WTH was I thinking? PiZza?!?!?!

I will begin with my Paleo FAIL-EO first then bounce all around from that point! It all began Saturday after the Boom Beasts finished the 12.5 WOD. We all go to Texas Roadhouse for a celebratory CrossFit Games Open IS OVER lunch. I know Ernie and Coach are going to partake in badness and I truly thought I would hold strong.

That lasted 2 minutes maybe 3 minutes. As soon as HOT ROLLS hit the table I was out for the count. Kudos to Jess and Annette for holding strong! But that wasn’t the end of my indulgences. I went on to have pizza at BJs Brewhouse later that day.

And even later had chips and ranch dip as well… and er uhmmm cookies! I was indeed trying to put myself into a food induced coma. It was bad, all sorts of bad and it all left me with an upset stomach and took me out cold. It was like passing out from drinking too much. And let me tell you alcohol did cross our mind but we held back. Over a year of no booze, we didn’t cross that line! Besides having a stomach ache, I was extra bloated and heavy feeling even up till today. It’s not worth it people. I don’t know why I even tried. I thought I learned my lesson on Christmas, apparently I did not. Was it good? Ya it was good. Was it GREAT? Not really. Do I regret? At first I didn’t but today I really do. But I feel better getting it out there. It’s done, It’s over and it’s time to eat clean and start over!

Now that confession time is over I want to talk about Hunger Games. After days of deciding if I should take my 12 year old to the midnight premiere of Hunger Games I finally bit the bullet and bought the tickets. We arrived at 9pm to an already seated theater with all the good seat disappearing. Good thing we got there at 9 (thanks Ernie). I had planned on going at 10 and we would have had crappy seats. I’m not going to give a movie review because well I’m not a movie critic. I read the books and I thought the movie did the books justice. I’ve read and heard mixed reviews. If anyone thinks a movie can catch all the detail of a book they will surely always be disappointed. There’s not enough time to explain the details the book will have to offer. I thought they did great and I enjoyed every minute of the movie! Go watch it! But first read the books.

With me being an old maid and not getting home till 3am I wasn’t about to pretend to go to my 5 am workout or even go to work. So I took kids to school, came back home, and took a nap. I arranged to get my WOD in at 1pm which was GREAT! I wish I could hit up the box at 1 in the afternoon all the time. I forgot to take a picture of the board because I wasn’t in my normal routine. I just plain ol forgot. We weren’t putting our efforts on the board anyways so maybe that’s why I really forgot! Hehe. It was TABATA of craziness though. So we had to do 4 rounds of burpees. What does that mean? 20 seconds of burpees, 10 sec rest, 20 seconds on, 10 sec rest. Then we moved on to 4 rounds on the AIRDYNE bike. If you’ve never had the privilege of working on this little GEM of equipment let me tell you IT SUCKS! It burns, it hurts, I had not very nice names for the airdyne. And in the 2 minutes I had to endure it I barely burned 31 calories. That was the goal 30 calories in the 2 minutes. It sucked! We then moved onto ROWING… as if my body isn’t dead already. I missed out on the calorie mark we were supposed to hit till after I did my turn. I missed it by 1 calorie! I’ll take it in my extra calorie on the bike. And then it was onto to 4 rounds of DU’s. My first go was 28 and it was downhill from there. My legs had no bounce. So in our little 8 minutes of hell we got a lot of work in. It was good and hell I had the rest of the day off. Can’t really be complaining now can I? 😀

That evening it was baseball time for us. Two kids playing at the same time – Different fields. We had one team lose and the other team win to move on in the tournament. So instead of hitting my Saturday morning workouts I was at the baseball fields. Our first year hodge podge team pulled off a win and they now play in the championship game tomorrow night! WOOOHOOOO, GO CUBS! I have to boast a little bit about Justice as he held his composure Friday night and lasted 4 innings pitching allowing only 2 runs. It was awesomeness. I’m a proud mama for sure!

So with all the busy and all the bad eating that leaves me to today. MONDAY morning WOD at the BOOM BOX! Front Squat 1 RM and 5 rounds of 12 Deadlifts and 6 Front Squats with weight that is 50% of our Front Squat 1 RM. Make sense? I hope so!

3/26/12 WOD

If we’ve done a front squat max then I failed to record it and/or I have forgotten. So we started from scratch. Worked my way up to 135lbs. I failed at 140 and I feel that somewhere inside of me I may have been able to get that weight up I just sat at the bottom instead of exploding up. I didn’t try again as we get pressed for time, maybe with some oly shoes I would have pulled it off! Hehe, who knows. I truly do think I got to 135 due to the fact that I finally ordered STRENGTH WRAPS as suggested by a wonderful CrossFit buddy. Thanks Sally! THESE BAD BOYS are awesome and NOT ONCE did I feel pain in my wrists! I suggest if you have any wrist issues that you get some ASAP! I have yet to test them out with OHS or snatch but just helping in the front squat changed my world. I do really hope that they help in my other lifts. It’s such a simple idea using those wraps and makes a world of difference. LOVE THEM! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM! www.strengthwraps.com

Onto the MetCon. Using half the weight of our Front Squat seemed fairly doable. I have learned that it will never be easy but 70lbs at DL and front squat is doable, right? The catch was DON’T drop the bar or you owe 3 burpees right then and there. SO now added pressure! ARGH! Dropping the bar between lifts can’t happen, will I survive? WHY YES, YES I WILL! I didn’t drop that bar once! I held onto it even though I badly wanted to let go. By the 5th round noises were coming out of me that would scare babies and the elderly. But I finished, NO BURPEES – Time 5:11! It felt good to not have sore wrists and to finish strongly!

Post MetCon I worked on pull ups and DUs. I’m bound and determined to get that damn pull up! I will get it and I will get it soon.

Happy Happy Monday! Hope you have a great start to your week! And thanks for sticking with me to till the end of this long and random post 🙂

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