Holy SLED PULLS Batman!*$%#*!

I’m a scatterbrained crazy today so I truly apologize in advance if my writing is more nutso or stranger than ever. I don’t even know where to start but I know I’ve been slacking and behind and blah blah blah. That’s what the sickness does to ya. It takes you OUT and now I feel like all I’m doing is playing catch up and I’m NEVER going to catch up! And when this momma bear is down the whole freaking family goes down! I thought they’d pull it together. But I was wrong. Eventually things did happen but it was a mess. Everybody sleeping in, nobody cooking foods, the ship fell apart! ARRRGGHHHH!

So let me start with today and go backwards. Or at least I’ll try to stick with the sloppy in my head outline, no promises people 🙂

Tuesday BOOM BOX was a punch you in the stomach, kick you while your down, lie on the ground wishing you were dead kinda of WOD. Why you ask? Because SLED PULLS are horrible. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I’m not fond of the sled and the pulling of weight, and I can assure you that without a doubt I truly wish I never had to pull another sled again. I am worthless!

2/21/12 WOD

We started with a skill/strength of 3 RM (rep max) of push press. I managed to get up 85lbs. The third one wasn’t pretty but I got the job done. I proceeded to 95lbs and really thought somewhere deep I would pull it out but I only got it up like 2 inches if that. An extra 10lbs gets heavy FAST!

Now the SLED PULLS! The MetCon was 6 rounds of 10 Plyo Pushups, 50yd Sled Pull (Sled – 26lbs, Plates – 60lbs = 86lbs!). We have 2 sleds and 5 of us were there this morning. So we just took turns. Each round for time. We did get a 60 to 90 second rest between rounds. It wasn’t long enough!

You get the idea of what we did. One hand on ground, one hand on plate, do pushup then pop up and alternate hands, do pushup, repeat for 10 pushups

What I should look like while pulling sled! This kid has got it down!

The biggest issue I had was at the turnaround point coming back. The parking lot has the slightest incline which felt like a mountain. You wouldn’t even realize there’s an incline until you’re trying to drag something behind you. My times were :56, :55, :58, 1:14, 1:12 and 1:00. Best time goes on board and all I got was :55. I’m slow at push ups and dragging things! I was winded, ready to die, huffing and puffing but now that I’m done, showered, fueled… I FEEL GREAT. So albeit I am at odds with the sled, I do feel good. What can I say? I enjoy torture :/

Yesterday was a little nicer to us. Although OHS are tough. My wrists are weak and fragile and I have a hard time holding weight over my head and keeping balance without feeling like my wrists are on fire. I am getting stronger and better at these but WOW it takes a toll.

2/20/12 WOD

Our MetCon was a nice little TIMED 1 mile run… or so we thought! LOL! Instead of running laps up and a down a hill for a mile which is our typical M.O. we chose to take a longer route. Well our route wasn’t quite exactly 1 mile. In my head I have no idea what a mile feels like. I just know it was cold and windy. So I’m running, hit the turnaround point and just keep running… right into the box and I see 6:21 on the clock! WTH? There is no way I’m that fast! Hahahah… I looked at everyone like this is a joke right? And it wasn’t a joke it just wasn’t a MILE that we ran. Ends up that we ran 1200 M. So I was on pace for what I would run anywhere between 8:06 and 8:30. Not bad for what I consider miserable conditions. Inclines, Wind and Cold! I’m a wussbag I know!

I got my workouts covered so onto the weekend. Saturday was a hot mess of drizzle, rain, wind, cold, etc. Fortunately we spent our time inside the DEATH STAR (aka Dallas Cowboys Stadium) for Supercross. It was unfortunate that it was too icky to walk the pits but we had a good time and I ate plenty of NON PALEO foods. Shame on me. It wasn’t even “GOOD” but I was hungry and didn’t want to go to car for our “packed snacks”. We did happen to win our tickets that morning, well Ernie won the tickets. He won 6 total over two days. But the ones we won that morning were pretty good seats. A very cool underwear company FREEGUN UNDERWEAR had a contest and Ernie won! Between the two of us we tend to win some cool stuff. It makes life a little more fun that way 🙂

Yup we're CHEESEBALLS and ROGUE all at the same time! THANKS FREEGUN!

Besides our errand running, that’s it folks! That’s all I got. Oh and in case I haven’t pushed SHARED Advocare … I sell the stuff. I like it, I use it daily, and I can give you more info if interested. I even got cool little wristbands to rock out.

Believe Begin Become

It’s MARDI GRAS! Happy FAT TUESDAY y’all! I won’t be partaking in the joyous foods and beverages  but CHEERS to those of you that do 🙂 Have a few for me!

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