Holy Guacamole strep throat brought me down for the past 3 days! I pretty much didn’t get out of bed for those days and I sure as hell wasn’t up to blogging. Plus if I did manage to scrounge up some topic it probably would have eventually led to how miserable I was feeling and who wants to read that crapola!

So it’s FRIDAY and I should be happy cause it’s the weekend tomorrow and it’s MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS! LOL not everyone probably thinks that’s exciting but we pretty much don’t miss it. I’m just blah in general. I think it’s the dreary weather.

And to top off my Friday I don’t have any WODs to post or recipes to share and I’m pretty much boring. I just wanted to check in and let you know I didn’t fall off the grid. I’ll be back to the BOOM BOX on Monday ready to go.

Oh I did make some NON PALEO Valentine-y CAKE POPs and let me tell you I should have left off the “POPs”. Way more work. I thought it would be easier, not so much. But they ended up half ass cute. I learned some lessons for the next time if I do venture to do the cake pops again. I think I’ll just stick with cake balls though.

Beginning the "pop" process with lollipop sticks

Lookin OK except the RED ones... those were looking sad.

I was tired and lazy and this is what we ended up with 😦

Sorry for the LATE Valentine’s day stuff. Happy FRIDAY y’all! I’ll be back at this ol blog thing next week!

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