. Box Jumps are box jumps but on these you had to show full hip extension at the top. And I can’t forget to mention I NO REPPED my first BOX JUMP! Ha, I’m AWESOME!

Last night looking for hope and help I did watch a video by KStar and Carl Paoli on Perfecting the Box Jump. This was very informative and I wish I could be as knowledgeable as those two! I love them. I’m just not a box jumper right now. Can I do it? Sure! Do I do it well? NOOOO! I will work on the mechanics and the resting at the top but I’m not springy enought to be able to just hop down and freakin kangaroo jump right back up. I have to pause. I lose momentum. I need to WORK on this movement!

I was so spent, wasted, and dead post WOD. I could barely move. So I stuck around long enough to see the 6am class give it a go. Well it was so FUN hanging out cheering everyone on, I stayed for the whole first round of folks participating. Typically I’m out cause I have stuff to do like getting ready for work. But I watched two ladies get their first Toes to Bar (WHICH IS NOT EASY FOR US MERE MORTALS!). And I watched Coach’s MOM KILL IT! She is my HERO. She’s participating in the Master’s Group and she is a fighter. She goes and does not stop. She pushes. Her heart is on that box, bar, etc. The best moment though for me was seeing her hug her son, HER COACH and I don’t know who’s more proud. Maybe I read to much in their embrace but as a Mom, it gave me goosebumps. She’s a CrossFitter and hell for all we know she’ll be at those FINALS come July! Thank you 6am for making me have more gushy love for our BOOM BOX. It’s so much fun!

That’s a wrap! 12.3 is OVER for me at least… maybe not? Should I give it another go? Eh probably not in my best interest. My hands are DONE. My arms are DONE! Speaking of hands, I almost forgot. I got my first LEGITIMATE RIP! Ha… NO I’m not proud cause it hurt like a bleepity bleep bleep! But it is a first!


And in other news… I experimented with a new treat. It came out alright for round 1. Round 2 is tonight which I hope to make perfect. I’ll have pics and links tomorrow. Peace out peeps! Happy Thursday!